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Heheh. The old whoopee cushion in the hand trick. It's ALWAYS funny." The kid gave a confused giggle as Sans tucked his hand back into his pocket. "Anyways, you're a human, right? That's hilarious. I'm Sans. Sans the Skeleton. I'm actually supposed to be on watch for humans right now. But…y'know…" Sans shrugged, "I don't really care about capturing anybody. Now my brother, Papyrus, he's a human-hunting FANATIC." Motion over the kid's head drew Sans's attention briefly and his face lit up. He'd know that silhouette anywhere, even from this distance through the light fog. "Hey, actually, I think that's him over there." He focused back on the kid, catching the tail end of their rotation to see what he was looking at. "I have an idea." The kid looked back at him. "Go through this gate thingy." The kid glanced at the gate, worry marring their expression. Sans nodded. "Yeah, go right through. My bro made the bars too wide to stop anyone." It was a breath, a moment that allowed Sans to watch as the kid's worry turned into determination, before the kid turned right around and walked through the massive structure's posts. Sans kept pace with them, following them through to the other side and then some. Surprisingly enough, the oddly-shaped lamp that had always been next to his station was suddenly conveniently-shaped and very useful, especially with his brother heading their way. "Quick, behind that conveniently-shaped lamp.
Sammy Sabu (Undertale Novel: Othertale)
The kid's footfall was pretty unique. Sans looked to the kid when Papyrus looked back at him and looked to Papyrus when his brother returned his gaze to the human. They did this probably eight or nine times till they were spinning around, coming to a stop facing the human. Sans was trying very hard not to fall over as the world kept spinning. The fact that he was trying not to laugh wasn't helping. Papyrus quickly spun Sans around the other way, rushing in what was as close to a stage whisper as Papyrus got, "SANS! OH MY GOD! IS THAT…A HUMAN!?" They turned back around and Sans, out of habit, couldn't help but mess with his brother. "Uhhhh...Actually, I think that's a rock." Papyrus deflated. "OH." Sans was quick to bring the wind back into Papyrus's sails, though, asking, "Hey, what's that in front of the rock?" Papyrus lit up again, and Sans was very happy to see Papyrus so excited. "OH MY GOD!" Papyrus turned to Sans again and questioned in his not-so stage whisper, "IS…IS THAT A HUMAN?" "Yes," Sans supplied in a stage whisper.
Sammy Sabu (Undertale Novel: Othertale)
I am Toriel," she offered. "So nice to meet you." He couldn't help but wink at her. "The name's Sans, and, uh, same." "Oh! Wait, then…" she turned her attention to Papyrus and Sans's expression became fond. "This must be your brother, Papyrus! Greetings, Papyrus! It is so nice to finally meet you. Your brother has told me so much about you." "WOWIE…I CAN'T BELIEVE ASGORE'S CLONE KNOWS WHO I AM! THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!" Sans chuckled. Only the Great Papyrus. Toriel spoke up again. "Hey, Papyrus…what does a skeleton tile his roof with?" Sans had to swallow a laugh as Papyrus's sockets narrowed. "HMMM…" the lankier skeleton voiced as he thought. "SNOW-PROOF ROOF TILES?" "No, silly!" Toriel quickly replied. "A skeleton tiles his room with…shin-gles!" Sans shared a grin with Toriel as Papyrus nearly lost his shit. "I CHANGED MY MIND! THIS IS THE WORST DAY OF MY LIFE!
Sammy Sabu (Undertale Novel: Othertale)
grabbed my leg while Keres-Rayne attacked him in fury. Gritting my teeth, I wrenched the bone out and threw it away. My eyes widened as I remembered something. Madison, the soulless spirit whom I had found creepy, had stabbed me in this very same spot. I remembered doing the exact same thing I had just done. I remembered how me and Sans battled the three people who were so dangerous. I remembered all the stuff we did, all the fun we had had… I lurched forward, coughing out the Hate substance again. Keres-Rayne looked at me in concern, but had to keep fighting with Papyrus. The familiar burning sensation returned to my eyes and I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. Come on, I thought. This is not the time. Still feeling the Hate trickling down my mouth, I whirled around to face Papyrus and charged in with renewed fury, barely feeling
Haneethra Malleswaran (HalonaTale - Rayne: An Undertale AU)
11:23 AM LadyDeathwish: Hey that skeleton in the video with you and the cop 11:23 AM LadyDeathwish: Is he single 11:23 AM: r u talking abt papyrus or sans 11:24 AM: papyrus is the tall 11:24 AM: WAIT WAT 11:24 AM LadyDeathwish: DON'T YOU START 11:24 AM LadyDeathwish: Being demi is a chore 11:24 AM LadyDeathwish: Who am I attracted to? and why?! 11:24 AM: fuck I know Matt was an asshole 11:24 AM: but I didn't realize he was bad enough to get you to give up on human men entirely
TimeCloneMike (Terra Incognita (We're Not Weird, We're Eccentric, #2))