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love is all about timing
Karuho Shiina
Love happens only once, and the second time is always a compromise made to forget the first love.
Yaqub khan
If you decide not to do anything because you're scared, then things will stay this way forever.
Karuho Shiina
You say you've a life, but i see it as movie being directed by someone else, being edited often here and there. life is when you've the remote control of it, and its been controled by the person you love.
Yaqub khan
I'm the way the truth and the life. Only through me you will go to the father.
Yaqub khan
I read, I study, I examine, I listen, I reflect, and out of all of this I try to form an idea into which I put as much common sense as I can. I shall not speak much for fear of saying foolish things; I will risk still less for fear of doing them, for I am not disposed to abuse the confidence which they have deigned to show me. Such is the conduct which until now I have followed and will follow.
Marquis de Lafayette In a Letter to his father-in-law the Duc d'Ayan December 4th 1776
Time marches on
Ayn Rand
The more you meddle, the more tangled the situation gets. Let it be.
Karuho Shiina
integrity is the ability to stand by an idea!
ayan rand
Just be who you really are, why change for someone who doesn't even appreciate for the kind of person u've been.
Yaqub khan
The only religion with God is Islam
Yaqub khan
Ye shalt knoweth the truth and it shalt set thy free.
Yaqub khan (Similarities Between Islam and Christianity)
Bir gün Falkenhein'in bir küçük subayının Şam'da gözüne kestiği binayı keyfinin istediği gibi zaptettiğini haber aldık. Patrikleri, emirleri, şeyhleri sıra sıra karşısına dizen ayan ve mebus asan, sonsuz nüfuz sahibi Cemal Paşa, bu küçük subaya dert anlatmak için yenilmez güçlükler içinde kalmıştır. Aşınmaz mermerden zannettiğimiz o büyük kudret ve gurur, bir küçük Alman subayının fiskesi ile, bir alçı gibi çatladı. Bir düşüşün acı yasını ilk defa işte bu çatlaktan gördüm.
Falih Rıfkı Atay (Zeytindağı)
Allah hikmetini onun derdini çekmeden ayan etmez.
You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day - unless you're too busy; then you should sit for an hour. Old Zen adage
Ayan (Sure Shot Meditation Technique Book: Read this to the point Book and experience Meditation from the 1st min 1st day)
Prísos' a la barba Ruy Díaz, so señor: —¡Grado al rey del cielo, mis fijas vengadas son, agora las ayan quitas heredades de Carrión!
Twin Flames are manifested from the very same soul essence, or more accurately, the same soul blueprint. A soul blueprint is the exact same concept as physical DNA. Meaning, our souls are created with individual specific codes, qualities, and traits that make us uniquely us. As above, so below, is a universal law and principle. Just as we have physical DNA that make up our physical genetics and disposition, so too, do we have soul “DNA” that make us who we are spiritually and non-physically.
Jeff Ayan (Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover)
Twin Flames are unique because they are always bound to each other. The thoughts, actions, and decisions of a Twin Flame intimately and completely impact the other. They are hardly separate, yet they are each unique and complete unto themselves. One cannot exist without the other because they are so perfectly balanced into each other. The perfection and complexity with which this occurs is impossible to explain, or describe, in much the same way that the beauty and vastness of the Universe is impossible to describe. You can feel your Twin Flame when you anchor your consciousness into your Heart center, and you feel them there in a way that completes you. “Completes” does not mean “makes you happy.” “Completes” means “someone who makes you more than you already are in expression, more than you already are in desire, and more than you already are in your Life Force.
Jeff Ayan (Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover)
Life on Earth is meant to awake your soul, to shake up the contents of your Mind, and pour forth an entirely new way of Being, which you can take with you elsewhere on your eternal Universal travels. You are meant to be here for a time, and get things aligned, and then move on and explore other parts of this Infinite Vastness. Here on Earth, you are being warned that having and calling in your Twin Flame before you’re ready to do the spiritual work of Harmonious Twin Flame Union is generally not advised. Jeff will tell you later in this book how challenging it is to have your Twin Flame in your life experience even while working the process. It is life-altering in ways that cannot be described. You will, without a doubt, change in ways you could not fathom before, and in time periods you would never expect. Your growth is automatically set to maximum when you invite your Twin Flame into your life experience, and attain Harmonious Twin Flame Union.
Jeff Ayan (Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover)
There is no need for another lover ever when you have finally met your Twin Flame. This person will fill all the desires you have for an intimate partner, even if your list of desires is extensive. The energy of your desires and “needs” are highly and fully concentrated in your Twin Flame Union. This person may even do all the same challenging things as many of your previous lovers, because they are helping you to release old patterns and traumas existing within your Mind thus preventing you from your Harmonious Twin Flame Union. They do this out of love and compassion for you, and for your experience and desire for wholeness. They do not do this because they are cruel, abusive, hateful, or desire to destroy the Union. They do this to heal you and to heal themselves.
Jeff Ayan (Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover)
They are also intrinsically motivated to do so, because they are so intimately interwoven with you, and they too, desire to be the best version of themselves. This is basically what we call the Twin Flame Mirroring Effect.
Jeff Ayan (Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover)
The Twin Flame Mirroring Effect exists solely as a reflection of your personal relationship with God, who is your Divine Creator in heaven. That’s one of the main functions of your Twin Flame Union: to reflect to you your relationship, choices and consciousness regarding your Divine Creator. This is truly the one piece that many struggle with on their Twin Flame journey.
Jeff Ayan (Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover)
People want to point the finger at their Twin Flame and blame them for the reason they’re upset and why they’re not together, but by spiritual law, your Twin Flame is reflecting your upsets with God and with yourself. Resolve these upsets, and you resolve your separation from your Twin Flame. We go into great detail how to do this later on in the book.
Jeff Ayan (Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover)
To attain the “permanent” aspect of your Harmonious Twin Flame Union, you must commit to healing your upsets as they arise; and know that it does get easier and easier, and it does feel better working on yourself spiritually with your Twin Flame by your side in the physical. In fact it’s even more rewarding to accomplish your spiritual work while in Harmonious Union together, because you share your process, feelings, love, and joy as they arise. Is there an end to experiencing upsets in your Twin Flame Union? Absolutely! As you progress further and further into your Harmonious Twin Flame Union, you will eventually arrive together to a state we call “Perfect Union,” also known as, ascension. We speak more of this important ultimate end goal in another chapter.
Jeff Ayan (Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover)
If you’re not equipped with some very powerful tools to help you move through the upset phase of your Union, then you’re going to have a tough time.
Jeff Ayan (Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover)
A false Twin Flame will not be interested in bringing your painful inner misalignments to the surface. They will be more interested in enjoying your presence now as you are, and not interested in investing in you and helping you become aligned with your Divine Self by bringing your core “stuff” to the surface for healing.
Jeff Ayan (Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover)
Remember, Twin Flame Union is a Divine Love, so the one common and ongoing theme you will experience with and from your Twin Flame experience is this: “Do you love me unconditionally? Even if I choose something in my experience that triggers you? Will you love me no matter what? Will you always choose to love me, or do you just want something from me?
Jeff Ayan (Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover)
If Eva Moskowitz is to be charged with creating an opportunity for parents like Ayan Wilson, Evelyn Ortega, Vanessa and Andre Farrer, and other families with more ambition for their children than means, it is a curious charge. If you demand that engaged and committed parents send their children to school with the children of disengaged and uncommitted parents, then you are obligated to explain why this standard applies to low-income black and brown parents—and only to them.
Robert Pondiscio (How The Other Half Learns: Equality, Excellence, and the Battle Over School Choice)
Mesela Rençberi ’be Toxım u Hardi Eke zaf dewa ra xêle mılet ke dormê dêde êno pêser, o cırê jü mesela qesê keno: “Rocê mordemekê de rençber şono, toxım erzeno hêgaê xo. Eke toxım erzeno, tenê pışkino raê ser, bınê lınga de pelexino, çuçıkanê asmêni rê beno qut. Tenê toxımi ki çarçê hardê torjıni beno, firıg dano, hama hardê beji de vêşeno, maneno. Tenê toxımo bini ki çarçê wertê teli u tuli beno, werte de hakasino, maneno. Hama toxımo bin gıneno hardê rındi ro, beno khewe, jü ra sed dano.” Nae ke vano, vengê xo keno berz, vano: “Kamo ke heşnaene rê goşê xo estê, wa goş do!” Isa manê mesela rençberi ’be toxım u hardi keno araze Şagırtê Isay cıra pers kenê: “Manê na mesela çıko? ” O cüab dano: “Heq sırê Hukumdarenia xo şımarê keno ayan ke şıma bızanê. Ê binarê ki mesela de ano ra zon ke, Horace ‘vinıtene de mevinê, heşnaene de fam mekerê.’ Manê mesela ki nao: Toxım vatena Heqia. Toxımo ke kewto rae ser, zê êwê ke vatene heşnenê, hama Şeytan ‘ke êno, qese zerrê dinara fino ro duri ke iman ro cı miyarê u ra mexelesiyê. Toxımo ke gıneno hardê torjıni ki, zê êwê ke vatene heşnenê, şabiyene ra cênê ro xo ser, hama bêbıngewê, şopê pê inam benê, hona waxtê cerrebnaene de imanê xora kunê duri. Toxımo ke gıneno ro wertê teli u tuli ki, zê êwê ke vatene heşnenê, hama rae ra derd u bela, kêf u eşqê dina u dewletenia dina de nêrewinê, nêresenê. Hama toxımo ke gıneno hardê rındi ro, zê êwê ke zerrepakiye u raştiye ra vatena Heqi heşnenê, qori kenê, xode vındarnenê u ebe sebri rewnenê, resnenê. İncila Lukaşi ra gore 8:4-15
laje HAQ
Life is too short for distractions.
Ayan Ray
Tuhanku, betapa titisan airmataku dibandingkan Lautan Kasih-Mu betapa darah dalam tubuhku dibandingkan darah para syuhada-Mu! (Menemui A’yan Tsabitah)
Raden M Kamil (Cinta Telah Menjadikan Ku Asing)
What he knew, what he had discovered tonight, was that his recap tured love of existence had not been given back to him by the retun of his desire for her-_but that the desire had returned after he had regained his world, the love, the value and the sense of his woris and that the desire was not an answer to her body, but a celebralis of himself and of his will to live. & He did not know it, he did not think of it, he was past the ped if words, but in the moment when he tell' the response of her had 'called toe, tolt also the unadmitted* knowiedel that Prat which De » sachet bier depravity was her highest Virtuege,his capacity of Des feel the joy of being, as he felt it.
ayan rand
Cihan zamanla Sinan'ın da kendince itikatları olduğunu fark etti. Boynundan hiç çıkarmadığı bir tılsımı vardı. Deriden yapılmış iç içe iki daireden müteşekkildi; biri açık, diğeri koyu. Yeni bir inşaata başlamadan evvel üç gün oruç tutardı. Bitirirken, bina ne kadar görkemli olursa olsun geride muhakkak bir kusur bırakırdı - ya ters döşenmiş bir çini, ya başaşağı bir taş veya kenarı kırık mermer. Hata orada, avamın algısından uzak ama bilen gözlere ayan dururdu. Zira mükemmellik Allah'a mahsustu. - Ustam ve Ben
Elif Shafak
We're all just at the beginning of our journeys, Ayan. No one can say how things will be, we can only do our best to make sure we're moving down the right path.
Randolph Lalonde (Spinward Fringe Broadcast 4: Frontline)
Dilek Kipleri: Emir vs. Teklik 215. 1. şahıs: -ayin (kitabelerde - ayın, -äyin'den daha fazla) -ayın, -äyin; -ayn, -äyn; ünlü ile biten fiil tabanlarından sonra: -yin, -yın; n ağzında da, nadiren: -ayan, -ayan; -yan, -yän. bol-ayın "olayım"; aya-yın "hürmet edeyim"; tilä-yn (UII 5,12) "dileyeyim"; olur-ayn (Man. Erz... 18,29) "oturayım"; bol-ayan (MI 12,11) "olayım", İstisna olarak, sona, şahıs zamiri de gelir: bart-ayın män (KP 9,7) "kırayım". 2. şahıs: Sadece fiil tabanı, yahut -ġıl, -gil. kıl "kıl!"; aya-ġıl "hizmet et!"; yaygın olan än-gil'in yerine äŋil "eğil!". 3. şahıs: -zun, -zün; kitabelerde -çun, -çün (krş. Eski Moğolca HY ok-su "vereyim"?); alkın-zun "azalsın"; bädizäd-zün "çizsin, resmetsin"; bol-ma-zun "olmasın"; ...bolmazun; ...bolçun (IE 11) "...olmasın ...olsun", kir-zkün (KP 45,6) "girsin"; -zün yazılması gereken bir istinsah hatası. - Bazen âdet olmadığı üzere, isim durumunda kullanılır: yılıka-zunın (MII 8,16) "mağfiretiyle"; yarlıka-zu (IE 29) "buyursun" ile paralel bir yerde yarlıka-duk üçün var. Çokluk 1.şahıs: -alım, -älim; (n ağzında:) -alam, -äläm; ünlü ile biten fiil tabanlarından sonra: -lım, -lim. 2. şahıs: -⁰ŋ: Bu şekil, tek kişi için nezaket ifadesi olarak da kullanılır, -ıŋlar vs. ise, nezaket şekli olarak değil, sadece çokluk olarak kullanılır. kalıġlan-ıŋlar "gayret ediniz"; yançal-aŋlar (MI 9,12) "eziliniz"; täk-inklär (Man. Erz. 27,33, başka yerlerdeki g'nin yerine, ekseriya, k kullanan bir metin) "gelin, değin". 3. şahıs: -zunlar, -zünlär, yahut, teklik şekilleri. Bunlar aynı zamanda 2. şahsa saygı hitabı olarak da kullanılır. Bu şekillerin yerine, yer yer daha hafif bir mana ifadesiyle, -ġay şekli gelir: bar-ma-ġay sin (KP 19,3) "gitmeyeceksin", "gitme işte!"; yara-ġay (KP 48,6) "olsun! iyi!". Emrin olumsuzu, ekseriya, bir izin verilmeyiş ifade eder: köni ıd-ma-lım (HtV 261) "hakikaten göndermeyelim (hakikaten göndermemeliyiz)""; kör-mä-yın (KP 63,2) "görmeyeyim, (görmek istemiyorum)".
Annemarie von Gabain (Alttürkische Grammatik)