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... People with great passions, people who accomplish great deeds, people who possess strong feelings, even people with great minds and a strong personality, rarely come out of good little boys and girls.
Lev S. Vygotsky
You're the fire burning inside of me.
Kelvin O'Ralph (The Beginning (LS, #1))
All the motives for murder are covered by four Ls: Love, Lust, Lucre and Loathing.
P.D. James (The Murder Room (Adam Dalgliesh #12))
Through others, we become ourselves.
Lev S. Vygotsky
2:36 am 2 am is for the poets who can’t sleep because their minds are alive with words for someone who’s not there For the alcoholics drinking themselves into amnesia to forget some who left 2am is not for the lovers asleep in each other’s arms It is for the lonely. the ones who are in love with the loved but are not loved in return.
I once read somewhere that people would worry much less about what others thought of them if they realized how seldom they did so.
L.S. Hilton (Maestra (Maestra #1))
Every day, I am thinking: 'How can I lead all living beings to enter the unsurpassed way so as to quickly acquire the body of a Buddha?" (LS 16: 3.23) Lotus Sutra, Chapter 16, Section 3, Paragraph 23
Gautama Buddha
Wealth creeps under your epidermis like poison. It invades your posture, your gestures, the way you carry yourself.
L.S. Hilton (Maestra (Maestra #1))
Lux’s frequent forged excuses from phys. ed. She always used the same method, faking the rigid t’s and b’s of her mother’s signature and then, to distinguish her own handwriting, penning her signature, Lux Lisbon, below, the two beseeching L’s reaching out for each other over the ditch of the u and barbed-wire x.
Jeffrey Eugenides (The Virgin Suicides)
I suggest to wash tongues and heads with soap for some people. But I'm not sure that it would help; so you should just try to THINK.
Hate is better. Hate keeps you cold, keeps you moving fast, keeps you lonely. If you need to make yourself into someone else, loneliness is a good place to start.
L.S. Hilton (Maestra)
Being civilized meant knowing about the right things. However much people pretend that doesn't matter, it's true. Disclaiming that is as foolish as thinking that beauty doesn't matter. And to get among the right things, you have to be among the people who possess them. Since one also likes to be thorough, knowing the difference between a hereditary and an honorary marquess always comes in handy.
L.S. Hilton (Maestra (Maestra #1))
The strangest things in life, are often closer to reality, than reality would like to admit.
Anthony L.S.
'Translations,' Lateran said scornfully, examining the bruises along Kestrel's ribs. 'Like caressing your lover through a burlap sack. You get the gesture of the thing, but not the nuance, and it is overall an irritating experience.'
L.S. Baird (Evensong's Heir (Songbirds of Valnon, #1))
He's a moron being an asshole. You don't shoot people for being assholes, or the human race would be extinct.
L.S. Hawker (The Drowning Game)
Among all the sutras I have expounded, Lotus Sutra is the first and foremost! If you are able to uphold the Lotus Sutra, it means you are able to uphold the body of a Buddha!” (LS 11: 3.35) Lotus Sutra, Chapter 11, Section 3, Paragraph 35
Gautama Buddha (The Lotus Sutra)
Pope John Paul II returned to this theme, condemning state-recognized same-sex unions as parodic versions of authentic families, “based on individual egoism” rather than genuine love. Justifying that condemnation, he observed, “Such a ‘caricature’ has no future and cannot give future to any society”. Queers must respond to the violent force of such constant provocations not only by insisting on our equal right to the social order’s prerogatives, not only by avowing our capacity to promote that order’s coherence and integrity, but also by saying explicitly what Law and the Pope and the whole of the Symbolic order for which they stand hear anyway in each and every expression or manifestation of queer sexuality: Fuck the social order and the Child in whose name we’re collectively terrorized; fuck Annie; fuck the waif from Les Mis; fuck the poor, innocent kid on the Net; fuck Laws both with capital ls and small; fuck the whole network of Symbolic relations and the future that serves as its prop.
Lee Edelman (No Future: Queer Theory and the Death Drive)
Among all shravakas and pratyekabuddhas, bodhisattvas are the foremost. So is the Lotus Sutra; among all sutras, it is the foremost! Just as the Buddha is the King of the Law; so is the Lotus Sutra, it is the King of all Sutras!" (LS 23:2.16) Lotus Sutra, Chapter 23, Section 2, Paragraph 16
Gautama Buddha (The Lotus Sutra)
'Can you tell me,' Willim said, the heat in his face unwilling to subside, 'just when I lost my mind? Was it recent, or have I always been an idiot?'
L.S. Baird (Evensong's Heir (Songbirds of Valnon, #1))
Sometimes, just sometimes, if you close your eyes and wish really hard, life can be just like a movie.
L.S. Hilton (Maestra (Maestra #1))
Choices are made before explanations, whether or not we care to know it.
L.S. Hilton (Maestra (Maestra #1))
The three l’s of being are life, light and love.
Lailah Gifty Akita (Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind)
Americans today, ideology has become a powerful marker of identity. Ps, Cs, and Ls are now rivalrous, hostile tribes. As such, they have developed linguistic differences and negative stereotypes of one another, which the three-axis model can help to articulate. Within a tribe, political language is used to reassure others of one's loyalty to the tribe, to lift one's status within the tribe, and to whip up hostility against other tribes.
Arnold Kling (The Three Languages of Politics)
Why is it that the people who can afford all the fun in the world have discovered only such limited ways of having it? I'm not anti-drugs, exactly; it's just that I prefer the doors of my own perception to remain firmly bolted.
L.S. Hilton (Domina (Maestra #2))
As the boys steadily and monotonously drove the raft toward mid-stream it was no doubt understood that these orders were given only for "style," and were not intended to mean anything in particular. "What sail's she carrying?" "Courses, tops'ls, and flying-jib, sir." "Send the r'yals up! Lay out aloft, there, half a dozen of ye—foretopmaststuns'l! Lively, now!" "Aye-aye, sir!" "Shake out that maintogalans'l! Sheets and braces! NOW my hearties!" "Aye-aye, sir!" "Hellum-a-lee—hard a port! Stand by to meet her when she comes! Port, port! NOW, men! With a will! Stead-y-y-y!" "Steady it is, sir!
Mark Twain (The Adventures of Tom Sawyer)
Dear Mr. Snicket, I would like to be a writer when I grow up, but my dad wants me to be a dentist. Help! - Troubled In Tacoma Dear Ms. Troubled, Take extensive notes on your father's behavior. A man who pressured other people into dentistry will be a wonderful character for your first book. With all due respect, LS
Lemony Snicket
It is a bad indication when, in any period, men will so exalt their confessions that they force the Scriptures to a secondary importance, illustrated in one era, when as Tulloch remarks: 'Scripture as a witness, disappeared behind the Augsburg Confession" ...No decrees of councils; no ordinances of synods; no "standard" of doctrines; no creed or confession, is to be urged as authority in forming the opinions of men. They may be valuable for some purposes, but not for this; they may be referred to as interesting parts of history, but not to form the faith of Christians; they may be used in the church to express its belief, not to form it.
L.S. Chafer
I van esguerrant els homes perquè diuen que una ombra es va ajuntar amb una altra… tenen por. Volen tenir por. Volen creure i volen patir… patir i només patir i ofeguen els qui moren perquè encara pateixin més… perquè pateixin fins al darrer moment, perquè res no sigui bo, i si t’arrenquen la cara les pedres i l’aigua és pel bé de tots… i si vius pensant que el riu s’endurà el poble no pensaràs en res més… que se t’endugui el patir però no el desig… perquè el desig fa viure i per això els fa por. La por del desig se’ls menja. I és per no pensar en el desig que volen patir i de petit ja t’esguerren… perquè el desig fa viure ja te’l maten mentre vas creixent…
Mercè Rodoreda (Death in Spring)
Remember my child, listen and learn With a story like this, the lessons were earned
Daniel L.S. Jones (There is Us)
When you're no one from nowhere it's best to know your limits. Rich kids can play at bohemia, but wealth has long tendrils; it twines into a safety net which can also be a trap for the unprepared. Rich kids have families and backgrounds and connections, and they ask questions, because their world functions on being able to place people. I couldn't expose myself to that.
L.S. Hilton (Maestra (Maestra #1))
Follar puede ser un placer totalmente exento de complicaciones, tan antiguo y elemental como el sabor a sal y tierra de una aceituna, o como un vaso de agua fresca tras una larga y polvorienta caminata.
L.S. Hilton (Maestra)
Christian faith is fact, but not bare fact; it is poetry, but not imagination. Like the arch which grows stronger precisely by dint of the weight you place upon it, so the story of the Gospels bears, with reassuring strength, the devotion of the centuries to Jesus as the Christ. What is music, asked Walt Whitman, but what awakens within you when you listen to the instrument? And Jesus is the music of the reality of God, and faith is what awakens when we
Kenneth E. Bailey (Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes: Cultural Studies in the Gospels)
A peels an apple, while B kneels to God, C telephones to D, who has a hand On E’s knee, F coughs, G turns up the sod For H’s grave, I do not understand But J is bringing one clay pigeon down While K brings down a nightstick on L’s head, And M takes mustard, N drives to town, O goes to bed with P, and Q drops dead, R lies to S, but happens to be heard By T, who tells U not to fire V For having to give W the word That X is now deceiving Y with Z, Who happens, just now to remember A Peeling an apple somewhere far away.
Howard Nemerov
I’m going to look so emo,” Dekker said. I actually started to wonder if they were keeping me here on purpose, that they’d called the cops themselves to get the Crimestopper money. But remembering the car collection in the barn and looking around this beautiful house, I realized my faulty
L.S. Hawker (The Drowning Game)
Children, now we shall try to write a capital letter L,” I say and go to the blackboard. “Ten lines of L’s, then five lines of Lina, and five lines of Larch.” I write out the words slowly with chalk. A shuffling and rustling begins behind me. I expect to find that they are laughing at me and turn around. But it is only the notebooks being opened and the slates put in readiness. The forty heads are bent obediently over their task. —I am almost surprised. The slate pencils are squeaking, the pens scratching. I pass to and fro between the forms. On the wall hangs a crucifix, a stuffed barn owl and a map of Europe. Outside the windows the clouds drive steadily by, swift and low. The map of Germany is coloured in brown and green. I stop before it. The frontiers are hatched in red, and make a curious zigzag from top to bottom. Cologne—Aachen, there are the thin black lines marking the railways; Herbesthal, Liège, Brussels, Lille—I stand on tiptoe—Roubaix, Arras, Ostend—Where is Mount Kemmel then? It isn’t marked at all; but there is Langemarck, Ypres, Bixschoote, Staden. How small they are on the map—tiny points only, secluded, tiny points—and yet how the heavens thundered and the earth raged there on the 31st of July when the Big Offensive began and before nightfall we had lost every officer. I turn away and survey the fair and dark heads bending zealously over the words, Lina and Larch. Strange—for them those tiny points on the map will be no more than just so much stuff to be learned—a few new place names and a number of dates to be memorized by note in the history lesson—like the Seven Years’ War or some battle against the Romans. A
Erich Maria Remarque (The Road Back)