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It is a sobering thought that Gomer Pyle and the Beverly Hillbillies may be among our chief interstellar emissaries.
Kurt Vonnegut Jr. (Wampeters, Foma & Granfalloons)
go·mer  n. 1 MILITARY SLANG an inept or stupid colleague, especially a trainee. 2 INFORMAL (used mainly by doctors) a troublesome patient, especially an elderly or homeless one.  1960s: origin uncertain; sense 1 perhaps from the television character Gomer Pyle, a bungling Marine Corps enlistee; sense 2 perhaps an acronym from get out of my emergency room.
Oxford University Press (The New Oxford American Dictionary)
Once Rock Hudson married Gomer Pyle, he would officially be known as “Rock Pyle.” With Truman Capote officiating and Liberace providing “musical accompaniment,” this should have been enough of a tip-off that the wedding was a lark, an irreverent gay fantasia.
Mark Griffin (All That Heaven Allows: A Biography of Rock Hudson)