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Prisoners are ideal employees. They do not receive benefits or pensions. They earn under a dollar an hour. Some are forced to work for free. They are not paid overtime. They are forbidden to organize and strike. They must show up on time. They are not paid for sick days or granted vacations. They cannot alter working conditions or complain about safety hazards. If they are disobedient, or attempt to protest their pitiful wages and working conditions, they lose their jobs and are often segregated in isolation cells. The roughly one million prisoners who work for corporations and government industries in the American prison system are a blueprint for what the corporate state expects us all to become. And corporations have no intention of permitting prison reforms to reduce the size of their bonded workforce. In fact, they are seeking to replicate these conditions throughout the society.
Chris Hedges (America: The Farewell Tour)
My mission has completed today! I'm very happy to see the image of all together. Some people are missing. I don't know where are they? I hope they are growing with him. He lives his dream & others are living theirs. Sometimes passion is all what you get from surrounding. If you are living in lovely people, you always swim in the bonds of attachments . To create such field is very important for you. To make your mind strong is very important. To change yourself is very important. You shouldn't think on the past people & experiences. Sometimes to delete worst memories is very important. It's important to surround & celebrate with the people who bleeds to make you in benefit. It's very important to appreciate your best employee in front of others; not to demean others but to revise the next better performance. My role has been officially over today. I know my employer always loved the best ones. Why I was not in them is the failure which I need to resolve by myself. Sometimes, professionalism is the language to read the people & execute the work according to their best skills & get up to the desired results to hit the bulls-eye.
Sonal Takalkar
To remember people’s names, wash, rinse, repeat—Repeat a person’s name upon introduction, throughout the conversation, and as you bid farewell. Try it both in your mind as well as out loud. Avoid nicknames unless otherwise invited.
Susan C. Young (The Art of Communication: 8 Ways to Confirm Clarity & Understanding for Positive Impact(The Art of First Impressions for Positive Impact, #5))