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Don’t become a prisoner of the meeting — because most meetings have an underlying agenda that is cloaked in micromanagement.
Noel DeJesus (The 2 Minute Leadership Drill: A Playbook for Aspiring Leaders (Pocket Sized Leadership))
The false assumptions, fake barriers and untruthful worldview he absorbed from those around him taught him to speak like a powerless victim. To see prison bars that were not there, sort of like when a dog who had an invisible fence around its yard has that fence taken away, yet still won’t cross the border.
Robin S. Sharma (The Titan Playbook: Aim for Iconic, Rise to Legendary, Make History)
I was institutionalized. For anyone born into the JW organization or anyone who spends any significant amount of time in a similar organization, they are going to become institutionalized just like a person who spends most of their life in prison. In the religion, our activities were monitored, people were encouraged to snitch on each other, our thoughts were dictated to us, our associations were chosen for us, our opportunities for work were curtailed, and our access to the outside world was limited. We were told what we could watch, what we could listen to, what kind of art we could look at and how we were supposed to dress ourselves. Personal style choices were prescribed. Solitary confinement was the punishment for the worst offenders. That’s a prison’s playbook. Just like a person who’s been institutionalized, folks in high-control groups are convinced they are better off inside the confinement zone. The outside world is too dangerous. It’s just like the inmate that would rather stay in prison than venture outside. Think about that; they’d rather stay in prison where people stab other people just so they can join a gang! If someone can believe they’re better off in a place like that, then someone can also be convinced they are better off being highly controlled by a religious group. However, here’s where the difference between the two pops: people in prison know they’re being punished and it’s supposed to suck. People in high-control groups think they are in the best place ever. If you are or were a JW, think about how many choices you were actually able to make for yourself. We
Jack Grey (Fear to Freedom: Stories of Triumph After Leaving a High Control Religion)