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It's time to discuss what it's going to take to get you beneath me"-GC
Sylvia Day (Bared to You (Crossfire, #1))
Terezi Pyrope
If I'm nothing more than a tool, then I must have a purpose. Tools have purposes, right? But I'm more than that...I know that I'm more than a tool. I know I'm a person, even if the GC doesn't think so. I have to be a person, because I don't need a purpose and not having one drives me crazy.
Becky Chambers (A Closed and Common Orbit (Wayfarers, #2))
You stay up until 3am - the time when the fine lines start to get blurry. You found yourself standing on the edge. You think you’re not supposed to be there so you jumped and crossed the line. You’ve come to a place where the voices are much louder…where the words are much clearer. It’s a place where the harmless things hurt you. It is where you wonder why the sea-like decisions you’ve made and the copper-like smiles has led you to loathe yourself. You wonder why your skin suddenly craves the feeling of metal. You laugh. Because it’s 3am- the time when salts and metals come together… the time when tears and blood embrace.
Kiel G.C.
Amias Mitchell,’ Kip said. ‘Born aboard the Asteria. Forty Solar days of age as of GC standard day 211/310. He is now, and always, a member of our Fleet. By our laws, he is assured shelter and passage here. If we have food, he will eat. If we have air, he will breathe. If we have fuel, he will fly. He is son to all grown, brother to all still growing. We will care for him, protect him, guide him. We welcome you, Amias, to the decks of the Asteria, and to the journey we take together.’ He spoke the final words now, and the room joined him. ‘From the ground, we stand. From our ships, we live. By the stars, we hope.
Becky Chambers (Record of a Spaceborn Few (Wayfarers, #3))
We could begin to allow the history of science to curb scientific awe by imposing a rating system, like those used with movies and television. Any scientific claim that lasts longer than a millennium, we'll rate "GC" for "Getting Close." For claims that stand for five hundred years, we'll rate "KP," for "Kinda Probable;" for a century, "PF" for Probably False;" for fifty years, "ACF" for "Almost Certainly False;" for twenty years and less, "TLA," for "Treat Like Astrology.
Douglas M. Jones III
Faith is decisively determined by the object of faith, namely, God and His Word. This does not ... imply that Scripture ... derives its authority from the believer's faith: this idea is already rendered untenable by the very nature of faith, which rests on and trusts in the Word of God.
G.C. Berkouwer
Just because there’s no one living on a planet does not mean it’s yours for the taking. Do you not see how dangerous that mindset is? Do you not think that treating the galaxy as if it is something to be endlessly used will always, always end in tragedy? You think you’ve broken the cycle. You haven’t. You’re in a less violent period of the exact same cycle, and you don’t see it. And the line of what you find to be justifiable cause is going to keep slipping and slipping until you end up right back where you started. You haven’t fixed anything. You put a stamp and a permit and a shiny coat of paint on an idea that has been fundamentally damaged from day one. You engaged in bloody theft and you called it progress, and no matter how much better you think you’ve made things, no matter how good your intentions are, that will always be the root of the GC. You cannot divorce any of what you do from that. Ever.
Becky Chambers (The Galaxy, and the Ground Within (Wayfarers, #4))
Prayer is that which conveys a message to God, who is either known or knowing, more or less by definition. Poetry is that which conveys a message to a stranger.
G.C. Waldrep III
Even the loneliest and most solitary in the universe... the very cold space dust... will eventually come together to form a star.
G.C. Huxley (Adaptation)
When all hope is lost, remember that light can be found even in the deepest of oceans.
G.C. Julien
They say that a tattoo should signify an important event in your life. How many, do you think, signify what somebody is trying to hide?
G.C. McKay (Chameleon)
Eye shadow for the unexplained insomnia. Concealer for the revealing blemish. Tattoo for the identifying trauma.
G.C. McKay (Chameleon)
...in the sacraments we encounter not merely fragments of earthly reality, but rather, signs in which the living God himself acts, taking up the earthly element as a testimony to his trustworthy promise.
G.C. Berkouwer (Studies in Dogmatics: The Sacraments)
Go uses garbage collection (GC). Generally, people have one of two reactions to this. If you come from a high-level language, like Java, C#, Ruby, Python, or Smalltalk, then your reaction is likely to be “So what? It’s a standard language feature these days.” People coming from C or C++, in contrast, tend to regard GC as a decadent luxury and a sign of incompetence among programmers in general. Oh, and they also want you to get off their lawn.
David Chisnall (Go Programming Language Phrasebook, The (Developer's Library))
In languages with a garbage collector (GC), the GC keeps track and cleans up memory that isn’t being used anymore, and we don’t need to think about it. Without a GC, it’s our responsibility to identify when memory is no longer being used and call code to explicitly return it, just as we did to request it. Doing this correctly has historically been a difficult programming problem. If we forget, we’ll waste memory. If we do it too early, we’ll have an invalid variable. If we do it twice, that’s a bug too. We need to pair exactly one allocate with exactly one free. Rust takes a different path: the memory is automatically returned once the variable that owns it goes out of scope.
Steve Klabnik (The Rust Programming Language)
The helix contains two intertwined strands of DNA. It is "right-handed"-twisting upward as if driven by a right-handed screw. Across the molecule, it measures twenty-three angstroms-one-thousandth of one-thousandth of a millimeter. One million helices stacked side by side would fit in this letter: o. the biologist John Sulston wrote, "We see it as a rather stubby double helix, for they seldom show its other striking feature: it is immensely long and thin. In every cell in your body, you have two meters of the stuff; if we were to draw a scaled-up picture of it with the DNA as thick as sewing thread, that cell's worth would be about 200 kilometers long." Each strand of DNA, recall, is a long sequence of "bases"-A,T,G,and C. The bases are linked together by the sugar-phosphate backbone. The backbone twists on the outside, forming a spiral. The bases face in, like treads in a circular staircase. The opposite strand contains the opposing bases: A matched with T and G matched with C. Thus, both strands contain the same information-except in a complementary sense: each is a "reflection," or echo, of the other (the more appropriate analogy is a yin-and-yang structure). Molecular forces between the A:T and G:C pairs lock the two strands together, as in a zipper. A double helix of DNA can thus be envisioned as a code written with four alphabets-ATGCCCTACGGGCCCATCG...-forever entwined with its mirror-image code.
Siddhartha Mukherjee (The Gene: An Intimate History)
THE IRIS OF THE EYE WAS TOO BIG TO HAVE BEEN FABRICATED AS A single rigid object. It had been built, beginning about nine hundred years ago, out of links that had been joined together into a chain; the two ends of the chain then connected to form a loop. The method would have seemed familiar to Rhys Aitken, who had used something like it to construct Izzy’s T3 torus. For him, or anyone else versed in the technological history of Old Earth, an equally useful metaphor would have been that it was a train, 157 kilometers long, made of 720 giant cars, with the nose of the locomotive joined to the tail of the caboose so that it formed a circular construct 50 kilometers in diameter. An even better analogy would have been to a roller coaster, since its purpose was to run loop-the-loops forever. The “track” on which the “train” ran was a circular groove in the iron frame of the Eye, lined with the sensors and magnets needed to supply electrodynamic suspension, so that the whole thing could spin without actually touching the Eye’s stationary frame. This was an essential design requirement given that the Great Chain had to move with a velocity of about five hundred meters per second in order to supply Earth-normal gravity to its inhabitants. Each of the links had approximately the footprint of a Manhattan city block on Old Earth. And their total number of 720 was loosely comparable to the number of such blocks that had once existed in the gridded part of Manhattan, depending on where you drew the boundaries—it was bigger than Midtown but smaller than Manhattan as a whole. Residents of the Great Chain were acutely aware of the comparison, to the point where they were mocked for having a “Manhattan complex” by residents of other habitats. They were forever freeze-framing Old Earth movies or zooming around in virtual-reality simulations of pre-Zero New York for clues as to how street and apartment living had worked in those days. They had taken as their patron saint Luisa, the eighth survivor on Cleft, a Manhattanite who had been too old to found her own race. Implicit in that was that the Great Chain—the GC, Chaintown, Chainhattan—was a place that people might move to when they wanted to separate themselves from the social environments of their home habitats, or indeed of their own races. Mixed-race people were more common there than anywhere else.
Neal Stephenson (Seveneves)
You don't have to agree with everything others believe, in order to realize they are human. My teacher (GC), in his childish naivety, used to believe a lot of things that are sheer nonsense, but I still love him. When you love, you accept, when you lack love, you judge. Besides, he is the one who set me on fire for the world. You see, disagreement and discrimination are two different things. And we gotta focus on eliminating discrimination, not disagreement. We gotta focus on being human, not on being superior to each other. Somos todos idiotas - we are all idiots. The sooner we realize this, the sooner we can behave wise.
Abhijit Naskar (Divane Dynamite: Only truth in the cosmos is love)
Born aboard the Asteria. Forty Solar days of age as of GC standard day 158/307. She is now, and always, a member of our Fleet. By our laws, she is assured shelter and passage here. If we have food, she will eat. If we have air, she will breathe. If we have fuel, she will fly. She is daughter to all grown, sister to all still growing. We will care for her, protect her, guide her. We welcome you, Robin, to the decks of the Asteria, and to the journey we take together.
Becky Chambers (Record of a Spaceborn Few (Wayfarers, #3))
sa issue ko kay ji, i completely misunderstood some part and i admit it. i thought you’re interested to me na before pa yung parinig nila uno sa gc.
Andrew Hussie (Homestuck)
ca într-un gărduleţ, ca într-o dantelă metalică Privit în lumina vînătă a asfinţitului, Bucureștiul pare un șobolan mort, unde sînt eroii noștri, marii bărbaţi ai trecutului, cei din superproducţii, din cărţile de aur n-am norocul unui chinez, ginsberg și lenin blocaţi pe culoarele unei gări estice, jucăuși precum zeii între drogaţi și vînzătoarele de bilete cît de sinistru putea fi atunci time magazine? cît de sinistră intoxicarea de acum? În lumina crudă totul pare un film pentru pedofili unde e sufletul-nostru-ca-o-pasăre, unde e sănătatea noastră perfectă, gălăgia noastră perfectă, unde sînt extaticele vibraţii, unde sînt marijuana și visele, delirul și nenorocul din camere mici, asudate, revolta învechită ca un film cu ţărani. Sinele meu trist croșetează un pulover din părul lung al sinelui anilor șaizeci sinele meu trist nu vrea să fie cu gașca. Sinele meu trist se scufundă în cîmpul lui cu ciori roșii ca steagurile pe care ei nu le-au văzut sau le-au văzut și au zis că sînt căpșuni. Sinele meu trist pipăie pereţii camerei în care stau și simte ceva ca un curent electric. Oh, am decăzut în cîţiva ani și nici asta nu putem spune cu exactitate și fără să ne fie puţin rușine. Mîna ne tremură deja pe clanţă și ce va fi mai încolo asta chiar că nu vrem să știm. Cînd bem seara noaptea nu putem dormi televizorul merge în continuare, programul s-a terminat de mult Sinele meu trist linge ecranul ca într-un videoclip și o clipă se simte mai sigur pe sine. Culorile se amestecă pe retină, sîrmele se amestecă pe retină, ca într-un gărduleţ, ca într-o dantelă metalică. Nu mai vreau nimic din gălăgia asta. Nu vreau nici să mai aștept nu știu ce, nu vreau să trăiesc treizeci de ani, iar aici nu mai prea vreau să trăiesc deloc. Vreau pornografie și igienă în mijlocul unui deșert nuclear. Şi vreau bani și abţibilduri lisergice. Vreau o benzinărie în cîmp sau un bar de contrabandiști. Vreau să moară cvt și gc și db la fel de mult cum voiam cîndva casetofon. Vreau de fapt bani. Şi vreau bani. Şi vreau bani. Încet camera se umple cu apă. Încet ea devine o mlaștină vie. Încet sinele meu trist se tîrăște spre ecran și se cuibărește acolo ca într-o gaură vie. Între lămpi și circuite ca într-o gaură vie. Se deschide acolo mai trist ca un cimitir de elefanţi, mai trist ca un schelet de locomotivă carbonizată, ca un stern de pisică pe argila roșie, în soare. Încet mîinile se adună. Noaptea ne ridică în aer ca o lingură imensă, carnivoră. În est totul e bine, în vest totul e bine, în mîna mea stîngă totul e bine, în mîna mea dreaptă totul e bine. Sinele meu trist vede că totul e bine. Că moartea e de fapt o mașină stricată aruncată la cimitirul de mașini și că viaţa e și ea o mașină stricată aruncată la cimitirul de mașini. Bucureștiul se deschide ca o uriașă floare sifilitică și știu că nimic, nimic nu mai poate opri dezastrul zdrenţelor minţii mele de douăzeci și trei de ani. Nu sfinţenia Tangerului, nici narcoza, nici fluturii orbecăind prin abatoare, îngrozind lucrătorii. Nimic din toate acestea, nici dresajul, nici bisericuţele, nici sexul orașului violînd noaptea, nimic doar liniștea unui cîine înecat plutind în jos pe rîu, în soare.
Ruxandra Novac (Ecograffiti)
I recalled back in high school—one of the worst times of my life—when I watched cliques argue over insignificant drama. Back then I thought surely, once we reached adulthood, maturity would set in. But as I sat by that fire, aware of my surroundings—among women of all different ages, races, and religious beliefs—I realized we were nothing more than educated animals.
G.C. Julien (The Feral Sentence - Episode 3 (The Feral Sentence Serial))
G.C. Berkouwer once said, “The essence of Christian theology is grace, and the essence of Christian ethics is gratitude.
R.C. Sproul (Romans: An Expositional Commentary)
teorización de ICAS enuncia ocho condiciones fundamentales: 1) inteligencia organizacional, 2) el propósito compartido, 3) la selectividad, 4) la complejidad óptima, 5) la permeabilidad de límites, 6) la centralidad del conocimiento, 7) el flujo, 8) la multidimensionalidad. Es una lista razonable de atributos de las organizaciones modernas, que tiene dos implicaciones para la GC.
Luis Fernando Aguilar Villanueva (Gestión del Conocimiento y Gobierno Contemporáneo)
According to GC, Āryavimuktisena (sixth century) and Haribhadra (mid-eighth–early ninth century) explain the emptiness that is a nonimplicative negation as the disposition and the svābhāvikakāya.177 Jñānagarbha (early eighth century) even explains it as the dharmakāya, thus implicitly asserting it as the tathāgata heart.178 GC also adds the position of Ngog Lotsāwa and his followers that the tathāgata heart is the emptiness in the sense of a nonimplicative negation that is taught in Nāgārjuna’s “collection of reasoning.”179 They explain the statement that all sentient beings are pervaded by the dharmakāya as sentient beings’ being suitable to attain the dharmakāya.
Karl Brunnhölzl (When the Clouds Part: The Uttaratantra and Its Meditative Tradition as a Bridge between Sutra and Tant ra (Tsadra Book 16))
Gö Lotsāwa’s GC continues that, in terms of the tathāgata heart’s being explained as the luminous nature of the mind (the basic element of awareness), Uttaratantra I.63ab says: The luminous nature of the mind Is unchanging, just like space. Therefore, it explains the tathāgata heart as suchness.
Karl Brunnhölzl (When the Clouds Part: The Uttaratantra and Its Meditative Tradition as a Bridge between Sutra and Tant ra (Tsadra Book 16))
or just battered after being
G.C. Harmon (Blazer: Line Of Duty (Blazer #1))
Theodicy ... what is involved is not a theoretical answer to the enigma of evil ... but an answer of faith ... God's being is expressed in earthly suffering, not an "uninvolved heavenly holiness" ... The atheistic protest is rendered mute by the theology of the cross ... the abstract questions of theodicy fall away in the shadow of the event of the cross ... the reality of the cross, a reality that offends human logic ... counters all natural expectations of divine power ... In the environs of Jesus Christ, we are conscious of both transcendence and closeness. It is a transcendence, however, that is not empty transcendence. And it is a closeness that reveals that God's answer transcends even our highest concepts.
G.C. Berkouwer
The church may not function as a fearful border guard, but rather as one who brings good tidings (Romans 10:15; Isaiah 52:7 ... For Christ died for us 'while we were yet sinners, while we were enemies' (Romans 5:8,10). All hardness, imprudence and rashness can only be signs that she has forgotten the gracious overstepping of the boundaries at her birth.
G.C. Berkouwer
The perspective of Thomas' confession - 'My Lord and God' - must prevail through all our thinking and all our reinterpretations ... All reinterpretation should be tested by whether it can participate in this confession.
G.C. Berkouwer
One cannot mount from reality to the righteousness of God, because reality can only be known through the explaining word of revelation. The Light that illumines the world is found only in faith.
G.C. Berkouwer
It is possible to speak concretely about God's providnce only on the basis of the blood of the cross ... He who sees things this way will never succumb to the temptation to identify prosperity with blessing and adversity with curse. In faith ... one can accept prosperity as the gift of God and adversity as God's hand graciously leading him to faith.
G.C. Berkouwer
If apologetics becomes a fight over a system ... it becomes something very different from the 'giving an answer' for faith that the New Testament asks for. The struggle may not be waged for the sake of a fight, but only for the sake of the truth. There must, therefore, never be lust for victory in confrontation. Confrontations can easily be waged in a manner that alienates faith from science without the believing disputants even understanding the problems of science; quick counterarguments are then not even taken seriously by the other side. Apologetics may then celebrate some sort of victory, while in reality it has only exposed its poverty.
G.C. Berkouwer
There is room for a humble and courageous defence of Christianity. The combination of humility and courage is the combination that Christianity in our day sorely needs.
G.C. Berkouwer
Authority ... cannot be a darksome power that compels us to subject ourselves without reason ... Something happens in revelation that is totally different from thwe way the authorities on earth coerce people into servile obedience ... The difference begins with the content of that which is 'over against' us ...... The authority of God's Word is not being enforced like an arbitrary external authority ... It is rather a subjection that spells redemption ... a subjection to Christ whereby He is never out of view ... in which acceptance occurs with joy and willingness.
G.C. Berkouwer
The hesitations and doubts that are present at many points (in contemporary theology) do not in themselves indicate a deep final uncertainty, an alienation from the gospel.
G.C. Berkouwer
A feeling of subjective certainty does not guarantee irrefutable certainty. It is not the certainty, but the truth in the certainty that makes us free.
G.C. Berkouwer
The authority of God's Word is not an arbitrary, external authority. It is a wooing and conquering authority. Scripture's authority does not demand blind obedience, rather a subjection that spells redemption, a subjection to Christ whereby he is never out of view in which acceptance occurs with joy and willingness.
G.C. Berkouwer
Whoever reflects on the origin of sin cannot engage himself in a merely theoretical dispute; rather, he is engaged, intimately and personally, in the problem of sin's guilt.
G.C. Berkouwer
Emma drew in the dirt with a stick, making curlicues and unconsciously tracing Connor’s initials. GC. GC. She frowned. She wondered if he had a middle name. She’d never asked. “Emma!
Diana Palmer (Undaunted (Long, Tall Texans #48))
Accordingly, whereas Hegel views the Absolute-Spirit as something wherein God’s will participates as the culmination of conscious development, Jung treats God’s acts within psychic subjective personal judgment and understanding. It is then understood that, despite striking similarities with the Hegelian dialectics, Jung deviates significantly from Hegel in his construal of wholeness/Self as full of conflicts – which appears to be defined only within a psychological antithesis-Other and not as an Other beyond psychic boundaries. Contrary to Jung, and to some extent closer to Maximus – that introduces a final union of opposites within the Logos’s principles – logoi – Hegel follows a more consistent and progressive approach to wholeness/Absolute. It is precisely what Jung was reluctant to fully embrace, being thus trapped into the crucial limitations of his own ambiguous epistemology.
G.C. Tympas (Carl Jung and Maximus the Confessor on Psychic Development: The dynamics between the ‘psychological’ and the ‘spiritual’)
note to self: do not login to goodreads!
Unfortunately, often the last people to recognize poor service are the ones who provide it.
G.C. Ryan (Do Unto Your Customers: Golden Rules for Great Service)
docker-gc tool is a commonly used image garbage collector
Kelsey Hightower (Kubernetes: Up & Running: Dive into the Future of Infrastructure)
The confession of the testimony of the Spirit was not intended to give a rational and theoretical solution or explanation to the relationship between Word and Spirit ... the mystery of Word and Spirit remains unfathomable ... Every attempt to somehow clarify the mystery remains revealingly unsatisfactory ... The mystery cuts across every exclusive formulation.
G.C. Berkouwer
The True Foundation of the Seventh-day Adventist Church What then is our foundation? Here’s the answer: The scripture which above all others had been both the foundation and central pillar of the Advent faith was the declaration, “Unto two thousand and three hundred days; then shall the sanctuary be cleansed” (GC, 409). Thus “the foundation” of our “Advent faith” is Daniel 8:14, not Leviticus 26. What about “the platform”? God is leading out a people and establishing them upon the one great platform of faith, the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus (3T, 447). These “people” are Seventh-day Adventists, and based on the above quote, that “one great platform of faith” is the message of the third angel. Ultimately, “Other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ.” 1 Corinthians 3:11. “Upon this rock,” said Jesus, “I will build My church.” ... That Rock is Himself,—His own body, for us broken and bruised. Against the church built upon this foundation, the gates of hell shall not prevail (DA, 413). Thus the primary foundation of the Seventh-day Adventist Church is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Himself, not a chart.
Steve Wohlberg (Prophecy's Blind Date: 2520)
Forgiveness doesn't equate to justification of one's wrongdoing. It simply cleanses the heart of negativity.
G.C. Julien
Everyone in your organization, regardless of job title, affects the customer experience in some way.
G.C. Ryan (Do Unto Your Customers: Golden Rules for Great Service)
Perceptible matter goes a long way toward explaining the universe, but never far enough. That is why mammals engage in breath, ceramics, politics. We are all guests at the Festival of the Senses: some of us blindfolded, some of us the dispensers of blindfolds.
G.C. Waldrep
Holstered at his back was another favorite of his, a CZ75. It was a Czech made 9mm handgun, not popular with
G.C. Harmon (Blazer: Line Of Duty (Blazer #1))
The problem with human memory is that it is biased - it prefers to remember what once made you feel good.
G.C. Julien
They say, "Dance like nobody's watching." Why not dance like the world is watching?
G.C. Julien
It's okay to dream, but remember to plan when you wake up.
G.C. Julien
G.C. Cameron on the soundtrack singing "It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday." Bullshit. Sometimes, yesterday says goodbye to you.
Leonard Pitts Jr.
Emissions of carbon dioxide reasonable commercial For those who do not know each other with the phrase "carbon footprint" and its consequences or is questionable, which is headed "reasonable conversion" is a fast lens here. Statements are described by the British coal climatic believe. "..The GC installed (fuel emissions) The issue has directly or indirectly affected by a company or work activities, products," only in relation to the application, especially to introduce a special procedure for the efforts of B. fight against carbon crank function What is important? Carbon dioxide ", uh, (on screen), the main fuel emissions" and the main result of global warming, improve a process that determines the atmosphere in the air in the heat as greenhouse gases greenhouse, carbon dioxide is reduced by the environment, methane, nitrous oxide and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs more typically classified as). The consequences are disastrous in the sense of life on the planet. The exchange is described at a reasonable price in Wikipedia as "...geared a social movement and market-based procedures, especially the objectives of the development of international guidelines and improve local sustainability." The activity is for the price "reasonable effort" as well as social and environmental criteria as part of the same in the direction of production. It focuses exclusively on exports under the auspices of the acquisition of the world's nations to coffee most international destinations, cocoa, sugar, tea, vegetables, wine, specially designed, refreshing fruits, bananas, chocolate and simple. In 2007 trade, the conversion of skilled gross sales serious enough alone suffered due the supermarket was in the direction of approximately US $ 3.62 billion to improve (2.39 million), rich environment and 47% within 12 months of the calendar year. Fair trade is often providing 1-20% of gross sales in their classification of medicines in Europe and North America, the United States. ..Properly Faith in the plan ... cursed interventions towards closing in failure "vice president Cato Industries, appointed to inquire into the meaning of fair trade Brink Lindsey 2003 '. "Sensible changes direction Lindsay inaccurate provides guidance to the market in a heart that continues to change a design style and price of the unit complies without success. It is based very difficult, and you must deliver or later although costs Rule implementation and reduces the cost if you have a little time in the mirror. You'll be able to afford the really wide range plan alternatives to products and expenditures price to pay here. With the efficient configuration package offered in the interpretation question fraction "which is a collaboration with the Carbon Fund worldwide, and acceptable substitute?" In the statement, which tend to be small, and more? They allow you to search for carbon dioxide transport and delivery. All vehicles are responsible dioxide pollution, but they are the worst offenders? Aviation. Quota of the EU said that the greenhouse gas jet fuel greenhouse on the basis of 87% since 1990 years Boeing Company, Boeing said more than 5 747 liters of fuel burns kilometer. Paul Charles, spokesman for Virgin Atlantic, said flight CO² gas burned in different periods of rule. For example: (. The United Kingdom) Jorge Chavez airport to fly only in the vast world of Peru to London Heathrow with British Family Islands 6.314 miles (10162 km) works with about 31,570 liters of kerosene, which produces changes in only 358 for the incredible carbon. Delivery. John Vidal, Environment Editor parents argue that research on the oil company BP and researchers from the Department of Physics and the environment in Germany Wising said that about once a year before the transport height of 600 to 800 million tons. This is simply nothing more than twice in Colombia and more than all African nations spend together.
In many ways, the idea of a shared stock of genes drifting through the galaxy is far easier to accept than the daunting notion that none of us may ever have the intellectual capacity to understand how life truly works. DAY 245, GC STANDARD 306 INTRO TO HARMAGIAN COLONIAL HISTORY Sissix peeked around the door frame.
Becky Chambers (The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet (Wayfarers, #1))
Collaborating on Clients Project Design, and Delivering a Finished Project beyond their Expectations. Get In Touch AtlasGc
Anna j Gable
Nowadays the usage of phones is so commonplace that to even question the teeny-tiny hit of vacuous, underserved and slow-dripped dopamine people get from their mindless, self-orientated filters and status updates is to mark yourself an out of the times philistine and backward threat to the groupthink mentality.
G.C. McKay (Chameleon)
when we are doers of the word and not hearers only, we shall think much less of self, and esteem others better than ourselves
Ellen G White (Ellen G White Study Bible with Spirit of Prophecy Comments KJV (Ellen White))
Between 1993 (Pentium) and 2013 (the AMD 608), the highest single-processor transistor count went from 3.1 million to 105.9 million, the final total being actually a bit higher than prescribed by Moore’s law (doubling every two years would bring it to 99.2 million). But progress has slowed. In 2008 the Xeon had 1.9 billion transistors and a decade later the GC2 packed in 23.6 billion, whereas a doubling every two years should have brought the total to about 60 billion. As a result, the growth of the best processor performance has slowed from 52 percent a year between 1986 and 2003 to 23 percent a year between 2003 and 2011 and eventually to less than 4 percent between 2015 and 2018. As with all cases of growth, an S-curve has been forming, and the period of very rapid exponential growth is history.
Vaclav Smil (Invention and Innovation: A Brief History of Hype and Failure)
Honey, even the best warriors know there’s a right time to fight, and a right time to slink away like a mangy dog. It’s called survival,
G.C. Riley (Hellfire Trail: The Awakening of Rose Collins (Bullets & Doves))
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