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Shortly after the start of the Bear Flag rebellion, Frémont’s soldiers spied a small boat of Californians crossing San Pablo Bay. Frémont sent Kit Carson, the famous scout and Indian fighter who was Frémont’s frequent partner in exploration, and some other men to intercept the boat. According to an eyewitness, Carson asked Frémont, “Captain, shall I take those men prisoner?” According to this same witness, Frémont answered, with a wave of the hand, “I have no room for prisoners.” Carson and the others rode to where the boat had landed and shot three of the Californians dead.
H.W. Brands (The Age of Gold: The California Gold Rush and the New American Dream (Search and Recover Book 2))
All thanks to Master, Prof Wormwood, whom I was redirected to meet after I contacted the Bavarian Illuminati recruitment email, ILLUMINATI.AM@AOL.COM I want to use my testimony as a medium to inform the individual and institution that want to join the Bavaria Medieval Illuminati Portal, the real life Illuminati Society, on how I was helped by the Bavarian Illuminati secret society in regaining my political position in the Government house . After being sacked for about 5years and two months before my membership. Throughout those years,I have been in pains and troubles ever since I was sacked from the company where I used to work, called ' UPS company ' as an EXECUTIVE DISTRIBUTIVE agency. I have been hopeless, financially down throughout those years. But one day, as I was browsing through on the Internet, I came across the post of the Bavarian Illuminati world society saying you can be powerful, famous, rich, wealthy and successful in life by being a member of the great Illuminati member, immediately I contacted the membership application EMAIL.. which I found on the website, and it took three months before my application was accepted; I was taken through some forms which I completed and passed some check ups. A day after I passed the check up a secret email was sent to me,and I was instructed not to disclose the email. I was instructed to contact the secret email that was given to me,i did as i was instructed; the secret email took over my application and sent me some phone numbers and secret address of the Bavarian Medieval Illuminati members whose duty is to guide me to the Lodge where i was interviewed on video secretly and initiated; everything went smoothly . A day after my first initiation I explained everything I was going through to my master, Prof Wormwood, who then gave me a $2million cheque, I was overwhelmed with joy. Earlier before I contacted the email I thought it was another scam because I have seen a lot of scam before I came across the Bavarian Medieval Illuminati Portal, which is the second portal of the Illuminati Organization, but my condition forced me to give everything a try. Gladly, it was not a scam, I even video called my recruitment master, and I succeeded after several steps were carried out, with this I finally believe the Illuminati is real but difficult to get in. I was initiated by the Illuminati brotherhood through the Freemason lodge in my town ; after which they also gave me all the guidelines and told me their secret place of worship. Also with the help of my master Prof Wormwood, I was able to go to the German Lodge where I was initiated a second time and fully as a complete Bavarian Illuminati member. A month after I was initiated, I received a call from the company UPS that I have been accepted back again as the Executive of the company branch in my town. At first I was shocked and surprised, and later I was told to resume work the next day by 8:30am ,but I refused because the Bavarian Illuminati has already given me an adorable job paying millions . Starting from that day my family and I have been living a joyful and luxurious life, to say less. I shall keep posting my testimony to help those searching for the real life Illuminati membership application find the right path( avoid Whatsapp for real life Illuminati application) . Hail the Light.
Illuminatus Justificus (The Last Thread of Sanity, Volume II: From Shadows to Light : A Personal Exploration of Borderline Personality Disorder)