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Waxaa hore ii dawakhiyey oo aan jawaabo sax ah u la'aa su'aalo badan gaar ahaan suaalo la xidhiidhsanaa kiristaanimada ciise laftiisa, dhammaan su'aalahaas jawaab fiican ayaan u helay isla markii aan islaamayba , waxaana aad ii wareerin jirey maadama ay diinta kiristaanka qoreen dad caadi ahi miyaan qofkastaa waafajinaynin rabitaanadiisa iyo afkaarta uu aamin san yahay waxaanse ogaaday in quraanku ka geddisan yahay waayo waa hadalkii illaahay , illaahay ayaana ka ilaaliyey in la beddelo ama la qaldo
Jermaine Jackson
The Sad Boy Ay, his old mother was a glad one. And his poor old father was a mad one. The two begot this sad one. Alas for the single shoe The Sad Boy pulled out of the rank green pond, Fishing for fairies On the prankish advice Of two disagreeable lovers of small boys. Pity the unfortunate Sad Boy With a single magic shoe And a pair of feet And an extra foot With no shoe for it. This was how the terrible hopping began That wore the Sad Boy thin and through To his only shoe And started the great fright in the provinces above Brent Where the Sad Boy became half of himself To match the beautiful boot He had dripped from the green pond. Wherever he went weeping and hopping And stamping and sobbing, Pounding a whole earth into a half-heaven, Things split where he stood Into the left side for the left magic, Into no side for the missing right boot. Mercy be to the Sad Boy Scamping exasperated After a wide boot To double the magic Of a limping foot. Mercy to the melancholy folk On the Sad Boy's right. It was not for want of wandering He lost the left boot too And the knowledge of his left side, But because one awful Sunday This dear boy dislimbed Went back to the old pond To fish up another shoe And was quickly (being too light for his line) Fished in. Gracious how he kicks now All the little ripples up! The quiet population of Brent has settled down, And the perfect surface of the famous pond Is slightly pocked, marked with three signs, For visitors come to fish for souvenirs, Where the Sad Boy went in And his glad mother and his mad father after him.
Laura (Riding) Jackson (The Poems of Laura Riding: A Newly Revised Edition of the 1938/1908 Collection)