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I am BETTER everyday because I don't allow BITTER people a chance to LITTER my thought factory with their toxic MATTER. I am a SETTER, a goal GETTER&the MASTER of my game
Bayode Ojo (Petals Around The Rose)
Be a goal getter; go get your goals!
Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
Be a goal-setter, a go-getter, all the while, moving, in humility and kindness.
Kamini Arichandran
He, she, or it can’t make you happy! I’m a goal-getter and achieving goals don’t even make you happy, people and goals can kindle the emotion but the source of that fire is already inside of you! It’s a choice; so choose today to be the happiest person that you know!
Dwaun S. Cox
Three out of every one hundred people set goals. Even fewer write them down… You can be someone who does have goals—A Goal Getter!
Beverly K. Bachel
In the game of football, you least complain, shout, talk or blame your opponents or the referee continuously throughout the game just because of your opponents opposition, strength or antics to ensure that you lose focus and lose the game; winning the game is your true aim. Such is life! You must do all you ought to do to score your goals notwithstanding the oppositions and how life will play the game of life with you! Be a goal getter!
Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
Keep in mind that there are those who want it, those who dream it, and those who simply do it.
Michael Contento (The Bottom Line: What You Need For Success In Business, Leadership And Life)