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When did you become a woman?"-Hatori How dare you ask that after you have seen me naked so many times..."-Yuki GASP! No it cant be! Yuki-kun, does that mean..." fan club girls NO! He's my doctor..."Yuki
Natsuki Takaya (Fruits Basket, Vol. 2)
They had reached Lockhart's classroom… 'You could've fried an egg on your face' said Ron. 'You'd better hope Creevey doesn't meet Ginny, or they'll be starting a Harry Potter fan club.' ‘Shut up,’ snapped Harry. The last thing he needed was for Lockhart to hear the phrase ‘Harry Potter fan club’.
J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Harry Potter, #2))
Cats, as any rational person knows, are solitary, opportunistic, ambush predators, much like spiders, but with fewer legs and a better fan club.
Jonathan L. Howard (The Fear Institute (Johannes Cabal, #3))
You just go ahead and keep on lining up your fan club because I am always going to be there to keep knocking them down.
Colleen Houck
Love is a fan club with only two fans.
Gore Vidal
I wondered if it would've been too subtle to wear a T-shirt that said thank you for your interest, but I am no longer dating. I knew Todd, wasn't a huge fan of reading, but he did like to stare at my shirts.
Elizabeth Eulberg (The Lonely Hearts Club (The Lonely Hearts Club, #1))
Didn’t your mother tell you boys tease the girls they like?” “That only applies to children.” “All men are babies.” “Point taken.” Chloe and Stella- The Unofficial Zack Warren Fan Club
J.C. Isabella (The Unofficial Zack Warren Fan Club)
Tam's shadow fell over hers, and he shadow-whispered, "I'm trusting you. I don't care about me, but if something happens to Linh..." 'I promise, we're only trying to help,' Sophie transmitted. Keefe let out a sigh that sounded more like a groan. "And I thought secret Telepath conversations were the worst. Just so we're clear," he told Tam. "I'M the president of the Foster fan club. And we're closed to new members." Tam's cheeks flushed. "Uh...not sure what that's about worries there--no offense!" he told Sophie. She noticed he stole a quick glance at Biana after he said it. Sophie couldn't decide if she should feel relieved or insulted.
Shannon Messenger (Neverseen (Keeper of the Lost Cities, #4))
I have no problem with god - it's his fan club that scares me.
A.B. Potts
Hang on – what are you wearing?” Keefe asked as she threw back her covers, revealing the sparkly slogans on her tunic. “Is that a Bangs Boy reference? Because you know I haven’t let him into the Foster Fan Club, right?” Sophie rolled her eyes. “It’s an inside joke – and Linh made this for me.” ”Yeah, well, it still breaks the fan club rules. As penance, I’m giving you a tunic that says, ‘Empaths Give Me All the Feels,” and I expect to see you wear it twice as much as Bang Boys.
Shannon Messenger (Flashback (Keeper of the Lost Cities, #7))
So what's this about a book club? You girls sit around, reading dirty books, fanning each other's vaginas? Because if so, count me in!
Jay McLean (More Than Her (More Than, #2))
Keefe gave her sister his famous smirk, reaching up to smooth his expertly tousled blond hair. “Don’t worry-were all in the Foster Fan Club.
Shannon Messenger (Nightfall (Keeper of the Lost Cities, #6))
A cause is a lie with a fan club.
William H. Gass
No." I backed up, running my hands along my hips. "You told me to not give up on Seth. And now you want me to?" "I don't want you to give up on him," he said, voice taking on a pleading edge. "There's still hope for him, but only if you can truly reach him. And being the head of Seth's fan club isn't going to do it." I laughed then. "That was so you when you were... you know, around. You totally had a boy crush on him.
Jennifer L. Armentrout (Apollyon (Covenant, #4))
She ought to know that if you want to set yourself up as queen and have everything the way you want it and keep sisters apart then you’re not going to have a big fan club. She ought to know that where there’s a queen there’s often a plot to overthrow her.
Helen Oyeyemi (Boy, Snow, Bird)
Every work of art is one half of a secret handshake, a challenge that seeks the password, a heliograph flashed from a tower window, an act of hopeless optimism in the service of bottomless longing. Every great record or novel or comic book convenes the first meeting of a fan club whose membership stands forever at one but which maintains chapters in every city -- in every cranium -- in the world. Art, like fandom, asserts the possibility of fellowship in a world built entirely from the materials of solitude. The novelist, the cartoonist, the songwriter, knows the gesture is doomed from the beginning but makes it anyway, flashes his or her bit of mirror, not on the chance that the signal will be seen or understood but as if such a chance existed.
Michael Chabon (Manhood for Amateurs)
You'd better hope Creevey doesn't meet Ginny, they'll be starting a Harry Potter fan club.
J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Harry Potter, #2))
If cellists have fan clubs, Jenny, I want to join yours.
Axie Oh (XOXO)
It wouldn't hurt you to show a little school spirit," Mom said. As if she were a fan of high school football. Mom can take a simple obvservation, such as saying that it wouldn't hurt for a person to show a little school spirit, and say it in such a way that she might as well be saying, 'It wouldn't hurt you to stop clubbing those baby seals.
Katie Alender (Bad Girls Don't Die (Bad Girls Don't Die, #1))
Look, I'm terrified of heights," I said. "If I can do this, you sure as heck can." "I thought it was water you were afraid of." "I'm not exactly president of the Altitude Fan Club either.
Karen Akins (Loop (Loop #1))
Hmm,” Keefe said as Tam nudged both him and Fitz aside. “On the one hand, the look on Fitz’s face is pretty priceless right now, and I know it’s killing him not to say, ‘But we’re Cognates!’ But on the other hand . . . don’t go thinking this lets you into the Foster Fan Club, Bangs Boy!
Shannon Messenger (Nightfall (Keeper of the Lost Cities, #6))
Ben pulls his wallet out of the back of his pants. Where his ass is. That. Ass. It’s the perfectly sculpted entity in itself. There should be internet sites dedicated to it. Fan clubs. Parades even.
J. Daniels (Where I Belong (Alabama Summer, #1))
We demons are all alike. We covet pretty things, corrupt what is pure and whole, take what we can never have. You should have a whole fan club make up of demons." ..."You'd be a member of my demon-horde fan club?" Roth laughed softly. "Oh, I think I'd be the president.
Jennifer L. Armentrout (White Hot Kiss (The Dark Elements, #1))
It is a strange paradox that while the grief of football fans(and it is real grief) is private - we each have an individual relationship with our clubs, and I think that we are secretly convinced that none of the other fans understands quite why we have been harder hit than anyone else - we are forced to mourn in public, surrounded by people whose hurt is expressed in forms different from our own.
Nick Hornby (Fever Pitch)
Oh, I’m sorry. Did you want a fan club? You are right. I loved the movie, and you were perfect in it, you were absolutely amazing. Definitely Oscar material.
Ani San (Breathe)
Do you think it was my fault that she drank?" my father asked not long ago. It's the assumption of an amateur, someone who stops after his second vodka tonic and quits taking his pain medication before the prescription runs out. It's almost laughable, this insistence on a reason. I think my mother was lonely without her children—her fan club. But I think she drank because she was an alcoholic.
David Sedaris (Calypso)
I continued toward Atlanta with a Merle Haggard C.D. playing on the stereo. They weren't great hosts, but those guys in The Ted Kaczynski Fan Club had great taste in music. It was all classic country music- none of that sissy, boy-band country that they played on the radio all the time. I drove down the road while Merle preferred to just stay where he was and drink.
Ian McClellan (Zombie Apocalypse 2012: A Political Horror Story)
Head tilted, Lou looked at her curiously. “Are you… are you trying to appeal to my conscience?” He snorted. “That inner voice gave up on me a long time ago. Honestly, trying to make me feel bad is more pointless than the ‘ay’ in ‘okay’. If self-centeredness could bounce, I’d be in orbit. And wouldn’t that be fun?” Harper sighed. “At least you’re honest about it.” “My shrink says I shouldn’t hold things in or pretend to be what I’m not. He says I should just be myself.” “Yeah, that was bad advice.” “And yet, I have a fan club,” Lou said smugly. “Several.” “You mean you have Satanic cults that worship you.” “Yeah,” he muttered, seemingly unimpressed by them.
Suzanne Wright (Ashes (Dark in You, #3))
In a matter of only a few seconds, in fact, her eyes appeared to jettison everything that was dark and heavy and to glow with fan-club appreciation.
J.D. Salinger
I don’t know why Kate was trying to impress him, as far as I could see the guy had all the allure and social grace of a psychotic slug with halitosis and a bad head cold.
Sharon Sant (The Jackie Chan Fan Club)
A recluse. A pale-skinned pop culture–obsessed geek. An agoraphobic shut-in, with no real friends, family, or genuine human contact. I was just another sad, lost, lonely soul, wasting his life on a glorified videogame. But not in the OASIS. In there, I was the great Parzival. World-famous gunter and international celebrity. People asked for my autograph. I had a fan club. Several, actually. I was recognized everywhere I went (but only when I wanted to be). I was paid to endorse products. People admired and looked up to me. I got invited to the most exclusive parties. I went to all the hippest clubs and never had to wait in line. I was a pop-culture icon, a VR rock star. And, in gunter circles, I was a legend. Nay, a god.
Ernest Cline (Ready Player One (Ready Player One, #1))
Vince didn’t seem impressed, more like bored. He uncrossed then re-crossed his legs so tightly, he either had to take a piss, or he’d been cursed with balls the size of grapes and a dick like a gherkin. It just wasn’t normal for a guy to do that.
J.C. Isabella (The Unofficial Zack Warren Fan Club (Unofficial #1))
Yes, I have a very small and mostly nerdy fan club. And much to my amazement, it grows a little larger every day. Apparently, these new recruits liked what they saw of my act on YouTube (even though everybody wishes that doofus blocking the camera had a smaller head).
James Patterson (I Funny: A Middle School Story)
Probably.” He smiled, shaking his head. “I never thought I’d need a stuffed animal to sleep. But . . . I never knew I needed a lot of things before I met you.” Somehow he’d moved closer, and Sophie’s throat went dry as he reached up and touched her braid again. Their eyes locked, and when his lips parted they seemed to curve with a different word than the one he eventually said. “Anyway. We don’t have a lot of time before the rest of the Foster Fan Club gets here, so I’m going to ask this fast—and I want a real answer, not that distract-and-avoid thing you’re becoming a master at. You’re planning to reach out to my mom, aren’t you? To ask her to take us to Nightfall?
Shannon Messenger (Nightfall (Keeper of the Lost Cities, #6))
Being amongst rough lives and confusion does not make you less, it only makes your beauty shine out more clearly.
Sharon Sant (The Jackie Chan Fan Club)
I write my stories for my children, the best fan club a writer could ever have. They keep me writing and make it fun.
Alan W. Harris
Incredibly, in November 1933, FDR appointed this giddy member of Stalin's fan club as America's first U.S. ambassador to the Soviet Union.
Paul Kengor (Dupes: How America's Adversaries Have Manipulated Progressives for a Century)
I think you're a shit,’ said Keith sharply. ‘I think much of what you’ve done this season is shit and I think what you've put everyone involved with this club through is shit. How’s that?
Dougie Brimson (Wings of a Sparrow)
When she called for a couple of her friends who’d also been injured to come over, I quickly handed Declan back to Sydney. “You two stay out of sight,” I whispered. A baby and an ex-Alchemist were too memorable, and that was the last thing we needed right now. Sydney complied, hastily getting away from my fan club and me, with Dimitri shadowing her. “Meet at the car,” he called back.
Richelle Mead (The Ruby Circle (Bloodlines, #6))
Keefe gave her sister his famous smirk, reaching up to smooth his expertly tousled blond hair. “Don’t worry—we’re all in the Foster Fan Club.” “They’re my friends,” Sophie clarified when her sister shrank back another step.
Shannon Messenger (Nightfall (Keeper of the Lost Cities, #6))
I really enjoyed hearing the likesand dislikesof my readers at book clubs as well as meeting new fans at the book signing at The Bookworm in Omaha " he said. "The book clubs have overwhelmingly asked me to hurry up on writing the sequel.
J. Alexander Greenwood (Pilate's Cross)
Need a boost?" Fitz asked, nudging Keefe aside to offer Sophie his hand. "Actually, I need Tam. Last time, he slipped a shadow into my mind, and it made it so I was able to sense through a force field." "Hmm," Keefe said as Tam nudged both him and Fitz aside. "On the one hand, the look on Fitz's face is pretty priceless right now, and I know it's killing him not to say, 'But we're Cognates!' But on the other hand... don't go thinking this lets you into the Foster Fan Club, Bangs Boy!" Tam rolled his eyes
Shannon Messenger
President Josiah Bartlet: Good. I like your show. I like how you call homosexuality an abomination. Dr. Jenna Jacobs: I don't say homosexuality is an abomination, Mr. President. The Bible does. President Josiah Bartlet: Yes, it does. Leviticus. Dr. Jenna Jacobs: 18:22. President Josiah Bartlet: Chapter and verse. I wanted to ask you a couple of questions while I had you here. I'm interested in selling my youngest daughter into slavery as sanctioned in Exodus 21:7. She's a Georgetown sophomore, speaks fluent Italian, always cleared the table when it was her turn. What would a good price for her be? While thinking about that, can I ask another? My Chief of Staff Leo McGarry insists on working on the Sabbath. Exodus 35:2 clearly says he should be put to death. Am I morally obligated to kill him myself, or is it okay to call the police? Here's one that's really important 'cause we've got a lot of sports fans in this town: Touching the skin of a dead pig makes one unclean. Leviticus 11:7. If they promise to wear gloves, can the Washington Redskins still play football? Can Notre Dame? Can West Point? Does the whole town really have to be together to stone my brother John for planting different crops side by side? Can I burn my mother in a small family gathering for wearing garments made from two different threads? Think about those questions, would you? One last thing: While you may be mistaking this for your monthly meeting of the Ignorant Tight-Ass Club, in this building, when the President stands, nobody sits.
Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing Script Book)
Someone needs to tell Shade Boy the role of Troublemaker with Daddy Issues is already filled,” Keefe mumbled, pulling her back to their conversation. “You could’ve told him that when you warned him about the Foster fan club,” Biana suggested. “Or not,” Sophie jumped in.
Shannon Messenger (Neverseen (Keeper of the Lost Cities, #4))
Come on,” Blur told Keefe and Squall. “Time to see who can cause the most chaos.” “Well . . . when you put it that way!” Keefe rubbed his hands together. “Please be careful,” Sophie begged. “There you go caring about me again, Foster. Your fan club is going to get jealous.
Shannon Messenger (Neverseen (Keeper of the Lost Cities, #4))
Bright flashes of memory sparked through Kaz’s mind. A cup of hot chocolate in his mittened hands, Jordie warning him to let it cool before he took a sip. Ink drying on the page as he’d signed the deed to the Crow Club. The first time he’d seen Inej at the Menagerie, in purple silk, her eyes lined with kohl. The bone-handled knife he’d given her. The sobs that had come from behind the door of her room at the Slat the night she’d made her first kill. The sobs he’d ignored. Kaz remembered her perched on the sill of his attic window, sometime during that first year after he’d brought her into the Dregs. She’d been feeding the crows that congregated on the roof. “You shouldn’t make friends with crows,” he’d told her. “Why not?” she asked. He’d looked up from his desk to answer, but whatever he’d been about to say had vanished on his tongue. The sun was out for once, and Inej had turned her face to it. Her eyes were shut, her oil-black lashes fanned over her cheeks. The harbor wind had lifted her dark hair, and for a moment Kaz was a boy again, sure that there was magic in this world. “Why not?” she’d repeated, eyes still closed. He said the first thing that popped into his head. “They don’t have any manners.” “Neither do you, Kaz.” She’d laughed, and if he could have bottled the sound and gotten drunk on it every night, he would have. It terrified him.
Leigh Bardugo (Six of Crows (Six of Crows, #1))
Fan clubs and websites in praise of Boris were springing up all over the place – run by both Home Counties mothers and northern university students. (The Durham University Fan Club was just one that had as its mission ‘the admiration, promotion and discussion of Boris Johnson.’)
Sonia Purnell (JUST BORIS: A Tale of Blond Ambition)
Former Journey lead singer Steve Perry was a lifelong Giants fan who grew up in the San Joaquin Valley. When the Dodgers started showing him on the big screen during their nightly sing-along, Perry protested by sneaking out of his seats before the eighth inning began. Now the Giants were making their playoff run, and Perry had become a regular sight at AT&T park, thrashing around from a club-level suite as he spurred on the crowd.
Andrew Baggarly (Band of Misfits: Tales of the 2010 San Francisco Giants)
An official statement from Liverpool raised the spectre of a future where ‘a club’s rival can bring about a significant ban for a top player without anything beyond an accusation’. But on hearing this, many Manchester United fans would have been asking for a definition of the word ‘rival’.
Nick Hornby (Pray: Notes on the 2011/2012 Football Season)
Lady Tina DeSilva. The president of the Ryan Foxheart Fan Club Castle Lockes Chapter. And my most mortal of enemies. “Oh look, everyone. Mervin has arrived and he brought the muffins. If past experiences have any prescience as to what we can expect, then they’re sure to be as dry as his conversational skills.” She was also sixteen years old. And evil.
T.J. Klune (The Lightning-Struck Heart (Tales From Verania, #1))
Irving Wallace (The Fan Club)
I reinvented myself. I acquired a taste for evil. I found I have a talent for it. And I murdered the old me.
Mark Kirkbride (Satan's Fan Club)
He waited until he heard sounds of sleep, which didn’t take long. Then he prayed, to the Devil.
Mark Kirkbride (Satan's Fan Club)
Her curiosity tore at her. “Is it… Are you…” “Yes…?” “Is it you?” she said, breathlessly. He fixed her with his red, alien eyes. “What you mean is, am I the serial killer?” She blinked.
Mark Kirkbride (Satan's Fan Club)
Hawke continued to walk beside his lieutenant— a man who, as a result of his incredible feats during the battle in San Francisco, now had a fan club. Complete with “I (heart) Judd” and “Judd Is My Boyfriend” memorabilia. In the normal course of events, civilians wouldn’t have gotten anywhere near the former Arrow, but it had been impossible to evacuate the entire city prior to the Pure Psy attack.
Nalini Singh (Tangle of Need (Psy-Changeling, #11))
Baseball is known for superstitious players and cursed teams—and at the root of every curse there’s a story. Boston’s curse was to trade Babe Ruth to the Yankees. Cubs fans claim a billy goat is responsible for their futility. And Cleveland’s curse? The club struggled after its Pennant-winning 1954 season, but it was rich with optimism just two years later as an onslaught of new talent promised to lift the club once more to the ranks of baseball’s elite—and by 1959 the club was contending for the Pennant again. And then GM Frank Lane traded Rocky Colavito to the Detroit Tigers and cursed everything.
Tucker Elliot
Zeb grinned. “You were the only person I know who’s done it on an occupied police car.” I glared at him. “If you want to start trading stories, we can start trading stories. As a former member of the Richard Marx Fan Club, you don’t want to start this arms race.” Zeb smiled meekly around a rib. Agreed.” “Richard Marx?” Jolene asked. “He went through an obnoxiously cheerful pop phase. Don’t ask.
Molly Harper (Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs (Jane Jameson, #1))
Maybe you can bring that up at the next fan club meeting too.” “Hey! I don’t even know what you’re talking about, okay? I hear things when I’m on my travels. I don’t even care about stuff like that.” I cared so hard. I had actually gone three times to the fan club meeting. They knew me as Mervin. I had a backstory and everything. It was my turn to bring muffins next time. I was considering poppy seed. Or cranberry. Fun.
T.J. Klune (The Lightning-Struck Heart (Tales From Verania, #1))
Actually, I need Tam. Last time, he slipped a shadow into my mind, and it made it so I was able to sense through a force field.” “Hmm,” Keefe said as Tam nudged both him and Fitz aside. “On the one hand, the look on Fitz’s face is pretty priceless right now, and I know it’s killing him not to say, ‘But we’re Cognates!’ But on the other hand . . . don’t go thinking this lets you into the Foster Fan Club, Bangs Boy!” Tam rolled his eyes.
Shannon Messenger (Nightfall (Keeper of the Lost Cities, #6))
It was weird to be with her in a group. I kept wanting to stop the conversation to make sure everybody had noticed what a cool thing she’d just said or done. It wasn’t because I was insecure or worried that they wouldn’t like her. I just wanted to have someone to share it all with, like that burst of excitement you get when you meet someone who likes the same obscure band or has the same favorite movie. I guess I was a Karen fan, and I wanted to start a fan club.
Cate Cameron (Center Ice (Corrigan Falls Raiders, #1))
Even with a dozen credible accusations against him, his most rabid fans still refused to believe that their precious hero would do anything wrong. The women must have been lying. They were just disgruntled former employees or spurned lovers.
Lyssa Kay Adams (Crazy Stupid Bromance (Bromance Book Club, #3))
Barcelona fans labor under the touchingly innocent belief that everyone else in the world, apart from Real Madrid and Espanyol fans, is happy to accept that their club is the biggest on earth and quite simply the bees' knees of the whole footballing cosmos.
Phil Ball (Morbo - The Story of Spanish Football)
Chapter 1: Fan Number One Chapter 2: A Portrait of the Author as a Young Girl Chapter 3: Mystery Man Chapter 4: City Kid Chapter 5: The Plot Thickens Chapter 6: Reality Attack Chapter 7: Business Lesson Chapter 8: A Portrait of the Bulldog as a Young Girl Chapter 9: The Agent Chapter 10: The Chosen Grown-Up Chapter 11: Welcome to the Club Chapter 12: In or Out? Chapter 13: Open for Business Chapter 14: Judgment Day Chapter 15: A New Island Chapter 16: Poker, Anyone? Chapter 17: High Stakes, Aces Wild Chapter 18: The Long Arm of the Law Chapter 19: The Red Pencil Blues
Andrew Clements (The School Story)
It was a small world—by one estimate, there were fewer than fifty active fans—that magnified certain personality traits. The most devoted members were usually young, obsessive, and confrontational. Disputes between clubs were driven by personal grudges, and a lone player like Wollheim could exert a disproportionate influence. The dynamics were much like those of modern online communities, except considerably slower, and a pattern was established in which a club would be founded, persist for a while, and then implode, either because of internal tensions or because Wollheim came in and dissolved it.
Alec Nevala-Lee (Astounding: John W. Campbell, Isaac Asimov, Robert A. Heinlein, L. Ron Hubbard, and the Golden Age of Science Fiction)
It had been an evening in the empty dance hall when not even that depth of stone and the constant stirring of the ceiling fans could cool the stifling and humid night air, which had entered the Duckworth Club as heavily as a fog from the Arabian Sea. Even atheists, like Lowji, were praying for the monsoon rains. After
John Irving (A Son of the Circus)
Well, guys”—he spread his arms—“I could thank Reyna all day long. She has given so much to the legion. She’s been the best mentor and friend. She can never be replaced. On the other hand, I’m up here all alone now, and we have an empty praetor’s chair. So I’d like to take nominations for—” Lavinia started the chant: “HA-ZEL! HA-ZEL!” The crowd quickly joined in. Hazel’s eyes widened. She tried to resist when those sitting around her pulled her to her feet, but her Fifth Cohort fan club had evidently been preparing for this possibility. One of them produced a shield, which they hoisted Hazel onto like a saddle. They raised her overhead and marched her to the middle of the senate floor, turning her around and chanting, “HAZEL! HAZEL!” Reyna clapped and yelled right along with them. Only Frank tried to remain neutral, though he had to hide his smile behind his fist. “Okay, settle down!” he called at last. “We have one nomination. Are there any other—?” “HAZEL! HAZEL!” “Any objections?” “HAZEL! HAZEL!” “Then I recognize the will of the Twelfth Legion. Hazel Levesque, you are hereby promoted to praetor!” More wild cheering. Hazel looked dazed as she was dressed in Reyna’s old cloak and badge of office, then led to her chair. Seeing Frank and Hazel side by side, I had to smile. They looked so right together—wise and strong and brave. The perfect praetors. Rome’s future was in good hands. “Thank you,” Hazel managed at last. “I—I’ll do everything I can to be worthy of your trust. Here’s the thing, though. This leaves the Fifth Cohort without a centurion, so—” The entire Fifth Cohort started chanting in unison: “LAVINIA! LAVINIA!” “What?” Lavinia’s face turned pinker than her hair. “Oh, no. I don’t do leadership!” “LAVINIA! LAVINIA!” “Is this a joke? Guys, I—” “Lavinia Asimov!” Hazel said with a smile. “The Fifth Cohort read my mind. As my first act as praetor, for your unparalleled heroism in the Battle of San Francisco Bay, I hereby promote you to centurion—unless my fellow praetor has any objections?” “None,” Frank said. “Then come forward, Lavinia!
Rick Riordan (The Tyrant's Tomb (The Trials of Apollo, #4))
Dear Mr. Kulti, You are my favorite player. I play soccer 2 butt I'm not good like you are. Not yet. I practice all the time so 1 day I can be just like you or beter. I watch all of ur games so don't mess up. Ur #1 fan, Sal <3<3<3 P.S. Do u have a girl friend? P.P.S. Why don't u cut ur hair? "I was nineteen when that showed up to the club's offices. It was my third fan letter ever and the other two were topless pictures. That letter stayed in every locker I used for the nest ten years. It was the first thing I looked at before my games, and the first thing I saw after I played. I framed it and put it in my house in Meissen once it started to wear out. It's still there on the wall of my bedroom.
Mariana Zapata (Kulti)
FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover “mistrusted and disliked all three Kennedy brothers. President Johnson and Hoover had mutual fear and hatred for the Kennedys,” wrote the late William Sullivan, for many years an assistant FBI director. Hoover hated Robert Kennedy, who as Attorney General was his boss, and feared John. In turn, the President distrusted Allen Dulles, and eased him out as CIA director after the 1961 Bay of Pigs debacle. When JFK moved to lower the oil depletion allowance, he incurred the displeasure of John McCloy, whose clients’ profits would be trimmed. Hoover, Dulles and McCloy did not belong to the Kennedy fan club. Hoover controlled the field investigation when the president was shot. Dulles and McCloy helped mold the final verdict of the Warren Commission.
Mae Brussell (The Essential Mae Brussell: Investigations of Fascism in America)
Lucien finally dies, rather a while after he's quit shuddering like a clubbed muskie and seemed to them to die, as he finally sheds his body's suit, Lucien finds his gut and throat again and newly whole, clean and unimpeded, and is free, catapulted over fans and the Convexity's glass palisades at desperate speeds, soaring north, sounding a bell-clear and nearly maternal alarmed call-to-arms in all the world's well-known tongues.
David Foster Wallace
When the former Negro Leagues star Buck O’Neil, now serving as a Cubs scout, said, “Mr. Holland, we’d have a better ball club if we played the blacks,” Holland didn’t disagree. But the fans were already accusing him of making the Cubs look like a Negro League team, he said. So Holland traded Jenkins to the Texas Rangers. A year later, Jenkins led the American League with 25 victories. He would win 110 more on his way to the Hall of Fame.
Kevin Cook (Ten Innings at Wrigley: The Wildest Ballgame Ever, with Baseball on the Brink)
What are you doing here?” he asked Bailey, surprised that Bailey was roaming the streets in his wheelchair at eleven o'clock. “Karaoke, baby.” “Karaoke?” “Yep. Haven't done it in a while, and we've been getting complaints from the produce section. Seems the carrots have formed a Bailey Sheen fan club. Tonight is for the fans. Fern's got quite a following in the frozen foods.” “Karaoke . . . here?” Ambrose didn't even crack a smile . . . but he wanted to. “Yep. Closing time means we have free rein of the place. We take over the store’s sound system, use the intercom for a microphone, plug in our CDs, and rock Jolley's Supermarket. It's awesome. You should join us. I should warn you, though, I'm amazing, and I'm also a mic hog.” Fern giggled, but looked at Ambrose hopefully. Oh, hell, no. He wasn't singing Karaoke. Not even to please Fern Taylor, which he actually wanted to do, surprisingly enough.
Amy Harmon (Making Faces)
Hello,” he said. “Who is this? . . . Who? You’re breaking up a bit there, pal. I can barely hear you . . . You’re the president of what? . . . Of the Citizen Kane fan club? Well, how about that? . . . You want to what? Sorry, the connection is still bad. You’re breaking up . . . You wish I’d just drop by already? Is that what you said? Well, thank you! That’s awfully nice of you. I will certainly do so as soon as my schedule permits. Unfortunately, I’m kinda busy at the moment, hoss . . . Ah, I can hear you much better now! . . . Eh, you’re not the president of the Citizen Kane fan club? You’re the president of the Citizen Kane is the Worst Movie of All Time fan club? . . . And you don’t wish I’d just drop by already, you wish I’d just die already? . . . Well, fuck you too, mang! I hope you and your whole fucking family get cancer and AIDS and leprosy and anthrax and catch on fire and die! Call this number again, asshole, and I’ll come whoop your ass myself!
Douglas Hackle (The Hottest Gay Man Ever Killed in a Shark Attack)
As with all Torino stories, there was to be a final, weird, twist to this tale. In 2000 Torino appointed a new president. He was a life-long Torino fan and had worked as a spokesman for FIAT. His name? Attilio Romero. The same Attilio ‘Tilli’ Romero who had run over his idol – Gigi Meroni – in 1967. The club was now run by a man who had killed one of its most famous players, albeit by accident. This bizarre fact did not pass without comment. Some fans, unhappy at the performance of the team, took to shouting ‘murderer’ at Romero.
John Foot (Calcio: A History of Italian Football)
His eyes fell instead on the girl next to Krum. His jaw dropped. It was Hermione. But she didn’t look like Hermione at all. She had done something with her hair; it was no longer bushy but sleek and shiny, and twisted up into an elegant knot at the back of her head. She was wearing robes made of a floaty, periwinkle-blue material, and she was holding herself differently, somehow — or maybe it was merely the absence of the twenty or so books she usually had slung over her back. She was also smiling — rather nervously, it was true — but the reduction in the size of her front teeth was more noticeable than ever; Harry couldn’t understand how he hadn’t spotted it before. “Hi, Harry!” she said. “Hi, Parvati!” Parvati was gazing at Hermione in unflattering disbelief. She wasn’t the only one either; when the doors to the Great Hall opened, Krum’s fan club from the library stalked past, throwing Hermione looks of deepest loathing. Pansy Parkinson gaped at her as she walked by with Malfoy, and even he didn’t seem to be able to find an insult to throw at her. Ron, however, walked right past Hermione without looking at her.
J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter: The Complete Collection (1-7))
In the 1960s, it took months before someone figured out they could sell tie-dyed shirts and bell bottoms to anyone who wanted to rebel. In the 1990s, it took weeks to start selling flannel shirts and Doc Martens to people in the Deep South. Now people are hired by corporations to go to bars and clubs and observe what the counterculture is into and have it on the shelves in the mall stores right as it becomes popular. The counterculture, the indie fans, and the underground stars—they are the driving force behind capitalism. They are the engine. This brings us to the point: Competition among consumers is the turbine of capitalism.
David McRaney (You Are Not So Smart: Why You Have Too Many Friends on Facebook, Why Your Memory Is Mostly Fiction, and 46 Other Ways You're Deluding Yourself)
Every year or so I like to take a step back and look at a few key advertising, marketing, and media facts just to gauge how far removed from reality we advertising experts have gotten. These data represent the latest numbers I could find. I have listed the sources below. So here we go -- 10 facts, direct from the real world: E-commerce in 2014 accounted for 6.5 percent of total retail sales. 96% of video viewing is currently done on a television. 4% is done on a web device. In Europe and the US, people would not care if 92% of brands disappeared. The rate of engagement among a brand's fans with a Facebook post is 7 in 10,000. For Twitter it is 3 in 10,000. Fewer than one standard banner ad in a thousand is clicked on. Over half the display ads paid for by marketers are unviewable. Less than 1% of retail buying is done on a mobile device. Only 44% of traffic on the web is human. One bot-net can generate 1 billion fraudulent digital ad impressions a day. Half of all U.S online advertising - $10 billion a year - may be lost to fraud. As regular readers know, one of our favorite sayings around The Ad Contrarian Social Club is a quote from Noble Prize winning physicist Richard Feynman, who wonderfully declared that “Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts.” I think these facts do a pretty good job of vindicating Feynman.
Bob Hoffman (Marketers Are From Mars, Consumers Are From New Jersey)
I promised to show you a secret cafeteria, didn’t I? Perfect way to end your Foxfire slumber party!” It felt a little wrong to go hunting for desserts while Fitz and Biana were trying to figure out how to live with their murdering brother. But . . . butterblasts did sound pretty good. “Hang on—what are you wearing?” Keefe asked as she threw back her covers, revealing the sparkly slogans on her tunic. “Is that a Bangs Boy reference? Because you know I haven’t let him into the Foster Fan Club, right?” Sophie rolled her eyes. “It’s an inside joke—and Linh made this for me.” “Yeah, well, it still breaks the fan club rules. As penance, I’m getting you a tunic that says, Empaths Give Me All the Feels, and I expect to see you wear it twice as often as Bangs Boy’s.” Ro snorted. “Subtle.” “Ridiculous,” Sophie corrected. “I try,” Keefe told them as Sophie took his hand and let him pull her slowly to her feet. “You good?” he asked when she wobbled from the head rush. No. But she wasn’t going to admit that, so she told him, “I’m up.” “You are. It’s pretty amazing.” “Isn’t it?” Elwin asked as he emerged from his office and helped Sophie strap her arm into a sling. “Bring me back some butterblasts, okay?” “Done!” Keefe told him, bending his elbow to offer Sophie his arm, and after one brief second, she let him lead her toward the door. “TO THE SECRET CAFETERIA!
Shannon Messenger (Flashback (Keeper of the Lost Cities #7))
On April 14 in Boston, Elston’s name went down in Yankee history. He got into his first game when Irv Noren was ejected over a call at home plate. According to the Black Associated Press, Elston made his Yankee debut at 4:32 p.m. “Howard’s appearance at-bat signaled the fall of a dynasty that had been assailed on all sides as being anti-Negro. The fans gave Howard a well-deserved round of applause, making his debut on the heretofore lily-white Bronx Bombers.” Elston played three innings that day. He singled and drove in a run in an 8–4 loss to the Red Sox. Finally, the Yankees had become the thirteenth club in the major leagues to field a black player. The only holdouts were the Philadelphia Phillies, Detroit Tigers, and Boston Red Sox.
Arlene Howard (Elston: The Story of the First African-American Yankee)
Behind The Fan Sweet and interesting story ByWriter and Readeron September 5, 2018 Format: Kindle Edition How much do we really know about the long lives of our grandparents? When 100-year old Dottie is suddenly surrounded by her family as they decide to move her into a nursing home, a box of glamour photographs is revealed, showing a stunning enchantress behind a fan of ostrich feathers. As her daughters and granddaughters recognise their grandmother as the alluring woman, the story emerges of wild, hard years dancing in a mob-run club, and the great romance finding their grandfather. As the tale is revealed, it gives each of the women in the family perspective and wisdom on their own messy lives. Touching and interesting, I really enjoyed this.
Caroline Walken (Behind the Fan)
Recipe for a Perfect Wife, the Novel INGREDIENTS 3 cups editors extraordinaire: Maya Ziv, Lara Hinchberger, Helen Smith 2 cups agent-I-couldn’t-do-this-without: Carolyn Forde (and the Transatlantic Literary Agency) 1½ cup highly skilled publishing teams: Dutton US, Penguin Random House Canada (Viking) 1 cup PR and marketing wizards: Kathleen Carter (Kathleen Carter Communications), Ruta Liormonas, Elina Vaysbeyn, Maria Whelan, Claire Zaya 1 cup women of writing coven: Marissa Stapley, Jennifer Robson, Kate Hilton, Chantel Guertin, Kerry Clare, Liz Renzetti ½ cup author-friends-who-keep-me-sane: Mary Kubica, Taylor Jenkins Reid, Amy E. Reichert, Colleen Oakley, Rachel Goodman, Hannah Mary McKinnon, Rosey Lim ½ cup friends-with-talents-I-do-not-have: Dr. Kendra Newell, Claire Tansey ¼ cup original creators of the Karma Brown Fan Club: my family and friends, including my late grandmother Miriam Christie, who inspired Miriam Claussen; my mom, who is a spectacular cook and mother; and my dad, for being the wonderful feminist he is 1 tablespoon of the inner circle: Adam and Addison, the loves of my life ½ tablespoon book bloggers, bookstagrammers, authors, and readers: including Andrea Katz, Jenny O’Regan, Pamela Klinger-Horn, Melissa Amster, Susan Peterson, Kristy Barrett, Lisa Steinke, Liz Fenton 1 teaspoon vintage cookbooks: particularly the Purity Cookbook, for the spark of inspiration 1 teaspoon loyal Labradoodle: Fred Licorice Brown, furry writing companion Dash of Google: so I could visit the 1950s without a time machine METHOD: Combine all ingredients into a Scrivener file, making sure to hit Save after each addition.
Karma Brown (Recipe for a Perfect Wife)
You can have Fitzy feed you the rest of these when I’m gone—otherwise I’m going to puke. Right now, we need to find Krakie a new home.” He grabbed a roll of wide gauze from one of the shelves and wrapped it carefully around her left wrist to form a loose-fitting cuff. Then carefully attached each of the pins. “Is that a K ?” Fitz asked, tilting his head to study the new arrangement. Keefe nodded. “Best letter in the whole alphabet! But don’t worry, Foster, this isn’t like when Dizznee gave you those bracelets.” “What bracelets?” Fitz asked. Keefe had the wisdom to look sheepish. “They were . . . a prototype,” Sophie told Fitz. “Dex has been trying to design a gadget to help me control my enhancing, and he needed something to camouflage what they were, so he used some bracelets he’d bought.” Fitz’s eyebrows shot up. “Cloth bracelets?” She was pretty sure he already knew the answer. But even if he did, she’d promised Dex she wouldn’t tell anyone what had happened between them. “It doesn’t matter,” she said quietly. “They . . . didn’t work.” “In more ways than one,” Keefe said under his breath—but Fitz still must’ve heard him. His eyes narrowed. “How do you know so much about it?” Keefe shrugged. “I’m the reigning president of the Foster Fan Club. It’s my job to know these things. But don’t worry, Fitzy, you’re still the runner-up.” If he’d been standing any closer, Sophie would’ve smacked him. But he was just out of her reach. “I thought you weren’t supposed to be teasing Fitz,” Sophie reminded him instead. “I’m not, but . . . he makes it so easy.” Fitz rolled his eyes. “Sometimes I can’t remember why we’re friends.” “Pretty sure everyone wonders that at some point,” Ro pointed out. Keefe flashed the smuggest of smiles. “It’s because I make everything better.
Shannon Messenger (Flashback (Keeper of the Lost Cities #7))
I love football. I love the aesthetics of football. I love the athleticism of football. I love the movement of the players, the antics of the coaches. I love the dynamism of the fans. I love their passion for their badge and the colour of their team and their country. I love the noise and the buzz and the electricity in the stadium. I love the songs. I love the way the ball moves and then it flows and the way a teams fortune rises and falls through a game and through a season. But what I love about football is that it brings people together across religious divides, geographic divides, political divides. I love the fact that for ninety minutes in a rectangular piece of grass, people can forget hopefully, whatever might be going on in their life, and rejoice in this communal celebration of humanity. The biggest diverse, invasive or pervasive culture that human kinds knows is football and I love the fact that at the altar of football human kind can come worship and celebrate.
Andy Harper
I thought we were meeting by the field house,” I call out as I make my way over. He doesn’t even turn around. “Nah, I’m pretty sure I said the parking lot.” “You definitely said the field house,” I argue. Why can’t he ever just admit that he’s wrong? “Geez, field house, parking lot. What difference does it make?” Mason asks. “Give it a rest, why don’t you.” I shoot him a glare. “Oh, hey, Mason. Remember when your hair was long and everyone thought you were a girl?” Ryder chuckles as he releases a perfect spiral in Mason’s direction. “She’s got you there.” “Hey, whose side are you on, anyway?” Mason catches the ball and cradles it against his chest, then launches it toward Ben. I just stand there watching as they continue to toss it back and forth between the three of them. Haven’t they had enough football for one day? I pull out my cell to check the time. “We should probably get going.” “I guess,” Ryder says with an exaggerated sigh, like I’m putting him out or something. Which is particularly annoying since he’s the one who insisted on going with me. Ben jogs up beside me, the football tucked beneath his arm. “Where are you two off to? Whoa, you’re sweaty.” I fold my arms across my damp chest. “Hey, southern girls don’t sweat. We glow.” Ben snorts at that. “Says who?” “Says Ryder’s mom,” I say with a grin. It’s one of Laura Grace’s favorite sayings--one that always makes Ryder wince. “The hardware store,” Ryder answers, snatching the ball back from Ben. “Gotta pick up some things for the storm--sandbags and stuff like that. Y’all want to come?” “Nah, I think I’ll pass.” Mason wrinkles his nose. “Pretty sure I don’t want to be cooped up in the truck with Jemma glowing like she is right now.” “Everybody thought you and Morgan were identical twin girls,” I say with a smirk. “Remember, Mason? Isn’t that just so cute?” “I’ll go,” Ben chimes in. “If you’re getting sandbags, you’ll need some help carrying them out to the truck.” “Thanks, Ben. See, someone’s a gentleman.” “Don’t look now, Ryder, but your one-woman fan club is over there.” Mason tips his head toward the school building in the distance. “I think she’s scented you out. Quick. You better run.” I glance over my shoulder to find Rosie standing on the sidewalk by the building’s double doors, looking around hopefully. “Hey!” Mason calls out, waving both arms above his head. “He’s over here.” Ryder’s cheeks turn beet-red. He just stares at the ground, his jaw working furiously. “C’mon, man,” Ben says, throwing an elbow into Mason’s side. “Don’t be a dick.” He grabs the football and heads toward Ryder’s Durango. “We better get going. The hardware store probably closes at six.” Silently, Ryder and I hurry after him and hop inside the truck--Ben up front, me in the backseat. We don’t look back to see if Rosie’s following.
Kristi Cook (Magnolia (Magnolia Branch, #1))
The 1890s were apprentice years for Yeats. Though he played with Indian and Irish mythology, his symbolism really developed later. The decade was for him, as a poet, the years of lyric, of the Rhymers’ Club, of those contemporaries whom he dubbed the ‘tragic generation’. ‘I have known twelve men who killed themselves,’ Arthur Symons looked back from his middle-aged madness, reflecting on the decade of which he was the doyen. The writers and artists of the period lived hectically and recklessly. Ernest Dowson (1867–1900) (one of the best lyricists of them all – ‘I cried for madder music and for stronger wine’) died from consumption at thirty-two; Lionel Johnson (1867–1902), a dipsomaniac, died aged thirty-five from a stroke. John Davidson committed suicide at fifty-two; Oscar Wilde, disgraced and broken by prison and exile, died at forty-six; Aubrey Beardsley died at twenty-six. This is not to mention the minor figures of the Nineties literary scene: William Theodore Peters, actor and poet, who starved to death in Paris; Hubert Crankanthorpe, who threw himself in the Thames; Henry Harland, editor of The Yellow Book, who died of consumption aged forty-three, or Francis Thompson, who fled the Hound of Heaven ‘down the nights and down the days’ and who died of the same disease aged forty-eight. Charles Conder (1868–1909), water-colourist and rococo fan-painter, died in an asylum aged forty-one.
A.N. Wilson (The Victorians)
Por más que pienso no logro entender cuál es la fascinación en observar cuadros de personas redondamente obesas y coloridas y curiosas. Creo que tanto color en sus obras es sinónimo de falta de creatividad. No veo más que payasos cuando observo esos cuadros y, francamente, no sé cuál sea su objetivo ni mensaje ni razón de ser. Inclusive lo veo como una burla, como si se estuviera mofando de la parte de El Arte que siempre termina siendo comercial y popular. Odio cuando pasa eso. Odio cuando un pendejo se pone a escupir en hojas blancas y de repente dice que sólo porque es una jalada que a otra persona no se le había ocurrido antes hacer, sólo por eso, ya es una obra de arte que vale un Marisse. Y se me hace patética esa parte, la parte en que el imbécil que hizo eso se vuelve la revelación del año y todos empiezan a hablar de él y termina siendo hasta el host en los Óscares aún cuando su rama no tenga nada que ver con el cine. El mundo está lleno de pendejos. El mundo está lleno de gente patética y por más que pienso, no entiendo por qué la gente no deja de hacer más gente y ya. Por qué no paran esta producción en masa de gente-pendeja más pendeja and so on. En serio: hay muchas cosas que la gente hace que simplemente no entiendo. Por ejemplo, un güey que estaba en la esquina pidiendo limosna, que no tenía piernas y que igual y ni nombre, él ¿por qué no mejor se avienta a la calle para que un pinche taxi lo atropelle y ya deje de sufrir y se largue a la chingada de este mundo que no hace más que burlarse en su cara de lo triste e infeliz que es su vida? No me digas que él tiene algo por qué vivir. Bueno, el homeless ese no me importa. Me importa lo que decía, de cómo se puede contaminar la esencia del arte y su razón de existir por imbéciles como esos. O también por los pinches posers que los apoyan. Porque si no fuera por esos, los otros no existirían. Pero ahí toda la gente: a aplaudir esculturas que no entienden y lienzos que no transmiten sentimiento alguno. O esos que son fanáticos de lo experimental: un obeso de cincuenta y dos años que, como no tenía nada que hacer, empezó a tomarse fotos desnudo y le gustaron tanto que las reveló y un enfermo sexual las vio y se excitó y se las compró y las subastó y ya por eso se convirtió en un artista. Y todos lo aplauden, hasta yo, pero por los huevos de atreverse a mostrar su antiestético y marginal cuerpo al mundo, como si no tuviéramos suficiente con las imágenes desgradables que tenemos qu e ver en el día a día. Por eso me cae tan bien Andy y por eso admiro su trabajo: porque me entiende. Es el único que ha logrado burlarse de la cultura y de esa adicción de la gente por admirar estupideces. Es el único que lo hace abierta y descaradamente, sin necesidad de aparentar. Se burla de una manera tan bizarra, tan baja, tan directa, que lo convierte en elegante. Y es que es una necesidad interna de la gente —de toda la gente— por admirar a algo, a alguien, que raya en lo rídiculo. La gente puede ser fan hasta de un poste. ¿A qué se deberá eso de tener esa urgencia por alabar a alguien, sea quien sea? De comprar revistas con chismes de gente que no conocen y de vidas que nunca se cruzarán. De perseguir perfectos desconocidos y comprar su ropa interior en subastas por cantidades estúpidas de dinero. No puedo evitar sentir pena ajena. La mayor parte del tiempo me da mucha pena el mundo en el que vivimos. Ya está viejo, le hace falta una remodelación —de tapiz, de muebles, de personajes—. Por eso digo que es mejor vivir afuera de él. Pero bueno, la gente nunca va a cambiar. Eso es lo que pienso, si tanto te importaba saber lo que pienso.
Gisela Leal (El club de los abandonados)
Top Reasons to Go to Vietnam There's just no dearth of things to do in Vietnam and you can be rest assured that your Vietnam getaways will not have a single dull moment. Vietnam tours are another name of enjoyable and excitement. There are lots of tour operators that conduct interesting Vietnam tours and journeys through a number of Vietnam bundle trip. Holidaying in Vietnam is fantastic undoubtedly for sightseeing in Vietnam. The country is dotted with numerous well-known tourist websites in Vietnam. Amongst many places of interest in Vietnam astounding natural charm, tranquil villages, serene lakes, old pagodas, gorgeous lakes especially allure the travel freaks. Even the history fans like to discover the popular traveler destinations. Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hue, Hoi An are significant cities of Vietnam that are frequented by visitors. Sightseeing tours in Vietnam take the travelers to various places of historic, spiritual significance and Vietnam Culture Trip. Fantastic architecture of the citadels, royal tombs, temples and palaces is marvelous site. Dien Bien Phu, C? Loa citadel, Hoa Lo prison, Ho Chi Minh mausoleum and Ba Dinh square and Quang Tri are not to be missed out on while exploring in Vietnam. Things to do in Vietnam give a broad variety of options. Some locations like Hoi Chin Minh City and Hanoi are finest locations to have trendy clothes and actual antique pieces. People also like to have Vietnam War- Army watches and military clothes as momentums of the nation. Entertainment in Vietnam has numerous alternatives. Night life of Vietnam is pulsating and the celebration enthusiasts are thrilled by the revitalizing nightlife here. Vietnam tourist guide will assist you know more about nightlife in Vietnam. Pool, Nightclubs, bars, clubs are an usual website below. Even in the far-flung and remote mountainous areas like Sapa, Karaoke bars are popular amongst the different nightspots of Vietnam. There are numerous bars and clubs in Ho Chin Minh City, vietnam tours, the most popular ones among them being Apocalypse Now, Q Bar, Underground Bar and Grill and Carmen Bar. Nha Trang too offers a selection of choices with regards to bars and bars. With these options, you certainly wouldn't need to stress over things to do in Vietnam after dusk sets in. There's just no dearth of things to do in Vietnam and you can be rest assured that your Vietnam trips will not have a single dull moment. There are many trip operators that conduct remarkable Vietnam tours and moves through a number of vietnam holiday packages. Holidaying in Vietnam is terrific certainly for sightseeing in Vietnam. Touring tours in Vietnam take the travelers to various places of historical, spiritual significance and Vietnam Culture Trip. Vietnam traveler guide will help you know more about night life in Vietnam.
Mrs. Jones asked me to think up a few gadgets for our agents out here in the East,” Smithers replied. He lifted the fan. “This is one of them. It’s very simple, but I rather like it. You see, it looks like an ordinary fan, but actually there are very thin plates of galvanized steel hidden under the silk. And when you bring them together…” He folded the fan, then brought it smashing down onto the desk. The wood shattered. “…it becomes a useful weapon. I call it…” “…the fan club?” Alex suggested.
Because soccer clubs are the only businesses that get daily publicity without trying to, they treat journalists as humble supplicants instead of as unpaid marketers of the clubs’ brands. The media often retaliate by being mean. This is not very clever of the clubs, because almost all their fans follow them through the media rather than by going to the stadiums.
Simon Kuper (Soccernomics: Why England Loses, Why Spain, Germany, and Brazil Win, and Why the U.S., Japan, Australia—and Even Iraq—Are Destined to Become the Kings of the World's Most Popular Sport)
you really have love at home then why are you in a place where the music is too loud and men can’t see you beyond an erection? If you are truly fulfilled then why are you half drunk and ready to let a random man stick his cock in you? If there is truly happiness in the club then why isn’t there happiness in the music or the people and why is shit always popping off? The club is the loneliest place on Earth and I’ve only pretended to be a fan
Shut up,’ snapped Harry. The last thing he needed was for Lockhart to hear the phrase ‘Harry Potter fan club’.
J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Harry Potter, #2))
Francine Prose (Lovers at the Chameleon Club, Paris 1932)
(Scout) What are you; the president of his fan club? (Spy) No. That would be your mother, and now he's here to fuck US, so listen up boy; or pornography starring your mother will be the second worst thing that happens to you today.
Spy (TF2)
In our high-tech world today, there are unlimited ways with which you can search for people, places, and events to connect you with like-minded people. Food enthusiasts? There are local cooking classes. Gardening fans? There are flower shows and garden expos. Kids in school? Join the PTA and get involved. There are clubs and groups for almost any interest these days and venturing out to make those connections is a powerful way to expand your insights, your network, and even your business.
Susan C. Young (The Art of Connection: 8 Ways to Enrich Rapport & Kinship for Positive Impact (The Art of First Impressions for Positive Impact, #6))
Carly Fiorina took over Hewlett-Packard shortly before the tech bubble burst. Anne Mulcahy got a shot at being the first female CEO at Xerox—precisely as the company was being investigated by the SEC. What do these leaders have in common? They are women. Women who were given big responsibilities right as the shit hit the fan. Which meant that when they failed—almost inevitably—the problem was blamed on them, not the surrounding circumstances.
Jessica Bennett (Feminist Fight Club: An Office Survival Manual for a Sexist Workplace)
But while the league’s official competition focused on its key markets in Asia, where the popularity of English soccer remains unrivaled, others trained their sights in the opposite direction toward a land of opportunity, a sports-crazy country where fans had disposable income to burn and six TVs in every home. All they had to do was convince America that soccer wasn’t the enemy.
Joshua Robinson (The Club: How the English Premier League Became the Wildest, Richest, Most Disruptive Force in Sports)
There's not one club in Europe with an anthem like You'll Never Walk Alone. There's not one club in the world so united with the fans.
Liverpool Football Club (LFC 125: The Alternative History)
The atmosphere's not THAT good,' these angry fans say. 'We make just as much noise at (insert name of football ground here.' Well, we have bad news for these annoyed rival fans. The clip suggests a European night at Liverpool is indeed pretty special.
Liverpool Football Club (LFC 125: The Alternative History)
Liverpool fans and the players had a connection and that bond was a big part of the club's success over such a sustained period.
Liverpool Football Club (LFC 125: The Alternative History)
His eyes flared a bright ocher. “You know what else I’ve been thinking?” With him, it was anyone’s guess. “I think I’m going to have to make it official. You know, me being the president of the demon horde Layla fan club.” A laugh burst out of me. “What are you going to do? Make yourself a shirt that says you’re the official president?” “And buttons. I’m totally going to make myself some buttons.
Jennifer L. Armentrout (Every Last Breath (The Dark Elements, #3))
l’after-shave, le badge, le barbeque, le best-seller, le blue-jean, le blues, le bluff, le box-office, le break, le bridge, le bulldozer, le business, le cake, la call-girl, le cashflow, le check-in, le chewing-gum, le club, le cocktail, la cover-girl, le cover-story, le dancing, le design, le discount, le do-it-yourself, le doping, le fan, le fast-food, le feedback, le freezer, le gadget, le gangster, le gay, le hall, le handicap, le hold-up, le jogging, l’interview, le joker, le kidnapping, le kit, le knock-out, le label, le leader, le look, le manager, le marketing, le must, les news, le parking, le pickpocket, le pipeline, le planning, le playboy, le prime time, le pub, le puzzle, se relaxer, le self-service, le software, le snack, le slogan, le steak, le stress, le sweatshirt, le toaster and le week-end.
Alexis Munier (Talk Dirty French: Beyond Merde: The curses, slang, and street lingo you need to Know when you speak francais: Beyond Merde: The Curses, Slang, and Street ... You Need to Know When You Speak Francais)
Kingsley, before you say anything that could land you or me in jail, you should know you’re on speaker phone with your fan club,” Nora said. “Did you know you had a fan club?” “Non,” he said. “But I’m not surprised.
Tiffany Reisz (Something Nice (The Original Sinners, #1.1))
That kid is great for my ego." "Don't make me regret this," I warn but smile at him. "You know, I could hire you to run my fan club, since you're so good at finding people who see me for the true athletic superstar that I am, " Jude says, his grin even deeper.
Victoria Denault (Now or Never (San Francisco Thunder #4))
I'm not saying that we're Disney, but if you think about it, it's not that dissimilar, Berrada said. We have characters - which are players - that our fans relate to; we put on a show every three or four days. And then we take that show around the world in the summer. In that sense, we are part of the entertainment industry.
Joshua Robinson (The Club: How the English Premier League Became the Wildest, Richest, Most Disruptive Force in Sports)
Do you think it was my fault that she drank?” my father asked not long ago. It’s the assumption of an amateur, someone who stops after his second vodka tonic and quits taking his pain medication before the prescription runs out. It’s almost laughable, this insistence on a reason. I think my mother was lonely without her children—her fan club. But I think she drank because she was an alcoholic.
David Sedaris (Calypso)
Love MINECRAFT? **Over 18,000 words of kid-friendly fun!** This high-quality fan fiction fantasy diary book is for kids, teens, and nerdy grown-ups who love to read epic stories about their favorite game! Meet the Skull Kids. They're three Minecraft players who hop from world to world, hunting zombies and searching for the elusive Herobrine--the ghost in the machine. Teleporting down into a new world, the group is surprised to find that the game has changed once again, rendering almost ALL of their technology and mods useless. And when two of the Skull Kids are starving and distracted by exploring a desert village on Day 1 of their new adventure, the whole group is in danger when the sun goes down. Will the Skull Kids survive? Thank you to all of you who are buying and reading my books and helping me grow as a writer. I put many hours into writing and preparing this for you. I love Minecraft, and writing about it is almost as much fun as playing it. It’s because of you, reader, that I’m able to keep writing these books for you and others to enjoy. This book is dedicated to you. Enjoy!! After you read this book, please take a minute to leave a simple review. I really appreciate the feedback from my readers, and love to read your reactions to my stories, good or bad. If you ever want to see your name/handle featured in one of my stories, leave a review and tell me about it in there! And if you ever want to ask me any questions, or tell me your idea for a cool Minecraft story, you can email me at [email protected] Are you on my Amazing Reader List? Find out at the end of the book! June 29th, 2016 Now I’m going to try something a little different. Tell me what you guys think! This ‘Players Series’ is going to be a continuing series of books following my new characters, the players Renzor51, Molly, and quantum_steve. Make sure to let me know if you like it or not! Would you still like to see more books about mobs? More books about Cth’ka the Creeper King? I’m planning on continuing that one. ;) Don’t forget to review, and please say hi and tell me your ideas! Thanks, Ryan Gallagher, for the ideas to continue the wolf pack book! Enjoy the story. P.S. - Have you joined the Skeleton Steve Club and my Mailing List?? You found one of my diaries!! This particular book is the continuing story of some Minecraft players—a trio of friends who leap from world to world, searching for the elusive Herobrine. They’re zombie hunters and planeswalkers. They call themselves “The Skull Kids”. Every time these Skull Kids hop into a new world, they start with nothing more than the clothes they’re wearing, and they end up dominating the realm where they decide to live. What you are about to read is the first collection of diary entries from Renzor51, the player and member of the Skull Kids who documents their adventures, from the day they landed on Diamodia and carved out their own little empire, and beyond. Be warned—this is an epic book! You’re going to care about these characters. You’ll be scared for them, feel good for them, and feel bad for them! It’s my hope that you’ll be sucked up into the story, and the adventure and danger will be so intense, you’ll forget we started this journey with a video game! With that, future readers, I present to you the tale of the Skull Kids, Book 1. The Skull Kids Ka-tet Renzor51 Renzor51 is the warrior-scribe of the group, and always documents the party’s adventures and excursions into game worlds. He’s a sneaky fighter, and often takes the role of a sniper, but can go head to head with the Skull Kids’ enemies when needed. A natural artist, Renzor51 tends to design and build many of the group’s fortresses and structures, and keeps things organized. He also focuses a lot on weapon-smithing and enchanting, always seeking out ways to improve his gear. Molly
Skeleton Steve (Minecraft Diary of a Zombie Hunter Player Team 'The Skull Kids' - Book 1: Unofficial Minecraft Books for Kids, Teens, & Nerds - Adventure Fan Fiction Diary ... Hunter Skull Kids Hunting Herobrine))
And she’s a big fan of watermelon pie.
Marjory Sorrell Rockwell (A Thimbleful of Murder (Quilters Club Mysteries Book 14))
Apparently a baseball player is every bit as hot as a bad boy.
J.C. Isabella (The Unofficial Zack Warren Fan Club)
Donald, an avid and lifelong football fan, wanted to be part of the club. After all, football ownership is a high-profile guy-thing (potato chips and Budweiser around a TV set on Sunday afternoon is a low-profile guy-thing), and men need to be boys. They can’t help themselves. They like to run headfirst into one another. Donald and football almost had to happen.
Timothy L. O'Brien (TrumpNation: The Art of Being the Donald)
No matter what they do, they always seem to have a fan club cheering for them. The psychopath uses these people for money, resources, and attention—but the fan club won’t notice, because this person strategically distracts them with shallow praise. Psychopaths are able to maintain superficial friendships far longer than relationships.
Jackson MacKenzie (Psychopath Free: Recovering from Emotionally Abusive Relationships With Narcissists, Sociopaths, and Other Toxic People)
After the funeral, they went to a private club in Chelsea, where they drank and jammed the night away together—greats and nobodies alike. The slightly acrimonious, sardonic Mickey, a fan of folk and world music, would have been pleased. [...] Yurik played, too, his own composition, which he had been working on for the entire year. In memory of Mickey. For it was Mickey, who had lived so easily, so lightly, and had died so painfully, who had instilled in Yurik the consciousness that, in the highest sense, music had no authorship. It was a gift, and an ability to read the divine book, to transpose a universal sound that needed no notation into the language of paltry musical instruments, invented for the convenience and purpose of transmitting supremely important messages—messages that could not be conveyed in any other way ... And the best ears, the best hearts and souls of this spiritual dimension called music, listened to Yurik's song that evening. And heard it.
Lyudmila Ulitskaya (Лестница Якова)
I get along with God just fine. It’s His fan club that I can’t stand.
The Eclective (The Eclective: The Pride Collection)
The unifying theme I found while reading each chapter as I arranged them for the book was that we are all connected to the timelessness of music and the passion it arouses in all of us. We strive to be more than we are and to make a worthwhile contribution in the world, in much the same way 2CELLOS are doing through their music. This is perhaps the best quality that makes us CELLOGIRLS.
Kytka Hilmar-Jezek (CELLOGIRLS: Identity and Transformation in 2CELLOS Fan Culture (The Original 2CELLOS Fan Anthology Book 1))
As for Sturridge, he comes across as quite possibly the most likable man to ever wear the Liverbird. The chicken teriyaki enthusiast has been defying expectations and unfounded prejudice since he arrived at the club to a lukewarm fan response. He was a troublemaker, you see. He had a poor attitude and was a he Big Time Charlie, don't you know? The Chelsea guys said so and Jose Mourinho has never been anything other than ethical and sincere, right? Right? "The England front man was quick to disabuse dubious fans of their misguided assumptions. From his first interview he spoke with a candour and earnest enthusiasm that were utterly endearing. His performance on the pitch has been nothing short of remarkable and his prodigious tally of 35 goals in 49 appearances to date is worthy of far more adulation than he has received. Doubtless the dancing striker has suffered by comparison with the frankly unequalled brilliance of a certain now-departed flesh gourmand, but the Birmingham native is worthy of so much more praise and, with time on his side, he has the potential to become the nonpareil of Liverpool's recent strikers.
Trevor Downey
God is too cool to join any of his unauthorized fan clubs.
A slow grin slid across his face, lighting his eyes with a very different, decidedly wicked glow. For the first time, she could honestly believe he'd come from the rough part of town. There was something elemental in the way he was looking at her, like a man willing to brawl, to fight with his bare hands, if that's what it took to get what he wanted. It made her skin prickle with awareness... and her muscles shudder with need. And her heart ache with want. "But you should know, Lei, that kissing you, feeling you kissing me back... didn't feel much like torture." He stepped in, and lowered his mouth until his lips were almost, but not quite touching hers. A mere breath of air separated their bodies. Her breath caught in her throat as his warm, spicy-sweet breath fanned her lips... lips he'd so recently taken with his own. She quivered when he framed his hands, palms in, then moved them slowly down the outline of her body without ever once touching her. She was trembling by the time he finished. "And this," he whispered gruffly, "is never going to go away, whether we will it or not.
Donna Kauffman (Sugar Rush (Cupcake Club #1))
This is evident in the fact that St Pauli have a club shop in New York, selling all sorts of memorabilia and apparel even though it’s not actually anything to do with the fans and their beliefs. There’s another place in Madrid that sells official St Pauli gear. During my travels, I am yet to encounter a shop that sells Rayo gear.
Robbie Dunne (Working Class Heroes: The Story of Rayo Vallecano, Madrid's Forgotten Team)
Southern Humor Hit List Here are just a few topics to get you started: • Yankees. We know ’em when we see ’em, and so do you. • White trash. It’s the way you act, not your socioeconomic standing. • Rednecks. No shirt, no shoes, no service, but plenty of bawdy humor. • Sports teams. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t played in a decade, we’re still mad about that game from 1962. Note this is the only category of Southern humor truly born of hate. • Fans of sports teams. They bring it on themselves with their shakin’, screamin’, game-goin’ ways. • Cheerleaders. Nothin’ but beauty queen wanna-bes. • Garden club ladies. So prim, but so dirty! • Marriage. You better laugh, or the stress will have you pushing up daisies with the garden club sooner than you think. • Country club ladies. Life is nothing but tennis, bridge, dining, and whining. • Politicians. Anyone fool enough to run for office deserves what they get.
Deborah Ford (Grits (Girls Raised in the South) Guide to Life)
Soccer is Italy’s favorite sport, and is played and watched all over the country. Each Sunday the great stadiums of Milan, Turin, Naples, Rome, and Bologna are filled with thousands of fans. Italian club soccer teams are among the best in the world, and regularly win international competitions. The national Italian team won soccer’s World Cup in 1982. Wages for successful players are high, and this helps to attract soccer stars from many other countries. Cycling also is very popular, as a sport to both do and watch. The Grand Tour of Italy takes place each year, following a long, grueling course over mountainous country. Many Italians forsake their favorite cafes to watch this bicycle race on television. Other popular pastimes include bowls, a game played on a sanded rink, and card games, commonly seen in cafes and bars across the nation. During August, many businesses close and workers go on vacation to the coast or mountains. The big cities are mostly deserted, except for tourists.
Marilyn Tolhurst (Italy (People & Places))
Lounging on his side, he tipped his head back. “So, you slept like a little baby Apollyon last night. I wonder why.” I glared at him. Seth had stayed the night again. “I loathe you.” He chuckled. “You reluctantly like me.” “Whatever. So are you going to tell me why you’re always with Lucian? Is he a part of your little fan club now?” “My fans love to hear my war stories.” He jumped to his feet, swinging at me. “They’re obsessed with me. What can I say? I’m that cool. And I’m not always with Lucian.
Jennifer L. Armentrout (Pure (Covenant, #2))
Ned Sherrin Ned Sherrin is a satirist, novelist, anthologist, film producer, and celebrated theater director who has been at the heart of British broadcasting and the arts for more than fifty years. I had met Diana, Princess of Wales--perhaps “I had been presented to” is more accurate--in lineups after charity shows that I had been compering and at which she was the royal guest of honor. There were the usual polite exchanges. On royal visits backstage, Princess Alexandra was the most relaxed, on occasion wickedly suggesting that she caught a glimpse of romantic chemistry between two performers and setting off giggles. Princess Margaret was the most artistically acute, the Queen the most conscientious; although she did once sweep past me to get to Bill Haley, of whom she was a fan. Prince Edward could, at one time, be persuaded to do an irreverent impression of his older brother, Prince Charles. Princess Diana seemed to enjoy herself, but she was still new to the job and did not linger down the line. Around this time, a friend of mine opened a restaurant in London. From one conversation, I gathered that although it was packed in the evenings, business was slow at lunchtime. Soon afterward, I got a very “cloak-and-dagger” phone call from him. He spoke in hushed tones, muttering something like “Lunch next Wednesday, small party, royal person, hush-hush.” From this, I inferred that he wanted me and, I had no doubt, other friends to bring a small party to dress the restaurant, to which he was bringing the “royal person” in a bid to up its fashionable appeal during the day. When Wednesday dawned, the luncheon clashed with a couple of meetings, and although feeling disloyal, I did not see how I was going to be able to round up three or four people--even for a free lunch. Guiltily, I rang his office and apologized profusely to his secretary for not being able to make it. The next morning, he telephoned, puzzled and aggrieved. “There were only going to be the four of us,” he said. “Princess Diana had been looking forward to meeting you properly. She was very disappointed that you couldn’t make it.” I felt suitably stupid--but, as luck had it, a few weeks later I found myself sitting next to her at a charity dinner at the Garrick Club. I explained the whole disastrous misunderstanding, and we had a very jolly time laughing at the coincidence that she was dining at this exclusive club before her husband, who had just been elected a member with some publicity. Prince Charles was in the hospital at the time recuperating from a polo injury. Although hindsight tells us that the marriage was already in difficulties, that was not generally known, so in answer to my inquiries, she replied sympathetically that he was recovering well. We talked a lot about the theater and her faux pas some years before when she had been to Noel Coward’s Hay Fever and confessed to the star, Penelope Keith, that it was the first Coward play that she had seen. “The first,” said Penelope, shocked. “Well,” Diana said to me, “I was only eighteen!” Our meeting was at the height of the AIDS crisis, and as we were both working a lot for AIDS charities, we had many notes to compare and friends to mourn. The evening ended with a dance--but being no Travolta myself, I doubt that my partnering was the high point for her.
Larry King (The People's Princess: Cherished Memories of Diana, Princess of Wales, from Those Who Knew Her Best)
So you must have seen the article on them today.” “Not yet, but I was just about to take a break. Gotta have my Dilbert fix.” “Is that the one about the office? I was a Calvin and Hobbes fan for years. Hated to see that stop and haven’t really gotten into any of the new ones. Guess I’m behind the times.” “You like what you like. Nothing wrong with that.” “That’s what my wife says.” De la Cruz’s eyes drifted around again. “So, a couple people said both of them came into this club last night.” “Calvin and Hobbes? One was a kid and the other a tiger. Neither would have gotten past my bouncers.” -De La Cruz & Xhex
J.R. Ward (Lover Avenged (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #7))
Bev made sure she served Wilson his standard tomato-and-grilled-cheese-with-french-fries personally, though Bev always called them chips, as if to make Wilson feel right at home. He thanked her and said everything looked absolutely “scrummy.” She giggled just like Chrissy used to do in history class. It was all I could do not to laugh right out loud. “I think Bev has a crush on you, Wilson. I know you're probably used to that by now. Don't you have a fan club at school? The 'I Heart Wilson' club, or something?” “Ha, ha, Blue. I have never been all that popular with the girls.” “Wilson. Don't be an idiot. You were all Manny could talk about the whole first month of school.” “Manny is not a girl,” Wilson remarked mildly. I snickered. “True. But I think I was the only one who wasn't following you around with my tongue hanging out. It was disgusting. Now even Bev has joined the club. I saw a bumper sticker on her car that said British Butts Drive Me Nuts.” Wilson choked on a mouthful of food, laughing, and grabbed at his lemonade to wash it down. I loved making him laugh, even if it was hazardous to his health.
Amy Harmon (A Different Blue)
They say the mad live in a world of dreams, or nightmares. I just need to find the way out.
Mark Kirkbride (Satan's Fan Club)
Because, visible through the slashed covers, the bone-deep wounds that crisscross the couple’s bodies pump blood. Some of the flaps of skin resulting from glancing blows are like gills, breathing. Yet even as the cries die away, he carries on.
Mark Kirkbride (Satan's Fan Club)
You never asked. It’s just, well… He doesn’t do a lot, does He? Our Father which art lost in heaven. I mean, if He did exist we’d have to sack Him. Or maybe He’s a laissez-faire God who just likes to watch.
Mark Kirkbride (Satan's Fan Club)
It was true. She was his soul’s star. His heart ignited every time she came into the room, flared with every just-so gesture. Anything she touched became instantly talismanic.
Mark Kirkbride (Satan's Fan Club)
Mei sat down at her desk in the lab and booted her computer. The room was quiet but for the whir of the case fans and coolers of the computer. The mechanical platters buzzed softly as the tiny magnetic head leapt around to access her hard drive, the platters spinning an upwards of 10,000 times per minute. She loved the sounds of the machinery, could diagnose a sick computer just by the sounds. She
Danielle Girard (Interference (the Rookie Club, #4))
Becky Chabot, a PhD candidate in religious and theological studies at the University of Denver and Iliff School of Theology, centered her dissertation on the social ethics of professional club soccer (and her fan typology) on the DBG,
Phil West (The United States of Soccer: MLS and the Rise of American Soccer Fandom)
Friday. Club ONE has a strategic advantage over club TWO: ONE is located at the center of the town, while TWO is a few miles away. Thus, if TWO runs the same theme as ONE, nobody will show up to TWO. There are three types of customers. 60 hardcore salsa fans will only go to a club if salsa is being offered. 20 people are hardcore disco fans and will only go to a club if disco is being offered. A final 20 people prefer going
William Spaniel (Game Theory 101: The Complete Textbook)
Las reglas de las religiones, sectas y clubs de fans suelen ser las mismas en todo caso: Pórtate bien, dona dinero al equipo y transfórmate en un fanático violento si la situación lo amerita.
L. Ernesto Molina (Cerdo venusiano presenta: Los últimos contribuyentes)
Across the ancient Roman Empire there were only four chariot teams, each designated by a color. By the fifth century, those had been reduced to two, the Blues and the Greens. At least once a week the gates of the Hippodrome would open, allowing thousands of Constantinople’s citizens to file in. To the left were the seats reserved for aristocrats and governmental officials. The closer that one could sit to the imperial loge, of course, the better. To the right were the sections for the regular citizens. Here, too, there were sharp divisions, first by team supporters and then by social status. And the divisions went deeper than that. The Blues and the Greens were not simply teams, but highly competitive clubs of sports fans, whose activities extended well beyond the games. They were, as historians refer to them, circus factions, and they had a clear organization. The faction leaders sat directly opposite the emperor; they were present for the award ceremonies and, in later centuries, took part in virtually all civic ceremonies inside and outside the Hippodrome. Emperors usually expressed a preference for one faction or the other (usually the Blues), and in later years the favored faction could occasionally provide an emperor with armed support against urban insurrections. It is not true, as one sometimes reads, that the factions were political parties. Instead, they were extremely enthusiastic fan clubs whose members, when unhappy, could become very, very dangerous.
Thomas F. Madden (Istanbul: City of Majesty at the Crossroads of the World)
I was and still am a big Dylan fan and admirer, so I asked Bob Johnston if there was any way he could let me play on just one session. Sessions in Nashville are scheduled so you can fit four into a day: 10: 00 a.m., 2: 00 p.m., 6: 00 p.m., and 10: 00 p.m. As it happened, the guitar player they had scheduled for the 6: 00 p.m. session couldn’t make it and wouldn’t show up until the 10: 00 p.m. session, so Bob fit me in for 6: 00 p.m. I was the hungriest musician in the studio. I hung on every note that Bob Dylan sang and played on his guitar and did my best to interpret his music with feeling and passion. When the session was over, I was packing up my guitars to head to my club gig, and Bob Dylan asked Bob Johnston, “Where is Charlie going?” Bob told him I was leaving and that he had another guitar player coming in. Then Bob Dylan said nine little words that would affect my life from that moment on. He said, “I don’t want another guitar player. I want him.” And there it was. After all the put downs, condescension, and snide remarks, after all the times I’d driven to the hill above my house and shook my fist at Nashville and said, “You will not beat me.” After all that rejection, none other than the legendary Bob Dylan was saying that I might be worth something after all. It’s bits of encouragement like that that keep you going. Once in a while something just lights you up and you say, “Yeah, I can do this.
Charlie Daniels (Never Look at the Empty Seats: A Memoir)
Mr Bobbydazzler, although very official, was not a member of the Official Fan Club. He was a policeman and, as such, not a fan of very much at all, since enthusiasm usually just resulted in more paperwork.
Ian Hutson (NGLND XPX)
See, you can be part of a crowd who gathers at church or even comes together to do a Bible study, but unless you recognize your true humility before the living God and your complete dependence on Him and His Word, you will only be in the vicinity. You will only be part of the Jesus Fan Club. You will go untouched. Nothing will change within you because His power will not be released to you.
Tony Evans (Kingdom Woman: Embracing Your Purpose, Power, and Possibilities)
CONCERT CHECKLIST 1. Secure a date on the calendar. Be sure it is listed on the official school calendar to protect it. 2. Reserve a performance venue for the concert and for final rehearsals. 3. Have tickets printed if they are to be used. 4. Plan the printed program and get it to the printer by the deadline date. 5. Plan the publicity. The following types of publicity can be utilized to draw a sizable concert audience: Radio releases Television releases Newspaper releases Online listings School announcements Notices to other schools and/or organizations in the area Posters for public placement 6. Send complimentary tickets to: Civic leaders Board of Education Superintendent People who have helped in some way Key supporters Key people to stimulate their interest 7. Have the president of the choir send personal letters of invitation to people that are special to the music program (newspaper editor, Board of Education, Superintendent, civic club presidents, supporters etc.). 8. Appoint a stage manager. He should be someone who can control the stage lighting, pull curtains, shut off air circulation fans that are noisy, and see that the stage is ready for the concert. 9. Arrange for ushers. 10. Check wearing apparel. Be sure that all singers have the correct accessories (same type and color of shoes, no gaudy jewelry for girls, etc.). 11. Post on bulletin board and tell students the time they will meet for a pre-concert warm-up. High school students will perform best if they meet together at least forty-five minutes before the concert.
Gordon Lamb (Choral Techniques)
You know the mother of monsters?" "Echidna," Samantha said in a low voice. "I met her child. Chimera." Oh ho… Crwys glanced at Levi who looked very impressed. This was unexpected. "You met Chimera? Here in this world?" "I had to fight against him. Ran into his little fan club in Macon, Georgia.
Phaedra Weldon (Dragon Fire (The Eldritch Files #0.5))
In 1990 a Manchester City fan was banned from Maine Road, the club’s stadium at the time. His offence? Bringing dead chickens into the venue, which he would swirl above his head anytime the Sky Blues scored.
Jack Goldstein (101 Amazing Facts)
You're the only one here with your own fan club
Mari Mancusi (Gamer Girl)
I think those girls on the left side with the signs are members of Rick’s Chicks,” she returned, mostly to see if she could rattle him. “So are you, if you get the newsletter.” Sam smiled. She couldn’t help it, even when the volume of camera flashes increased in response. “That’s right. Ooh, Mr. Addison, you’re so hot, sign my tit, will you?” He leaned over, kissing her ear. “I am going to fuck you all night,” he whispered. Shivers went all the way down her spine. “I must have the deluxe fan club membership.” “Oh, that you do, Samantha. That you do.
Suzanne Enoch (Don't Look Down (Samantha Jellicoe, #2))
I have nothing against God. It’s his fan club to which I take exception.
Pam Grout (The Course in Miracles Experiment: A Starter Kit for Rewiring Your Mind (and Therefore the World))
one mission. Feed Zlatan, let him sleep, keep him happy’. That guy says whatever he wants. I like him.” On his bromance with Mourinho “The Barca players were like schoolboys, following the coach blindly. Whereas I was used to asking, ‘Why should we?’” The forward explains what it was like to play at Barcelona “I can’t help but laugh at how perfect I am.” Zlatan is as modest as ever Reporter: “You’ve got some scars on your face, Zlatan. What has happened?” Zlatan: “Well... I don’t know... You’ll have to ask your wife about that.” Agent Anders Carlsson: “Southampton...Southampton is interested.” Zlatan: “What the f*ck! Southampton! Is that my level? Southampton!” Unsettled at Ajax, Zlatan asks his agent if any clubs offered him a way out “You can’t be a clown all the time.” Zlatan on growing up after five months at Ajax “Hi @Twitter. For tomorrow Zlatan needs more than 140 characters. Please change rules for Zlatan.” He tweeted this ahead of a Q&A on social media. The following are some of his best replies to fan questions... “There are 2 things Zlatan cannot do @at_sunshine. One is be predictable. The other is a step-under. But Zlatan is practising. #DareToZlatan.
Gordon Law (Zlatan Style: The funniest Zlatan Ibrahimovic quotes!)
It was so bad that the Security Department of Major League Baseball, worried about fan anger poststrike, had advised clubs to “avoid any promotions involving giveaways that could be used as a missile.
Jeff Katz (Split Season: 1981: Fernandomania, the Bronx Zoo, and the Strike that Saved Baseball)
Adoring fans, hipsters, bohemians, and wannabes lined up outside the narrow storefront club at 5 Cooper Square, hoping to catch Monk and his legendary quartet—John Coltrane, bassist Ahmed Abdul-Malik, and drummer Shadow Wilson. That night, Monk wanted to celebrate. Friends, family, and enthusiastic fans surrounded him. His “‘un’ years,” as his wife Nellie used to call them, were about to end.
Robin D.G. Kelley (Thelonious Monk: The Life and Times of an American Original)
You’d better hope Creevey doesn’t meet Ginny, or they’ll be starting a Harry Potter fan club.
J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Harry Potter, #2))
Cubs leadoff man Ivan DeJesus had a slashy swing and a fan club that called itself Jews for DeJesus.
Kevin Cook (Ten Innings at Wrigley: The Wildest Ballgame Ever, with Baseball on the Brink)
seats, the weather, and the complicated rules of the game. Because Stoneybrook had won the championship, we left the stands surrounded by screaming, dancing fans. Some of that spirit rubbed off. But mostly, the kids were itching to go home. Jessi said her sister seemed down and out when they arrived home. So she managed to convince her mom and dad to take the family out to an early dinner. You know how kids are. Becca’s dreams of a sleepover at Buckingham Palace had been dashed, but she cheered up just fine. From that day on, though, Princess Rebeccazzar was never again seen in the Ramsey house.
Ann M. Martin (Mary Anne and the Little Princess (The Baby-Sitters Club, #102))
But my teachers had always been card-carrying members of the Miles Halter Fan Club
John Green (Looking for Alaska)
I think I'm going to have to make it official. You know, me being the president of the demon horde Layla fan club.
Jennifer L. Armentrout (Every Last Breath (The Dark Elements, #3))
5 TIPS PARA HACER HANDICAP EN LA NFL Para tener éxito en el hándicap de la NFL, un apostador deportivo debe saber lo que está haciendo. Eso significa comprender todos los aspectos del juego, incluido un amplio conocimiento de cada equipo, jugador, entrenador y organización, así como perfeccionar y utilizar ciertas habilidades analíticas. Un apostante participa en todas estas actividades para ganar alrededor del 55-57% de sus apuestas en promedio y a largo plazo. Si un apostador deportivo puede hacer eso, ganará mucho dinero. Pero para ser un apostador exitoso en la NFL, debes hacer el trabajo necesario. Cuando apuestas en la NFL, hay poco descanso para los cansados. El análisis es un proceso que comienza antes del campo de entrenamiento y antes del Draft de la NFL a fines de abril. Durante todo el año, desde el día después del Super Bowl hasta el día del draft, los apostadores deportivos deben monitorear la liga usando el sitio web de la NFL y todos los sitios deportivos importantes como ESPN y Yahoo Sports. • Los apostantes deben prestar especial atención al draft, ya que realmente puede afectar la temporada de un equipo. Después del draft, siga observando a los equipos, revisando acuerdos e intercambios y viendo qué jugadores tienen problemas organizativos y / o legales o están lidiando con problemas de salud. Cuanto más sepa sobre la temporada baja, mejor preparado estará para determinar los ganadores durante la temporada regular. También desea supervisar los sitios web del equipo, los blogs de fans y otros sitios web relacionados y recopilar la mayor cantidad de información posible. • Al comenzar a analizar cada equipo, observe quién regresará, quién es nuevo y la salud, la edad y la preparación de cada jugador. ¿Cuánto ha mejorado cada equipo? ¿Cuántos novatos hay y algunos tendrán que dar un paso al frente y desempeñar papeles importantes? ¿Tiene el club un líder de calidad real y un atleta calificado como mariscal de campo? ¿Qué tan equilibrado será tu ataque? Y no se olvide tanto de la línea frontal como de la defensiva, apoyadores y secundarios. Busque los huecos en la plantilla y si se llenará esta temporada. • Es importante ver más que la puntuación final de cada juego. Analiza cómo ganó y perdió cada equipo. Esto incluye juegos en los que no ha apostado. Debes conocer a cada equipo lo mejor que puedas, ya que eventualmente tendrás que invertir algo de dinero en un juego que estén jugando. • Estudie los partidos para ver si un equipo tiene una ventaja cuando se trata de jugar en primera línea, en la escuela secundaria o en la carrera. Se trata de analizar el desempeño real de equipos y jugadores individuales. ¿Un mariscal de campo superior se enfrenta a una secundaria débil o un gran frente defensivo veterano jugará una línea ofensiva sin experiencia? ¿Qué ha cambiado para un equipo desde su último partido, bueno o malo, que podría afectar el desempeño de la próxima semana?
Karma is not a doctrine. You do not get any brownie points for subscribing to it. You do not get any negative marks for disbelieving it. Karma is not a creed, a scripture, an ideology, a philosophy, or a theory. It is simply the way things are. It is an existential mechanism. Like the sun, it operates whether you acknowledge it or not, whether you pay obeisance to it or ignore it. It is not looking for a fan club.
While other London clubs in fancier neighborhoods—Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea—have all enjoyed long periods as the capital’s preeminent team with championships and trophies to their name, glory has always remained tantalizingly out of West Ham’s grasp. Not that their fans are unduly concerned; they embrace their status as the city’s gruff, blue-collar underdogs with a healthy slice of gallows humor. When Harry Redknapp, a former player at the club, went to inspect the club’s trophy cabinet after taking over as manager, “Lord Lucan, Shergar, and two Japanese prisoners of war fell out,” he wrote. Even the club’s anthem, “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles,” is an old Broadway tune about shattered dreams and disappointment, and it’s bellowed by thousands of supporters wearing the team’s claret and blue jerseys before every game.
Joshua Robinson (The Club: How the English Premier League Became the Wildest, Richest, Most Disruptive Force in Sports)
Having the might of the U.S. Marine Corps at your disposal is one thing. Having the 2015–16 Aston Villa squad was quite another. Villa couldn’t win on the road at Norwich, hardly a Premier League minefield. Things fell apart for good on April 16, with a defeat at Manchester United. By then, the Villa fans were so deep into gallows humor that they chanted, “Let’s pretend we’ve scored a goal,” before belting out a rendition of “We’ll Meet Again.
Joshua Robinson (The Club: How the English Premier League Became the Wildest, Richest, Most Disruptive Force in Sports)
Core players had turned on Ranieri and lobbied the owners to replace him with his English assistant, Craig Shakespeare. The narrative gathered enough steam that, at Shakespeare’s first game in charge, the Leicester fans unfurled a gigantic display urging their team to CRY HAVOC AND LET SLIP THE DOGS OF WAR. Their choice of a line from William (not Craig) Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, a play about a Roman leader betrayed by former allies, was no accident.
Joshua Robinson (The Club: How the English Premier League Became the Wildest, Richest, Most Disruptive Force in Sports)
And the locals, disappointed by owners in the past, seemed to appreciate him. Finding the new owner’s name tricky to pronounce, the fans nicknamed him “Frank”—to Mancunian ears, Shinawatra sounded like Sinatra.
Joshua Robinson (The Club: How the English Premier League Became the Wildest, Richest, Most Disruptive Force in Sports)
City had always prided itself on being more authentically Manchester than United. Matches at Old Trafford were so full of tourists that opposing fans sang, “We’ll race you back to London.
Joshua Robinson (The Club: How the English Premier League Became the Wildest, Richest, Most Disruptive Force in Sports)
Equal parts jealous and appalled, fans of rival clubs who saw hapless City catapult literally overnight into the ranks of world soccer royalty wasted no time in ripping the team for abandoning its roots. “You’re not City, you’re not City, you’re not City anymore” went the song from opposing fans. A few City supporters agreed. Some even mailed back their season tickets.
Joshua Robinson (The Club: How the English Premier League Became the Wildest, Richest, Most Disruptive Force in Sports)
The batter was crispy, like tempura, but it didn't have much flavor other than beer- which was fine, but not what he wanted. It added a malty bitterness that didn't balance right with the cheese. He wanted everyone to love these curds, not just beer fans. And it didn't have the crunch he wanted. It was too tender, which meant perhaps a batter wasn't the route to go. Maybe breadcrumbs would give him the texture and structure he craved. But the cheese- the cheese was perfect. Melty, stringy, yet still retaining a bit of the squeak that made fresh cheese curds so special. It would be easy enough to get the supplies from a local dairy or even the grocery stores. In Wisconsin, great cheese was easier to find than a bagel in New York. He ate another one. The cheese itself was salty. What would work with that? Something with a little sweetness? Like a Wheat Thin or a graham cracker? He could mix crushed graham crackers with breadcrumbs for his next attempt.
Amy E. Reichert (The Kindred Spirits Supper Club)
At that, Harrowhark stopped working her scaphoid and glanced at Gideon. She gave a rather brusque hand-wave to the geriatric fan club behind her and they scattered: tottering, kissing the floor and rattling both their prayer beads and their unlubricated knee joints, disappearing into the darkness and down the tier.
Tor Books ( Publishing 2019 Debut Sampler)
Every night we’d go out and listen to bands play. Fort Collins had a music scene that was second to none for a town its size. Any night of the week you could find 10 or 15 bands playing. All of them were playing original music, too. No cover bands. I never understood going out to listen to music that you could hear on a CD. We mostly saw punk bands, including Suicide Fan Club, Armchair Martian, Baldo Rex, The Fairlanes, Fester, The Nobodys, Pinhead Circus, and others. Another local favorite was Where’s the Bishop, which merged punk and funk beautifully. It was such a great time.
Scott Stokely (Scott Stokely: Growing Up Disc Golf)
The Fremantle Football Club has needed me. But I have needed the Fremantle Football Club more - it owes me nothing at all. All the players and coaches who have represented the club, the staff, our sponsors and corporate supporters, our members and fans, and the families of the players - we have all endured. For me looking in the rear view mirror, it’s about celebrating us and our journey, not just one person.
Matthew Pavlich (Purple Heart)
Each new conviction flowing from abroad entered the marketplace of ideas, vied for buyers, and if it became a hit, gathered round it a fan club, its own minisociety.
Howard Bloom (Global Brain: The Evolution of Mass Mind from the Big Bang to the 21st Century)