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Humming and singing my new song, I led them up and down the stairs, pressing my fingers against the wall like I was about to push it over; down to the lobby, where I stood in a pot plant; and finally into the alley behind the studio, where I jumped on top of the car that had brought us from the hotel, leaving dents in the roof so the car would remember me.
Maggie Stiefvater (Linger (The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #2))
For a few sleepy minutes, they were silent, nested in the pillows, and then Noah said, “I heard about how you won’t kiss Adam.” She turned her face into the pillow, cheeks hot. “Well, I don’t care,” Noah said. With quiet delight, he guessed, “He smells, right?” She turned back to him. “He does not smell. Ever since I was little, every psychic I know has told me that if I kiss my true love, he’ll die.” Noah’s brow furrowed, or at least the half of it that wasn’t buried in pillow. His nose was more crooked than she’d ever noticed. “Adam’s your true love?” “No,” Blue said. She was startled by how quickly she had answered. She couldn’t stop seeing the dented side of the box he’d kicked. “I mean, I don’t know. I just don’t kiss anybody, just to be on the safe side.” Being dead made Noah more open-minded than most, so he didn’t bother with doubt. “Is it when or if?” “What do you mean?” “Like, if you kiss your true love, he’ll die,” he said, “or is it when you kiss your true love, he’ll die?” “I don’t get what the difference is.” He rubbed the side of his face on the pillow. “Mmmmsoft,” he remarked, then added, “One’s your fault. The other one, you just happen to be there when it happens. Like, when you kiss him, POW, he gets hit by a bear. Totally not your fault. You shouldn’t feel bad about that. It’s not your bear.
Maggie Stiefvater (The Dream Thieves (The Raven Cycle, #2))
Additive Alert,
Maggie Dent (Mothering Our Boys (US Edition): A Guide for Moms of Sons)
This person stepped forward to fill our desperate need at great risk to her own health and life." "Well…" A guest of honor ought to tell the whole truth even if it put a dent in Billy's speech. "I had the pox as a kid, and someone said you can't get it twice." Coot Patterson rolled his eyes, then glared at her. "Nobody knows that for sure. Maybe it's true, and maybe it ain't. The point is, you stayed and took care of us when you didn't have to and nobody expected you to. Now shut up and quit kicking at the nice words ole Billy is saying.
Maggie Osborne (Silver Lining)