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Stories from Beyond the Sea – “I could not believe my good luck!” from Page 31 “Not only was she stunningly beautiful but she was also witty, flirtatious and at the same time understanding and loving, I couldn’t believe my good fortune and did all I could to convince her to stay with me in the United States. After getting married to my young wife Ursula, in a small town in upstate New York, and thinking that the US Navy would be a better option than returning to a life at sea on merchant ships, I took the navy exam to become a student pilot. As a commissioned officer with the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade (LTJR) I enjoyed many benefits that the aviation cadets didn’t get, including having basic living quarters. Having had some prior experience flying the right hand seat in a DC-3 when I was in Liberia, I took to aviation, my new endeavor, like a duck to water.
Hank Bracker
itself was a flying one. My father was a captain for United Airlines, piloting stretch DC-8’s to West Coast cities and Hawaii. My aspiration was always to be a pilot as well, a compelling interest for me from a young age, fueled undoubtedly by pride in what my dad did. I obtained my pilot’s license at age seventeen, learning to fly in the family’s single-engine
Timothy Beatley (The Bird-Friendly City: Creating Safe Urban Habitats)