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Walls protect, divide, distinguish; above all they abstract. The basic activities that sustain life . . . take place beyond walls.
Robert Pogue Harrison (Forests: The Shadow of Civilization)
I'm not singing for the future I'm not dreaming of the past I'm not talking of the fist time I never think about the last
Shane MacGowan
If you really want to be totally accurate about it, the day that really changed Abby's life wasn't the day she discovered her power. It was the day Ben sang to her in the Telekinesis lab.
David Pogue (Abby Carnelia's One & Only Magical Power)
A few words in defense of military scientists. I agree that squad leaders are in the best position to know what and how much their men and women need to bring on a given mission. But you want those squad leaders to be armed with knowledge, and not all knowledge comes from experience. Sometimes it comes from a pogue at USUHS who’s been investigating the specific and potentially deadly consequences of a bodybuilding supplement. Or an army physiologist who puts men adrift in life rafts off the dock at a Florida air base and discovers that wetting your uniform cools you enough to conserve 74 percent more of your body fluids per hour. Or the Navy researcher who comes up with a way to speed the recovery time from travelers’ diarrhea. These things matter when it’s 115 degrees and you’re trying to keep your troops from dehydrating to the point of collapse. There’s no glory in the work. No one wins a medal. And maybe someone should.
Mary Roach (Grunt: The Curious Science of Humans at War)
But here’s the thing: I wasn’t equipped with enough life experiences to know that God longs to meet me in my conflicting emotions. When life is hard, it doesn’t necessarily mean I am depressed. When life is hard, it means I have a choice. I can press into the uncomfortable arenas change brings and experience Him in them, or I can fill them with busyness, people, work, whatever
Bekah Jane Pogue (Choosing Real: An Invitation to Celebrate When Life Doesn't Go as Planned)
At a point where I finally had nothing to give anyone, I reached out, and there He was. When I opened my eyes to the awareness that faith is not something I have to muster up or reach on tiptoes to grasp, but accept as God continually pursues, it was here my faith came alive.
Bekah Jane Pogue (Choosing Real: An Invitation to Celebrate When Life Doesn't Go as Planned)
Use e.g. when you mean “for example”: “I like junk food—e.g., Doritos and Pringles.” (How to remember: “For eg-zample.”) Use i.e. when you mean “in other words”: “He ate Doritos and Pringles—i.e., junk food.” (How to remember: “in other words.”)
David Pogue (Pogue's Basics: Life: Essential Tips and Shortcuts (That No One Bothers to Tell You) for Simplifying Your Day)
What if it's possible not to be thrown by transition - where life was before, where we believe it ought to go - but to respond to it with trusting faith by clinging even tighter to a constant God.
Bekah Jane Pogue (Choosing Real: An Invitation to Celebrate When Life Doesn't Go as Planned)
Walter Brennan, the on-screen grandfather, was also a grandfather on his ranch. Tammy, Mike’s daughter, remembered this period during a tour of Lightning Creek we took with Mike in July 2014. “When the lights were off, the lights were off,” Tammy recalled, “because of the gas generator. You had to find the bathroom in the dark.” “Grampy loved it,” Tammy said, “surrounded by quiet.” Still standing is the cathedral sized, handmade barn Ray Pogue set up just before selling the ranch to Walter, “212 feet long, about 65 feet wide,” Mike said. “I don’t know if Grampy had any funny things happen to him out here,” Tammy mused, perhaps wanting to help out a biographer. “No, none.” Mike said. “He just came out here, sat, and left,” Tammy suggested. “He’d come up and go deer hunting with us,” Mike added. “I don’t recall him ever shooting anything. I’d shoot something. I took the liver out of a deer. I didn’t have anywhere to put it, so I just tucked it in my shirt, the whole bloody thing. He’d get a kick out of it.
Carl Rollyson (A Real American Character: The Life of Walter Brennan (Hollywood Legends Series))
Whatever your computer problem, somebody else has had it before. And you can find the solution with Google. Every single time! Here are some examples of what you can type: • page numbers won’t print in Microsoft Word • can’t turn off gridlines in Photoshop • how do I change ink cartridge in Canon Pixma iP7220 • Apple TV can’t connect to iPad • how do I delete photos from galaxy s4 phone Bonus tip: Add “solved” to your query, like this: “ipad won’t charge solved.” That way, Google will show you only the discussions where the question actually wound up answered.
David Pogue (Pogue's Basics: Essential Tips and Shortcuts (That No One Bothers to Tell You) for Simplifying the Technology in Your Life)
Solitude creates confidence so you can walk in a room and know whether surrounded or alone, you are already filled and more than enough.
Bekah Jane Pogue (Choosing Real: An Invitation to Celebrate When Life Doesn't Go as Planned)