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Love,” said the Great Abbot, “is the very highest form of prayer. If prayer is the queen of the virtues, then Christian love is God, for God is love. If you just look at the world only through the prism of love, all your problems will disappear, and within yourself you will see the Kingdom of Heaven, within the human being you will find the Icon, and within the earthly beauty you will see the shade of Paradise. You may object to me that it is impossible to love your enemies. But remember what Jesus Christ told us: ‘Whatever you have done unto the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto me . . .’ Inscribe these words in golden letters upon the tablets of your heart, and inscribe them and hang them together with an icon, and read them to yourself every day.
Tikhon Shevkunov (Everyday Saints and Other Stories)
Here there was a cheerful boy At least he created tales and lived in joy. Nursery rhymes his grandmother told, Songs and tales emerged gladly in gold. Caring heart, affection spoke loud as brighter, He made the decision: he would be a writer! Rising laughters, crying tears, many feelings, Inserted everything and nothing was in vain. So he transformed the ugly into beautiful, Tales to amuse and make everyone sane, In there he went, without daydreams or zeal. As such it was born the icon of literature still. No one denied he was exceedingly bountiful. A ballerina loves the soldier in his world, Nothing gets involved in his fairy tales, Dancing from a poor weak boy to a king, Eccentric prince of charm in winged corners! Rare star of sweet tenderness, Sensible and masterful in tenderness, Emchanted kingdom of dreams and candor, Now a divine fire of a soul he shines. Havia um menino alegre porem so Ao menos criava contos e deles vivia Nas historias que contava sua avo, Seus contos surgiam pois ele os via. Carinho nao faltava em seu coracao ator, Havia tomado a decisao: seria escritor! Risos, lagrimas, sentimentos saos, Inseria tudo e nada era em vao. Transformava ate o feio em belo, Inadvertia e divertia com seu elo, Adiante ia, sem devaneios e zelo. Nascia assim o icone da literatura. A bailarina ama o soldado em seu mundo, Nada se interpunha em seus contos de fadas, De pobre menino fraco e cogitabundo, Era principe de encantos em cantos alados! Rara estrela de doce brandura, Sensata e magistral em ternura, Em seu reino de sonhos e candura, No fogo divino de sua alma fulgura.
Ana Claudia Antunes (ACross Tic)
We cannot convey heart inside written word alone. Words are one-dimensional, emotionless and heartless. We, as authors, search for ways to incorporate the missing emotion through descriptive words, but can never truly touch the depth of a sob, a sigh, or exhilaration expressed in a voice. Ironically, in 150 years, we created an icon of one-dimensional depth when we lifted the Bible high upon a pedestal. Personal communication with our Creator then became secondary. Though His voice was the force that carried faith since the beginning of time when Bibles were not available, we have, in modern times considered hearing the voice of God as mystical. But the written word is not where we receive Salvation. It's the voice of God that is heard in our heart when we read the Bible. Those words become spoken Word that our heart can hear. Sometimes I believe that people in the dark ages heard Father’s voice better than we do now. And that’s because it was their only source. They didn’t have Bibles. So, those who heard Him, let His voice guide them and touch their hearts. They relied on Him only. Mankind came into the enlightened age and created a book, a compilation of epistles that witness to Him. And we made it the foundation of our faith in place of Jesus. We leaned on it to prove our faith. But the real proof of our faith exists when we hear His voice.
Faith Living (MY SEAT (Learning to Live From The Kingdom Book 1))