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Saturday is a day for the spa. RELAX, indulge, enjoy, and love yourself, too.
Ana Monnar (Relax: New and Selected Poems)
I'm telling you, Ivy, this is the best thing to happen to her since that boy band she liked got run over by a pack of migrating deer. Look how relaxed she is. Better than a spa day.
Kim Harrison (The Undead Pool (The Hollows, #12))
I turned over, and those big hands got to work on my back. I stifled a whimper in the pillow, because Marco's idea of a massage bore no resemblance whatsoever to the relaxing spa variety. There was no lavender oil, no soothing music, no hot towels. Just an all-out assault on cramped muscles, until they cowered in surrender and turned to Jell-O.
Karen Chance (Hunt the Moon (Cassandra Palmer, #5))
I’m as relaxed as I’ve been since waking up on this island. If I hadn’t been blindfolded, bound, and sodomized, I would’ve thought I was in a spa.
Anna Zaires (Twist Me (Twist Me, #1))
To fall in love is like taking that first plunge into the cool water. Once you are in the water and wet, the pool becomes a relaxing spa that you never want to leave. You find yourself floating laps in this small body of water and you never want to get out, never want to escape. Giving your heart to someone is a little like that first jump. You never know what is going to happen. You don't even know if it will be good or bad.
AlysonSerenaStone Give Your A Break
Relaxing after intense effort not only provides an opportunity to rejuvenate, but also to metabolise and embed learning.
Malti Bhojwani (The Mind Spa Ignite Your Inner Life Coach)
So now you go into the next chamber, where the lights are off, it’s quiet and calm, and it smells like home. You love it here, it’s like a spa for rats. In this context, when the researcher zaps your top NAc, the same thing happens—approach behaviors. But this is where it gets crazy: When the researcher zaps your bottom NAc . . . approach behaviors! In a safe, relaxing environment, almost the entire NAc activates approach motivation!
Emily Nagoski (Come as You Are: The Surprising New Science that Will Transform Your Sex Life)
Take a spa week.
Adrienne Posey
The facials, the spa kind not the jizz kind, (oh no I was turning into Syl), and the lotions he had me try after my shower were very relaxing. He
T.H. Compton (Beautifully Built (Built for You #1))
So it’s not a surprise when she starts breathing in a terrible sound that fills the room. A good thing, Freida says when she hears it. It means my mother is so relaxed that she can no longer be bothered to wake up. She is too relaxed to live. Can you imagine that? That death is just the ultimate spa vacation, after all.
Skye Warren (The Evolution of Man (The Trust Fund Duet, #2))
You were right, you know—coming here was completely crazy. It was irrational. To think I’d choose to go to a town where there’s no mall, much less a day spa, and one restaurant that doesn’t have a menu? Please. No medical technology, ambulance service or local police—how is it I thought that would be easier, less stressful? I almost slid off the mountain on my way into town!” “Ah… Mel…” “We don’t even have cable, no cell phone signal most of the time. And there’s not a single person here who can admire my Cole Haan boots which, by the way, are starting to look like crap from traipsing around forests and farms. Did you know that any critical illness or injury has to be airlifted out of here? A person would be crazy to find this relaxing. Renewing.” She laughed. “The state I was in, when I was leaving L.A., I thought I absolutely had to escape all the challenges. It never occurred to me that challenge would be good for me. A completely new challenge.” “Mel…” “When I told Jack I was pregnant, after promising him I had the birth control taken care of, he should have said, ‘I’m outta here, babe.’ But you know what he said? He said, ‘I have to have you and the baby in my life, and if you can’t stay here, I’ll go anywhere.’” She sniffed a little and a tear rolled down her cheek. “When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is check to see if there are deer in the yard. Then I wonder what Preacher’s in the mood to fix for dinner. Jack’s usually already gone back to town—he likes splitting logs in the early morning—half the town wakes up to the sound of his ax striking wood. I see him five or ten times through the day and he always looks at me like we’ve been apart for a year. If I have a patient in labor, he stays up all night, just in case I need something. And when there are no patients at night, when he holds me before I fall asleep, bad TV reception is the last thing on my mind. “Am I staying here? I came here because I believed I’d lost everything that mattered, and ended up finding everything I’ve ever wanted in the world. Yeah, Joey. I’m staying. Jack’s here. Besides, I belong here now. I belong to them. They belong to me.” *
Robyn Carr (Virgin River (Virgin River, #1))
At Moon Spa 88, we aim to offer the Best Authentic Thai Massage in Irvine. Our services include therapy treatments such as Swedish massage, sports therapy massage, & our Thai deep tissue massage! Our therapeutic services are something which everyone should try at least once in their lifetime. Traditional Thai Massage dates back thousands of years for a good reason! Thai Massage is an act of giving and compassion. A sense of well-being is generated and received along with a relaxed state of mind. That's what Moon Spa 88 aims for.
Moon Spa 88
She lives in the coolest house. It’s really big and super modern. They even have a spa bath in the bathroom as well as a jacuzzi out by the pool. We talked about spending time sunbathing in her backyard as soon as the weather was warm enough. The lounge chairs that were scattered around the sides of the pool were so inviting that I had to try them out. Then when I found that they reclined right back, I lied there picturing myself during the summer months, just relaxing by that beautiful sparkling pool. Sara is so lucky! She seems to have pretty much everything a girl could wish for. Her bedroom has the prettiest pink wallpaper with a gorgeous white flower print as a feature wall. And her furniture is all white. She has a huge comfy bed with matching bedside tables. I’ve never known a girl our age to have a queen sized bed though. Even my parents only have a double bed and Sara’s bed seems enormous in comparison. The two hot pink chrome lamps that sit on her bedside tables are the coolest design and I just love the fluffy pink rug that spreads across the middle of her floor. And she even has
Katrina Kahler (Julia Jones' Diary / Horse Mad Girl / Diary of an Almost Cool Girl / Diary of Mr TDH)
Deeksha Arora
You don’t have to apologize, Megan,” Regina said, sinking into the chair across from hers. “I never asked you if you were interested in the spa before I made the appointments and I should have. So I’m sorry.” “You were just trying to be nice,” Megan said, a lump of guilt forming in her chest. She knew her parents would be sorely disappointed if they knew how she had treated Regina that morning. “I guess primping and relaxing and all that isn’t really my thing,” she added, trying to explain. “And I should have realized that,” Regina said, her eyes soft. “I think I was just so excited to have another girl around here--” “And you got another boy instead,” Megan said.
Kate Brian (Megan Meade's Guide to the McGowan Boys)
Welcome to my headquarters." Maverick teased playfully as he stood back from the door and allowed them to enter inside the basement room. "The champagne dust fountain is situated directly on your left and the grimy, cobweb spa is just on your right. Just in case you feel the need to relax and poison your pores. There are no mud-cakes available today, I'm completely out of those, I've run out of stock.
Jill Thrussell (Mindplant: Trimorphia (Glitches #3))
Of course, in time traditions grew up around each week,” he continued. “During the holding week a male keeps his bride safe in the circle of his arms and holds her close to prove he can protect her from any danger that might come.” He looked at her steadily. “I wanted to do that for you, Lilenta, but I didn’t want to scare you away or frighten you—any more than you already were, anyway.” Liv started to deny her fear as she had from the start but something made her stop. It was true—she was afraid of Baird. Of what he represented, of everything and everyone she could lose if she let herself fall into his arms and never look back. Instead she said quietly, “Go on.” “During the bathing week, a Kindred male cares for and pampers his bride by worshiping her body,” he continued in a low voice. “He washes her hair and bathes and massages and oils her to show her what their life will be like together if she consents to bond with him. The care he takes with her symbolizes how precious she is to him, how beautiful and perfect he finds her.” Liv cleared her throat. “Sounds, ah…intense.” “It can be.” Baird gave her a serious look. “Although I hear some females find it most relaxing to be bathed and pampered. Don’t you Earth women go to special places for it?” “Uh, you mean like a spa? Sure, I guess.” Liv shrugged uncomfortably. “But usually the emphasis there is on relieving stress and the attendants are all very professional and impersonal.” One corner of Baird’s full mouth twitched. “Afraid I can’t promise you that, Lilenta.” “I didn’t think so,” Liv mumbled.
Evangeline Anderson (Claimed (Brides of the Kindred, #1))