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I would also add to that statement, if you are the biggest income earner in your group, you need two new groups. (laugh!) As I always say, you must practice associating with OQP (Only Quality People). These are the people who can take you places that you cannot go by yourself. You may have to change the people around you. One goose can fly 75 percent further in formation with other geese than it ever can flying solo. The same principle applies to you! You can run faster and further with a hundred people who want to go where you are going than you can with one hanging around your neck. But the truth is sometimes it can be hard to find nourishing relationships in your current environment. Get into a new environment! Take time to research clubs, groups, organizations and associations that share your interests and vision. Upgrade your circle! Ensure those around you match your HUNGER!
Les Brown (You've Got To Be HUNGRY: The GREATNESS Within to Win)