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Can we at least give him some money?” I ask. Fabithe’s lips twist. “I think you’ve misunderstood the fundamental principles of theft.
A.F.E. Smith (Dawn Rising (Marked, #1))
He looked sad. ‘It’s hard to believe of her. She always seemed such a sweet girl.’ Sorrow rolled her eyes. ‘Your problem, Tomas, is that your natural paranoia is in constant tension with an almost pathological desire to believe the best of people. Sweet tells you nothing. Fuck it, I could be sweet if the occasion demanded.’ They looked at each other. Caraway’s lips twitched. Sorrow glared at him for a moment before conceding. ‘Maybe not. But you take my point.
A.F.E. Smith (Windsinger (Darkhaven, #3))
F-E-A-R has two meanings, Forget Everything And Run or Face Everything And Rise, the choice is yours.
Henderson Smith (Woofapalooza - The Devil in a Dog Suit)
everyone has a purpose you weren't just dropped out of the sky!!! what were you placed here to do?
My arms are wrapped tightly around my own bent legs, like a woodlouse curled up in a ball. I force myself to unfold, because what else can I do? If I stay here waiting for the world to make sense, I’ll be waiting forever.
A.F.E. Smith (Dawn Rising (Marked, #1))
I lift my chin and meet his gaze without flinching. “Fine. You want to protect her for your own reasons, go ahead. But I swear, if you ever try to use that as an excuse to control her, or treat her as anything less than a person, I will kill you.” One eyebrow lifts. “You think you could?” “I’d have a damn good go at it.” Unexpectedly, he smiles. “I bet you would.
A.F.E. Smith (Dawn Rising (Marked, #1))
She has never seen him smile before, not properly. It reminds her of dawn. Of how the night can seem dark and cruel and endless, but when daylight comes it remakes the world.
A.F.E. Smith (Dawn Rising (Marked, #1))
Love. It is a concept that belongs to the fleeting lives of others, hot and swift and all-consuming precisely because it must one day die. Lovers like to believe their feelings transcend mortality: a great undying passion, strong enough to outlast time itself. But the truth is, compared to the fires of eternity, human emotion is no more than the flicker of a candle. At its heart, love carries within it the bittersweet seed of loss; that is what makes it taste so good.
A.F.E. Smith (Dawn Rising (Marked, #1))
Estamos abandonando rápidamente, no sólo las ideas de Cobden y Bright, de Adam Smith y Hume e incluso de Locke y Milton,[5] sino una de las características de la civilización occidental tal como se ha desarrollado a partir de sus fundamentos establecidos por el Cristianismo y por Grecia y Roma.
Friedrich A. Hayek (Camino de servidumbre. Textos de documentos. Edición definitiva (Obras Completas de F.A. Hayek nº 2))
Spinach tastes slightly bitter (owing to the presence of oxalic acid), reduces dramatically in volume when cooked, requires several washings before being eaten, delivers few calories, and contains a nutritional powerhouse of beta-carotene, minerals, fiber, protein, and vitamins B, C, and E.
Andrew F. Smith (The Oxford Companion to American Food and Drink (Oxford Companions))
We need the courage as well as the inclination to consult, and profit from, the “wisdom traditions of mankind.” —E.F. Schumacher In
Huston Smith (The World's Religions, Revised and Updated (Plus))
I come in peace,’ Sorrow drawled, offering him the knife hilt-first. ‘This was just in case I met anyone I didn’t like on the way.
A.F.E. Smith (Darkhaven (Darkhaven, #1))
Ree flinched as a dozen heads turned her way. She could see how they expected this to go. Either she and the other girl would become great friends and form their own exclusive little circle separate from the rest, or they’d be bitter rivals who constantly vied to beat each other in training. Those were the only two narratives open to her. That was what happened when you were part of a minority: to everyone else, your identity was intimately bound up with the group you belonged to
A.F.E. Smith (Goldenfire (Darkhaven, #2))
If one man in a hundred is a traitor, and I allow that knowledge to close my heart to the other ninety -nine, who is the winner then?
A.F.E. Smith (Windsinger (Darkhaven, #3))
People are far better at noticing how they’re different than how they’re the same. I see it year after year when I’m training new recruits. And war only brings it out more strongly. It turns everyone into patriots.’ One corner of his mouth turned up. ‘Not that I object to people being proud of their country, obviously. But there’s a difference between that and hating everyone else’s.
A.F.E. Smith (Windsinger (Darkhaven, #3))
First he accuses me of trying to do the right thing, and now he tells me he trusts me. What am I, a fucking priestess?
A.F.E. Smith (Windsinger (Darkhaven, #3))