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He knew himself a villain—but he deem'd The rest no better than the thing he seem'd; And scorn'd the best as hypocrites who hid Those deeds the bolder spirit plainly did. He knew himself detested, but he knew The hearts that loath'd him, crouch'd and dreaded too. Lone, wild, and strange, he stood alike exempt From all affection and from all contempt
Lord Byron (The Corsair)
He was a man of his times. with one virtue and a thousand crimes. (The Corsair)
Lord Byron
Deep in my soul that tender secret dwells, Lonely and lost to light for evermore, Save when to thine my heart responsive swells, Then trembles into silence as before. ‘The Corsair’, Lord Byron (1788–1824)
Martina Cole (Get Even: A dark thriller of murder, mystery and revenge)