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Maria Orsic, a stunning beauty and an unusual medium was not an obscure personality. She was known to many celebrities of the era and had a fleet of very powerful admirers and friends both in Germany and abroad; famous, brilliant and influential people like Charles Lindbergh, Nikola Tesla, Marshal Tito of Yugoslavia, Henry Ford, Eva Peron, and the most illustrious figures in the spiritualism, parapsychological and psychical research in Great Britain. This was reported by Allies intelligence and documented by OSS operatives in Europe.
Jean-Maximillien De La Croix de Lafayette (Volume I. UFOs: MARIA ORSIC, THE WOMAN WHO ORIGINATED AND CREATED EARTH’S FIRST UFOS (Extraterrestrial and Man-Made UFOs & Flying Saucers Book 1))
sightings have become very famous.
J.W. Patterson (Kids Want To Know About UFOs (Kids Want To Know, #1))
In July 1947, one of the most famous UFO events in history took place.  An object crashed into the desert near Roswell, New Mexico.  The Roswell Army Air Field said that they had recovered a “flying disk”.  This made headlines in newspapers around the world.  Then the next day, the army changed its story and said it wasn’t a flying disk but a weather balloon. Many years later, witnesses said that there was an alien craft that had crashed.  Some witnesses said that there were alien bodies that had been taken away. Many books have been written about the Roswell incident.  The military still says that there was no craft and the only thing that was there was a weather balloon.  There is no way now of knowing what really happened.
J.W. Patterson (Kids Want To Know About UFOs (Kids Want To Know, #1))
Famous UFO Photo taken above Hoia Baciu Forest
J.W. Patterson (Kids Want To Know About Unexplained Mysteries: Real LIfe Mysteries (Childrens Mystery Books))
One final possibility should be mentioned from the perspective of military activity on the Utah ranch. Recent allegations have surfaced that the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) engaged in several deception and disinformation operations in the 1970s, the 1980s and (presumably) in the 1990s. Many of these operations involved the simulation of “UFOs,” the manufacture of bogus evidence indicative of “extraterrestrial visitation” designed to conceal classified military technology or simply to lead investigators astray. In 2005, retired AFOSI special agent Richard Doty broke his silence to publicly acknowledge being involved in several of these “alien visitation” operations, the most famous being the disinformation campaign to persuade Albuquerque physicist Paul Bennewitz that an alien base existed in Dulce, New Mexico. The operation is described in detail in Greg Bishop’s book Project Beta: The Story of Paul Bennewitz, National Security, and the Creation of a Modern UFO Myth.
Colm A. Kelleher (Hunt for the Skinwalker: Science Confronts the Unexplained at a Remote Ranch in Utah)
Even Steven Greer’s famous Disclosure Press Conference of May 2001,
Richard M. Dolan (UFOs and Disclosure in the Trump Era)
At the request of Rep. Steven Schiff (R-N.M.), Congress’s investigative branch has launched a study to determine whether the government covered up a story alleging that the bodies of alien space voyagers were removed from a crashed flying saucer found near Roswell, N.M., in 1947. After the purported crash of the spacecraft, the bodies of the extraterrestrial visitors were said by a local undertaker and other conspiracy theorists to have been autopsied and secretly flown to an Air Force base in Ohio. Even though the ‘Roswell Incident’ has been
Charles River Editors (Roswell & Area 51: The History and Mystery of the Two Most Famous UFO Conspiracy Sites in America)