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Are you excited to see Beau?” I ask, needing the distraction. His smile warms, and it’s like seeing light glimmer in an ocean cave, an unexpected beauty in its dark and deadly home. It’s so disarming, so close to boyish happiness, that my worries vanish, just for a moment. “There’s a bottle of whiskey with our names on it. As soon as we get the civs set up, we’re pulling an action flick marathon—because apparently that’s all Jasper’s parents ever used to watch apart from the K-dramas, and that’s not happening.
Rebecca Quinn (Entangled (Brutes of Bristlebrook, #2))
When babies come into the world, they cry out of fear because this world is strange and new, and they know nothing about living. When humans leave this world, they sometimes cry out of fear because the world they are headed to is strange and new and they know nothing about dying.
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