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He’d worn a #Feminist T-shirt and said that OnlyFans was a vehicle for female empowerment. “Yeah, cheese is really bad
Sheila Yasmin Marikar (The Goddess Effect)
Don't give it up to any man who won't commit to paying your bills," my grandmother once said after giving me the talk about the cows and the mooching pervert who drank all that free milk from the fast titties. She thought this was encouragement for me to uphold my virtue; it turns out it was a solid business model for OnlyFans.
Maitland Ward (Rated X: How Porn Liberated Me from Hollywood)
Yadi opined that even if Tía Mati walked in on the man having a threesome with his newly pregnant girlfriend, cameras on as they live streamed to OnlyFans, Tía still might not know how to leave.
Elizabeth Acevedo (Family Lore)