Lola Bunny Quotes

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You have a roommate." "Yeah." He sounds confused. "The, um, picture on your door surprised me." "NO. No. I prefer my women with...fewer carnivorous beasts and less weaponry." He pauses and smiles. "Naked is okay. What she needs are a golden retriever and a telescope. Maybe then it would do it for me." I laugh. "A squirrel and a laboratory beaker?" "A bunny rabbit and a flip chart," I say. "Only if the flip chart has mathematical equations on it." I fake swoon onto his bed. "Too much, too much!
Stephanie Perkins (Lola and the Boy Next Door (Anna and the French Kiss, #2))
I never forget how big Atlas is, but it’s not ’til he’s standing right in front of me that I feel so fucking tiny. Orion’s grip tightens. I don’t know what I’m expecting Atlas to do. Maybe bark at us to obey Hunter? Instead he puts one palm on my head, the other on Orion’s. He pats us. Gentle. Like you’d pet a soft bunny. My spinal cord loses tension. My knees give. Because holy shit, do I love being petted. Orion reacts the same quivering way. Least I’m not the only silly rabbit.
Lola Rock (Pack Darling: Part Two (Pack Darling, #2))