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Louisville, an hour after dark, is a carpet of gilt thumbtacks below them, with straight, twinkling lines like strings of beads leading out from it. Southeastward now, toward the Tennessee state-line. ("Jane Brown's Body")
Cornell Woolrich (The Fantastic Stories of Cornell Woolrich (Alternatives SF Series))
Poster Boy starts laughing. “You know we’re all going to start calling you Tampon now, right? What a way to earn your road name. Fuck, I can’t believe it. You offered the Pres’s ol’ lady your fucking tampon…
Izzy Sweet (Broken Wings (Royal Bastards MC: Louisville, KY, #1))
Yes, I fucking know you better than him because you were never his, you’ve always been mine!
Izzy Sweet (Broken Wings (Royal Bastards MC: Louisville, KY, #1))
Allie tried to ask me once why we call him Horse. I explained it’s because of his laugh. I’ll be damned if I’m gonna tell her it’s because of the huge fucking horse cock he’s got swingin’ between his legs.
Izzy Sweet (Broken Wings (Royal Bastards MC: Louisville, KY, #1))
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Butchertown Grocery
The Cabbage Patch of the Alice Hegan Rice novel was taken from a real slum in Louisville, Ky. Mrs. Wiggs was described as “a friend of every neighbor; always first to forget herself and lend a helping hand.
John Dunning (On the Air: The Encyclopedia of Old-Time Radio)
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Peter Enns (The Bible Tells Me So: Why Defending Scripture Has Made Us Unable to Read It)
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