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Just as they jettisoned provisions, so too the French commanders opted not to transport medical, sanitary, or surgical supplies into Russia. This decision was ironic given that the French surgeon-in-chief, Baron Dominique Jean Larrey, was famous for having devised measures to save lives by evacuating the wounded from the battlefield speedily and placing forward hospitals near combat zones.
Frank M. Snowden III (Epidemics and Society: From the Black Death to the Present)
Yes, I had to work for everything. One time, when I was fifteen and had my period, he wouldn’t let me buy sanitary napkins. As a punishment for even asking, he made me iron all of the shirts in his closet—and there were, like, hundreds. I was outraged. I spit on the white ones and peed on the colored ones.” “Seems like you still are.” “Still are what?” I wanted to say “pissing,” but didn’t. “Angry,” I hastily added. She thought for a moment. “Yes, I guess I am.
Paul L. Hokemeyer (Fragile Power: Why Having Everything Is Never Enough; Lessons from Treating the Wealthy and Famous)