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Since Henry Miller's Tropic books, of course, it has become difficult to talk sensibly about girls' c*nts.
Martin Amis (The Rachel Papers)
Since NTs are naturally disinterested in tradition and custom, it should be no surprise that they readily abandon the customary for the workable.
David Keirsey (Please Understand Me II)
Status, prestige, authority, degree, licence, credential, badge of office, reputation, manners — all of these marks of social approval mean nothing to the NTs when the issue is the utility of goal-directed action.
David Keirsey (Please Understand Me II)
Rationals demand so much achievement from themselves that they often have trouble measuring up to their own standards. NTs typically believe that what they do is not good enough, and are frequently haunted by a sense of teetering on the edge of failure. This time their achievement will not be adequate. This time their skill will not be great enough. This time, in all probability, failure is at hand. Making matters worse, Rationals tend to ratchet up their standards of achievement, setting the bar at the level of their greatest success, so that anything less than their best is judged as mediocre. The hard-won triumph becomes the new standard of what is merely acceptable, and ordinary achievements are now viewed as falling short of the mark. NTs never give themselves a break from this escalating level of achievement, and so constant self-doubt and a niggling sense of impending failure are their lot.
David Keirsey (Please Understand Me II)
they feel ignored, unappreciated, and unloved. That’s because their context-blind Aspie family members are so poor at empathic reciprocity. As we have learned, we come to know ourselves in relation to others. This doesn’t just apply when children are developing self-esteem. Throughout our lifespan, we continue to weave and re-weave the context of our lives, based on the interactions we have with our friends, coworkers, neighbors and loved ones. This is why it is so important for an NT parent/partner to get feedback from their spouse. A smile, a hug, a kind word, a note of encouragement: These are messages that reinforce the NT’s self-esteem and contribute to a healthy reciprocity in the relationship. Without these daily reminders from their loved ones, NTs can develop some odd defense mechanisms. One is to become psychologically invisible to others and even to themselves.
Kathy J. Marshack (Out of Mind - Out of Sight : Parenting with a Partner with Asperger Syndrome (ASD) ("ASPERGER SYNDROME" & Relationships: (Five books to help you reclaim, refresh, and perhaps save your life) Book 6))
Midnight Mass was required, and at Saint Aloysius, it lasted ninety minutes. Because the church was crowded with what Mother called “one timers” who attended Mass only on Christmas Eve, we arrived at 11:00 p.m. to get a seat near the front. The church was splendidly decorated. Poinsettias bloomed everywhere, huge wreaths and sprigs of holly tied with red bows hung on every pillar, potent incense enveloped us, and six tall candles burning on the main altar lighted our way out of the long, cold darkness. Carols sung from the choir loft filled the church and evoked the sensuous beauty and mystery of this holy night. While other children chatted with friends and showed off their holiday apparel, My PareNTs, gail aNd i, Mara aNd NiCho- las; ChrisTMas, 1974; CaNToN, ohio I sat quietly, awaiting the chimes that announced the first minutes of Christmas and heralded the solemn service: the priest’s white and gold vestments, his ritualized gestures, the Latin prayers, the incense, the communion service with the transfigured bread and wine, and the priest’s blessings from the high altar that together
Michael Shurgot (Could You Be Startin' From Somewhere Else?: Sketches From Buffalo And Beyond)
Neurotypical - Is the Word Useful? And/or Meaningful The word itself doesn't make sense - being used to describe "others" (people who aren’t on the spectrum) society is a mixture of different sorts of people and rather than lumping people into one "group" (neurotypical society, neurotypicals, NTS) wouldn't it be best to say people who don't have autism? People who aren't on spectrum? It has also been used as word to "attack” people who don't have autism which surely is reverse prejudice? Two wrongs certainly don’t make a right in this case. I like people on the basis of being people it doesn't matter who they are or were they come from I like them for their personalities not because of anything other – human beings are all unique and that means we are all equal in the world.
Paul Isaacs (Living Through the Haze)
c*nts. I responded by saying if anybody was a c*nt, it
Gordon Law (Zlatan Style: The funniest Zlatan Ibrahimovic quotes!)
Manners are for the great unwashed masses, Stella. I’m a Lord. The blunter I am, the more of an old-blooded eccentric I appear. Men of title in my position are encouraged to be total c*nts whenever the opportunity arises.
Callie Hart (Riot Reunion (Crooked Sinners, #4))
Empathy is part intuition and part taking action. It is the ability that NTs take for granted when they “just know” what is going on with another person. NTs can take action to “just say” or “just do” the right thing to move a relationship toward mutual understanding and mutual success. Empathy is not really a skill. It is not an object either. Empathy is the art of connecting to another person, then back to yourself. By connecting to others, we come to know ourselves, our motives and how we all relate—father to mother, parent to child, brother to sister, friend to friend, neighbor to neighbor, employer to employee. Empathy is so much more than the sum of its parts.
Kathy J. Marshack (Out of Mind - Out of Sight : Parenting with a Partner with Asperger Syndrome (ASD) ("ASPERGER SYNDROME" & Relationships: (Five books to help you reclaim, refresh, and perhaps save your life) Book 6))
How can NTs be so powerful? There are two reasons they can do this: One is that their desensitization allows them to balance their attention without being distracted by any one overwhelming stimulus. Second, they reduce the size of the incoming data through symbolic filtering, so they only process the symbols, not the whole. Like the cockpit who is checking the airspeed dial (not actually feeling the air), they only bring in the minute essentials.
Ian Ford (A Field Guide to Earthlings: An Autistic/Asperger View of Neurotypical Behavior)
However, the difference between some people on the spectrum and most NTs, is that people on the spectrum are more likely to assert that they have a right to practice their beliefs publicly even when they are illegal. Let's
Thomas D. Taylor (Autism's Politics and Political Factions: A Commentary)
However, my observation is that autistics tend to argue less about spirituality in general than NTs do. My further observation is that autistics are fairly open-minded about other people's religious values, and/or about whether or not a person believes in God. It doesn't seem like religion is a major point of contention to autistics, or, at least not as much as it is to NTs. However,
Thomas D. Taylor (Autism's Politics and Political Factions: A Commentary)