Mike's Mic Quotes

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Mike and Sarge were taking the straps off the buggies while Doc and Ted kept watch. Sarge was dropping the last strap into the trailer when his radio cracked, “Draco Three, Stump Knocker.” Sarge turned from the buggy to look out across the dried-up pond, keying his mic. “Go for Stump Knocker.” “Looks like you’ve got some fast movers heading your way from the east. They aren’t
A. American (Surviving Home (The Survivalist, #2))
A boat was a place where no one could reach you, a place where some boy couldn't slide into your path to make you a prop in his joke. Even when the boys rowed past us, all we'd do was holler or chant; we didn't have to drop everything to watch them, which was the usual expectation. (Do you remember, for instance, the fake Woodstock that Marco Washington and Mike Stiles set up on the quad? They hauled couches from the dorms, used extension cords for guitars and stand mics. I joined the audience to listen to their terrible playing because it was the thing to do. Just as Open Dorm nights were for girls to feign interest in boys playing video games. Just as the only sporting events with full stands were for boys' teams. At the time, what rankled was the idea that we were supposed to see these boys as the stars, to fall at their sweaty feet. What bothers me now is those boys internalizing girls as audience, there only to act as mirrors, to make their accomplishments realer.)
Rebecca Makkai (I Have Some Questions for You)
You’re enjoying this way too much,” he shouted into the mic. “Are you kidding? This is awesome!
Mike Kraus (Endure (Epoch's End #1))