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Tom, don't let anybody kid you. It's all personal, every bit of business. Every piece of shit every man has to eat every day of his life is personal. They call it business. OK. But it's personal as hell. You know where I learned that from? The Don. My old man. The Godfather. If a bolt of lightning hit a friend of his the old man would take it personal. He took my going into the Marines personal. That's what makes him great. The Great Don. He takes everything personal Like God. He knows every feather that falls from the tail of a sparrow or however the hell it goes? Right? And you know something? Accidents don't happen to people who take accidents as a personal insult.
Mario Puzo (The Godfather)
The gunman said, "Fabrizzio,Michael Corleone sends you his regards.
Mario Puzo (The Godfather (The Godfather, #1))
No, that's not possible," Michael said. "Killed, yes; jail, no.
Mario Puzo (The Godfather)
She emptied her mind of all thought of herself, of her children, of all anger, of all rebellion, of all questions. Then with a profound and deeply willed desire to believe, to be heard, as she had done every day since the murder of Carlo Rizzi, she said the necessary prayers for the soul of Michael Corleone.
Mario Puzo (The Godfather (The Godfather, #1))
If anything in this life is certain...if history has taught us anything, it's that you cn kill anyone.
Mario Puzo
Michael: Barzini will set me up through somebody close... that, supposedly, I won't suspect. Hagen: Somebody like me. Michael: You're Irish, they won't trust you. Hagen: I'm German-American. Michael: To them that's Irish.
Mario Puzo
Michael Corleone understood for the first time why men like his father chose to become thieves and murderers rather than members of the legal society. The poverty and fear and degradation were too awful to be acceptable to any man of spirit.
Mario Puzo (The Godfather (The Godfather, #1))
Maybe there’s a more ominous phrase in the English language than “We need to talk.” Perhaps “Michael Corleone says hello.” Or maybe “I’m afraid the test results are back.” But right now what Laurie just said is enough to send spasms of panic through my gut.
David Rosenfelt (Sudden Death (Andy Carpenter #4))
Never let anyone know what you are thinking. ~Michael Corleone
Mario Puzo
My father made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.” Kay, “What was that?” “Luca Brasi held a gun to his head and my father assured him that either his brains, or his signature, would be on the contract.”—Michael Corleone   The
Richard "RJ" Bond (Tupac:187: The Red Knight)
If anything in this life is certain, if history has taught us anything, it's that you can kill anyone.
Michael Corleone
For the first time the Don showed annoyance. He poured another glass of anisette and drank it down. He pointed a finger at his son. "You want to learn," he said. "Now listen to me. A man's first duty is to keep himself alive. Then comes what everyone else calls honor. This dishonor, as you call it, I willingly take upon myself. I did it to save your life as you once took on dishonor to save mine. You would have never left Sicily alive without Don Croce's protection. So be it. Do you want to be a hero like Guiliano, a legend? And dead? I love him as the son of my dear friends, but I do not envy him his fame. You are alive and he is dead. Always remember that and live your life not be be a hero but to remain alive. With time, heroes seem a little foolish." Michael sighed. "Guiliano had no choice," he said. "We are more fortunate," the Don said. It was the first lesson Michael received from his father and the one he learned best. It was to color his future life, persuade him to make terrible decisions he could never have dreamed of making before. It changed his perception of honor and heroism. It helped him survive, but it made him unhappy. For despite the fact that his father did not envy Guiliano, Michael did.
Mario Puzo (The Sicilian)
By the time Google was telling Semel $1 billion, $3 billion, and then $6 billion, they had a plan. Now it was time to put that plan into action. It was time to go to the mattresses. At first, they called it Project Godfather. They called it that because, in the movie The Godfather, there’s a montage where, as Al Pacino’s Michael Corleone has his godson baptized in church, his hit men take out all of his family’s enemies at once. That was the plan Decker, Weiner, and Coppel had come up with for Yahoo. They were going to have Yahoo’s M&A team take out the entire search industry—except Google, of course—all at once.
Nicholas Carlson (Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo!)
It’s a beautiful sunlit Monday in August, the kind of day that would make your heart sing, your spirit rise. It’s lunchtime, and I’m standing in an absent-minded fog by the German sausage stall in Borough Market, under London Bridge. I can hear the trains rumbling overhead, and it reminds me of that scene from The Godfather, the one where Michael Corleone is about to assassinate his father’s rival mafia boss. Trains always seem to rumble overhead in movies when something ominous is about to happen, and it’s kind of spooky, not to mention fitting, because things couldn’t get much more ominous for me, right now.
Ruth Mancini (Swimming Home (The Swimming Upstream Series #2))
Famous temper like Sonny Corleone Hidden agenda like Michael Corleone I’m El Padrino like Vito Corleone You're not a leader, you're Fredo Corleone
Soroosh Shahrivar (Letter 19)
Never hate your enemies. It affects your judgement.
Michael Corleone
It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking competition is your worst enemy. But as you’ve read, it can be one of your greatest assets. You can build businesses out of competitors’ weaknesses. They’re also a gold mine of valuable data and can be used to create trust with your prospects and respect in your industry. So the next time you’re wondering how to beat the competition, remember what Michael Corleone said: “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” It’s advice worth keeping in mind.
Andrew Gazdecki (Getting Acquired: How I Built and Sold My SaaS Startup)
Never hate your enemies. It affects your judgement. Stolen from Stephen Kings Twitter 8:37 PM · Apr 15, 2021
Michael Corleone
This might sound a bit confusing right now, but trust me the way Michael Corleone trusted Tom Hagen in The Godfather and you'll get the hang of it.
Shivank Goswami (Hedging Bullion Trades; Why Trade Naked, When you can Hedge?)
It wasn't Glen's jealousy that surprised him. "You owe Roy money?" "Yep. Borrowed it to get my truck painted." "Roy's a loan shark, too?" "You ever see JAWS?" Snakebite asked. Glen said he had. "How 'bout THE GODFATHER?" "Yeah." "Well, if Michael Corleone waded out in the ocean and fucked that shark, then you'd have old Roy." from the Tom Franklin short story "Grit" (page 31) from POACHERS:STORIES
Tom Franklin (Poachers: Stories)
Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. —AL PACINO (AS MICHAEL CORLEONE), THE GODFATHER, PART II
James B. Comey (A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership)