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Grabbing her close to him, he spun her around and pushed her against the wall. They needed something solid to keep them steady, because he didn’t see himself giving up those lips any time soon. He would kiss her until she lost her breath and it was only his lips on hers that kept her upright. Only the kiss that kept her breathing.
Arielle Hudson (The Cherry On Top (Vegas Firsts #1))
And he kissed her. Slow, hot and oh so heavy. It wasn’t a kiss of love or romance. It wasn’t probing or questioning. It was simple; conquer. He kissed her like it was all he wanted. He kissed her like it was all that she needed and in that moment it was.
Arielle Hudson (The Cherry On Top (Vegas Firsts #1))
want you, Hudson Vega—I want us—more than I’ve ever wanted anything in my whole life.
Tracy Wolff (Charm (Crave #5))
It was just a quick touch of his lips and it left her breathless, as always. In that moment his kiss infuriated her. This was only supposed to happen in the movies! It was a feeling designed by books! She wasn’t supposed to feel her lungs seize and butterflies were not supposed to run rampant in her stomach, just because a man pressed his lips to her lips
Arielle Hudson (The Cherry On Top (Vegas Firsts #1))
He wanted to give her more than that. Sex with him would never be just another thing she ticked off her list. It would be all-consuming and no matter how they ended up, this woman would always remember her nights with him as some of the best she’d ever had. His pride demanded nothing less. His love for her could give nothing less.
Arielle Hudson (The Cherry On Top (Vegas Firsts #1))
He was ruining it. Five minutes before, he’d looked at her with desire and she’d thought finally. Finally, someone saw her. Finally, someone wanted her and she would know what it was like to be a woman. She would know what it felt like to have another person’s hands on her. But now he looked at her with misplaced compassion. As if she were so desperate to get laid she had missed something. As if there was some man waiting in the wings. There wasn’t. This was it, her final chance for pleasure and with every question, with every word, he ruined it.
Arielle Hudson (The Cherry On Top (Vegas Firsts #1))
Because Hudson Vega is mine, and I am not going to lose him to the demons buried inside him. Not now, not ever.
Tracy Wolff (Court (Crave, #4))
❝People fear what they don´t understand.They always have and they always will❞ ― Hudson Vega, Covet. (Ansia)
Tracy Wolff (Covet (Crave #3))