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You are worse than a corrupt politician if you don't vote, because tomorrow. You will be the first to complain about bad service delivery and how bad the country is being run by bad leaders and criminals.
De philosopher DJ Kyos
Requisito es entonces: (1) Una condición o capacidad necesaria del usuario con el fin resolver un problema o alcanzar un objetivo (ISO/IEC/IEEE, 2010).
Guilherme Siqueira Simões (Ingeniería de Requisitos: Software Orientado al Negocio)
FUNCTIONAL SAFETY AS PER IEC 61511 SIF SIS SIL TRAINING FUNCTIONAL SAFETY COURSE OBJECTIVES: The main objective of this training program is to give engineers involved in safety instrumented systems the opportunity to learn about functional safety, current applicable safety standards (IEC 61511) and their requirements. The Participants will be able to learn to follow: • Understand the basic requirements of the functional safety standards (IEC 61511) • The meaning of SIS, SIF, SIL and other functional safety terminology • Differentiate between safety functions and control functions • The role of Hazard and Risk analysis in setting SIL targets• • Create basic designs of safety instrumented systems considering architectural constraints • Different type of failures and best practices for minimizing them • Understand the effect of redundancy, diagnostics, proof test intervals, hardware fault tolerance on the SIL • The responsibility of operation and maintenance to ensure a SIF meets its SIL • How to proof test a SIF The Benefits for the Participants: At the conclusion of the training, the participants will be able to: Participate effectively in SIL determination with Risk graph, Risk matrix, and LOPA methodology Determine whether the design of a Safety Instrumented Function meets the required SIL. Select a SIF architecture that both meets the required SIL and minimizes spurious trips. Select SIF components to meet the target SIL for that SIF Target Audience: Instrument and Control Design and maintenance engineers Process Engineers Process Plant Operation Engineers Functional safety Management Engineers For Registration Email Us On [email protected] or call us on 022-30210100
Amin Badu
We talked about issues and what I’m finding. They all agreed the chair of the IEC should go, and suggested that parliament may help with this, although Karzai could well keep him anyway. Their second strategy might be to make him irrelevant, possibly by suggesting that operational involvement is undignified for a man of his power and status. That may work.
Toby Ralph (Ballots, Bullets & Kabulshit: : An Afghan Election: Penguin Specials)
The public don’t know the IEC and some ministers don’t even know why we are here either. They say “we have had the election”. It is difficult. ‘You come from a democratic, ordered community. Here, everything is displaced and disordered. Since being here I have done my best to justify the IEC to people. When the chairman of the Indian Electoral Commission was here the Minister of the Interior and the Minister of External Affairs had forgotten the issue, but Karzai cancelled everything to make a meeting. ‘At this time, the IEC has not reached a place where it can conduct an election.
Toby Ralph (Ballots, Bullets & Kabulshit: : An Afghan Election: Penguin Specials)
algorithm, in 1999 and setting it as the ISO/IEC and IETF international standards in 2004. In
2010, the light encryption technology, HIGHT5), was set as the ISO/IEC international standard due to an increased demand for encryption in
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If your vote, doesn't change your life or your situation. Then you need to change your vote. Change the party or the person you voted for. Vote for a different person or different party.
De philosophe DJ Kyos
It is pointless and stupid to protest, if you don’t vote. The only way you can fight corruption, unemployment, equal and human rights . Making sure that you have a good future and good service delivery is through the poll. Make sure you register to vote and make sure that you vote. For a change to happen, it starts by you.
De philosopher DJ Kyos
We all lost hope. Lost hope in the system and in government, but unfortunately the only way to get our hope back again, is for you to vote for someone you believe in . For you to be able to vote , you must first register. It is not only politicians , those who are in politics or interest in politics, who should vote, but it is every individual who wants change. It is time for you to have a say and speak the language government understand, and that is to vote. Exodus 4:10-12
De philosopher DJ Kyos