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Most injuries heal in time, but guilt is a cancer that knows where to hide.
R.M.A. Spears
The prediction of false rape-related beliefs (rape myth acceptance [RMA]) was examined using the Illinois Rape Myth Acceptance Scale (Payne, Lonsway, & Fitzgerald, 1999) among a nonclinical sample of 258 male and female college students. Predictor variables included measures of attitudes toward women, gender role identity (GRI), sexual trauma history, and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptom severity. Using linear regression and testing interaction effects, negative attitudes toward women significantly predicted greater RMA for individuals without a sexual trauma history. However, neither attitudes toward women nor GRI were significant predictors of RMA for individuals with a sexual trauma history." Rape Myth Acceptance, Sexual Trauma History, and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Shannon N. Baugher, PhD, Jon D. Elhai, PhD, James R. Monroe, PhD, Ruth Dakota, Matt J. Gray, PhD
Shannon N. Baugher
The history of warfare has always been a struggle between measures and countermeasures, and so it will be with asymmetric warfare. During the 1970s and 1980s, the U.S. offset strategy incorporated modern information technology in its weapons to offset the numerical superiority of the military forces of the Soviet Union. The strategy has come to be known as the Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA). After the effectiveness of the new RMA weapons was convincingly demonstrated in DESERT STORM, nations potentially hostile to the United States began to seek "offsets to the offset strategy," i.e., countermeasures to America's RMA weapons. Since they are not able to copy U.S. weapons (indeed, even our technically advanced allies have been slow to do so), they are led to the development of asymmetric warfare techniques. More specifically, they seek to develop RMA weapons; their objective is to give the United States pause before it uses its superiority in conventional weapons. The Department of Defense must, therefore, take steps to reduce the vulnerability of its RMA systems to these asymmetric measures.
Ashton B. Carter
TNI harus terus tingkatkan postur dan kapabilitasnya, termasuk penguasaan “Revolution in Military Affairs” (RMA), melakukan Military Operations Other Than War (MOOTW), serta kemampuan peace-keeping operation di wilayah-wilayah konflik di dunia.
Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
Men don't fear death, but insignificance.
R.M.A. Spears
Porque entendemos que el libro y la lectura es un factor de inclusión social, de democratización, de desarrollo, de identidad y que reafi rma nuestro sentido de pertenencia. Que la lectura tiene un valor inconmensurable.
Oriana Mondaca (Donde están los ángeles)
This is not about equal-opportunity training or social programs. This is about eviscerating the enemy before he does the same to us. Tear their hearts from their chests before they can do the same to us—whoever they are.
The Responsive Manifesto declares the following principles: Purpose over Profit Empowering over Controlling Emergence over Planning Networks over Hierarchies Adaptability over Efficiency Transparency over Privacy [RMA]
Carlos Pérez (The Deep Learning AI Playbook: Strategy for Disruptive Artificial Intelligence)