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[…] Stallone and I had been feuding for years. This went back to the early Rocky and Rambo days, when he was the number one action hero, and I was always trying to catch up. I remember saying to Maria when I made Conan the Destroyer, “I’, finally getting paid a million dollars for a movie, but now Stallone’s making three million. I feel like I’m standing still.” To energize myself, I’d envisioned Stallone as my archenemy, just like I had demonized [bodybuilder] Sergio Oliva when I was trying to take the Mr. Olympia crown. I got so into hating Sly that I started criticizing him in public –his body, the way he dressed- and I was quoted as badmouthing him in the press.
Arnold Schwarzenegger (Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story)
At this point, [Tuco and Pablo] start scrapping like children, while Blondie looks secretly on. 'Please forgive me, brother', says the thoroughly ashamed Padre Ramirez. Tuco walks out, without turning back, then boastfully tells Blondie: 'My brother, he's crazy about me... even a tramp like me. No matter what happens, there'll always be a bowl of soup'. Blondie replies: 'Well, after a meal, there's nothing like a good cigar'. Tuco wipes away his tears and proceeds to eat the cigar, a broad grin returning to his face.
Christopher Frayling (Sergio Leone: Something to Do With Death)