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... you cow,' Estelle added. 'I heard that.' 'Give the woman the geriatric audiology medal,' Estelle said. 'I heard that, too', her mother said, from the other side of the door.
Fiona Wood (Six Impossible Things)
Do you know what a magical kingdom is in your ear? A fairy cave leads to an Ali Baba doorway, beyond which the bony little ossicles - Malleus, Incus, and Stapes - guard the great snail, Cochlea, to whom God has given the power to transform the indiscernible movement of air into music.
Kristin Chenoweth (A Little Bit Wicked: Life, Love, and Faith in Stages)
Every ward is full of doctors and nurses repeatedly honking a word into phone handsets in progressively posher voices. 'Theatre... thurta... thartaaaaah.' It's like an am-dam production of 'Gosford Park'. When you eventually manage to get switchboard's satanic robot to understand a word you've said, it's inevitably the wrong one. Today it would have been more efficient to get through to a radiologist with a couple of yoghurt pots and a length of string. 'Radiology.' 'Transferring you to Audiology. Or say: Cancel.' 'CANCEL!' 'Putting you through to the Cancer Ward.
Adam Kay (Twas the Nightshift Before Christmas)
Study Questions Define the terms deaf and hard of hearing. Why is it important to know the age of onset, type, and degree of hearing loss? What is the primary difference between prelingual and postlingual hearing impairments? List the four major types of hearing loss. Describe three different types of audiological evaluations. What are some major areas of development that are usually affected by a hearing impairment? List three major causes of hearing impairment. What issues are central to the debate over manual and oral approaches? Define the concept of a Deaf culture. What is total communication, and how can it be used in the classroom? Describe the bilingual-bicultural approach to educating pupils with hearing impairments. In what two academic areas do students with hearing impairments usually lag behind their classmates? Why is early identification of a hearing impairment critical? Why do professionals assess the language and speech abilities of individuals with hearing impairments? List five indicators of a possible hearing loss in the classroom. What are three indicators in children that may predict success with a cochlear implant? Identify five strategies a classroom teacher can use to promote communicative skills and enhance independence in the transition to adulthood. Describe how to check a hearing aid. How can technology benefit individuals with a hearing impairment?
Richard M. Gargiulo (Special Education in Contemporary Society: An Introduction to Exceptionality)