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Enjoy the full, rich sound of your favorite music without any cords or cables. GGMM M4 uses Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth 4.0 technology to equally project exquisite audio wirelessly.
GGMM M4 Wireless Wi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker
Enjoy the full rich sound by wirelessly streaming your favirote music to GGMM M3. M3 uses Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth 4.0 technology to equally project exquisite audio wirelessly.
GGMM M3 Retro Wi-Fi Bluetooth Wireless Leather Speaker
GGMM E5 is a WiFi/Bluetooth speaker that integrates with Amazon Alexa Voice Service. Just tap the speaker to ask Alexa a question, Such as "What's the weather today?" With Alexa Voice service you can order Domino Pizza, call a Uber, control your smart home devices, add items to your Amaozn shopping cart, or play Amazon Prime Music.
GGMM E5 Wireless Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa
GGMM M3 offers more connectivities and features, which will greatly enhance the user expeience.
GGMM M3 Retro Wi-Fi Bluetooth Wireless Speaker
GGMM M3 takes every effort in its audio performace, using unibody Kevlar speaker, greatly improved the vibration-proof ability when it comes to strong airflow in cabinet.
GGMM M3 Retro Wi-Fi Bluetooth Wireless Speake
GGMM E5 Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Superior Sound Speaker with 15 Hours Playtime, Enhanced Bass Built-in Mic for Hand-Free Function Charging Port for iPhone 7, tablets, Android, 20W+ Output (White)
GGMM E5 Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Superior Sound Speaker
M3 is covered by handcrafted well selected high quality microfiber leather. The inside is a high density wooden cabinet, which avoids the sound distortion and provides bright rich sound tones and excellent sound pefromace.
GGMM M3 Retro Wi-Fi Bluetooth Wireless Leather Speaker
GGMM E5 has built-in high capacity rechargeable lithium-ion battery that supports 15 hours of playtime at 20 Watts output.
GGMM E5 Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Superior Sound Speaker
GGMM E5 Supports Multi Room Play: Add additional E5 Multiroom speakers to play one song in every room, or different songs in each room, all simply controlled through the GGMM E-Series Multiroom App.
GGMM E5 Wireless Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa
We were now the proud owners of a Bluetooth shower speaker.
Elisa Leigh (His Curvy Woman (Curved & Desired #1))
Zoook Blue ZB-Vault Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker for Rs 499 (Market Price Rs 1139)
Does this car have Bluetooth?” Oliver chuckles. “Yes, Princess Estelle, is it up to par with your inspection?” I stop moving my hand over the dash and set it back on my lap, feeling a blush creep into my face. “I liked your old car better,” I say. Oliver’s eyebrows hike up and he turns to gape at me. “You like my beat-up Maxima better than this?” I shrug. “It was more cozy. This reminds me of the Batmobile, and there’s nothing wrong with the Batmobile, but I like cozy.” He shakes his head and mutters something under his breath, but starts to look for my phone to hook up to Bluetooth. He already knows it’s because I want to play my own music—I don’t even have to explain. I used to bring my own CD whenever I was in the car with him. Oliver listens to two things: heavy rock and rap, and while I’m okay with both, I prefer the classics. The Steve Miller Band hasn’t even gotten to the hook before they’re interrupted by a call from Mia. Oliver looks at me with a question in his eyes. “If you don’t mind,” I say. He presses the button, and before I say hello, Mia’s frantic voice comes through. “What underwear are you wearing?” she asks. My face goes hot for the second time this morning. From the corner of my eye, I see Oliver bite down on his lip. “What?” I ask. “Mia, you’re on speaker phone!” “I don’t care. This is an emergency. Do you not hear the shrill tone in my voice? What are you wearing under your clothes?” My eyes snap to the side of Oliver’s face, then out the front window, and finally, I pull my shirt slightly and look down, because I completely forgot what underwear I have on. “Can you disconnect the phone?” I say to Oliver, who shakes his head in refusal. “Please. This is like . . . monumentally embarrassing.” “Just answer,” he whispers. “Who’s that?” Mia asks. “Oliver. We’re in his car, and you’re on the fucking Bluetooth.” She laughs. “Oh my God! I am so sorry, Bean!” “What?” I shout. “He’s not the one being harassed!” “Oh, but now he is. So tell me—underwear?” “White lace bra and matching boy shorts,” I say, almost through my teeth, not missing the way Oliver’s eyes snap to me with an approving look. I want to slap him for it, but I know nothing good would come of that, so I just cross my arms over my chest like a petulant child.
Claire Contreras (Kaleidoscope Hearts (Hearts, #1))
GGMM M4 uses Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth 4.0 technology to equally project exquisite audio wirelessly.
GGMM M4 Wireless Speaker for Music Streaming
The Amazon Echo is a new, revolutionary voice-activated, feature rich interface, Bluetooth speaker, streaming device and smart home controller. With powerful voice-recognition capability, cloud connectivity and wireless access to Wi-Fi––the Amazon Echo offers users erstwhile unimagined interactivity between technology and daily life. The Amazon Echo represents a new paradigm of interactive artificial intelligence; connecting users to their homes with a variety of options from interior lighting operations to full control of TV and sound systems––all of which are commanded by voice-activation. The Amazon Echo is a single device capable of retrieving information instantly; it offers users wide access to a wealth of custom features and merges media devices into one stunning interface. Amazon Echo is undeniable a step into the future. Originally released in November 2015, Echo has already developed in leaps and bounds. With Amazon and individual developers continuously evolving the cloud-based voice recognition software, Alexa. There is no doubt about it, there’s lot to envy about Echo. The digital assistant that is Alexa will help you organize your life in a variety of aspects. Alexa can manage your alarms, calendars and to-do lists. There’s plenty more to learn about Alexa, including how Echo can integrate with your smart home devices. In this simple guide we will teach you all about the basics and supply you with exactly what you need to say to get to grips with Alexa. Step into the world of Alexa and ‘hands-free’ your life in more ways than you can imagine.
Steve Jacobs (Alexa: 2018 Essential User Guide for Amazon Echo and Alexa)
Days later, I saw an X-ray of a Bose speaker inside someone. “And it was still connected to Bluetooth,” the woman who showed it to me whispered.
David Sedaris (Themes and Variations)