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If you TRY, and you just BELIEVE, you CAN; you WILL.
Hayden Panettiere
Some people ask me whether I'm a "mama's girl" or a "papa's girl". I'm *nobody's* girl. My brother clings to our parents; I'm the one shoving them out the door.
Hayden Panettiere
She and I went to school with Shay Mitchell and Hayden Panettiere, Megan Fox was prom queen, Chris Hemsworth was prom king." I make a clicking noise with my tongue. "And there was Natalie's worst enemy, a cheerleader who tried to steal Damon away from her in tenth grade; Natalie said she was the slutty version of Nina Dobrev - none of these people really looked like them, not really anyway. Natalie is just...odd
J.A. Redmerski (The Edge of Never (The Edge of Never, #1))
open books, not legs. blow minds, not guys
Hayden Panettiere