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Marc: “Do you know the best thing about startups?” Ben: “What?” Marc: “You only ever experience two emotions: euphoria and terror. And I find that lack of sleep enhances them both.
Ben Horowitz (The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers)
The code-of-ethics playlist: o Treat your colleagues, family, and friends with respect, dignity, fairness, and courtesy. o Pride yourself in the diversity of your experience and know that you have a lot to offer. o Commit to creating and supporting a world that is free of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. o Have balance in your life and help others to do the same. o Invest in yourself, achieve ongoing enhancement of your skills, and continually upgrade your abilities. o Be approachable, listen carefully, and look people directly in the eyes when speaking. o Be involved, know what is expected from you, and let others know what is expected from them. o Recognize and acknowledge achievement. o Celebrate, relive, and communicate your successes on an ongoing basis.
Lorii Myers (Targeting Success, Develop the Right Business Attitude to be Successful in the Workplace (3 Off the Tee, #1))
Marketing is the marriage of business and creativity. The relationship is enhanced by the occasional affair with science.
Trevor Carss
I bet if I spent less time with the television and more time pursuing activities that enhance my life and expand my knowledge, I won't freeze up in business or social situations.
Jen Lancaster (My Fair Lazy: One Reality Television Addict's Attempt to Discover If Not Being A Dumb Ass Is the New Black, or, a Culture-Up Manifesto)
Astute social commentators had been anticipating this rightward shift since the early 1980s. Bertram Gross predicted, in his book Friendly Fascism, that the United States might arrive at a gentler form of the virulent ultranationalism, antilabor activity, and racism, which coalesced into fascism in Europe in the 1930s. Corporate America would tolerate such a rightward drift, so the argument went, because more government restrictions on personal freedom would enhance business efforts to discipline the labor force and increase corporate profits.
Steve Brouwer (Sharing the Pie : A Citizen's Guide to Wealth and Power)
We are the rational managers of a modern democracy, taking the optimum decisions to safeguard and enhance the lives of busy citizens who haven’t got the time to work things out for themselves.
Paul Torday (Salmon Fishing in the Yemen)
develop your own compelling way of attracting business, and getting results.
Sally Hogshead (How the World Sees You (Enhanced Edition): Discover Your Highest Value Through the Science of Fascination)
Stagnancy will suffocate a business… Leadership must be dynamic and evolving to ensure successful growth, enhancement, and longevity.
Steve Maraboli
Leadership’s primary job is to enhance creative capacity by developing collectively effective leadership.
William A. Adams (Mastering Leadership: An Integrated Framework for Breakthrough Performance and Extraordinary Business Results)
In retrospect, Euler's unintended message is very simple: Graphs or networks have properties, hidden in their construction, that limit or enhance our ability to do things with them. For more than two centuries the layout of Konigsberg's graph limited its citizens' ability to solve their coffeehouse problem. But a change in the layout, the addition of only one extra link, suddenly removed this constraint.
Albert-László Barabási (Linked: How Everything Is Connected to Everything Else and What It Means for Business, Science, and Everyday Life)
From an evolutionary standpoint, it is natural to do things that make people like you. It enhances your chances for survival. Yet to be a good CEO, in order to be liked in the long run, you must do many things that will upset people in the short run. Unnatural things.
Ben Horowitz (The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers)
We're so distracted, we're missing out own lives. The parent who records his kid's dance recital or first steps or graduation is so busy trying to capture the moment--to create a thing that proves that they were there--they miss out on actually living and enjoying the moment. I've done this before with my camera. I have jockeyed for position, bumping elbows with other parents so I could get into the best spot to look through the viewfinder of my SLR to capture the moment of my daughter's dance recital. Five-year-old Phoebe was so cute in her little sailor outfit, tapping away. And I got some great pictures. It's just that while I remember getting the pictures, I do not recall the moment. So much of the time we don't trust ourselves to experience our world without stuff. Things so often don't enhance our lives, but are barriers to fully living our lives.
Dave Bruno (The 100 Thing Challenge: How I Got Rid of Almost Everything, Remade My Life, and Regained My Soul)
As long as there are no routes back to full employment except that of somehow restoring business confidence, he pointed out, business lobbies in effect have veto power over government actions: propose doing anything they dislike, such as raising taxes or enhancing workers' bargaining power, and they can issue dire warnings that this will reduce confidence and plunge the nation into depression. But let monetary and fiscal policy be deployed to fight unemployment, and suddenly business confidence becomes less necessary, and the need to cater to capitalists' concern is much reduced.
Paul Krugman (End This Depression Now!)
Digital Masters spend time understanding customer behavior and designing the customer experience from the outside in. A Digital Master figures out what customers do and why, where, and how they do it. The company then works out where and how the experience can be digitally enhanced across channels.
George Westerman (Leading Digital: Turning Technology into Business Transformation)
RED HEAD Tight, inhibited, results-oriented, anxious, aggressive, over-compensating, desperate. BLUE HEAD Loose, expressive, in the moment, calm, clear, accurate, on task. It’s what tennis coach Nick Bollettieri calls the ‘centipede effect’. If a centipede had to think about moving all its legs in the right order, it would freeze, the task too complex and daunting. The same is true of humans. Red is what Suvorov called ‘the Dark’. It is that fixated negative content loop of self-judgement, rigidity, aggression, shut down and panic. Blue is what he called ‘the Light’ – a deep calmness in which you are on task, in the zone, on your game, in control and in flow. It applies to the military; it applies to sport; it applies to business. In the heat of battle, the difference between the inhibitions of the Red and the freedom of Blue is the manner in which we control our attention. It works like this: where we direct our mind is where our thoughts will take us; our thoughts create an emotion; the emotion defines our behaviour; our behaviour defines our performance. So, simply, if we can control our attention, and therefore our thoughts, we can manage our emotions and enhance our performance.
James Kerr (Legacy: What the All Blacks Can Teach Us About the Business of Life)
By contrast, the early majority want to buy a productivity improvement for existing operations. They are looking to minimize the discontinuity with the old ways. They want evolution, not revolution. They want technology to enhance, not overthrow, the established ways of doing business. And above all, they do not want to debug somebody else’s product. By the time they adopt it, they want it to work properly and to integrate appropriately with their existing technology base.
Geoffrey A. Moore (Crossing the Chasm: Marketing and Selling Disruptive Products to Mainstream Customers)
Consider the level of car-purchasing knowledge Dr. South has recently acquired that will never pay capital gains or real dividends or enhance the productivity of his business. He now has knowledge about every Porsche dealer within a four hundred-mile radius of his home. Dr. South also can tell you immediately the dealer’s cost on nearly every Porsche model, the cost of options and accessories, and the performance characteristics of most models. It takes much time and effort to acquire such information. Dr.
Thomas J. Stanley (The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America's Wealthy)
Thinking about what might happen if we ran completely out of money—laying off all the employees that I’d so carefully selected and hired, losing all my investors’ money, jeopardizing all the customers who trusted us with their business—made it difficult to concentrate on the possibilities. Marc Andreessen attempted to cheer me up with a not-so-funny-at-the-time joke: Marc: “Do you know the best thing about startups?” Ben: “What?” Marc: “You only ever experience two emotions: euphoria and terror. And I find that lack of sleep enhances them both.
Ben Horowitz (The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers)
Outcomes indicators include product vision, business objectives, and capabilities (high-level product functionality), not detail requirements. These outcome characteristics define a releasable product and quality objectives define a reliable and adaptable (works today, easy to enhance) product. These are the critical value traits, then teams need to strive to meet constraints—scope, schedule, and cost—but as secondary in importance to the value components. In many, if not most, agile projects schedule becomes the most critical constraint and is timeboxed (fixed) and scope varies.
Jim Highsmith (Agile Project Management: Creating Innovative Products (Agile Software Development Series))
While advertising was once used primarily to create a sale or enhance an image, it must now be used to create awareness about Web content. • While SEO was at one time primarily a function of optimizing a Web site, it must now be a function of optimizing brand assets across social media. • While lead generation used to consist of broadcasting messages, it must now rely heavily on being found in the right place at the right time. • While lead conversion in the past often consisted of multiple sales calls to supply information, it must now supplement Web information gathering with value delivery. • While referrals used to be a simple matter of passing a name, they now rely heavily on an organization’s online reputation, ratings, and reviews. • While physical store location has always mattered, online location for the local business has become a life-and-death matter.
John Jantsch (Duct Tape Marketing Revised and Updated: The World's Most Practical Small Business Marketing Guide)
Moore’s Law, the rule of thumb in the technology industry, tells us that processor chips—the small circuit boards that form the backbone of every computing device—double in speed every eighteen months. That means a computer in 2025 will be sixty-four times faster than it is in 2013. Another predictive law, this one of photonics (regarding the transmission of information), tells us that the amount of data coming out of fiber-optic cables, the fastest form of connectivity, doubles roughly every nine months. Even if these laws have natural limits, the promise of exponential growth unleashes possibilities in graphics and virtual reality that will make the online experience as real as real life, or perhaps even better. Imagine having the holodeck from the world of Star Trek, which was a fully immersive virtual-reality environment for those aboard a ship, but this one is able to both project a beach landscape and re-create a famous Elvis Presley performance in front of your eyes. Indeed, the next moments in our technological evolution promise to turn a host of popular science-fiction concepts into science facts: driverless cars, thought-controlled robotic motion, artificial intelligence (AI) and fully integrated augmented reality, which promises a visual overlay of digital information onto our physical environment. Such developments will join with and enhance elements of our natural world. This is our future, and these remarkable things are already beginning to take shape. That is what makes working in the technology industry so exciting today. It’s not just because we have a chance to invent and build amazing new devices or because of the scale of technological and intellectual challenges we will try to conquer; it’s because of what these developments will mean for the world.
Eric Schmidt (The New Digital Age: Reshaping the Future of People, Nations and Business)
Grant had a theory about which kinds of circumstances would call for introverted leadership. His hypothesis was that extroverted leaders enhance group performance when employees are passive, but that introverted leaders are more effective with proactive employees. To test his idea, he and two colleagues, professors Francesca Gino of Harvard Business School and David Hofman of the Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina, carried out a pair of studies of their own. In the first study, Grant and his colleagues analyzed data from one of the five biggest pizza chains in the United States. They discovered that the weekly profits of the stores managed by extroverts were 16 percent higher than the profits of those led by introverts—but only when the employees were passive types who tended to do their job without exercising initiative. Introverted leaders had the exact opposite results. When they worked with employees who actively tried to improve work procedures, their stores outperformed those led by extroverts by more than 14 percent. In
Susan Cain (Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking)
One way to get a life and keep it is to put energy into being an S&M (success and money) queen. I first heard this term in Karen Salmansohn’s fabulous book The 30-Day Plan to Whip Your Career Into Submission. Here’s how to do it: be a star at work. I don’t care if you flip burgers at McDonald’s or run a Fortune 500 company. Do everything with totality and excellence. Show up on time, all the time. Do what you say you will do. Contribute ideas. Take care of the people around you. Solve problems. Be an agent for change. Invest in being the best in your industry or the best in the world! If you’ve been thinking about changing professions, that’s even more reason to be a star at your current job. Operating with excellence now will get you back up to speed mentally and energetically so you can hit the ground running in your new position. It will also create good karma. When and if you finally do leave, your current employers will be happy to support you with a great reference and often leave an open door for additional work in the future. If you’re an entrepreneur, look at ways to enhance your business. Is there a new product or service you’ve wanted to offer? How can you create raving fans by making your customer service sparkle? How can you reach more people with your product or service? Can you impact thousands or even millions more? Let’s not forget the M in S&M. Getting a life and keeping it includes having strong financial health as well. This area is crucial because many women delay taking charge of their financial lives as they believe (or have been culturally conditioned to believe) that a man will come along and take care of it for them. This is a setup for disaster. You are an intelligent and capable woman. If you want to fully unleash your irresistibility, invest in your financial health now and don’t stop once you get involved in a relationship. If money management is a challenge for you, I highly recommend my favorite financial coach: David Bach. He is the bestselling author of many books, including The Automatic Millionaire, Smart Women Finish Rich, and Smart Couples Finish Rich. His advice is clear-cut and straightforward, and, most important, it works.
Marie Forleo (Make Every Man Want You: How to Be So Irresistible You'll Barely Keep from Dating Yourself!)
We are tempted (and encouraged) to believe that the kingdom of God spreads throughout the earth by presenting the gospel, through some pat formula, to strangers. That doesn't happen very often. The gospel spread throughout the world of the first centuries by conversations between close friends and relatives, business associates and neighbors-people with whom the passionate Christians already had personal contact. So today the Church grows and expands, and people come to maturity in Christ nearly always through the influence of people they already know and trust, like you. Even the most shy person among us talks to people every day. Most of that talk is idle chatter, not very useful for the advancement of God's kingdom. Every one of those less-than-redemptive conversations is a lost opportunity for extending the Lordship of Jesus. However, if we could learn to enhance the quality of our conversations, we could improve our ability to do what Jesus commanded-make disciples. We could turn that meaningless chatter into a means of God's grace, helping our friends become all God intends for them and enriching their lives (and our own) in the process.
D. Michael Henderson (Making Disciples-One Conversation at a Time)
from the upcoming novel, Agent White: A figure dressed all in black ran across the rooftops in the rain. A black cloak fluttered behind him as he ran two and sometimes three stories above the sidewalk where Ezra Beckitt stood. Long silver hair tied back in a ponytail flew out behind him, exposing ears that came to sharp points. His left ear was pierced with a silver ring, high up in the cartilage. Like the old man, this black figure wore a sword; but this weapon was long and thin, slightly curved. The blade stuck out behind him for three and a half feet, almost seeming to glow against the grey backdrop of the rain-soaked cityscape. Suddenly, the figure in black looked down into the street and saw Ezra there. More, he saw Ezra seeing him. Startled, he lost his sure footing and slid down the steep incline of an older building’s metal roof, the busy street below waiting to catch him in an asphalt embrace. The figure in black got his feet under himself and pushed, flying out into space above the street. For an eternity Ezra watched him, suspended in the air and the rain with his cloak spread in midnight ripples around him, and then the figure in black flipped neatly and landed on the sidewalk half a block away. The pavement cracked, pushing up in twisted humps around the figure in black’s tall leather boots. Before the sound of this impact even reached Ezra the figure was up and gone, dashing through the morning throngs waiting for buses or headed to the ‘tram station. Ezra saw a girl’s hair blow back in the wind created by his passing, but she never noticed him. A young techie blinked his 20-20’s (Ezra’s own enhanced senses picked up the augmented eyes because of a strange, silvery glow in the pupils) and turned halfway around, almost seeing him. And then the figure in black darted into an alley, gone. Ezra drew his service weapon and ran after, pushing his way through the sidewalk traffic. Turning into the alley he skidded to a stop, stunned; the figure in black was still there. The alley was just wide enough to accommodate Ezra’s shoulders- he couldn’t have held his arms out at his sides. Dumpsters spilled their trash out onto the wet pavement. The alley ended in a fire door, the back exit of a store on the next street over. Even if it was locked, Ezra didn’t think it would pose a real problem for the figure in black. No, he was waiting for him. Ezra advanced with his gun out in front of him, and his eyes locked with the figure in black’s. His were completely black- no pupils, no corneas, only solid black that held no light. The figure in black smiled, exposing teeth that looked very sharp, and laid his hand on the hilt of his sword. He wore leather gloves with the fingers cut off. His fingers were very long and very white. “Don’t even think about it,” Ezra said, clicking the safety off his weapon. “I am a Hatis City Guard, an if you move I will put you down.” This only seemed to amuse the figure in black, whose smiled widened as he drew his sword. Ezra opened fire.
Michael Kanuckel
Some have argued that capitalism promotes democracy, because of common norms of transparency, rule of law, and free competition—for markets, for ideas, for votes. In some idealized world, capitalism may enhance democracy, but in the history of the West, democracy has expanded by limiting the power of capitalists. When that project fails, dark forces are often unleashed. In the twentieth century, capitalism coexisted nicely with dictatorships, which conveniently create friendly business climates and repress independent worker organizations. Western capitalists have enriched and propped up third-world despots who crush local democracy. Hitler had a nice understanding with German corporations and bankers, who thrived until the unfortunate miscalculation of World War II. Communist China works hand in glove with its capitalist business partners to destroy free trade unions and to preserve the political monopoly of the Party. Vladimir Putin presides over a rigged brand of capitalism and governs in harmony with kleptocrats. When push comes to shove, the story that capitalism and democracy are natural complements is a myth. Corporations are happy to make a separate peace with dictators—and short of that, to narrow the domain of civic deliberation even in democracies. After Trump’s election, we saw corporations standing up for immigrants and saluting the happy rainbow of identity politics, but lining up to back Trump’s program of gutting taxes and regulation. Some individual executives belatedly broke with Trump over his racist comments, but not a single large company has resisted the broad right-wing assault on democracy that began long before Trump, and all have been happy with the dismantling of regulation. If democracy is revived, the movement will come from empowered citizens, not from corporations.
Robert Kuttner (Can Democracy Survive Global Capitalism?)
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A.S. Bhalla
7 TRUTHS ABOUT MONEY, WORTH, HAPPINESS & CHOICE 1. Money does not validate your personal worth. Just because the financial world uses the term "worth" as it applies to business, does not mean it applies to you as a person. People get that mixed up all the time and it's dangerous. You are worthy just for being. Remember that. You are priceless. 2. When you like yourself regardless of the size of your bank account, success will follow because you're already successful. Think about it. Success begets success. Deal with that self-loathing garbage that holds you back, like yourself and get to work. 3. Don't try to validate your personal worth with money. If you do, your self-esteem may go up or down with the size of your bank account or the success or failure of your next venture. That's no way to live. 4. The fallacy is that the more money you have the happier you are. Some of the saddest people in the world are filthy rich. That said, some of the happiest people are filthy rich. Likewise, some of the saddest people and some of the happiest people are dirt poor. Money is not the deciding factor in your happiness. You are the deciding factor in your own happiness. Take 100% responsibility for your life and watch magic happen. 5. Now don't get me wrong. I live in the 21st century too. Money is like air. You don't know how important it is until it runs out. Money to humans is like water to fish. You can't live without it. Money is how we survive and money impacts our happiness, freedom, how and where we live and our ability to make various choices. 6. In the end, a) money will never determine your personal worth because you are worthy just by the fact that you are here, b) money may impact your happiness, but happiness is a choice regardless of the size of your bank account, and c) money is necessary to survive and enhances your circumstance. 7) Bringing it all together: given a choice (which you are if you are reading this mini-essay), why not a) choose to believe you are already worthy regardless of your financial situation, b) make happiness a habit, and c) get a mentor to learn how to earn more income so you never run out of air or water?
Richie Norton
In the present time, Information Technology has emerged as one of the most promising Industries across the globe. Globally for the reduction of cost, time and efforts involved in the production and supply of the goods and services has made whole business world to adopt the technological support. And due to this reason only Software development have emerged as a important means of growth of IT Industry in India. Software Development Companies in India Have played a crucial role in rapid development of Software industry in India. These Companies Constantly improve and enhance the world of computers and technology. With the help of Software development all the complicated machines whether its computers, laptops, mobile phones or navigation devices all these machines are the way they are today performing various tasks successfully. As Software Development is having a essential role in many industries, so organizations have realized their importance for improving themselves in various aspects of management. Software Development have increased the productivity of the businesses by reducing the human efforts and errors. This increased demand in the Software Development have also given rise to high demand of Software Development Companies everywhere. Even there is a huge demand of best Software Company in Lucknow as Lucknow being capital of U.P have become a growing market for various industries and now almost every offline brand has setup into online businesses of their products and services. As the number of internet users are increasing day by day so are the businesses entering into the online so that they could influence customers online. Besides Software Development many other web solutions like web hosting, web development and website designing services have great demand in the market also therefore, Software Companies have started offering all these services along with software development. Software Industry is flooded with various software companies which are also Website Development Company in Lucknow offering various web based services but it is required by you to choose wisely which company to choose to help your business sustain successfully in long run and stay ahead of its competitors in the market. The company is choosen such that which provide good quality software’s in affordable price.
The Best Tips For Marketing Your Dental Lab Services Business A single dental lab services business owner will find it a complex task in making their concept generate higher profits and revenue. It's tricky to find the most appropriate method to develop your market share and improve your sales. In order to expand your dentalgroup business dramatically, you should analyze popular marketing techniques to discover which works best for your industry. When you are putting together a marketing program, some of the tips below will help you be more successful. When companies only offer products of the highest quality, they are going to likely to find they are extremely profitable. When you offer the highest quality output, you will be able to watch your sales and reserve resources grow. It is commonplace for a customer to refer your dental lab services business when they are happy with their experience. If you are persistent about trying to be outstanding in your industry, you are destined for success. When you begin a web dental lab services business, it's vital to be patient and stay focused until the paying customers come in. The success of your dentalgroup business depends on the time, energy, and resources you invest at the beginning. Your most important goals should be the key focus whenever your dentalgroup business gets to the first quiet period. Dental lab services business owners must keep the growth and expansion of their businesses first and foremost in their minds, or the results will be disastrous. When a dentalgroup provides them with excellent customer service, customers will always return to make more purchases. The very best way to lose customers is to provide poor customer service. If your dentalgroup has a history of having the very best service, customers will stick with you when introducing new services. Your biggest competition is the dental lab services business that swears by their excellent products and services. Building a dental lab services business from the ground up is a big challenge for anyone whether they're an expert or even a first time owner. Thoroughly educate yourself before going into dentalgroup business for yourself. By having a solid plan and doing some research and leg work, you will have the ability to start a lucrative dentalgroup business. The internet is host to so many sources on how to start a dentalgroup business that it would be in your very best interest to log on and start searching. For your dental lab services business to succeed, you need to build an army of loyal customers. If you do a survey of multi-generational businesses, you'll see that a great many of them interact with their customers the same way they would with a favorite family member. It'll be commonplace for successful businesses to take great care in guarding and enhancing their online reputation at every given opportunity. Turn to the internet for some great techniques on how to lessen the negative impact of an unfavorable review. For more information, Visit us at: Stephen Coates, D.D.S., Inc. Address:3303 E. Broadway Long Beach, CA 90803 Phone: (526) 434-6414
Stephen Coates, D.D.S., Inc.
Clutter causes confusion and provides unnecessary stressors for children.  Research notes that physical environments affect a child’s overall competency.  Rearranging or redesigning your child’s space can enhance positive behavior as well. 
B.J. Knights (The Busy Mom's Guide To Speed Cleaning And Organizing: How To Organize, Clean, And Keep Your Home Spotless)
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Golden Rules for Selecting the Right Pos System
The essence of business consulting Business consulting is becoming a well-liked hit everywhere in the world. Consultation providers are important to business folks since they help them in making informative choices. That is solely potential after serving to them understand the workforce within the enterprise world. Managers who analyze the functionality of their businesses are bound to make higher earnings than those that don’t consult an expert for surveillance. They should perceive the risks concerned, weaknesses and strengths in order for their businesses to survive competition. It is with enterprise consulting that companies are capable of analyze as well as improve upon their strategic operations. This turns into attainable because of the experience across assorted fields translating into a spectrum of new ideas. Any effective enterprise consulting will allow you to faucet into their varied sources, capabilities as well as services. Your online business will take pleasure in proven approaches, ideas and even methods. Because of this you would not have to reinvent the wheel again. You make use of confirmed strategies and construct upon them. In spite of everything, this can ultimately translate into increased productiveness in addition to more sales for your online business. As a Richmond Business Help way to grow to be more productive in addition to worthwhile, the companies of a enterprise consulting cannot be ignored. Simply just remember to are on the same page as them. It's highly vital for a business to be on the identical wavelength as their enterprise consulting team. The enterprise states its wishes whereas the enterprise consultants rework it into an achievable aim. The business states its desires and the enterprise consultants define whether or not it's practical and the simplest method to turn dreams into reality. Involving a professional guide will information you in making crucial choices. They usually present you with different scenarios that are more likely to happen in the market in the present day. Additionally they explain how your decisions are prone to impression on what you are promoting in the future. In addition they present strategies on find out how to diversify the product line rather than relying on a single product. They are going to guide you to ensure that there's utmost progress and competition is at per. Enterprise consultants enhance the information stage of a business. Their data is effective. They've been involved in varied tasks earlier than and understand all of the facets involved in the planning process. Additionally they have a clear understanding of the dangers concerned in each enterprise growth step. You possibly can due to this fact depend upon them for the event of your enterprise.
Thompson Brothers
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Marc: “You only ever experience two emotions: euphoria and terror. And I find that lack of sleep enhances them both.
Ben Horowitz (The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers)
fully Westernized acorns, they went about their business with purposeful energy; and since they were midlife, baby-boomer acorns, they engaged in a lot of self-help courses. There were seminars called “Getting All You Can out of Your Shell.” There were woundedness and recovery groups for acorns who had been bruised in their original fall from the tree. There were spas for oiling and polishing those shells and various acornopathic therapies to enhance longevity and well-being.
Beatrice Chestnut (The Complete Enneagram: 27 Paths to Greater Self-Knowledge)
fully Westernized acorns, they went about their business with purposeful energy; and since they were midlife, baby-boomer acorns, they engaged in a lot of self-help courses. There were seminars called “Getting All You Can out of Your Shell.” There were woundedness and recovery groups for acorns who had been bruised in their original fall from the tree. There were spas for oiling and polishing those shells and various acornopathic therapies to enhance longevity and well-being. One day in the midst of this kingdom there suddenly appeared a knotty little stranger, apparently dropped “out of the blue” by a passing bird. He was capless and dirty, making an immediate negative impression on his fellow acorns. And crouched beneath the oak tree, he stammered out a wild tale. Pointing upward at the tree, he said, “We…are…that!”  
Beatrice Chestnut (The Complete Enneagram: 27 Paths to Greater Self-Knowledge)
is embedded in an organization in which most people are continually questioning why the project is being done at all. Projects make sense to people if they address the needs of important customers, if they positively impact the organization’s needs for profit and growth, and if participating in the project enhances the career opportunities of talented employees. When a project doesn’t have these characteristics, its manager spends much time and energy justifying why it merits resources and cannot manage the project as effectively. Frequently
Clayton M. Christensen (Disruptive Innovation: The Christensen Collection (the Innovator's Dilemma, the Innovator's Solution, the Innovator's DNA, and Harvard Business Review Article "How Will You Measure Your Life?") (4 Items))
Applied Film Technology in Virginia Beach is an Exclusive LLumar SelectPro Dealer Specializing in Auto Window Tinting, Residential Window Tinting, and Commercial Window Tinting. Our Films will greatly enhance the look, functionality, comfort, and energy efficiency of glass for your car, home, or building. Benefits include blocking harmful UV rays, reducing heat and glare, adding privacy and security, and protection from interiors fading. It will also lower energy bills for your home or business.
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Most businesses have the goal of getting as big as possible. Supreme, on the other hand, strives to remain underground and boutique, growing only when they deem it will enhance the brand. As style writer Glenn O’Brien put it, “Supreme is a company that refuses to sell out.” But why? Well, first off, because it wouldn’t be authentic to who they are, what they do, and what they’re into. For instance, when asked why they wouldn’t expand into women’s wear, Jebbia simply replied, “It’s not what we know.” And that’s all they’ve done—manifest an authentic reflection of their core beliefs with unyielding discipline. Supreme is a reflection of Jebbia’s life experiences and pas- sions. It just happened that his passion for “cool and unusual things for young people” was in harmony with the global youth movement that his brand has come to represent. Supreme continues to succeed on a massive scale because they have the discipline to focus their resources on creating great products rather than over-expanding. Or, as Jebbia puts it, “Staying true to what you do best has played a major role in our longevity. I would like people to see that we’re a small, independent skate company that has done our own thing, in our own way, over many years, and will hopefully continue to do so.
Alan Philips (The Age of Ideas: Unlock Your Creative Potential)
Life is too short for confusion; and knowledge grows and progress proceeds along avenues of system which prevent retardation and retrogression, so that he who systematizes his knowledge or business, simplifies and enhances it for his successor, enabling him to begin, with a free mind, where he left off.
Napoleon Hill (The Prosperity Bible: The Greatest Writings of All Time on the Secrets to Wealth and Prosperity)
Marc Andreessen attempted to cheer me up with a not-so-funny-at-the-time joke: Marc: “Do you know the best thing about startups?” Ben: “What?” Marc: “You only ever experience two emotions: euphoria and terror. And I find that lack of sleep enhances them both.
Ben Horowitz (The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers)
Saginaw and Weinzweig had no interest in pursuing acquisitions or moving to another location, and they knew of no alternative growth strategies for small companies like theirs. So they did a lot of reading, thinking, and talking—meeting regularly to discuss their ideas at a picnic table next to the deli. They wrote vision statements and then rewrote them, soliciting input from people inside and outside the business. By 1994, the outlines of a grand design had emerged. It was called the Zingerman’s Community of Businesses, or ZCoB, for short. Weinzweig and Saginaw envisioned a company comprised of twelve to fifteen separate businesses by 2009. The new businesses would be small and located in the Ann Arbor area. Each would bear the Zingerman’s name but would have its own specialty and identity, and all would be designed to enhance the quality of food and service offered to Zingerman’s customers while improving the financial performance of ZCoB and its components. There was already a bakery, Zingerman’s Bakehouse, as well as the deli. There could also be a training company, a mail order business, a caterer, a creamery, a restaurant or two, a vegetable stand—you name it.
Bo Burlingham (Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big)
Whatever variant of freedom is espoused, a basic income would enhance it. However, in the liberal tradition a basic income would be both necessary and sufficient, if judged high enough to meet basic needs. In the republican tradition, however, basic income would be necessary but not sufficient; other institutions and policies would be needed properly to advance freedom. A basic income would strengthen the following prosaic or day-to-day freedoms: — the freedom to refuse a job that is onerous, boring, low-paying or just nasty; — the freedom to accept a job that is none of the above but which could not be accepted if financial necessity dictated; — the freedom to stay in a job that pays less than previously or that has become more financially insecure; — the freedom to start a small-scale business venture, which is risky but potentially rewarding; — the freedom to do care work for a relative or friend, or voluntary work in and for the community, that might not be feasible if financial necessity required long hours of paid labour; — the freedom to do creative work and activities of all kinds; — the freedom to risk learning new skills or competences; — the freedom from bureaucratic interference, prying and coercion; — the freedom to form relationships and perhaps set up ‘home’ with someone, often precluded today by financial insecurity; — the freedom to leave a relationship that has turned sour or abusive; — the freedom to have a child; — the freedom to be lazy once in a while, a vital freedom to which we will return. Would alternative social policies do as well on any of these counts? At the very least, a social protection policy should be neutral on behavioural freedom, not moralistic, directive, coercive or punitive. The
Guy Standing (Basic Income: And How We Can Make It Happen)
9 Surefire Signs Your Colleagues Are Toxic Resigned specialist Greg Baer, M.D. once oversaw one of the busiest eye-surgery hones in the nation. However regardless of every one of his achievements and riches, he felt unfilled and miserable which prompted his close suicide. In his look for enduring satisfaction, he took in the extraordinary rule that have prompted the respectable mission of The Real Love® Company which he established: “We educate the genuine significance of adoration, supplanting annoyance and perplexity with peace and trust in singular lives and connections.” Presently a fruitful writer, speaker and business visionary for about two decades, the book that truly got my consideration is Real Love in the Workplace: Eight Principles for Consistently Effective Leadership in Business. In his second standard of “Individuals Behave Badly Because They Don’t Feel Loved,” Dr. Baer says that an absence of bona fide cherish in individuals, particularly those in administration parts, prompts an unfortunate quest for power and control over others. “When we can control the conduct of other individuals, we encounter an impression of energy that quickly gives us a snapshot of alleviation from our deplorable feeling of sadness.” He includes, “The vast majority of us mishandle control each day, yet we don’t remember it since this conduct is so regular in our way of life. Dangerous work practices to know. With a specific end goal to recognize the harsh practices of energy that upsets steadfast laborers and transforms the working environment into a smothering, fear-based weight cooker, Dr. Baer records a few dangerous practices that we may as of now know about, however don’t commonly connect with the power he discusses. It’s a great opportunity to give careful consideration – do any of these look commonplace? 1. Chatter. At the point when individuals discuss others behind their backs, says Dr. Baer, they’re in a position to hurt them and apply control over their notorieties. While you’re tattling companions or associates won’t let it be known, they appreciate that sentiment control and ought to be managed quickly. 2. Withholding data. Dr. Baer cautions of such a person who controls or accumulates data: “You’ve had the experience of requiring data from somebody who delighted in keeping it from you, or who distributed out one piece at any given moment. Your disappointment gave the other individual a sentiment control.” 3. Spilling privileged insights. Dr. Baer expresses, “Huge numbers of us want to share insider facts, in light of the fact that in those minutes we control the discussion.” As soon as you hear the words “Need to hear a mystery?” leave a colleague’s mouth, that is a reasonable cautioning sign you’re working with a dangerous individual. 4. Manhandle of expert. Focus on your administrator. Many mishandle their positional specialist to scare individuals into doing what they need, or to concur with them notwithstanding when the group knows there’s a superior game-plan. A few chiefs neglect to appoint intentionally to control every one of the choices, even the littlest ones. Dr. Baer says, “That approach is wasteful and a misuse of administration, however it gives the supervisor a sentiment (control). 5. Smothering inventiveness. At the point when chiefs pound the immense thoughts originating from their workers that will enhance an item or the business in some respect, it gives them a genuine feeling of energy, at the cost of withdrawing and demotivating their representatives. 6. Feedback. Dr. Baer states, “Discovering deficiency with others is such a simple hobby, and for those with a requirement for control, each twisted incurred is a wellspring of awesome fulfillment.
Once upon a time, in a not-so-far-away land, there was a kingdom of acorns, nestled at the foot of a grand old oak tree. Since the citizens of this kingdom were modern, fully Westernized acorns, they went about their business with purposeful energy; and since they were midlife, baby-boomer acorns, they engaged in a lot of self-help courses. There were seminars called “Getting All You Can out of Your Shell.” There were woundedness and recovery groups for acorns who had been bruised in their original fall from the tree. There were spas for oiling and polishing those shells and various acornopathic therapies to enhance longevity and well-being. One day in the midst of this kingdom there suddenly appeared a knotty little stranger, apparently dropped “out of the blue” by a passing bird. He was capless and dirty, making an immediate negative impression on his fellow acorns. And crouched beneath the oak tree, he stammered out a wild tale. Pointing upward at the tree, he said, “We…are…that!
Beatrice Chestnut (The Complete Enneagram: 27 Paths to Greater Self-Knowledge)
A number of factors contribute to the development of an individual’s “practiced self-deception.” First, people who live primarily in fantasy confuse fantasy images with real, goal-directed action. They believe that they are actively pursuing their goals, when in fact they are not taking the steps necessary for success. For example, an executive in the business world may only perform the functions that enhance an image of himself as the “boss,” and leave essential management tasks unattended. The distinction between the image of success and its actual achievement is blurred. Retreat from action-oriented behavior is masked by the person’s focus on superficial signs and activities that preserve vanity and the fantasy image. Secondly, involvement in fantasy distorts one’s perception of reality, making self-deception more possible. Kierkegaard (1849/1954) alluded to this power of fantasy to attract and deceive when he observed: Sometimes the inventiveness of the human imagination suffices to procure possibility. Instead of summoning back possibility into necessity, the man pursues the possibility—and at last cannot find his way back to himself. (p. 77, 79) Thirdly, through its assigned roles and its rules for role-designated behavior, including age-appropriate activities, our culture actively supports people’s tendencies to give themselves up to more and more passivity and fantasy as they move through the life process. In addition, the discrepancy between society’s professed values on the one hand, and how society actually operates, on the other, tends to distort a person’s perceptions of reality, further confusing the difference between idealistic fantasies and actual accomplishments. The general level of pretense, duplicity, and deception existing in our society contributes to everyone’s disillusionment, cynicism, resignation, and passivity. The pooling of the individual defenses and fantasies of all society’s members makes it possible for each person to practice self-delusion under the guise of normalcy. Thus chronic self-denial becomes a socially acceptable defense against death anxiety.
Robert W. Firestone (The Fantasy Bond: Structure of Psychological Defenses)
The C can enhance the A’s reputation by ensuring that the A’s ideas are contextualised; the cause is well articulated and embraced; and business is conducted in the tone the A would like.
Richard Hytner (Consiglieri: Leading from the Shadows)
Gud Mould Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of plastic injection moulds and die-casting moulds. Founded in 2007, Gud Mould Industry Co., Ltd. covers an area of 7000 square meters and has more than 100 experienced staffs, of which more than 30 with years of experience in plastic engineering and die-casting. To meet customers' higher requirements for product quality and greater demand for mould production, we constantly introduce advanced equipment, technology and talents at home and abroad to enhance our production means and technical support, constantly expand processing area to increase our production capacity. At present, Gud Mould has a large number of international advanced CNC machining centers, EDM, WEDM, milling machines, tool grinders and other precision die and mould processing equipment; imported spectrometers, metallographic analyzers, water capacity detectors, coordinate detectors, gauges and other international advanced detection equipment and instruments. Gud Mould's die design and production all realize computerization, apply International advanced AutoCAD, Pro/E, UG, Cimatron, MASTERCAM, etc. File of IGS, DXF, STP, PORASLD and so on are acceptable here. After receiving drawings and data from customers, engineers of Gud Mould design and program first. Manufacture, produce and inspect them strictly according to the drawings of mould engineering. All manufacturing processes realize digitalization of drawings, so as to ensure stability of high precision and high quality of dies. All materials of die are made of high quality steel and precision standard die base, which ensures service performance and life of die. In line with principle of customer first, we provide the best quality, delivery date, quality service and reasonable price, absolutely guarantee interests of customers, and provide confidentiality commitment to all technical information of customers. Gud Mould Industry Co., Ltd. has always adhered to business philosophy of "people-oriented, quality first", and has been making progress and developing steadily. Although Gud Mould is medium-sized, it has been recognized by well-known domestic enterprises such as Chang'an, Changfei, Hafei, Lifan, Ford in China, and has established a good reputation among domestic customers. In 2018, we set up overseas department, which mainly develops overseas markets. We sincerely welcome you to visit our company and expand your business!
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Look at every job as a paid education; once you have learned all you can from a particular job, move on to another job until you have learned and saved enough to start your own business. So, if you are unhappy with your current employment, take my grandfather’s advice, i.e., look at your current position as a paid education, work another part-time job to enhance your education, find another job to continue your paid education, and then, start your own business to increase your income.
Robert G. Beard Jr. (The Best Kept Secret to Financial Freedom)
Yeastar Dubai offers business communication to enhance Productivity for small and medium size businesses. Yeastar offer reliable and cost-effective VoIP Telephony products for SMB and Medium-size enterprises. Yeastar products are ideally suited for an office telephone system, hotel telephone system and school telephone system. Yeastar Telephone system will help you Make teams more mobile and responsive.
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Skills Mistakes: Leadership Too Weak, Communication Too Poor Undervaluing and underinvesting in the human side of innovation is another common mistake. Top managers frequently put the best technical people in charge, not the best leaders. These technically oriented managers, in turn, mistakenly assume that ideas will speak for themselves if they are any good, so they neglect external communication. Or they emphasize tasks over relationships, missing opportunities to enhance the team chemistry necessary to turn undeveloped concepts into useful innovations. Groups that are convened without attention to interpersonal skills find it difficult to embrace collective goals, take advantage of the different strengths various members bring, or communicate well enough to share the tacit knowledge that is still unformed and hard to document while an innovation is under development. It takes time to build the trust and interplay among team members that will spark great ideas. MIT researchers have found that for R&D team members to be truly productive, they have to have been on board for at least two years. At one point, Pillsbury realized that the average length of time the company took to go from new product idea to successful commercialization was 24 to 26 months, but the average length of time people spent on product teams was 18 months. No wonder the company was falling behind in innovation.
Harvard Business School Press (HBR's 10 Must Reads on Innovation (with featured article "The Discipline of Innovation," by Peter F. Drucker))
everyone is busy making everything, how can anyone perfect anything? We start to confuse convenience with joy. Abundance with choice. Digital infinity. Designing something requires focus. The first thing we ask is: What do we want people to feel? Delight. Surprise. Love. Connection. Then we begin to craft around our intention. It takes time. There are a thousand no’s for every yes. We simplify, we perfect, we start over, until everything we touch enhances each life it touches. —A
Bernadette Jiwa (Meaningful: The Story of Ideas That Fly)
Economy is directly affected because of secondary market. Primary market is not like that. Money raised directly flows into the hand of companies. That is deployed in new projects and businesses ventures. They in turn create more employment opportunities and tend to produce goods that eventually enhance the quality of living standards.   Some greedy promoters throw ordinary middle class retail investors out of the system by selling their companies at high prices and subsequently hurting those retail investors. This is a bad omen for the economy.
Chellamuthu Kuppusamy (The Science of Stock Market Investment - Practical Guide to Intelligent Investors)
Harvard economist Theodore Levitt was the first authority to write about what he called the total product.2 A total product has four dimensions that marketers, executives, and support people need to understand if they want customers to appreciate the value of what they are selling:   1.Generic What your product is — software, a suitcase, etc. 2.Expected The essential features and benefits the product must provide, e.g., a refrigerator has to cool food. 3.Value-Added Features and benefits that exceed customer expectations. 4.Potential Future enhancements to value based on what customers want. Levitt’s thinking was daring but limited because it focused on features and benefits but not the overall customer experience. Then in 1999, Geoffrey A. Moore took Levitt’s ideas to the next logical level with his book, Crossing the Chasm. According to Moore, the way to create a “whole” product is to think through both your customer’s problems and solutions. It’s not enough to address the core product — you have to think about everything needed to get your customer from consideration to an imperative to buy. This can be everything from the installation of the product to training to procedural standards to integrations, whether they are provided by your company or achieved using partners.3 “The product is the complete experience and the relationship you and the customer share.” Moore moved beyond features and benefits — bigger iPhones with higher camera resolution — to something else: Being the solution to customers’ problems. Doing that requires more than visionary engineers and brilliant designers. It means getting to know your customers, learning what they care about, and learning to care about them. That’s why Moore is the grandfather of the CPE.
Brian de Haaff (Lovability: How to Build a Business That People Love and Be Happy Doing It)
The web nearness of your organization assumes a huge part in the accomplishment of your business. These days, business people like to do online research of your organization and study your site completely before contributing or marking any business contract. Business visionaries who are not usual with web extends and don't know how to choose the ideal website architecture organization regularly arrive up picking the wrong one. Benefiting the administrations of a wrong website architecture firm can deliver pulverizing impacts and influence your business unfavorably. In any case, as indicated by website architecture specialists, there are few focuses which ought to be mulled over while choosing the ideal website architecture organization. Such focuses may include: Website architecture Pricing: Decent quality web architecture guarantees fantastic business openings. In the realm of web outlining, a great quality Designer requests a nice cost, while a minimal effort likens to pitiable quality. In any case, few web organizations offer starting quotes and shroud the genuine cost which in the long run heaps up. In few cases, regularly customer’s grumble of working with "Markdown Web Design Companies" which guarantees of a diminished cost however brings about loss of time alongside cash. Subsequently, choice of web organizations on the premise of estimating ought to be deliberately directed. Search engine optimization Services: Such administrations concentrate on enhancing the positioning of your site in different web indexes like Google and Bing. Higher web search tools draw in the natural leads, which are gotten without paying a penny to Google. On the off chance that the viability of SEO is dismissed, even a pulling in and magnificent showcasing system won't have the capacity to draw in guests to your site.
PERSONAL PROFILE FOR EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION Consider the following list of twelve characteristics that are central to communicating both in an interview and on the job. If you feel you are lacking in a particular category, you can use the explanations and suggestions given to enhance your interactive ability in the workplace. 1. Activation of PMA. Use positive thinking techniques such as internal coaching. 2. Physical appearance. Make sure to dress appropriately for the event. In most interviews, business attire (a suit or sport coat and tie for men; a suit, dress, or tailored pants for women) is recommended. What you wear to the interview communicates not only how important the event is to you but your ability to assess a situation and how you should behave in it. Appropriate grooming is essential, both in an interview and on the job. 3. Posture. Carry yourself with confidence. Let your posture communicate that you are a winner. Keep your face on a vertical plane, spine straight, shoulders comfortably back. By simply straightening up and using the diaphragmatic breathing you learned in Chapter 6 (which proper posture encourages), you will feel much better about yourself. Others will perceive you in a more positive light as well. 4. Rate of speech. Your rate of speech ought to be appropriate for the specific situation and person or persons it is intended for. Too fast is annoying, and too slow is boring. A good way to pace your speech is to speak at close to the rate of the person who is talking to you. 5. Eye contact. Absolutely essential for successful communication. Occasionally, you should avert your gaze briefly in order to avoid staring. But try not to look down at your lap or let your eyes wander all around the room as you speak. This suggests a lack of confidence and an inability to stay on track. 6. Facial expressions. You gain more credibility when you are open and expressive. The warmer personality will seem stronger and more confident. And perhaps most important, remember to smile in conversation. If you seem interested and enthusiastic, it will enhance the chemistry between you and the interviewer or your supervisor. You can develop the ability to use facial expressions to your advantage through a kind of biofeedback that makes use of the mirror and continuously experimenting in real life. Look at your reflection for several minutes. Practice being relaxed and create the expressions that are appropriate. Do you look interested? Alert? Motivated? Practice responding to an interviewer. Impress the “muscle memory” of these expressions into your mind.
Jonathan Berent (Beyond Shyness: How to Conquer Social Anxieties)
You’ve begun to master several techniques for controlling your anxiety. You’re learning the finer points of interaction and studying ways to apply your interactive skills. The next step is to add community resources—relevant agencies, groups, and organizations—to your self-help program. As you consider your particular needs, look to your own community for ways to enhance your social system: Parks and recreation departments, churches and synagogues, singles groups, self-help groups, clubs, volunteer organizations, business associations—there is an infinite array of resources to choose from. Contact your local chamber of commerce, consult newspapers for upcoming activities, and even inquire at area shops about any clubs or groups that share an interest (for example, ask at a garden center about a garden club, at a bookstore about a book club, and so on). Working through the exercises in this book is merely one component of a total self-help program. To progress from background knowledge to practical application, you must venture beyond your home and workplace (and beyond the confines of a therapist’s office, if you are in counseling). For people with social anxiety an outside system of resources is the best place to work on interactive difficulties. Here are three excellent reasons to use community resources: 1. To facilitate self-help. Conquering social anxiety necessitates interaction and involvement within the community, which is your laboratory. Using community resources creates a practical means of refining your skills and so moving forward on your individual map for change. 2. To diminish loneliness. Becoming part of the community provides the opportunity to develop personal and professional contacts that can enhance your life in many ways. 3. To network. Community involvement will not only give you the chance to improve your interactive skills, but will allow you to promote your academic or work life as well as your social life. Building connections on different levels can be the key. Any setting can provide a good opportunity for networking. In fact, I met the writer who helped me with this book in a fairly unlikely place—on the basketball court! A mutual friend introduced us, and when the subject of our professional interests came up, we saw the opportunity to work together on this project. You never know!
Jonathan Berent (Beyond Shyness: How to Conquer Social Anxieties)
The Union of South Africa divided the functionality of government between Cape Town and Pretoria. Cape Town was the Administrative Capital and Pretoria served as the Legislative Capital. Consequently, many of the politicians divided their time between the two cities and there were always gala events in both cities. Lucia was the perfect hostess at home and the belle of the ball at Events of State and formal holiday parties. The dividing line between the “swells” and those of a lower standing was very apparent. The blacks were at the very bottom of the list and the privileged few were at the top. Apartheid was alive and well! The social structure was very much the same as it was in the American Deep South in Antebellum days and in both cases became accepted as normal. For Uncle Mannie and Aunty Lucia life was beyond good. They lived in a beautiful home and their every need was tended to by their servants, who were always treated well, but were never the less thought of as subservient to them. It was the established way of life and it was just the way it was. Written and unwritten rules regarding their interaction were strict but accepted and no one objected to them. Every day the commuter trains brought the black laborers into the city to work, mostly in the mines. The more privileged Caucasian men planed their ongoing business transactions and expansion in wealth at their exclusive clubs, while their wives socialized, organizing charitable events. Frequently to break the monotony of their daily lives they colluded clandestinely with lovers, thereby enhancing an otherwise affluent but shallow existence.
Hank Bracker
Our business model has been to partner with bigger firms and team on projects to gain experience. A bigger firm always enhances my smaller firm’s position.
Linda Rawson (The Minority and Woman-Owned Small Business Guide to Government Contracts: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started)
Once upon a time, in a not-so-far-away land, there was a kingdom of acorns, nestled at the foot of a grand old oak tree. Since the citizens of this kingdom were modern, fully Westernized acorns, they went about their business with purposeful energy; and since they were midlife, baby-boomer acorns, they engaged in a lot of self-help courses. There were seminars called “Getting All You Can out of Your Shell.” There were woundedness and recovery groups for acorns who had been bruised in their original fall from the tree. There were spas for oiling and polishing those shells and various acornopathic therapies to enhance longevity and well-being. One day in the midst of this kingdom there suddenly appeared a knotty little stranger, apparently dropped “out of the blue” by a passing bird. He was capless and dirty, making an immediate negative impression on his fellow acorns. And crouched beneath the oak tree, he stammered out a wild tale. Pointing upward at the tree, he said, “We… are… that!” Delusional thinking, obviously, the other acorns concluded, but one of them continued to engage him in conversation: “So tell us, how would we become that tree?” “Well,” he said, pointing downward, “it has something to do with going into the ground …and cracking open the shell.” “Insane,” they responded. “Totally morbid! Why, then we wouldn’t be acorns anymore.” 3
Beatrice Chestnut (The Complete Enneagram: 27 Paths to Greater Self-Knowledge)
15. Shedding The Heavy Unnecessary So, before we go too much further, now is a good chance to acknowledge that maybe, just maybe, we are all a little guilty of sometimes living someone else’s aspirations for us instead of our own. And this is a great time to say ‘No more!’ to living out of fear and other people’s expectations. It is never an easy time to face some of those old negative feelings, but it is always a good time to change the way we pack and what we choose to carry further down the road of our lives and adventures. Ultimately, the more ‘bad’ equipment we carry, the slower we go and the less far we travel. Each of us gets to choose. But when we shed the bad and travel lighter, a few things happen. First up, I bet that you will laugh more, you will worry less and you are much more likely to achieve your dream. Travelling light also keeps us free to adapt our adventures or careers. Free to listen to the calling. How often do great opportunities come to people, but they are too ‘busy’ or maybe too cynical to even notice them, let alone walk through an exciting new doorway. Winston Churchill (him again!) once said words to the effect that everyone gets the chance to make their fortune once, but not everybody takes it. If you’re weighed down, head down and bunged up with emotional junk, you might miss that chance. So look wisely at the ‘baggage’ you carry and your attitudes to the world. They will define you. Do they enhance your life and increase your chances of reaching your dream, or do they hold you back?
Bear Grylls (A Survival Guide for Life: How to Achieve Your Goals, Thrive in Adversity, and Grow in Character)
Expert Tips On Search Engine Optimization That Are Proven To Work Each business with a Web site needs to make Search Engine Optimization (SEO) part of their growth strategy, working to get their site ranked as high as possible on the major search engines. With a little work, a different approach, and these tips, you can get your site ranked well with the search engines. To create more traffic to your site and to improve your standings with search engines, you can write and submit articles to online article directories. The directories make their articles available to countless people who will read your submissions and follow the links back to your site. This has the potential to bring traffic to your site far into the future as these links remain active for many years. To help site crawlers better understand your site, you should use keywords as your anchor text for internal links. Non-descript links such as, "click here," do not help your site as they offer no information to the search engines. This will also help your site to appear more cohesive to human visitors. Be varied in the page titles of your site, but not too lengthy. Targeting over 70 characters will begin to diminish the weight of the page or site. Keep the titles condensed and intersperse a wide variety of your keywords and phrases amongst them. Each individual page will add its own weight to the overall search. In order to optimize incoming links to raise your search engine rankings, try to have links to different parts of your website, not just your homepage. Search engine spiders read links to different parts of your site, as meaning that your site is full of useful and relevant content and therefore, ranks it higher. One way to enhance your standing in website search rankings is to improve the time it takes your website to load. Search engines are looking to deliver the best possible experience to their searchers and now include load time into their search ranking protocols. Slow loading sites get lost in the mix when searchers get impatient waiting for sites to load. Explore ways to optimize your loading process with solutions like compressed images, limited use of Flash animations and relocating JavaScript outside your HTML code. Publish content with as little HTML code as possible. Search engines prefer pages that favor actual content instead of tons of HTML code. In fact, they consistently rank them higher. So, when writing with SEO in mind, keep the code simple and concentrate on engaging your audience through your words. Do not obsess over your page rankings on the search engines. Your content is more important than your rank, and readers realize that. If you focus too much on rank, you may end up accidentally forgetting who your true audience is. Cater to your customers, and your rank will rise on its own. As you can see, you need to increase your site's traffic in order to get ranked higher. This is possible to anyone who is willing to do what it takes. Getting your site ranked with the top search engines is highly possible, and can be done by anyone who will give it a chance.
search rankings
The rewards from detachment are great: serenity; a deep sense of peace; the ability to give and receive love in self-enhancing, energizing ways; and the freedom to find real solutions to our problems. We find the freedom to live our own lives without excessive feelings of guilt about, or responsibility toward others.6 Sometimes detachment even motivates and frees people around us to begin to solve their problems. We stop worrying about them, and they pick up the slack and finally start worrying about themselves. What a grand plan! We each mind our own business.
Melody Beattie (Codependent No More: How to Stop Controlling Others and Start Caring for Yourself)
Greeting the security staff, Mackay led Liz through the atrium into a busy and attractive restaurant. The tablecloths were white linen, the silver and glassware shone, and the dark panorama of the Thames was framed by a curtained sweep of plate glass. Most of the tables were occupied. The muted buzz of conversation dipped for a moment as they entered. Leaving her coat at the desk, Liz followed Mackay to a table overlooking the river. “This is all very nice and unexpected,” she said sincerely. “Thank you for inviting me.” “Thank you for accepting.” “I’m assuming a fair few of these people are your lot?” “One or two of them are, and when you walked across the room just then, you enhanced my standing by several hundred per cent. You will note that we’re being discreetly observed.” She smiled. “I do note it. You should send your colleagues downriver for one of our surveillance courses.” They examined the menus. Leaning forward confidentially, Mackay told Liz that he could predict what she was going to
Stella Rimington (At Risk (Liz Carlyle, #1))
There is an art to the business of making sandwiches which it is given to few ever to find the time to explore in depth. It is a simple task, but the opportunities for satisfaction are many and profound: choosing the right bread for instance. The Sandwich Maker had spent many months in daily consultation and experiment with Grarp the baker and eventually they had between them created a loaf of exactly the consistency that was dense enough to slice thinly and neatly, while still being light, moist and having that fine nutty flavour which best enhanced the savour of roast Perfectly Normal Beast flesh. There was also the geometry of the slice to be refined: the precise relationships between the width and height of the slice and also its thickness which would give the proper sense of bulk and weight to the finished sandwich: here again, lightness was a virtue, but so too were firmness, generosity and that promise of succulence and savour that is the hallmark of a truly intense sandwich experience. The proper tools, of course, were crucial, and many were the days that the Sandwich Maker, when not engaged with the Baker at his oven, would spend with Strinder the Tool Maker, weighing and balancing knives, taking them to the forge and back again. Suppleness, strength, keenness of edge, length and balance were all enthusiastically debated, theories put forward, tested, refined, and many was the evening when the Sandwich Maker and the Tool Maker could be seen silhouetted against the light of the setting sun and the Tool Maker’s forge making slow sweeping movements through the air trying one knife after another, comparing the weight of this one with the balance of another, the suppleness of a third and the handle binding of a fourth. Three knives altogether were required. First there was the knife for the slicing of the bread: a firm, authoritative blade which imposed a clear and defining will on a loaf. Then there was the butter-spreading knife, which was a whippy little number but still with a firm backbone to it. Early versions had been a little too whippy, but now the combination of flexibility with a core of strength was exactly right to achieve the maximum smoothness and grace of spread. The chief amongst the knives, of course, was the carving knife. This was the knife that would not merely impose its will on the medium through which it moved, as did the bread knife; it must work with it, be guided by the grain of the meat, to achieve slices of the most exquisite consistency and translucency, that would slide away in filmy folds from the main hunk of meat. The Sandwich Maker would then flip each sheet with a smooth flick of the wrist on to the beautifully proportioned lower bread slice, trim it with four deft strokes and then at last perform the magic that the children of the village so longed to gather round and watch with rapt attention and wonder. With just four more dexterous flips of the knife he would assemble the trimmings into a perfectly fitting jigsaw of pieces on top of the primary slice. For every sandwich the size and shape of the trimmings were different, but the Sandwich Maker would always effortlessly and without hesitation assemble them into a pattern which fitted perfectly. A second layer of meat and a second layer of trimmings, and the main act of creation would be accomplished.
Douglas Adams (Mostly Harmless (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, #5))
‪There is autotune where a voice can be enhanced, embellished and gently shifted or corrected to pitch.‬ ‪Then there is autotuna which stinks to high hell in the excess of making people sound talented that have little to none at all.‬
Loren Weisman
My suggestion is the necessity of a national policy to provide grid independent solar panel houses to these dwellings which can be extended to other 140 million houses gradually. Also the street lights can be provided on community based solar panels in villages, towns and cities. This will bring to India a vibrant solar panel industry right from innovative development, efficiency enhancement, production, distribution, marketing and maintenance of trouble free solar energy system as a business. This integrated business solution will bring down the cost of solar power generation and also distribution loss. The action of creating solar paneled houses and street lights will release nearly 50,000 to 60,000 MW of power for use by various sectors of the economy propelling national growth. It will also be useful for providing low cost electricity to other developing nations in the world.
A.P.J. Abdul Kalam (The Righteous Life: The Very Best of A.P.J. Abdul Kalam)
Keep your life as simple and efficient as possible. How? Learn with each stumble or failure. Failure is only an opportunity to excel. The perception in which your mind chooses to visualize your challenges in life will enable your successes or enhance your failures.
Paul R. Howe (Leadership and Training for the Fight: Using Special Operations Principles to Succeed in Law Enforcement, Business, and War)
This almost miraculous performance was due to the working of the balance of power, which here produced a result which is normally foreign to it. By its nature that balance effects an entirely different result, namely, the survival of the power units involved; in fact, it merely postulates that three or more units capable of exerting power will always behave in such a way as to combine the power of the weaker units against any increase in power of the strongest. In the realm of universal history balance of power was concerned with states whose independence it served to maintain. But it attained this end only by continuous war between changing partners. The practice of the ancient Greek or the Northern Italian city-states was such an instance; wars between shifting groups of combatants maintained the independence of those states over long stretches of time. The action of the same principle safeguarded for over two hundred years the sovereignty of the states forming Europe at the time of the Treaty of Minster and Westphalia (1648). When, seventy-five years later, in the Treaty of Utrecht, the signatories declared their formal adherence to this principle, they thereby embodied it in a system, and thus established mutual guarantees of survival for the strong and the weak alike through the medium of war. The fact that in the nineteenth century the same mechanism resulted in peace rather than war is a problem to challenge the historian. The entirely new factor, we submit, was the emergence of an acute peace interest. Traditionally, such an interest was regarded as outside the scope of the state system. Peace with its corollaries of crafts and arts ranked among the mere adornments of life. The Church might pray for peace as for a bountiful harvest, but in the realm of state action it would nevertheless advocate armed intervention; governments subordinated peace to security and sovereignty, that is, to intents that could not be achieved otherwise than by recourse to the ultimate means. Few things were regarded as more detrimental to a community than the existence of an organized peace interest in its midst. As late as the second half of the eighteenth century, J. J. Rousseau arraigned trades people for their lack of patriotism because they were suspected of preferring peace to liberty. After 1815 the change is sudden and complete. The backwash of the French Revolution reinforced the rising tide of the Industrial Revolution in establishing peaceful business as a universal interest. Metternich proclaimed that what the people of Europe wanted was not liberty but peace. Gentz called patriots the new barbarians. Church and throne started out on the denationalization of Europe. Their arguments found support both in the ferocity of the recent popular forms of warfare and in the tremendously enhanced value of peace under the nascent economies.
Karl Polanyi (The Great Transformation: The Political and Economic Origins of Our Time)
Facts are important. But stories are vital if you want to enhance reputation.
Mike Sergeant (PR for Humans: How business leaders tell powerful stories)
Hiring associate Mindosol SEO supplier ought to be seen as associate investment in your business. You ought to not read it as an expense, however rather a business strategy and an efficient method of enhancing your business presence among your business. Strive to not begin your search with the intention of "buying some SEO". Hiring associate SEO supplier ought to be viewed rather as hiring associate worker that understands and cares regarding your business and its on-line objectives.
A platform is a raised, level surface on which people or things can stand. A platform business works in just that way: it allows users—producers and consumers of goods, services, and content— to create, communicate, and consume value through the platform. Amazon, Apple’s App Store, eBay, Airbnb, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pay- Pal, YouTube, Uber, Wikipedia, Instagram, etsy, Twitter, Snapchat, Hotel Tonight, Salesforce, Kickstarter, and Alibaba are all platform businesses. While these businesses have done many impressive things, the most relevant to us is that they have created an oppor- tunity for anyone, even those with limited means, to share their thoughts, ideas, creativity, and creations with millions of people at a low cost. Today, if you create a product or have an idea, you can sell that product or share that idea with a substantial audience quickly and cost-effectively through these platforms. Not only that, but the platforms arguably give more power to individuals than corporations since they’re so efficient at identifying ulterior motives or lack of authenticity. The communities on these platforms, many of whom are millennials, know when they’re being sold to rather than shared with, and quickly eliminate those users from their con- sciousness (a/k/a their social media feeds). Now, smaller organizations and less prosperous individuals are able to sell to or share their products, services, or content with more targeted demographics of people. That’s exactly what the modern consumer desires: a more personalized, connected experience. For example, a Brooklyn handbag designer can sell her handbags to a select group of customers through one of the multitude of fashion or shopping platforms and create an ongoing dialogue with her audience through a communication platform such as Instagram. Or an independent filmmaker from Los Angeles can create a short film using a GoPro and the editing software on their Mac and then instantly share it with countless people through one of a dozen video platforms and get direct feedback. Or an author can write a book and sell it directly from his or her website and social channels to anyone who’s excited about it. The reaction to standardization and globalization has been enabled by these platforms. Customers can get what they want, from whomever they want, whenever they want it. It’s a revised and personalized version of globalization that allows us to maintain and enhance the cultural connections that create the meaning we crave in our lives.
Alan Philips (The Age of Ideas: Unlock Your Creative Potential)
The British bankers at that time also controlled the fledgling American banks which offered to loan Abraham Lincoln money to fight the war. Lincoln wisely refused and created the famous Lincoln greenbacks with which he financed the Civil War.38 Abraham Lincoln, in a famous address, declared: “At what point, then, is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us it must spring up among us, it cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen we must live through all time or die of suicide.” 39 Lincoln’s refusal to finance the Union through debt to the internationalists demonstrated his keen insight into their strategy for global dominion. Hence, he financed the Civil War by printing the Lincoln greenbacks. In both respects—with regard to the Civil War and the British bankers’ attempt to seize control of the economics of America—once again the aims of the globalists were frustrated. This is what caused Lincoln’s assassination. Nonetheless, America remained in control of her own credit. The result of this victory was low interest loans for entrepreneurs, which led to great business expansion. This great expansion in the post-Civil War era enhanced the fears of those who sought to bring the world into a One World Order. If America was allowed to continue to expand, she would be a major—perhaps insurmountable—obstacle in the way of their goal. For one hundred years, America was able to avoid total control of her capital by the international bankers. Lincoln was most certainly a great irritant and obstacle to the aspirations of the globalists. He was the last president to seek categorically a halting of the globalists’ drive toward a Global One World Government. It cost him his life; he was murdered by John Wilkes Booth, also an agent of the internationalists.40 America’s emergence from the Civil War as a great industrial power was due to the effective centralization of capital and credit within the Federal Government, thanks to Lincoln. It was America’s control over her own capital that was making her prosperous. It was the aim of the international bankers to change all that. Lincoln was the victim of a major conspiracy—a conspiracy so important that even the European bankers were involved. Lincoln had to be eliminated because he dared to oppose their attempt to force a central bank on the United States. He became an example to those who would later oppose such machinations in high places. Could it be that, one hundred years later, John F.
Kenneth B. Klein (The Deep State Prophecy and the Last Trump)
How to Choose the Right Custom Uniforms and Aprons Too often businesses lose an opportunity to cement their brand in the minds of customers and guests. Through uniform embroidery and custom aprons, companies can take advantage of employee clothing, often unused space marketing to help promote your business logo and brand. Add some flair to your work uniforms and aprons with embroidery. Company uniform is a fantastic long-term investment that not only makes your employees look big, but it's important to cement your brand in the minds of consumers. Embroidery is the perfect decoration techniques to make your business brand to life. The first thing you need to do when checking whether your business should implement embroidered uniforms, work clothes and the apron is to determine who should wear it? You need to check that it comes into direct contact with customers and set up a custom embroidered uniforms for them, pronto! These employees are a marketing opportunity in vain if their work clothes or aprons were left unbranded. For each customer they come into contact with will not associate hard work and good service to your brand. You then have to determine whether staff morale and retaining your staff is important to you. If you answered yes, then embroidered uniforms and aprons will greatly enhance the sense of pride and loyalty for your business. Employees will be proud to wear your branded uniforms. Secondly, you will need to purchase promotional clothing that is not only branded but appropriate job responsibilities of employees and comfort. You do not want to print custom uniforms to hamper the performance of the work. When we look at historical pictures apron whole time, we know that they are derived from functional requirements to keep clothes clean and can carry firewood and timber equipment. Over time, however, aprons have evolved into somewhat of a fashion accessory with people enjoying personalized aprons. Private aprons can come in many forms. Because this is customized, the customer can tell the manufacturer or seamstress exactly what they want to see. Some people like aprons that don say like "Karen's Kitchen ", or a simple sentence, but catchy that defines their cooking persona. Embroidered aprons also very popular. Shape personalized apron is usually a little more expensive than a simple screen-printing but offers an heirloom of sorts. People who are serious about their cooking enjoy embroidered aprons as gifts for all occasions. Companies that offer personal aprons often have a large selection of styles, colors, and sizes to choose from. In addition to adding a name or cute catchphrase, these companies often have a large selection of artwork to further personalize the apron. If you are a cat or a dog lover or have some other enthusiasm or hobby, you can be sure that the patterns are available to suit your personality. Specialty stores online are probably the best place to shop for personalized aprons. Many companies offer personalized aprons for as little as $ 10 each. For this reason, personalized aprons make great gifts.
G&M Salon Apparel
The curious case of a curious mind. Why do you use me only to identify solutions to the problems, when these problems wouldn’t have existed if you have used me at the right time? I never wander, it’s sight that steer me in the different direction. I represent a gift, but some people never takes me out of the gift wraps, may be to enhance my effectiveness but they lose theirs in the process. Being mindful about losing the mind is a mindset which unquestionably makes you lose your mind.
Shahenshah Hafeez Khan
The companies with the highest returns on their technology investments did more than just buy technology; they invested in organizational capital to become digital organizations. Productivity studies at both the firm level and the establishment (or plant) level during the period 1995-2008 reveal that the firms that saw high returns on their technology investments were the same firms that adopted certain productivity-enhancing business practices. The literature points to incentive systems, training, and decentralized decision making as some of the practices most complementary to technology. Moreover, the right combinations of these practices are much more important than any of the individual practices. Copying any one practice may not be very difficult for a firm, but duplicating a competitor's success requires replicating a portfolio of interconnecting practices. Upsetting the balance in a company's particular combination of labor and capital investments, even slightly, can have large consequences for that company's output and productivity. As in a fine watch, the whole system may fail if even one small and seemingly unimportant piece is missing or flawed.
Erik Brynjolfsson (Wired for Innovation: How Information Technology Is Reshaping the Economy)
Social conditions today encourage a survival mentality, expressed in its crudest form in disaster movies or in fantasies of space travel, which allow vicarious escape from a doomed planet. People no longer dream of overcoming difficulties but merely of surviving them. In business, according to Jennings, “The struggle is to survive emotionally”—to “preserve or enhance one’s identity or ego.” The ability to manipulate what Gail Sheehy refers to, using a medical metaphor, as “life-support systems” now appears to represent the highest form of wisdom: the knowledge that gets us through, as she puts it, without panic. “The current ideology,” Sheehy writes, “seems a mix of personal survivalism, revivalism, and cynicism”; yet her enormously popular guide to the “predictable crises of adult life,” with its superficially optimistic hymn to growth, development, and “self-actualization,” does not challenge this ideology, merely restates it in more “humanistic” form. “Growth” has become a euphemism for survival.
Christopher Lasch (The Culture of Narcissism: American Life in An Age of Diminishing Expectations)
Social entrepreneurs are among the most dynamic engines of the cooperative movement. Where corporate moguls work for personal enrichment, these civic-minded business leaders work for the cooperative equivalent, which is a desire to generate community self-reliance, abolish poverty, and enhance community economic well-being by improving housing, food, transportation, energy, health, finance, and a host of other products and services. Their motivations are not selfishly financial; they are far deeper, rooted in both the human spirit and the pervasive sense of community that human beings have striven to express throughout history. As the economist Jean Monnet once said, “Without community, there is crisis.
Ralph Nader (The Seventeen Solutions: New Ideas for Our American Future)
Instead, the best way to think of social media is as another layer in natural human language. Social media — or digitally enhanced conversation — is really just part of the evolution in human conversation.
Steve Sammartino (The Great Fragmentation: And Why the Future of Business is Small)
open-minded always Inspire and empower my mentees/students, clients, and teammates Learn and grow continuously, and innovate often Execute pragmatically and with integrity Have some fun and don’t hold back on humor What is next for Young Leaders 3.0? My mission forward is to enhance and perhaps even transform the minds of teenagers and young adults and to influence parents and business executives around the world. My vision includes an exciting world in which a dynamic global
Jason L. Ma (Young Leaders 3.0: Stories, Insights, and Tips for Next-Generation Achievers)
That is not how a business professional views his job. The responsibilities are mostly yours . You have to find ways to make sure that the wage paid to you is a bargain. You have to find out what most needs doing, and you have to do it. You have to know when you have made a mistake, and you must bring it to the attention of your boss or supervisor . . . oops! I mean, your customer. Finding a job is just the beginning. Now you must grow in that job, always seeking new areas to expand your responsibilities and continually seeking ways to enhance your usefulness. If your job truly provides no scope at all for these growth strategies, then, as scary as it may be, think seriously about quitting! Find a new job in which you see fewer limitations on your potential.
Information supports intuition, and that’s why we make our facts and figures available to everyone, from assembly line workers to senior executives. Businesses usually want such information to project numbers into the future, but precise facts and numbers are only helpful if they’re used to enhance decision-making, not as the basis for it.
Ricardo Semler (The Seven-Day Weekend: Changing the Way Work Works)
Coworking spaces are created for the community and with the community in mind. It is not just a real estate business in which a physical space is rented: the role of the facilitator (or host, concierge, community leader, or any other title you want to use) is to enhance the connections and interactions of the coworkers to bring them value and to actively accelerate serendipity. It is a network, not just a place. It is not enough to put a bunch of people together in a room: you must work hard to create the right interactions that form a sense of community.
Ramón Suárez (The Coworking Handbook: The Guide for Owners and Operators: Learn How To Open and Run a Successful Coworking Space)
Competition is always on the high and many businesses these days are searching for innovative technologies for their growth and development. pos singapore is gaining huge recognition and can grow your firm to the optimum level. A pos system is considered to be the best and can enhance your profits by offering reliable, fast and quick check out process of your business firm. This system is also capable of maintaining inventory reports and detailed sales. It also provides integrated profit rising programs including coupons, loyalty programs and special discount programs. No matter you are running a restaurant, grocery or a retail shop, these software can definitely take your business to a new level. Identify Your Business Requirements Identifying your business needs is essential to find out the best system for your firm. It is important to purchase a retail pos software that can boost up the profits in no time. A quality point of sale has the tendency to increase business efficiency by eradicating all unnecessary tasks or works. The key feature of such technology is that it can enhance the speed of the service. Many of them are mostly designed for large merchandise sales like appliances while others are developed for innumerable products and for many transactions in many department stores. Select a Recognized Provider It is essential to do a proper research about the pos provider. Explore well and look for reputed companies that are known to be honest and reliable. The provider you are approaching should have several features including after hours technical support, references, warranty protection and should incorporate with all the systems in the business. Select the firm which possess years of experience in the related field and must be insured as well. Create a Budget and Understand the Costs As the costs of various point of sale vary, it is important to know the prices before you consider shopping for the software. Consider various system requirements such as point of sale terminals, software, back office servers, peripheral devices, training and internet connection. Depending upon the size of your firm, the price of these systems can certainly range from few thousand to several thousand dollars or more. There are innumerable service providers who can assist you to avail the services at best affordable rates. However, before you choose the one, explore a bit and look for certain criterions to ensure that you get the best for business growth. Look at the pros and cons of the firm and then consider their services. So, purchase a quality pos Singapore and see many flying colors in your retail business. Now, when you are planning to buy a quality point of sale, it is essential to understand your business needs and go for the one that caters to all your requirements.
Choose the Quality Pos Singapore for Your Business Growth
Sources For Researching Real Estate Trends Making numerous investment choices all through life might turn out to be quite troublesome people at large to complete. Most individuals don't know about it all is necessary when scheming to make positive their present funds you certainly will be spent in a way that provides the chance to develop new income streams for future prosperity needs. Anyone addicted to this effort need to find out the varied sources for researching real estate trends to be a part of ensuring their efforts are fastidiously managed. Real estate trends are inclusive of the regional and global conditions that surround residential riverbank prices and industrial properties. Shoppers want to learn more about this manner of investing when considering the success that is commonly related to building equity and chance return while riding their initial bills searching for a way to create more wealth. Being worthwhile investor is barely possible when private data readily uncovered. Consumers that inside the one of these investing effort are often unaware of exactly where to begin. Most people are usually not clear focused on that is critical when attempting to feel assured their bucks are effectively spent and profits are generated appropriately. Understanding how take pleasure in this type of research helps anybody manage their efforts accordingly. Blog following is probably the most preliminary facets of insight to anybody drawn to this type of investing. Writers of blogs which might be with dedication to the benefit are sometimes quite versed in all other carpet cleaners and able to do to your house offering helpful insider information. Reader interplay is also encouraged to achieve as great perception as possible. An additional side of perception in this procedure is ensuring funding publications are review and subscribed to. Varied publications that are written and edited by industry experts are reasonably viable and crammed with helpful details that you would help information anybody by the assorted insights from this industry. Most subscriptions are inexpensive and pay in small bundles over time. Partnering with native business professionals can be useful in this process. Agents and brokers are instantly cognizant of how their communities are performing in regard to private degree investing and has proven to help in producing the insights that people need to be able to make wise decisions. Many professionals are more than happy offer their data other folks for a smallish consulting fee. Real estate trends end up being uncover no native buying and selling forums. Client level trading has enhanced up to now weeks and it's now provided on various web sites and forums. Concentrating on this certain sector leads to assist predictors and metrics for decision making purposes.
Jone Canady
Company Team Buildingis a tool that can help inside inspiring a team for that satisfaction associated with organizational objectives. Today?azines multi-cultural society calls for working in a harmonious relationship with assorted personas, particularly in global as well as multi-location companies. Business team building events strategies is a way by which team members tend to be met towards the requirements of the firm. They help achieve objectives together instead of working on their particular. Which are the benefits of company team building events? Team building events methods enhance conversation among co-workers. The huge benefits include improved upon morality as well as management skills, capacity to handle difficulties, and much better understanding of work environment. Additional positive aspects would be the improvements inside conversation, concentration, decision making, party problem-solving, and also reducing stress. What are the usual signs that reveal the need for team building? The common signs consist of discord or even hostility between people, elevated competitors organizations between staff, lack of function involvement, poor decision making abilities, lowered efficiency, as well as poor quality associated with customer care. Describe different methods of business team development? Company team development experts as well as person programs on ?working collaboratively? can supply different ways of business team building. An important method of business team building is actually enjoyment routines that want communication between the members. The favored activities are fly-fishing, sailing regattas, highway rallies, snow boarding, interactive workshops, polls, puzzle game titles, and so forth. Each one of these routines would help workers be competitive and hone their own side considering abilities. Just what services are offered by the team building events trainers? The majority of the coaches offer you enjoyable functions, coming from accommodation to be able to dishes and much more. The actual packages include holiday packages, rope courses, on-going business office video games, and also ice-breakers. Coaching fees would depend on location, number of downline, classes, and sophistication periods. Special discounts are available for long-term deals of course, if the quantity of associates will be higher. Name some well-known corporate team development event providers within the U.Utes. Several well-liked companies are Accel-Team, Encounter Based Studying Inc, Performance Supervision Organization, Team development Productions, The education Haven Incorporated, Enterprise Upwards, Group Contractors In addition, and Team development USA.If you want to find out more details, make sure you Clicking Here
Business Team Building FAQs
Only by using a ‘structured means of control’ can an organization convert high-cost controls into business-assuring, profit-enhancing control.
Stephen Asbury (Health & Safety, Environment and Quality Audits)
Friedman identifies three world “flatteners.” First are the new technologies and the new processes made possible or enhanced by these technologies. Second are new ways of working and a new playing field for doing business. Third is a whole new set of people who have emerged onto the playing field and want to work. Because they have access to new technologies, they can “plug and play” their way into being competitive (Friedman, 2005).
Lynne Schrum (Web 2.0: New Tools, New Schools)
IVF training courses IIRRH: With more and more couples looking out for infertility treatment, the need for skilled fertility specialists has taken a huge leap in the recent years. Our IVF training courses at IIRRH are carefully structured to cater the needs of a beginner as well as a busy practitioner in the field of embryology, gynaecology and infertility management. IIRRH offers courses that provide an avenue for both scientists and clinicians to enter the field of reproductive medicine; and for those already familiar with this area, an opportunity to gain greater skillset relevant to the manipulation of fertility and the treatment of reproductive abnormalities. Designed to broaden knowledge of the underlying scientific principles and to enhance appreciation of the clinical management of infertility, the institute aims to encourage independent thought and a research orientated approach to the practice of assisted conception. Designed to broaden knowledge in the field of reproductive medicine and ART, our specialized courses include IVF training programs that cater the needs of a beginner as well as a busy practitioner in the field of embryology, gynaecology and infertility management. Our special Advanced ART course for Clinicians is apt to provide an introductory-level understanding of the clinical IVF (in-vitro fertilisation) laboratory and setting up and IVF lab. As well as the basics of the IVF lab, it also covers: • The individual protocols and procedures within the lab • The requirements that must be considered when working within it • Information ranging from embryo selection to new technologies in IVF It will allow better practice and understanding in dealing with patients and IVF cases. With the increasing demand for answers about our fertility, this course will help you understand: • The role of the clinical embryologist • Procedures conducted within the IVF laboratory For more information visit our website iirrh.org
Liberated from fear, the Americans live with confidence, and therefore with enhanced vitality. A generous extravagance, undreamed of in other parts of the world, is the American rule. Men and women earn largely and spend what they have on the national pleasures, which are all social and stimulative of vitality. Modernity also tends to heighten vitality – or to be more exact, it affects the expression of vitality, externalising it in the form of vehement action. The joyful acceptance of change, which so profoundly influences American industry, business methods and domestic architecture, reacts on the affairs of daily, personal life. Pleasure is associated with a change of place and environment, finally with mere movement for its own sake. People leave their homes if they want entertainment. They externalise their vitality in visiting places of public amusement, in dancing and motoring – in doing anything that is not quietly sitting by their own fireside (or rather by their own radiator). What is known as 'night life' flourishes in America as nowhere else in the world. And nowhere, perhaps, is there so little conversation. In America vitality is given its most obviously vital expression. Hence there appears to be even more vitality in the Americans than perhaps there really is. A man may have plenty of vitality and yet keep still; his motionless calm may be mistaken for listlessness. There can be no mistake about people who dance and rush about. American vitality is always obviously manifested. It expresses itself vigorously to the music of the drum and saxophone, to the ringing of telephone bells and the roar of street cars. It expresses itself in terms of hastening automobiles, of huge and yelling crowds, of speeches, banquets, 'drives,' slogans, sky signs. It is all movement and noise, like the water gurgling out of a bath down the waste. Yes, down the waste.
Aldous Huxley (Jesting Pilate)
To the degree that one relates sensitively, appropriately, and even charmingly, to the people and events faced in business and personal life, success will follow.
Herman L Glaess (Potentiality Enhancement Programs)
A Guide To Easy Secrets In FortiAuthenticator FortiAuthenticator User Management Appliances provide two factor authentication, RADIUS, LDAP and 802.1 X Wireless Authentication, Certificate Management and Fortinet Single Sign On. FortiAuthenticator is compatible with and complements the FortiToken variety of two factor authentication tokens for Secure Remote Access empowering authentication with multiple FortiGate network security appliances and third party apparatus. When an user login is found, the username, IP and group details are entered into the FortiAuthenticator User Identity Management Database and according to the local policy, can be shared with multiple FortiGate devices. For complicated distributed domain name architectures where polling desirable or of domain controllers is just not possible, an option is the FortiAuthenticator SSO Client. FortiAuthenticator is compatible with physical OTP tokens Certification Tokens FortiToken Mobile for IOS and Android and SMS/ e-mail tokens FortiAuthenticator supports the broadest range of tokens potential to suit your user demands with the physical FortiToken 200 e-mail and SMS tokens and the new FortiToken cellular for IOS and Android device FortiAuthenticator has a token for all users. In a large business, for example, FortiAuthenticator SSO Mobility Agent or AD polling may be picked as the principal method for transparent authentication will fallback to the portal for client users or non domain name systems. Consistently polling domain controllers detect user authentication into active directory. FortiAuthenticator removes this overhead by streamlining the bulk deployment of certificates for VPN use in a FortiGate surroundings by automating the risk-free certificate delivery via the SCEP protocol and collaborating with FortiManager for the configuration required. On the FortiToken 300 USB Certification store, certificates can be created and stored for client established certificate VPNs. This secure, pin safe certification store can be use to enhance the security of client VPN connections in conjunction and is not incompatible with FortiClient.
People were always asking him who the real Donald Trump was—was the bombastic, boastful billionaire he played in the media merely a character designed to enhance his business? They didn’t get it, he insisted. He was exactly what he presented to the public: a man of business, in it for himself, in it to win. He
Michael Kranish (Trump Revealed: An American Journey of Ambition, Ego, Money, and Power)
Furthermore, each attribute enhances all three. If people trust you, they will listen to your vision even if it is less articulate. If you are super-competent, they will trust you and listen to you. If you can paint a brilliant vision, people will be patient with you as you learn the CEO skills and give you more leeway with respect to their interests.
Ben Horowitz (The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers)
Western Buddhism’s association with the sixties counterculture is being replaced not only by science but by corporations that deploy it in order to enhance their brand, promote “wellness,” reduce sick days and other inefficiencies among their employees, and, of course, create profitable, Buddhist-themed products. This corporate adoption of Buddhism was made safe by science. The business world’s understanding of meditation - and especially the practice of “mindfulness” - is driven not by traditional Buddhist ideas and ethics, but by neuroscience.
Curtis White (We, Robots: Staying Human in the Age of Big Data)
Choosing thе Right SEO Cоmраnу The role оf an SEO соmраnу іѕ vеrу important whеn it соmеѕ to рrоmоtіng уоur online buѕіnеѕѕ. Aссоrdіng to сurrеnt dау trends in internet marketing, it іѕ еѕѕеntіаl tо сhооѕе thе rіght SEO service рrоvіdеr fоr gооd rеѕultѕ. Some common rеѕроnѕіbіlіtіеѕ оf an SEO соmраnу іnсludе website dеѕіgn, сrеаtіоn оf bасk lіnkѕ, соntеnt wrіtіng, wеbѕіtе орtіmіzаtіоn, dіrесtоrу submissions, vіdео сrеаtіоn, press rеlеаѕеѕ, blog posts, selection оf ѕuіtаblе keywords, and much mоrе. Hоw tо Idеntіfу a Prоfеѕѕіоnаl SEO Fіrm? A рrоfеѕѕіоnаl SEO company іѕ сараblе of dеlіvеrіng the bеѕt rеѕultѕ tо ѕаtіѕfу the rеԛuіrеmеntѕ оf clients. Bу аvаіlіng оf thе ѕеrvісеѕ оf рrоfеѕѕіоnаlѕ in the SEO fіеld, you can еnhаnсе your wеbѕіtе rаnkіngѕ and online рrеѕеnсе. SEO еxреrtѕ are wеll-vеrѕеd іn thе lаtеѕt techniques that wіll help іn асhіеvіng hіgh ranks fоr your wеbѕіtе іn ѕеаrсh еngіnе result раgеѕ. Cеrtаіn things are to be соnfіrmеd bеfоrе signing a соntrасt with аn SEO company. Credibility - Chесk the аuthеntісіtу of thе SEO fіrm. Enѕurе that іt саn dеlіvеr ԛuаlіtу SEO ѕеrvісеѕ іn ассоrdаnсе wіth уоur demands. Experience - Experience іn the field always mаttеrѕ wіth rеgаrd tо dеlіvеrіng ԛuаlіtу output wіthоut еrrоrѕ. Dо background research аbоut the fіrm to ensure іtѕ соnѕіѕtеnсу, rеlіаbіlіtу аnd соnfіdеntіаlіtу. Affordable solutions - Compare thе рrісе tags of dіffеrеnt SEO companies tо select an аffоrdаblе, рrоfеѕѕіоnаl SEO соmраnу. SEO tесhnіԛuеѕ - A рrоfеѕѕіоnаl SEO firm implements thе latest SEO ѕtrаtеgіеѕ tо brіng аbоut optimum rеѕultѕ for client websites. Exреrt wоrkfоrсе - Emіnеnt and еxреrіеnсеd team оf employees аrе the backbone thе company. They аrе dеdісаtеd to реrfоrmіng vаrіоuѕ tasks ассurаtеlу аnd соnѕіѕtеntlу tо satisfy thе wеbѕіtе requirements аnd goals. Thеу often fосuѕ оn creating brand awareness and enhance уоur оnlіnе rеvеnuе by рlасіng your wеbѕіtе in tор роѕіtіоnѕ іn search engines. Customer rеlаtіоnѕhір - A professional SEO ѕеrvісе provider always give рrеfеrеnсе to сuѕtоmеr саrе аnd rоund thе сlосk сuѕtоmеr support. Thеу аlѕо kеер іn соntасt wіth уоu tо іnfоrm аbоut SEO dеvеlорmеntѕ аnd сurrеnt mаrkеt trends. Client testimonials/feedback - Pоrtfоlіоѕ of сlіеntѕ hеlр tо identify the bеѕt ѕеrvісе provider оut оf many. Alѕо, сhесk the authenticity of fееdbасkѕ аnd testimonials роѕtеd оn the website. High profile сlіеnt lіѕt - Evaluate thе ѕuссеѕѕ stories оf рrеvіоuѕ рrоjесtѕ fоr wеll-knоwn сlіеntѕ. Anаlуzе thе рrосеdurеѕ іnvоlvеd in соmрlеtіng a раrtісulаr рrоjесt. Seek thе advice of buѕіnеѕѕ раrtnеrѕ оr rеlаtіvеѕ- Tаlk wіth реорlе who have аlrеаdу used ѕеаrсh еngіnе optimization ѕеrvісеѕ to make an іnfоrmеd decision. Rеlеvаnсе of аn SEO соmраnу Yоu must clearly ѕеt уоur gоаlѕ about ѕеаrсh еngіnе орtіmіzаtіоn services to іmрrоvе wеbѕіtе trаffіс аnd ѕеаrсh еngіnе rаnkіngѕ. SEO ѕеrvісеѕ help to integrate уоur wеbѕіtе with social nеtwоrkіng sites fоr іntеrnаtіоnаl brаnd rесоgnіtіоn tо gеnеrаtе lеаdѕ and increase оnlіnе ѕаlеѕ. Hеnсе take еnоugh tіmе and choose the rіght SEO Cоmраnу for gооd SEO rеѕultѕ that wіll fuel the business grоwth in thе lоng-run аnd help avoid wаѕtаgе of mоnеу аnd tіmе.
Here we have discussed about the benefits of healthcare management and its ways which will provide the help to enhance the healthcare industry and helped various businesses to identify organizational goals.
Jason LeDay
Our strategy is that we can diagnose and come up with the apt tool that suits each business model. Confused? Okay, here is a life story for you. (We are no snake-oil salesmen, mind you!) We had a premium South Indian education institution which wanted to enhance the image and gain ROI. We demolished their traditional 70:30 print-online approach and adopted novel approach which tremendously enhanced their image and increased the ROI to their expectation.
Hecate Strategy
RPA is software that emulates human execution of repetitive work. It's built on technologies designed to orchestrate, execute and enhance business workflows. Cognitive RPA adds intelligence the ability to perform human like decision making to RPA. CRPA can do things like read documents to identify specific information to pass to RPA to update another system. dayhuffgroup.com
Ownership is dead. Access is the new imperative. International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts that by 2020, 50 percent of the world’s largest enterprises will see the majority of their business depend on their ability to create digitally enhanced products, services, and experiences. Focusing on services over products is also a sound business strategy. Zuora’s Subscription Economy Index, which you’ll find at the end of this book, shows that subscription-based companies are growing eight times faster than the S&P 500 and five times faster than US retail sales.
Tien Tzuo (Subscribed: Why the Subscription Model Will Be Your Company's Future - and What to Do About It)
Promoting the general welfare does mean that the government should do things that enhance the lives of its citizens. The government should build and maintain infrastructure that supports population growth, business, and self-improvement endeavors. It should not, however, meddle in the affairs of all the citizens or control every aspect of their lives, as is done in many communist and socialist countries.
Ben Carson (A More Perfect Union: What We the People Can Do to Reclaim Our Constitutional Liberties)
Understandably, given public anger at bailouts, support had been gathering from both the right and the left for breaking up the largest institutions. There were also calls to reinstate the Depression-era Glass-Steagall law, which Congress had repealed in 1999. Glass-Steagall had prohibited the combination within a single firm of commercial banking (mortgage and business lending, for example) and investment banking (such as bond underwriting). The repeal of Glass-Steagall had opened the door to the creation of “financial supermarkets,” large and complex firms that offered both commercial and investment banking services. The lack of a new Glass-Steagall provision in the administration’s plan seemed to me particularly easy to defend. A Glass-Steagall–type statute would have offered little benefit during the crisis—and in fact would have prevented the acquisition of Bear Stearns by JPMorgan and of Merrill Lynch by Bank of America, steps that helped stabilize the two endangered investment banks. More importantly, most of the institutions that became emblematic of the crisis would have faced similar problems even if Glass-Steagall had remained in effect. Wachovia and Washington Mutual, by and large, got into trouble the same way banks had gotten into trouble for generations—by making bad loans. On the other hand, Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers were traditional Wall Street investment firms with minimal involvement in commercial banking. Glass-Steagall would not have meaningfully changed the permissible activities of any of these firms. An exception, perhaps, was Citigroup—the banking, securities, and insurance conglomerate whose formation in 1998 had lent impetus to the repeal of Glass-Steagall. With that law still in place, Citi likely could not have become as large and complex as it did. I agreed with the administration’s decision not to revive Glass-Steagall. The decision not to propose breaking up some of the largest institutions seemed to me a closer call. The truth is that we don’t have a very good understanding of the economic benefits of size in banking. No doubt, the largest firms’ profitability is enhanced to some degree by their political influence and markets’ perception that the government will protect them from collapse, which gives them an advantage over smaller firms. And a firm’s size contributes to the risk that it poses to the financial system. But surely size also has a positive economic value—for example, in the ability of a large firm to offer a wide range of services or to operate at sufficient scale to efficiently serve global nonfinancial companies. Arbitrary limits on size would risk destroying that economic value while sending jobs and profits to foreign competitors. Moreover, the size of a financial firm is far from the only factor that determines whether it poses a systemic risk. For example, Bear Stearns, which was only a quarter the size of the firm that acquired it, JPMorgan Chase, wasn’t too big to fail; it was too interconnected to fail. And severe financial crises can occur even when most financial institutions are small.
Ben S. Bernanke (The Courage to Act: A Memoir of a Crisis and Its Aftermath)
There are many wire services where you can publish your news releases. Some of the recommendable ones are Business Wire, Marketwire, PR Newswire and PRWeb.
Ashley Schweigert (Social Media and Public Relations - Using Social Media to Enhance Public Relations Campaigns (social media, public relations))
The problem is, of course, that the functions of leadership are not well understood. Leaders, according to John Kotter of the Harvard Business School, function quite differently from managers. Leaders are responsible to provide vision, raise up other leaders, and create useful change. Managers, however, maintain the present system and seek to enhance it. Sadly, most church leaders are, in reality, managers.
Michael W. Foss (Power Surge: Six Marks Of Discipleship For A Changing Church)
We must recognize that “happy” is not a business goal. Service providers pursue “happy.” Leaders pursue growth, competitive advantage, mission enhancement, and cost management.
Tina Nunno (The Wolf in CIO's Clothing: A Machiavellian Strategy for Successful IT Leadership)
Someday we may look back on this era as a time when rational compromises might have enhanced both security and liberty, but those compromises were refused because each side was so busy self-righteously being right.
David Brin (The Transparent Society: Will Technology Force Us To Choose Between Privacy And Freedom?)
The model is the data, the view is the UI, and the controller is the business logic.
Shyam Seshadri (AngularJS: Up and Running: Enhanced Productivity with Structured Web Apps)
Best Web Design and Development Company in USA We are Expert Web Design and Development Company that helps you stand out from your competitors and engage with your audience. Website design and development is at the heart of web marking. It brings each part of your business together on the Web. It helps you oversee, circulate and share your substance all the more proficiently. Web design and development without a doubt helps you enhance client care and construct compatibility. It's regularly the primary spot to begin, whether you're propelling another item or you're going for a responsive site.
Early entry is appropriate when the following general circumstances hold:   Image and reputation of the firm are important to the buyer, and the firm can develop an enhanced reputation by being a pioneer. Early entry can initiate the learning process in a business in which the learning curve is important, experience is difficult to imitate, and it will not be nullified by successive technological generations. Customer loyalty will be great, so that benefits will accrue to the firm that sells to the customer first. Absolute cost advantages can be gained by early commitment to supplies of raw materials, distribution channels, and so on.
Michael E. Porter (Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors)
The phrase ‘too big to fail’ came into wide use in the global financial crisis to describe the dilemma that policymakers faced in resolving the affairs of systemically important financial institutions.3 The phrase provoked the justified rejoinder that ‘too big to fail is too big’. But ‘too big to fail’ misses the key point. Financialisation has led to increases in the size of financial institutions, but the central problem is not size but complexity. Size in banking can enhance stability, at least up to a point. Britain avoided significant bank failures in the twentieth century precisely because its banks were big, in contrast to the collapse of the fragmented US banking industry in 1933. The failure of the UK banking sector in 2008 occurred, and was traumatic, not because the sector had become more concentrated, but because it had become more complex. Lehman
John Kay (Other People's Money: The Real Business of Finance)
Cross training is a win–win–win situation. Trained employees win because they feel valued, the trainers win because they have had an opportunity to share their expertise, and the organization wins because employee satisfaction has increased and continuity of service has been enhanced.
Leslie Gordan (Employee Development: Big Business Results on a Small Business Budget)
and a measurable clinical effect. In fact, the Council for the Protection of Rural England (CPRE), founded in 1926, devoted itself to these places, promoting a “sustainable future” for the English countryside. A “tranquil zone” was later defined by the CPRE as “anywhere that lies at least 4 km [about 2.5 miles] from a large power station, 3 km from a major motorway, major industrial area or large city, 2 km from other motorways, trunk roads or smaller towns, 1 km from busy local roads carrying more than 10,000 vehicles per day or the busiest main-line railways. It should also lie beyond the interference of civil and military aircraft.” In addition, one of the criteria was the ability to turn 360 degrees and not have any visual interference from power
Bernie Krause (Sounds from The Great Animal Orchestra (Enhanced): Earth)
Script Technology deals in web design, application development and business process outsourcing. We also specialize in creating, maintaining and operating e-businesses while managing and enhancing your web profile.
chapter 3 I turn toward the task of congregational exegesis, outlining a very practical method for interpreting congregational subcultures that can be engaged by busy pastors while carrying on the ordinary tasks of ministry. Drawing on the expertise of authors in the fields of congregational studies and cultural anthropology, this chapter identifies seven symbols of congregational life that hold particular promise for revealing cultural and theological identity, and provides interpretive frameworks through which the local pastor can deepen his or her understanding of the congregation's own worldview, values, and ethos. At stake is not only enhanced cultural understanding, but also a deepening awareness of the local theologies that already exist within the life of a congregation (beliefs regarding God, humanity, nature, time, the church, and their interrelationships). Chapter 4 then turns to the question: "So, what difference does all this make for the theology of preaching?" Here we revisit the "text-to-sermon" process (revisioned as a "con/text-to-sermon" process), observing how greater attention to congregational context at each juncture-from the selection of biblical texts for proclamation, to the pastor's initial reading of them, to the methods used for biblical interpretation, to the discernment of fitting themes and strategies for proclamation-can positively contribute toward preaching as local theology. Sermons of local pastors, preached in their own unique congregational contexts, provide real-life examples of contextual theologizing in
Leonora Tubbs Tisdale (Preaching As Local Theology and Folk Art (Fortress Resources for Preaching))
The first step toward enhancing performance in an organization is realizing that improvement is possible only if participants abandon business-as-usual practices. Doing so requires recognizing and rejecting three prevailing myths.
K. Anders Ericsson (Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise)
We want to do business with people we know, like and trust.
John Nemo (LinkedIn Riches: How to Leverage the World's Largest Professional Network to Enhance Your Brand, Generate Leads and Increase Revenue!)
Hotmail enhanced its spreading rate by eliminating the adoption threshold individuals experience. First, it is free; thus you do not have to think about whether you are making a wise investment. Second, the Hotmail interface makes it very easy to sign up. In two minutes you have an account; thus there is no time investment. Third, once you sign up, every time you send an e-mail, you offer free advertisement for Hot-mail. Combine these three features, and you get a service that has a very high infection rate, a build-in mechanism to spread. Traditional marketing theories will tell you that the combination of free service, low learning path, and rapid reach through consumer marketing has put the product above the threshold, and that is why it reached everybody. Based on our new understanding of diffusion in complex networks, we now know that this is only partially correct. It is true that you have a very high rate of spread. But you have no threshold either. Products and ideas spread by being adapted by hubs, the highly connected nodes of the consumer network.
Albert-László Barabási (Linked: How Everything Is Connected to Everything Else and What It Means for Business, Science, and Everyday Life)
better idea would be to keep the same number of staff you have now and invest in high upside-leverage “performance enhancement” training, which would result in those same employees becoming as much as 50 to 100 percent more effective.
Jay Abraham (The Sticking Point Solution: 9 Ways to Move Your Business from Stagnation to Stunning Growth In Tough Economic Times)
If you are an online business owner and have your own website, we make sure that one of your main goals is to augment your adaptation rate. CRO plays a critical part in producing online promotion accomplishment and enhancing business conversion rate.
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In addition to improving R&D and engineering processes, we pushed hard for our business leaders to treat R&D more strategically. Our individual business units used to decide how much to spend on R&D based on previous budgets and what they thought their proper “share” of available money was, regardless of the impact on current and future projects. We centralized R&D budgeting at the business level, analyzing potential projects and channeling more funds to those we thought would yield the biggest business impact. In our Aerospace business, we also began choosing new projects in ways that would balance long- and short-term growth. Most new product development had entailed what we called “long-cycle” projects. We’d invest in designing a revolutionary new cockpit design, but it might be six to eight years before the project was finished and sales started coming in. Beginning around 2005, we balanced these kinds of projects with new, “short-cycle” ones—products that customers might purchase within months, not years (incremental enhancements to existing aircraft, for instance, rather than entirely new platforms for new aircrafts). Then we started adding the salespeople to support it, giving it an even bigger boost in 2010. Together, the combination of short- and long-cycle projects would allow us to realize steadier, more predictable growth. Over the years, our shorter-cycle products have grown, and today they are a highly profitable, $1 billion business.
David Cote (Winning Now, Winning Later: How Companies Can Succeed in the Short Term While Investing for the Long Term)
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Social impact’ refers to the improvement in the well-being of individuals and communities, and the enhancement in their ability to lead productive lives.1 It represents genuine social progress: educating the young, feeding the hungry, healing the sick, creating employment and providing livelihoods for the poor. ‘Environmental impact’ is just what it sounds like – the positive consequences that business activity and investment have on our planet. Put simply, are we preserving the planet and passing it on to future generations, so they can benefit from it and do the same?
Ronald Cohen (Impact: Reshaping capitalism to drive real change)
Case #6 Sandy and Bob Bob is a successful dentist in his community. In the 15 years since he established his own practice, he has established a reliable base of patients and has built a thriving business in a great location. A couple years ago, he brought his wife, Sandy, a business expert with an MBA, on board to help him oversee the business end of the dental practice. She had recently left her job at a financial services firm, and Bob knew that Sandy’s business acumen would be helpful in getting his administrative house in order. She brought on new employees, developed effective new processes, and enhanced the office’s marketing efforts. Within a few months, Sandy’s improvements had managed to make the dental practice a well-oiled machine. Now she could turn her attention to their real estate portfolio. Bob and Sandy owned three small apartment buildings around town, as well as one small commercial center that was home to a nail salon, a chiropractor’s office, a coffee house and a wine shop. Fortunately, Bob’s dental practice was a success and their investments earned a nice passive income for them. Unfortunately, because Bob earned on average $250,000 per year, the couple couldn’t use passive loss, which in their case came to about $100,000, from their investments to offset his high earned income. Eventually, they would be earning sheltered profits—when the mortgages on their properties were paid off and the rentals made pure profit, or if they were to sell a property. When those things eventually happened, they could use their losses to shelter those profits. But until that time, the losses were going unused. Sandy made an appointment with their CPA to discuss the situation and see how they might improve their tax situation. The CPA asked, “What about becoming a real estate professional?” He explained to Sandy that if she spent 750 hours per year, or about 15 hours a week, on the couple’s real estate investments, she would be considered a real estate professional by the IRS. This would enable the couple to write off 100 percent of their passive losses against Bob’s high income, which would bring his taxable income down to $100,000. This $100,000 deduction brought Bob and Sandy into a lower tax bracket, saving them roughly $31,000 in taxes. Sandy already devoted a large percentage of her time to overseeing their investments, and when she saw the tax advantages, her decision became clear: She would file the Section 469(c)(7) and become a real estate professional.
Garrett Sutton (Loopholes of Real Estate: Secrets of Successful Real Estate Investing)
Desks Inc. is a second generation family-owned business providing competitive prices on new, refurbished, and used office furniture in Portland, OR. Since our start in 1979, we have become one of the largest office furniture suppliers in the state. Our team delivers solutions that enhance comfort and performance in various work environments. Our experienced associates offer on-site consultation, planning, and design. From special orders to custom pieces, we strive to make your company unique.
Desks Inc.
How I Turned a Troubled Company into a Personal Fortune. How to ________ This is a simple, straightforward headline structure that works with any desirable benefit. “How to” are two of the most powerful words you can use in a headline. Examples: How to Collect from Social Security at Any Age. How to Win Friends and Influence People. How to Improve Telemarketers' Productivity — for Just $19.95. Secrets Of ________ The word secrets works well in headlines. Examples: Secrets of a Madison Ave. Maverick — “Contrarian Advertising.” Secrets of Four Champion Golfers. Thousands (Hundreds, Millions) Now ________ Even Though They ________ This is a “plural” version of the very first structure demonstrated in this collection of winning headlines. Examples: Thousands Now Play Even Though They Have “Clumsy Fingers.” Two Million People Owe Their Health to This Idea Even Though They Laughed at It. 138,000 Members of Your Profession Receive a Check from Us Every Month Even Though They Once Threw This Letter into the Wastebasket Warning: ________ Warning is a powerful, attention-getting word and can usually work for a headline tied to any sales letter using a problem-solution copy theme. Examples: Warning: Two-Thirds of the Middle Managers in Your Industry Will Lose Their Jobs in the Next 36 Months. Warning: Your “Corporate Shield” May Be Made of Tissue Paper — 9 Ways You Can Be Held Personally Liable for Your Business's Debts, Losses, or Lawsuits Give Me ________ and I'll ________ This structure simplifies the gist of any sales message: a promise. It truly telegraphs your offer, and if your offer is clear and good, this may be your best strategy. Examples: Give Me 5 Days and I'll Give You a Magnetic Personality. Give Me Just 1 Hour a Day and I'll Have You Speaking French Like “Pierre” in 1 Month. Give Me a Chance to Ask Seven Questions and I'll Prove You Are Wasting a Small Fortune on Your Advertising. ________ ways to ________ This is just the “how to” headline enhanced with an intriguing specific number. Examples: 101 Ways to Increase New Patient Flow. 17 Ways to Slash Your Equipment Maintenance Costs. Many of these example headlines are classics from very successful books, advertisements, sales letters, and brochures, obtained from a number of research sources. Some are from my own sales letters. Some were created for this book.
Dan S. Kennedy (The Ultimate Sales Letter: Attract New Customers. Boost your Sales.)
We greatly enhance our opportunity for a successful deal by putting the adversary first in our mission and purpose. You make your killing—or just a solid profit—only by entering heart and soul into your adversary’s world, business, needs, requirements, hopes, fears, and plans.
Jim Camp (Start with No: The Negotiating Tools that the Pros Don't Want You to Know)
When we grow, we come up with better ideas and solutions which help us in doing our business in more enhanced and productive ways.
Pooja Agnihotri (17 Reasons Why Businesses Fail :Unscrew Yourself From Business Failure)