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I believe that information technologies, especially well-designed, purposeful ones, empower and renew us and serve to amplify our reach and our abilities. The ensuing connectedness dissolves away intermediary layers of inefficiency and indirection. Some of the most visible recent examples of this dissolving of layers are the transformations we have seen in music, movies and books. Physical books and the bookstores they inhabited have been rapidly disappearing, as have physical compact discs, phonograph records, videotapes and the stores that housed them. Yet there is more music than ever before, more books and more movies. Their content got separated from their containers and got housed in more convenient, more modular vessels, which better tie into our lives, in more consumable ways. In the process, layers of inefficiency got dissolved. By putting 3000 songs in our pockets, the iPod liberated our music from the housings that confined it. The iPhone has a high-definition camera within it, along with a bunch of services for sharing, distributing and publishing pictures, even editing them — services that used to be inside darkrooms and studios. 3D printing is an even more dramatic example of this transformation. The capabilities and services provided by workshops and factories are now embodied within a printer that can print things like tools and accessories, food and musical instruments. A remarkable musical flute was printed recently at MIT, its sound indistinguishable from that produced by factory-built flutes of yesterday.
Jeffrey Word (SAP HANA Essentials: 5th Edition)
Data is compressed by different compression techniques (e.g. dictionary encoding, run length encoding, sparse encoding, cluster encoding, indirect encoding) in SAP HANA Column store. When main memory limit is reached in SAP HANA, the whole database objects (table, view,etc.) that are not used will be unloaded from the main memory and saved into the disk.
Krishna Rungta (Learn HANA in 1 Day: Definitive Guide to Learn SAP HANA for Beginners)
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Since the announcement of SAP S/4HANA in February 2015, it has become clear that HANA is the only first-class citizen.
Vinnie Mirchandani (SAP Nation 2.0: an empire in disarray)
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