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You and I both know that love is for children,'' he said. ''We're adults. Compatibility is for adults.'' ''Compatibility is for my Bluetooth and my car,'' Teresa replied. ''Only they get along just fine, and my car never makes my bluetooth feel like shit.
Maggie Stiefvater (Sinner (The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #3.5))
Bluetooth earpieces are so geeky," Dan Cahill said. "But they free up your hands for surfing the web, stealing priceless jewels, and eating pastry," Atticus said, taking a huge bite out of an apple strudel. "And picking your nose," Dan added, which caused Atticus to blow a mouthful of strudel all over the seat in front of them occupied by Dan's sister, Amy, who was trying to sleep
Roland Smith (Shatterproof (The 39 Clues: Cahills vs. Vespers, #4))
From the end of the bar, the bartender threw a sidelong look at him, so Clarence pulled out a broken Bluetooth headset and fixed it to his ear. "I learned this trick while traveling with Mikey," Clarence told Nick. "Makes my brand of crazy the same as everyone else's.
Neal Shusterman (Everfound (Skinjacker, #3))
The little logo that sits at the top of the screen of any ‘Bluetooth-enabled’ hardware () is actually a monogram created from the two runes that represent Harald’s initials
Neil Oliver (The Vikings: A New History)
Yo mama is so stupid… she went to a dentist to fix her Bluetooth!
Johnny B. Laughing (Yo Mama Jokes Bible: 350+ Funny & Hilarious Yo Mama Jokes)
(Honestly, Raniero, are we the only noble-born Vladescus who would know, for certain, that Bluetooth is not some dread, vampire-specific disorder involving lack of oxygen to the gums? I fear it is true.)
Beth Fantaskey (Jessica Rules the Dark Side (Jessica, #2))
Use Redline wireless, he had argued. Use Bluetooth Extreme. Use something that wasn’t hardwired. It was more dependable, less subject to malfunctions than the more rudimentary system they were using might invite. So
Terry Brooks (The Gypsy Morph (Genesis of Shannara, #3))
Chris Grabenstein (Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library (Mr. Lemoncello's Library, #1))
I wouldn’t mind giving the feds their cut if they weren’t so damn nosy, if any of them actually read the constitution and if they didn’t spend every penny on some harebrained scheme.
Greg Crites (Bluetooth Bayou)
Enjoy the full, rich sound of your favorite music without any cords or cables. GGMM M4 uses Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth 4.0 technology to equally project exquisite audio wirelessly.
GGMM M4 Wireless Wi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker
my exes who waited within bluetooth range could see me dolled up. After
Chetan Bhagat (One Indian Girl)
Today Hedy’s invention serves millions through GPS, Galileo, and GLONASS satellites, Bluetooth, cell-phone, and digital wireless systems. (illustration credit i1.23)
Richard Rhodes (Hedy's Folly: The Life and Breakthrough Inventions of Hedy Lamarr, the Most Beautiful Woman in the World)
A typical CR2032 will have a quoted energy capacity of 230mAh at 3 volts. Just to put this into context, this is about the amount of energy required to power a human being for just over 20 seconds.
Robin Heydon (Bluetooth Low Energy: The Developer's Handbook)
Fittingly, Harald's name today is ubiquitous as a technology that unites disparate devices. Begun in 1994 by the Swedish company Ericsson, Bluetooth passes information wirelessly between phones and computers regardless of operating system or manufacturer. Just as the tenth century Viking king united fierce rivals, a Samsung phone will now communicate with an Apple computer. The two runes that make up the modern symbol for Bluetooth technology are the king's initials. 176.
Lars Brownworth (The Sea Wolves: A History of the Vikings)
notes, “that the original unlicensed device was a ‘couch potato’–like remote control for radio receivers.” So the 1939 Philco Mystery Control once again revealed its originality.) If all this bureaucratic infighting seems obscure, what followed from it is happily familiar. “The rules adopted,” Marcus writes, “had a much greater impact than any of [their] advocates could ever have imagined at the time. They enabled the development of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, the majority of cordless phones now sold in the US, and myriad other lesser-known niche
Richard Rhodes (Hedy's Folly: The Life and Breakthrough Inventions of Hedy Lamarr, the Most Beautiful Woman in the World)
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While your Bluetooth-enabled toothbrush scans for cavities, you will be able to peruse messages that appear on the glass or see reminders of the medications you need to take.
Robert Scoble (Age of Context: Mobile, Sensors, Data and the Future of Privacy)
Wi-Fi & Bluetooth.
Amazon (Kindle Paperwhite User’s Guide)
contained an Omnitask 3000 multicore processor, tri-band Wi-Fi technology, two GPS chips, a twenty-megapixel camera with zoom and flash, voice recognition software, Bluetooth, an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and a slide
Varian Johnson (The Great Greene Heist (The Great Greene Heist #1))
I had thought the Upper East Side could shield me from the beauty pageants and cockfights of the art scene in which I’d “worked” in Chelsea. But living uptown had infected me with its own virus when I first moved there. I’d tried being one of those blond women speed walking up and down the Esplanade in spandex, Bluetooth in my ear like some self-important asshole, talking to whom—Reva? On the weekends, I did what young women in New York like me were supposed to do, at first: I got colonics and facials and highlights, worked out at an overpriced gym, lay in the hammam there until I went blind, and went out at night in shoes that cut my feet and gave me sciatica.
Ottessa Moshfegh (My Year of Rest and Relaxation)
Music's beauty is in the eye of the listener. For most people, the more they listen the more they adapt and appreciate more complex sounds, harmonies and rhythms. Mirroring visual art, music artists propelled past the emotional into the abstract and for the music lovers Hammer have bought the dramatically magnificent over the ear wireless bluetooth headphones. Hammer is the brand for the person who really feels the music and also it is for the people who are fitness freak. The truly wireless bluetooth headphones when put over the ears look extraordinarily amazing and trendy. The sound coming out of the truly wireless headphones not only hit the ears of the person but also it touches the soul of the person. The stylish Hammer Bash wireless headphones by Hammer are not only good in the looks and sound quality but with these products the icing on the cake is the durability of the product and the promising long life of these products.
Enjoy the full rich sound by wirelessly streaming your favirote music to GGMM M3. M3 uses Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth 4.0 technology to equally project exquisite audio wirelessly.
GGMM M3 Retro Wi-Fi Bluetooth Wireless Leather Speaker
GGMM E5 is a WiFi/Bluetooth speaker that integrates with Amazon Alexa Voice Service. Just tap the speaker to ask Alexa a question, Such as "What's the weather today?" With Alexa Voice service you can order Domino Pizza, call a Uber, control your smart home devices, add items to your Amaozn shopping cart, or play Amazon Prime Music.
GGMM E5 Wireless Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa
GGMM M3 offers more connectivities and features, which will greatly enhance the user expeience.
GGMM M3 Retro Wi-Fi Bluetooth Wireless Speaker
GGMM W710 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone 4.1, Lifetime Hassle Free Warranty, IPX4 Sweatproof Sport Earbuds, w/ Bendable Ear Hook, Remote Control & Mic, Noise Isolating, Hands Free Calling, 7Hr playtime
GGMM W710 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone
GGMM W710 Sports Earbuds are rated IPX Level 4 and can withstand dripping sweat.
GGMM W710 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone 4.1
GGMM M3 takes every effort in its audio performace, using unibody Kevlar speaker, greatly improved the vibration-proof ability when it comes to strong airflow in cabinet.
GGMM M3 Retro Wi-Fi Bluetooth Wireless Speake
GGMM E5 Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Superior Sound Speaker with 15 Hours Playtime, Enhanced Bass Built-in Mic for Hand-Free Function Charging Port for iPhone 7, tablets, Android, 20W+ Output (White)
GGMM E5 Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Superior Sound Speaker
M3 is covered by handcrafted well selected high quality microfiber leather. The inside is a high density wooden cabinet, which avoids the sound distortion and provides bright rich sound tones and excellent sound pefromace.
GGMM M3 Retro Wi-Fi Bluetooth Wireless Leather Speaker
GGMM E5 has built-in high capacity rechargeable lithium-ion battery that supports 15 hours of playtime at 20 Watts output.
GGMM E5 Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Superior Sound Speaker
GGMM E5 Supports Multi Room Play: Add additional E5 Multiroom speakers to play one song in every room, or different songs in each room, all simply controlled through the GGMM E-Series Multiroom App.
GGMM E5 Wireless Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa
GGMM W600 sports Earbuds are rated IPX Level 4 and can withstand dripping sweat. Ergonomic design optimized for ultimate wearing comfort to match your active lifestyle like running, jogging, cycling, driving, camping, hiking, gym, exercise and other indoor or outdoor activity.
GGMM W600 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone
Hudson Creek is a decaying strip of buildings on either side of the highway, clinging to the road like barnacles on a rotting pier. If this were an ecosystem, I’d say it was on the verge of collapse. FOR SALE signs litter stretches of property with dilapidated buildings that look like they haven’t had two-legged occupants in years. Occasionally I spot signs of life. Aluminum-sided trailers covered in faded paint with clothes dangling nearby on lines. Someone lives there, if this is what you can call living. I’ve seen plenty of poverty in my travels. Not all of it radiates despair. I’ve been to slums where the electricity falters at night, but the live music keeps going. I’ve visited shantytowns where a new pair of shoes is as rare as a Tesla, yet people wear homespun clothes as vibrant as any I’ve seen. Hudson Creek has none of that. There’s no new construction. No signs that the town is fighting for life. The only things not falling apart are the shiny new cars I occasionally spot in weed-infested driveways. These people have mixed-up priorities. Or do they? Would you invest in landscaping if you knew your property values were going to keep declining? Maybe it’s better to spend your money on an escape pod with leather seats and a Bluetooth system.
Andrew Mayne (The Naturalist (The Naturalist, #1))
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My Bluetooth Reviews
We were now the proud owners of a Bluetooth shower speaker.
Elisa Leigh (His Curvy Woman (Curved & Desired #1))
O Joker tinha-se efetivamente tornado um rei e vivia numa casa dourada no céu. Os cidadãos procuravam clichés e faziam por recordar que ainda havia pássaros nas árvores e o céu não tinha desabado e ainda era, muitas vezes, azul. A cidade continuava de pé. E no rádio e nas aplicações de música que soavam nos auscultadores Bluetooth dos jovens descuidados, a vida continuava. Os Yankees continuavam a estar preocupados com a sua rotação de lançamento, os Mets continuavam a fazer fraca figura e os knicks continuavam a estar condenados pela maldição de serem os knicks. A Internet continuava cheia de mentiras e o negócio da verdade estava falido. Os melhores tinham perdido toda a convicção e os piores estavam repletos de uma intensidade apaixonada e a fraqueza dos justos era revelada pela ira dos injustos. Mas a República conservava-se mais ou menos intacta. Permitam-me que o deixe aqui expresso, porque era uma afirmação muitas vezes feita para consolar aqueles de nós que não eram fáceis de consolar. De certo modo é uma ficção, mas eu repito-a. Sei que depois da tempestade vinha outra tempestade, e outra ainda. Sei que o mau tempo vai estar nas previsões meteorológicas para sempre e que os dias felizes não estão de volta e que a intolerância é o que está na moda e o sistema está na realidade viciado, mas não como o palhaço maligno nos tentou fazer crer. Às vezes os maus ganham, e que se faz quando o mundo em que se acredita se revela uma lua de papel e surge um planeta escuro que diz “Não. O mundo sou eu.” Como vivemos no seio dos nossos compatriotas quando não sabemos quais deles se contam entre os mais de sessenta milhões que puseram o horror no poder, quando não podemos distinguir quem figura entre os noventa milhões que encolheram os ombros e ficaram em casa, ou quando os nossos concidadãos nos dizem que saber coisas é elitista e detestam as elites, e tudo aquilo que sempre tivemos é a nossa mente e fomos criados na crença do encanto do conhecimento, não aquele disparate do conhecimento-é-poder, mas sim o conhecimento é beleza, e depois tudo isso, a educação, a arte, a música, os filmes, se torna uma razão para ser abominado, e a criatura surgida do Spiritus Mundi se ergue e avança indolentemente em direção a Washington, DC, para nascer. O que fiz foi recolher-me à vida privada- agarrar-me à vida como a conhecera, ao seu quotidiano e à sua força, e insistir na capacidade do universo moral dos Jardins de sobreviver até ao mais feroz dos ataques. E agora, por conseguinte, deixem a minha história ter os seus momentos derradeiros, no meio do macrolixo que possa haver à volta de lerem isto, seja a manufactrovérsia, qualquer que seja o horror ou a estupidez ou fealdade ou vergonha. Deixem-me convidar o gigantesco rei do cabelo verde de banda desenhada vitorioso, com os seus direitos cinematográficos de um bilião de dólares, a sentar-se no banco traseiro e deixar que sejam as pessoas reais a conduzir o autocarro. As nossas pequenas vidas são talvez a única coisa que logramos compreender...
Salman Rushdie (The Golden House)
What does my husband know of love? Does deleting an email, a book-in-progress, a random user-generated reference on Wikipedia, the history of all the Bluetooth devices my phone has paired up with, delete what I have felt for someone? If the material does not exist, does the memory go away as well?
Meena Kandasamy (When I Hit You: Or, A Portrait of the Writer as a Young Wife)
Just as you would build and use stamina to be a champion sportsperson, you need to deploy Resilience to face challenging Life situations. Resilience is like the Bluetooth feature on your smartphone. You need to activate it to use it. And you activate, you deploy, the Resilience from within you by anchoring in Faith – by trusting the process of Life. So, no matter what you are dealing with, don’t run away from Life; turn around and face your fears. Know that you have the staying power in you to get through Life. Know that if you have a problem, you will also have the means, the mechanism, to deal with the problem even if you can’t always solve it immediately!
AVIS Viswanathan
When in doubt, type 0000 on your keyboard. That’s often recognized as a universal passcode for frustrated Bluetooth devices owners who are trying to connect their gadgets.
Andy Rathbone (Windows 10 For Dummies)
I didn’t respond. It would only encourage her. Instead I looked at the display on the dashboard and thought of the dangers of talking on the phone while driving. My small city car had Bluetooth capabilities, but I never used it. I tended to become too focused when talking on the phone, which impeded my concentration on whatever else I was doing. It confirmed the studies that proved that talking on one’s phone, even when using a hands-free system, could impair one’s driving as profoundly as driving while inebriated.
Estelle Ryan (The Vecellio Connection (Genevieve Lenard, #9))
There was a terrible stretch of time in Einar's life - from the time Hans left Bluetooth until the day he met Greta at the academy - when he lived without anyone to reveal his secrets to. Lili could remember that, the feeling of biting down on one's thoughts and feelings and storing them up for no one.
David Ebershoff (The Danish Girl)
Standing in bushes isn’t my idea of fun, so I usually opt to sit at a nearby table. By using tiny Bluetooth devices, I can listen to the conversation and then give my clients advice, helping them avoid those nasty lulls. But I don’t think a guy like you would be interested in that part of my service.
Tamra Baumann (Matching Mr. Right (Rocky Mountain Matchmaker #1))
Eric immediately turned around and tried to run back out the door. BONK! He bounced off the door. He tried the wall. Same result. “I’m sorry, but we’ve locked everything down,” Jevvrey said. Eric spun around. Jevvrey was looking at him through the futuristic glasses. He waved to Eric. “Bluetooth Go Wild goggles. $99.99. Available soon for pre-order.” I looked around the room. Jevvrey had added a few things since I’d last seen it. For one, he was sitting on a swivel chair in front of a six-foot-tall black rectangle in the middle of the room. It looked like one of those supercomputers from the movies with switches and buttons and blinking lights all over it. The other thing was Mr. Gregory, sitting at his desk in front of a laptop, looking miserable. “I was hoping you’d make it in time,” Jevvrey said. “In time for what?” “We’re about to find out what happens at the end of the game!” Jevvrey took out his phone and tapped on the screen. “Mark?” Eric asked. Jevvrey nodded. “He’s fading fast now.” He turned the phone around so we could see it. Mark was fading. Not like his health or anything — he was actually disappearing
Dustin Brady (Trapped in a Video Game: Book Two)
Zoook Blue ZB-Vault Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker for Rs 499 (Market Price Rs 1139)
Now, if you children will excuse me…,” said Dr. Zinchenko, touching her Bluetooth earpiece. “It seems Mr. Lemoncello needs me inside. He has glued his mouth shut on a caramel apple.
Chris Grabenstein (Mr. Lemoncello's Library Olympics (Mr. Lemoncello's Library, #2))
Bluetooth is named after a 10th century Viking called Harald Blatand the Bluetooth. He had a reputation for bringing peace to people from different regions. The Bluetooth symbol is the same as his initials.
James Egan (1000 Mind-Bending Facts)
It’s like they’re communicating through Bluetooth or something,” Ashley muttered under her breath.
Bella Forrest (A Castle of Sand (A Shade of Vampire, #3))
Would you invest in landscaping if you knew your property values were going to keep declining? Maybe it’s better to spend your money on an escape pod with leather seats and a Bluetooth system.
Andrew Mayne (The Naturalist (The Naturalist, #1))
Emma found Stevie Ray Vaughan's Tightrope on the Bluetooth from her phone and eased back for the drive. She loved those Texas blues Stevie Ray belted out. Fantastic guitar player. She had fallen in love with his music long after the singer's untimely death in a helicopter crash. What is it with musicians and aircraft? she thought.
Louis Tridico (The Magicians)
Yo mama is so stupid… she thought Dunkin’ Donuts was a basketball team! Yo mama is so stupid… she tripped over a wireless phone! Yo mama is so stupid… she failed a survey! Yo mama is so stupid… she got locked in a grocery store and starved to death! Yo mama is so stupid… when they said that it is chilly outside, she went outside with a bowl and a spoon. Yo mama is so stupid… she tried to drown a fish! Yo mama is so stupid… she tried to throw a bird off a cliff! Yo mama is so stupid… she took a knife to a drive-by! Yo mama is so stupid… she thought Boyz II Men was a daycare center! Yo mama is so stupid… she bought a ticket to Xbox Live! Yo mama is so stupid… she thought she couldn’t buy a Gameboy because she is a girl! Yo mama is so stupid… she thought a scholarship was a ship full of students! Yo mama is so stupid… she threw a clock out the window to see time fly! Yo mama is so stupid… she went to the ocean to surf the Internet! Yo mama is so stupid… you can hear the ocean in her head! Yo mama is so stupid… she thought Hamburger Helper came with a friend! Yo mama is so stupid… she got locked in Furniture World and slept on the floor. Yo mama is so stupid… she sits on the floor and watches the couch. Yo mama is so stupid… she stayed up all night trying to catch up on her sleep! Yo mama is so stupid… she got her hand stuck in a website! Yo mama is so stupid… she thought Christmas wrap was Snoop Dogg’s new song! Yo mama is so stupid… she can't pass a blood test. Yo mama is so stupid… she thought the Harlem Shake was a drink! Yo mama is so stupid… she ordered a cheeseburger without the cheese. Yo mama is so stupid… she tried to climb Mountain Dew! Yo mama is so stupid… that she burned down the house with a CD burner. Yo mama is so stupid… she went to PetSmart to take an IQ test! Yo mama is so stupid… she went to the library to find Facebook! Yo mama is so stupid… she stole free bread. Yo mama is so stupid… she sold her car for gas money. Yo mama is so stupid… she stopped at a stop sign and waited for it to turn green. Yo mama is so stupid… when she asked me what kind of jeans I am wearing I said, “Guess”, and she said, “Levis”. Yo mama is so stupid… she called me to ask me for my phone number! Yo mama is so stupid… she worked at an M&M factory and threw out all the W's. Yo mama is so stupid… she tried to commit suicide by jumping out the basement window. Yo mama is so stupid… she got lost in a telephone booth. Yo mama is so stupid… she stuck a phone in her butt to make a booty call! Yo mama is so stupid… I said that drinks were on the house and she went to get a ladder! Yo mama is so stupid… she went to a dentist to fix her Bluetooth! Yo mama is so stupid… she put lipstick on her forehead to make up her mind. Yo mama is so stupid… it took her two hours to watch 60 seconds.
Johnny B. Laughing (Yo Mama Jokes Bible: 350+ Funny & Hilarious Yo Mama Jokes)
Having watched the development of electronics since the 1970’s, some things have surprised me: 1. Miniaturization. 2. Low purchase costs. 3. Disposable products. 4. Screen sizes. 5. Plastic cases. 6. Long battery lives. 7. The cover-up of the biologically harmful aspects of electro-magnetic interference (EMI) exposures. 8. The prevalence of computers inside products. 9. Streaming internet television. 10. The extensive adoption of wireless cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth products.
Steven Magee
Does this car have Bluetooth?” Oliver chuckles. “Yes, Princess Estelle, is it up to par with your inspection?” I stop moving my hand over the dash and set it back on my lap, feeling a blush creep into my face. “I liked your old car better,” I say. Oliver’s eyebrows hike up and he turns to gape at me. “You like my beat-up Maxima better than this?” I shrug. “It was more cozy. This reminds me of the Batmobile, and there’s nothing wrong with the Batmobile, but I like cozy.” He shakes his head and mutters something under his breath, but starts to look for my phone to hook up to Bluetooth. He already knows it’s because I want to play my own music—I don’t even have to explain. I used to bring my own CD whenever I was in the car with him. Oliver listens to two things: heavy rock and rap, and while I’m okay with both, I prefer the classics. The Steve Miller Band hasn’t even gotten to the hook before they’re interrupted by a call from Mia. Oliver looks at me with a question in his eyes. “If you don’t mind,” I say. He presses the button, and before I say hello, Mia’s frantic voice comes through. “What underwear are you wearing?” she asks. My face goes hot for the second time this morning. From the corner of my eye, I see Oliver bite down on his lip. “What?” I ask. “Mia, you’re on speaker phone!” “I don’t care. This is an emergency. Do you not hear the shrill tone in my voice? What are you wearing under your clothes?” My eyes snap to the side of Oliver’s face, then out the front window, and finally, I pull my shirt slightly and look down, because I completely forgot what underwear I have on. “Can you disconnect the phone?” I say to Oliver, who shakes his head in refusal. “Please. This is like . . . monumentally embarrassing.” “Just answer,” he whispers. “Who’s that?” Mia asks. “Oliver. We’re in his car, and you’re on the fucking Bluetooth.” She laughs. “Oh my God! I am so sorry, Bean!” “What?” I shout. “He’s not the one being harassed!” “Oh, but now he is. So tell me—underwear?” “White lace bra and matching boy shorts,” I say, almost through my teeth, not missing the way Oliver’s eyes snap to me with an approving look. I want to slap him for it, but I know nothing good would come of that, so I just cross my arms over my chest like a petulant child.
Claire Contreras (Kaleidoscope Hearts (Hearts, #1))
Wi-Fi is one of the maximum vital technological developments of the present day age. It’s the wireless networking wellknown that enables us experience all of the conveniences of cutting-edge media and connectivity. But what is Wi-Fi, definitely? The time period Wi-Fi stands for wi-fi constancy. Similar to other wi-fi connections, like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi is a radio transmission generation. Wireless fidelity is built upon a fixed of requirements that permit high-pace and at ease communications among a huge sort of virtual gadgets, get admission to points, and hardware. It makes it viable for Wi-Fi succesful gadgets to get right of entry to the net without the want for real wires. Wi-Fi can function over brief and long distances, be locked down and secured, or be open and unfastened. It’s particularly flexible and is simple to use. That’s why it’s located in such a lot of famous devices. Wi-Fi is ubiquitous and exceedingly essential for the manner we function our contemporary linked world. How does Wi-Fi paintings? Bluetooth Mesh Philips Hue Wi-fi Although Wi-Fi is commonly used to get right of entry to the internet on portable gadgets like smartphones, tablets, or laptops, in actuality, Wi-Fi itself is used to hook up with a router or other get entry to point which in flip gives the net get entry to. Wi-Fi is a wireless connection to that tool, no longer the internet itself. It also affords get right of entry to to a neighborhood community of related gadgets, that's why you may print photos wirelessly or study a video feed from Wi-Fi linked cameras without a want to be bodily linked to them. Instead of the usage of stressed connections like Ethernet, Wi-Fi uses radio waves to transmit facts at precise frequencies, most typically at 2.4GHz and 5GHz, although there are numerous others used in more niche settings. Each frequency range has some of channels which wireless gadgets can function on, supporting to spread the burden in order that person devices don’t see their indicators crowded or interrupted by other visitors — although that does happen on busy networks.
Everything was cutting edge. Everyone needed an extreme makeover. Everything was now available 24/7; everybody was wired and Blue-toothed; everyone was an American Idol. It was no longer enough to live your life; now you had to be a Survivor.
Thrity Umrigar (If Today Be Sweet)
Service abstraction is an import design rule because of the consequences if this rule is not followed.
Robin Heydon (Bluetooth Low Energy: The Developer's Handbook)
what do we mean by an infotainment system? This involves a screen in your dashboard through which you control everything from music and navigation to climate control, news feeds, weather and traffic, etc. This is either a touch screen or navigated by way of a mouselike dial in the center console, depending on the make of vehicle. And all the systems connect, or “pair,” with a smartphone via a Bluetooth connection, offer voice commands to control the functions and have some redundant controls on the steering wheel and dashboards that use old-fashioned dials or newfangled touch-pad controls.
If it is possible to BLUETOOTH the height, I think I'm 6 footer now.
Roque Cole
Several of her students were engrossed in their work, but when she asked one of them, a PhD student named David Merrill, to give me a quick demo of his project, he readily agreed. Merrill walked us over to a three-foot-wide mockup of a supermarket shelf stocked with cartons of butter, Egg Beaters, and cereal, and he happily slipped on a Bluetooth-enabled ring he had been tinkering with when we interrupted him. He pointed directly at a box of cereal, and a light on the shelf directly below it glowed red. This meant, he told us, that the food didn’t fit the nutritional profile that he had programmed into the device. Perhaps it contained nuts or not enough fiber. He told me that there were a lot of “really cool technologies” making this happen—an infrared transmitter/receiver mounted on the ring, a transponder on the shelf with which it communicated, and a Bluetooth connection to a smart phone that could access the wearer’s profile in real time, to name a few. It was easy to see how this “augmented reality interface,” as Merrill called it, could change the experience of in-store shopping in truly a profound way. But what really impressed me during this visit was the close working relationship he clearly enjoyed with Maes. He called her “Pattie,” and my impression was that they engaged in give-and-take like true collaborators and colleagues.
Frank Moss (The Sorcerers and Their Apprentices: How the Digital Magicians of the MIT Media Lab Are Creating the Innovative Technologies That Will Transform Our Lives)
Landvo L800 Smart Phone 5" Screen 6.0MP Camera Android 4.2 Quad Core MTK6582 1.3GHz 512MB RAM+4GB ROM SKU: 1754 0 Review(s) | Add Your Review New 0 0 0 Availability: In stock $84.99 Color Memory Parts 2M USB cable +$1.00 non-slip mat +$1.00 Touch gloves +$2.00 Bluetooth +$4.00 - See more at:
GGMM M4 uses Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth 4.0 technology to equally project exquisite audio wirelessly.
GGMM M4 Wireless Speaker for Music Streaming
Cordless Headphone Bluetooth Earbuds For routine office work available in different colors up to 10 transmission range, Compatible with all Mobile Phone & Bluetooth Device and much more exciting features at special discount prices $21.99.
Universal Gadgets
Babolat’s Play racquet contains accelerometer and gyroscope sensors, a digital microprocessor, Bluetooth wireless communications, and a battery. All of these components weigh just fifteen grams and fit inside the handle.
Mark Raskino (Digital to the Core: Remastering Leadership for Your Industry, Your Enterprise, and Yourself)
The Amazon Echo is a new, revolutionary voice-activated, feature rich interface, Bluetooth speaker, streaming device and smart home controller. With powerful voice-recognition capability, cloud connectivity and wireless access to Wi-Fi––the Amazon Echo offers users erstwhile unimagined interactivity between technology and daily life. The Amazon Echo represents a new paradigm of interactive artificial intelligence; connecting users to their homes with a variety of options from interior lighting operations to full control of TV and sound systems––all of which are commanded by voice-activation. The Amazon Echo is a single device capable of retrieving information instantly; it offers users wide access to a wealth of custom features and merges media devices into one stunning interface. Amazon Echo is undeniable a step into the future. Originally released in November 2015, Echo has already developed in leaps and bounds. With Amazon and individual developers continuously evolving the cloud-based voice recognition software, Alexa. There is no doubt about it, there’s lot to envy about Echo. The digital assistant that is Alexa will help you organize your life in a variety of aspects. Alexa can manage your alarms, calendars and to-do lists. There’s plenty more to learn about Alexa, including how Echo can integrate with your smart home devices. In this simple guide we will teach you all about the basics and supply you with exactly what you need to say to get to grips with Alexa. Step into the world of Alexa and ‘hands-free’ your life in more ways than you can imagine.
Steve Jacobs (Alexa: 2018 Essential User Guide for Amazon Echo and Alexa)
Google, however, is far from done with its acquisitions, and in June 2014 it announced it was purchasing Dropcam, a large video camera security start-up, for $555 million. Dropcam makes high-definition Wi-Fi and Bluetooth security cameras that stream live video to mobile apps and send alerts based on predetermined activities sensed by the devices. With the purchase of Dropcam, Google now owns not only your Web searches, e-mail, mobile phone, maps, and location but also your movements inside your own home through live-streaming video feeds. As a result, your thermostat, smoke detector, and security system all come with lengthy terms of service. Could the privacy implications be any more obvious?
Marc Goodman (Future Crimes)
Apple Notification Center Service with an External Display The Apple Notification Center Service (ANCS) function in iOS is the source of notifications displayed as a banner message along the top of the active screen (or in place of the entire active screen) for timely alerts (e.g., when you receive a text message, miss a call, or for a variety of other applications). For example, when you receive an incoming call, the ANCS temporarily replaces the active screen with the screen shown in Figure 9-5
Kevin Townsend (Getting Started with Bluetooth Low Energy: Tools and Techniques for Low-Power Networking)
Apple Notification Center Service with an External Display The Apple Notification Center Service (ANCS) function in iOS is the source of notifications displayed as a banner message along the top of the active screen (or in place of the entire active screen) for timely alerts (e.g., when you receive a text message, miss a call, or for a variety of other applications). For example, when you receive an incoming call, the ANCS temporarily replaces the active screen with the screen shown in Figure 9-5. Figure 9-5. A notification of a phone call on an iPhone When iOS 7 was introduced, Apple included a BLE interface to the ANCS to route similar alerts to BLE connected accessories — for example, a BLE-enabled watch.
Kevin Townsend (Getting Started with Bluetooth Low Energy: Tools and Techniques for Low-Power Networking)
For hardware, you’ll need an Android device running Android version 4.3 or later. While Android began supporting BLE version 4.3, we recommend a device running at least version 4.4, which includes an updated and more stable version of the BLE protocol stack. You’ll also need to make sure the hardware supports Bluetooth Low Energy.
Kevin Townsend (Getting Started with Bluetooth Low Energy: Tools and Techniques for Low-Power Networking)
In 983 a great alliance of Slav tribes and Danes joined forces against the German realm, which had expanded both eastwards and northwards, but was now decisively repulsed. Around this time marriages took place between Scandinavian kings and the daughters of West Slav princes. For example, Harald Bluetooth married a daughter of the Abodrite prince Mistivoj.
Else Roesdahl (The Vikings)
Tommy pointed out before removing something from his pocket and passing it to me. I turned the small radio and microphone over in my hands. “I’m not going on a mob bust.” “It’s that or you wear one of those ridiculous Bluetooth headsets, which are about as secure as yelling really loud.
Steve McHugh (Born of Hatred (Hellequin Chronicles, #2))
This is your QComm,” he explained. “It’s a Quantum Communicator—basically a smartphone with unlimited range. It will work anywhere in the world—or in outer space.” He smiled. “They also have insanely fast Internet access and Bluetooth capability. I already imported all of your contacts, photos, and music from your iPhone, so you’re all set up.
Ernest Cline (Armada)
Stone’s voice came in Pike’s ear. “Movement.” They were on cell phones, each with a Bluetooth bud in his ear. They had satellite phones, but the regular cells were easier so long as they had a signal and military-grade GPS units. “No joy.” Meaning Pike didn’t see the vehicles. Stone had a better view, and was using binos. “Van’s backing out—” The dingy van crept into Pike’s sight line as Stone said it. Pike started the Jeep, and nosed toward the street. “Got’m. Cole on board?” “Affirm. Man, you gotta check the driver. This is one ugly fucker.” The
Robert Crais (Taken (Elvis Cole, #15; Joe Pike, #4))
A towering blond woman in an emerald-green suit with lapels sharp enough to slice cheese stalks toward us, her expression set somewhere between rabid and murderous.  “You have got to be kidding me!” she shrieks as she comes alongside us and casts a tundra-cold glance in my direction.  Immediately, I think she’s talking about my clothing, which, while not precisely appropriate, wouldn’t seem to merit a Teutonic hissy fit. But her eyes bounce away from me again, and she presses her hand to her ear. “If this guy doesn’t work out, I will have no problem jamming an ice pick up your skinny ass, Paolo,” she says, and I finally notice the Bluetooth device tucked up next to a chignon tight enough to give her cat eyes.  She clips away, leaving flowers to shrivel and birds to drop from the sky in her wake.  “Jesus,” Ethan mutters, and I realize I’ve actually grabbed onto his arm in terror. “Here’s hoping she’s not the HR rep.”  I allow myself a moment’s enjoyment before releasing him. “Here’s hoping she doesn’t even work here.”  He smiles. “Here’s hoping she’s leaving on a ten-year cruise.”  “To Antarctica.”  “To reunite with her clan, the snow beasts.” 
Noelle August (Boomerang (Boomerang, #1))
Hammer Airflow truly wireless Bluetooth earbuds comes with the latest Bluetooth v5.0 technology. Through this you can easily pair any Bluetooth enabled device within 10 Meter of radius. Get a long battery backup with a magnetic charging case(400mah). This truly wirelessBluetooth earphone is the best wireless Bluetooth for music. You can enjoy music with deep bass and answering the call by built in Microphone feature. Hammer Airflow Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds (TWS) Hammer Airflow Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Features Usage: Hammer Airflow truly wireless Bluetooth earphones are designed for calling, music, gaming, sports and active lifestyle. Battery: Hammer Airflow wireless Bluetooth battery backup is up to 4 hours with music and calling on a single full charge. This wireless Bluetooth earphone is charge quickly within only 1.5 best truly wireless earbuds in India hours and 100 hours of standby time. Bluetooth 5.0: Airflow wireless Bluetooth earphone having latest technology Bluetooth v5.0. Which is maximizes the stability, performance and connectivity of Bluetooth earbuds which effectively reduces the power consumption. Stylish charging case: Hammer Airflow wireless Bluetooth earbuds comes with a stylish magnetic charging case (400mah) which makes the earbuds safe & dustproof. Monopod capability: Hammer Airflow wireless earphone buds can be used as two independent monopods. Comfort fit: Super-secure Airflow buds come with 2 ear-tips which provide perfect fit and comfort for all-day wearing with no distractions Product description TWS EARBUDS WITH ULTRA LONG BATTERY LIFE: Earbuds with charging case of 400 mah can charge your truly wireless earbuds about 7 to 8 times. Once the Bluetooth earbuds are in the charging case, they will be charged automatically and only takes about 1 hour to fully charge. You get about 4 hours of music playback time in a single charge of earbuds. TRULY WIRELESS EARBUDS WITH MIC: Truly wireless Bluetooth earbuds are best for calling. You will never have to worry about the wire linking, as Hammer Bluetooth earbuds are cable free and the Bluetooth connection has a strong signal upto 10 meters. BLUETOOTH EARBUDS WIRELESS PAIRING TECHNOLOGY: Pressing the right earbud thrice will make it the master earbud. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone, scan available Bluetooth devices, select Hammer Airflow the main earbud voice prompts your device is connected. The earbuds are connected successfully, now you can use it for music or calls. true wireless earbuds for sports INTEGRATED CONTROL BUTTON: With multi-function button you can play / pause music, next/ previous song, increase/ decrease volume, answer / reject calls and activate Siri / Google voice assistant. Additional Features: Bluetooth Headphones, Siri Google Assistant, Wireless Earphones, Long Lasting Battery, 3-4 Hours Playtime, Wireless Earbuds Headset Mic Headphones, True Wireless Design Bluetooth 5.0, Stylish Earphone, Deep Bass, Mono Calling (Single Earbud), Working Distance 10M, Standby time 60 Hours Compatible Devices: Compatible with iOS/Android Brand: Hammer Model number: AIRFLOW Battery Cell Composition: Lithium Polymer Item Weight: 40.8 g Warranty Details: Hammer Airflow comes with 6 months Replacement warranty only in case of manufacturing defects. Product Registration is mandatory at Warranty page within 10 days of your purchase to claim the warranty. Customer Care: Email: [email protected] MOB: 9991 108 081
Hammer KO truly wireless Earbuds with smart touch control. These earbuds having long battery life upto 5 hours. This is the best sports wireless bluetooth earbuds in India. It comes with the over the ear hooks,so its never falls while running or working out. You can enjoy loud and HD music with your exercise. Hammer KO is waterproof wireless bluetooth earbuds so you can enjoy stress free music also in rain. You can buy this latest wireless earbuds at Hammer Online website and you can also buy this truly wireless bluetooth earbuds at amazon, flip-kart , myntra, nykaa and tataclick.
I connected my phone to the Escalade’s Bluetooth and blasted Queen’s Greatest Hits. Restless fingers drummed along against the steering wheel. The music helped. There wasn’t much Freddie Mercury couldn’t make better.
Nichole Willowbrook (Son of a Preacher Man (We Rise #1))
n the India Truly Wireless Earbuds are the most selling mobile accessories in these days. The latest reports suggest that wearables in India registered an 80% year on year growth with a shipment of over 4.2 million units in the first quarter of 2020. The rise of the truly wireless earbuds in India is the main reason for the uptick. There are many options for the truly wireless earbuds in mobile accessories like the smart phones having a lot of option in the Indian market from last few years. In our market smartphones makers like Samsung, Realme, Oppo and Xiaomi are already entered and launched their many truly wireless earbuds models in the many price options for the customers. In the last year, we had very less option under rs 5000 for Truly Wireless Earbuds in Indian market. But now many brands are launched in our market, and we get the many option for the TWS earbuds under the rs 5000. Hammer is India's first athleisure audio tech brand providing stylish and extraordinary range in audio and fitness devices for a healthy lifestyle and comfort. If you want to buy truly wireless earbuds less than 5000, then you are at right place. Hammer is selling best truly wireless at very affordable prices in India. Hammer KO Sports Bluetooth Truly Wireless Earbuds Hammer Solo Bluetooth Truly Wireless Earbuds Hammer Airtouch Bluetooth Truly Wireless Earbuds Hammer Airflow Bluetooth Truly Wireless Earbuds
IQOS 3 Multi Kit summer edition IN DUBAI/UAE All-in-One solution The IQOS 3 Multi in an all in one pocket-size design, enabling at least 10 consecutive sessions without recharging. The IQOS 3 Multi has enhanced daylight LED illumination (for visibility in all conditions) and vibration alerts for extra convenience. Dimensions: Width: 25.42 mm, Depth: 15,1 mm, Height: 119,25 mm (with the top cover) Information regarding the Bluetooth technology The device has Bluetooth. The associated application is not available in Dubai UAE. Delivery Available in Emirates Dubai, Abu Dhabi Ajman, Sharjah Ras al Khaimah Ajman Fujairah Al-Ain
Printers have become an essential piece of our everyday lives. Be it the significance of a printer in an office or be it at home, they are extremely useful in printing a printed version of anything accessible at a cell phone or a framework. Nowadays printers are of numerous sorts and they print numerous sorts of things as well. PrintX Pro One of the well known ideas of printers these days is the idea of a warm printer. This is a sort of printer that prints anything with the assistance of warmth and thermally extension of the atoms of the paper utilizing an extremely exceptional strategy. Visit now
Days later, I saw an X-ray of a Bose speaker inside someone. “And it was still connected to Bluetooth,” the woman who showed it to me whispered.
David Sedaris (Themes and Variations)
разделе Управление домашней группой Amazon.. Эта функция доступна не во всех странах. Wi-Fi и Bluetooth Режим «В самолете»: при выборе этого
Amazon (Руководство пользователя Kindle Oasis, 13-е издание)