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The Truth is out there
Chris Carter (X-File Film Scrapbook)
The Senior Council--" "Couldn't find its heart if it had a copy of Grey's Anatomy, X-ray vision, and a stethoscope.
Jim Butcher (Small Favor (The Dresden Files, #10))
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I think that you appreciate that there are extraordinary men and women and extraordinary moments when history leaps forward on the backs of these individuals, that what can be imagined can be achieved, that you must dare to dream, but that there's no substitute for perseverance and hard work and teamwork because no one gets there alone; and that, while we commemorate the... the greatness of these events and the individuals who achieve them, we cannot forget the sacrifice of those who make these achievements and leaps possible.
Chris Carter
Scully was doing the driving, which she preferred. Mulder knew only two speeds: fast and faster.
Les Martin (Darkness Falls (The X-Files: Middle Grade, #2))
When I was doing preliminary research on this case, I remembered the story about Tlazolteotl.' [Mulder] glanced at the old archaeologist. 'Am I pronouncing it correctly? It sounds like I'm swallowing a turtle.
Kevin J. Anderson (Ruins)
The 'medium' is unaware of its attractiveness, that's all. Everyone loves comics. I've proven this to my own satisfaction by handing them out to acountants, insurance brokers, hairdressers, mothers of children, black belts, pop stars, taxi drivers, painters, lesbians, doctors etc. etc. The X-Files, Buffy, the Matrix, X-Men - mainstream culture is not what it once was when science fiction and comics fans huddled in cellars like Gnostic Christians dodging the Romans. We should come up into the light soon before we suffocate.
Grant Morrison
Frohike... had a long-standing crush on Dana Scully, but basically it was all talk. Mulder suspected Frohike would turn into a jittering mass of nerves if Scully ever consented to go out with him.
Kevin J. Anderson (Ruins)
Scully,' [Mulder] said, his voice quiet and serious, 'with the... unorthodox explanations I often find when studying the evidence, I know you're always skeptical-but every time you're at least fair to me. You respect my opinion, even when you don't agree with it.' He looked at his hands. 'I don't know if I've ever told you, but I really appreciate that.' She looked at him and smiled. 'You've told me, Mulder. Maybe not in words... but you've told me.
Kevin J. Anderson (Ruins)
I want us to cool down for a while before we end up on horses' said Scully. 'What?' Hank asked. 'A definition of confusion.' Mulder explained, hands clasped behind his head. 'He jumped up on his horse and rode off in all directions.' He winked. 'Scully likes wise sayings like that. She hoardes fortune cookies you know.
Charles Grant (The X-Files: Goblins)
Mulder gave a crooked smile of welcome. 'Sorry,' he said, 'Nobody down here but the F.B.I.'s most unwanted.
Les Martin (X Marks the Spot (The X-Files: Middle Grade, #1))
On the Television Show The X-Files “So, the woman and the dopey-looking guy screw, and then they look for aliens—or they just screw and sometimes aliens follow them?
Justin Halpern (Sh*t My Dad Says)
They engrave those callsigns on your coffin when you get X-ed out. Last thing you wanna picture when you imagine your send-off is a bunch of fellow Cyclone drones standing around toasting the death of "Lieutenant Sugarpants.
Amie Kaufman (Illuminae (The Illuminae Files, #1))
I'm okay,' [Mulder] said, shifting over to make room for Scully. 'Just thinking.' 'Out here, that'll get you pneumonia.' 'Is that a doctor's truth thing?'... 'No, it's cold, that's what it is. God, Mulder, why can't you ever have a mood someplace warm?
Charles Grant (The X-Files: Whirlwind)
Scully liked neatness and order. This office was her notion of a nightmare. She had no idea how Mulder ever found anything he wanted. But he always seemed to.
Les Martin (Darkness Falls (The X-Files: Middle Grade, #2))
As I pulled into the parking lot, I reflected that odds were that not a lot of clandestine meetings involving mystical assassination, theft of arcane power, and the balance of power in the realms of the supernatural had taken place in a Wal-Mart Super Center. But then again, maybe they had. Hell, for all I knew, the Mole Men used the changing rooms as a place to discuss plans for world domination with the Psychic Jellyfish from Planet X and the Disembodied Brains-in-a-Jar from the Klaatuu Nebula. I know I wouldn't have looked for them there.
Jim Butcher (Summer Knight (The Dresden Files, #4))
You're supposed to be sleeping' Mulder didn't jump, didn't turn his head. 'The day you figure out how to turn off my brain Scully let me know.' He shook his head, but carefully. 'Amazing isn't it?' 'Your brain?' She leaned her forearms on the railing. 'It's okay but I wouldn't call it amazing.
Charles Grant (The X-Files: Goblins)
Scully could see that Mulder might be a nice guy. Well-meaning. Talented. With his heart in the right place. But his head was definitely screwed on wrong.
Les Martin (X Marks the Spot (The X-Files: Middle Grade, #1))
That'll take some finagling,' she told Mulder. 'I'll keep watch, then,' he said. 'You go downtown and see what you can finagle.
Ellen Steiber (Squeeze (The X-Files: Middle Grade, #4))
Really?' [Scully said]... 'And you think that makes sense?' 'It does to me.' [said Mulder]. 'Of course it does,' she said flatly. 'Whatever was I thinking of.
Charles Grant (The X-Files: Whirlwind)
Any files I give to the model are downsized (typically 800x1200 pixels)... By not giving out my high resolution files, they cannot be used without my knowledge.
A.K. Nicholas (True Confessions of Nude Photography)
If I quit now,... They win!
Fox Mulder
Nothing happens in contradiction to nature, only in contradiction to what we know of it.
Dana Scully
...she kept hoping Mulder and Scully would kiss each other well and good. Having a relationship vicariously through fantasy and excellent scripting was all Aggie had at the moment - and to be honest, it wasn't all that bad. Her imagination was always better than reality...
Marjorie M. Liu (Dark Dreamers (Dark, #6.5; Dirk & Steele, #4))
I didn't know you were a techie, Mulder.' said Scully... 'I used to fool around with ham radios when I was a kid,' Mulder said, not looking up from his work. 'Let me guess why,' said Scully. 'Ever succeed in making contact with a spaceship?'... 'No,' said Mulder. 'But it wasn't from lack of trying.
Les Martin (Darkness Falls (The X-Files: Middle Grade, #2))
It's hot,' [Mulder] said, dropping on the bench beside [Scully]. 'It's July, Mulder,' Garson reminded him. 'It's New Mexico. What did you expect?' 'Heat I can get at home. An oven I already have in my apartment.
Charles Grant (The X-Files: Whirlwind)
Scully and I will be back to relieve you in eight hours if Tooms doesn't show,' Mulder promised. 'Right here.' 'You got it,' Kennedy said. Then he added in an undertone, 'Spooky.
Ellen Steiber (Squeeze (The X-Files: Middle Grade, #4))
And the...' [Mulder] stumbled several times, making [Scully] smile, before he managed, 'Sangre Viento?' He winced when he heard himself; his Spanish was still lousy.
Charles Grant (The X-Files: Whirlwind)
Scully-' 'I screwed up.' Her hands again. 'Damnit, I screwed up.' 'Nope' [Mulder] said... 'If I was dead, then you would have screwed up.' She saw the grin. 'Then I'd have to haunt you.' 'Mulder that's not funny.' 'But you don't believe in ghosts and goblins...
Charles Grant (The X-Files: Goblins)
Mulder looked down at his partner. 'Please get better,' he said. 'I'm going to need all the help I can get.' He might have been crazy, but he thought he saw her head give a tiny nod. He'd have to wait and see.
Les Martin (Darkness Falls (The X-Files: Middle Grade, #2))
So you and the lovely Agent Scully are going down to investigate?' Frohike said, sounding hopeful. 'Yeah, we leave for Cancun tomorrow.' 'Our tax dollars at work,' Langly snorted. 'I'd love to see Agent Scully with a healthy tropical tan,' Frohike said. 'Down, Frohike,' Mulder said.
Kevin J. Anderson (Ruins)
[Mulder] slowed as he approached the front walk, slipping his left hand into his pocket to wrap around his gun. Front or back? Wait for Scully, or do the stupid thing and go in on his own? He had no realistic alternative.
Charles Grant (The X-Files: Goblins)
Mulder, I want you to meet your new assistant. Special Agent Dana Scully, Fox Mulder.' 'An assistant? Nice to know I'm suddenly so highly regarded.' Mulder turned to Scully. 'Who did you tick off to get stuck with this detail, Scully?
Les Martin (X Marks the Spot (The X-Files: Middle Grade, #1))
Mulder had too brilliant a record to be dismissed as a loose cannon. His bosses had to find another way to protect their peace of mind. They did. They made Scully his partner.
Les Martin (Darkness Falls (The X-Files: Middle Grade, #2))
If coincidences are coincidences, why do they feel so contrived? Words by Fox Mulder on the X-Files
Kathy Goodhew
The truth is out there, but so are lies.
Dana Scully
President Donald Trump is the canary in a coal mine. A babbling asshat from a galaxy far, far away.
A.K. Kuykendall
I have to admit, this place gives me the creeps.' [said Scully]. 'The creeps?' said Mulder with a smile. 'Just because a bunch of big, strong men cleared out so fast they didn't finish their food? And then vanished into thin air? Don't be silly. I'm sure there's a nice scientific explanation. Oh, sorry Scully. You're the one who's supposed to be telling me that, right?
Les Martin (Darkness Falls (The X-Files: Middle Grade, #2))
Mulder stumbled, and Scully grabbed his arm to steady him. He smiled at her wanly. 'Isn't that what I'm supposed to do?' 'Since when did you ever think I was helpless, Mulder?' Never, he thought; never.
Charles Grant (The X-Files: Whirlwind)
Dr. Blockhead's mocking face was solemn for once. 'Modern science is wiping out deviant strains of the human form,' he said. 'In the twenty-first century, genetic engineering will do more than merely eliminate Siamese twins and alligator-skinned people. It will make it hard to find a person with even a slight overbite or a large nose. I can see that future and it makes me shudder. The future looks like- him' Dr. Blockhead pointed at Mulder. 'Imagine going through your whole life looking like that,' said Dr. Blockhead. Mulder shrugged. 'It's a tough job- but someone has to do it.
Les Martin (Humbug (The X-Files: Middle Grade, #5))
I’d been expecting someone so nondescript he was practically invisible, maybe the Cancer Man from The X Files, but this guy had rough, blunt features and wide blue eyes, and the kind of presence that leaves heat streaks on the air where he’s been.
Tana French (The Likeness (Dublin Murder Squad #2))
So, Mulder,' Colton spoke in a mocking tone. 'What do you think? Look like the work of Little Green Men?' 'Gray,' Mulder said seriously. 'What?' Colton asked. 'Gray,' Mulder explained. You said green men. A Reticulan's skin tone is gray. They're known for their extraction of human livers due to a lack of iron in the Reticulian Galaxy.' Colton looked confused- as though he couldn't tell whether Mulder was joking. 'You can't be serious,' he said. 'Do you know how much liver and onions go for on Reticulum?' Mulder asked Colton.
Ellen Steiber (Squeeze (The X-Files: Middle Grade, #4))
Scully nodded. Of course. It made sense. Complete sense. No question about it. Mulder was perfectly sane in telling her all this. And she was perfectly sane in listening to it and nodding and urging him to tell her more. It was the rest of the world that was- She doubled over as a wave of laughter hit her. Mulder looked at her and started laughing too. They stood there in the cemetery in the darkness and the drizzle, laughing their heads off. 'You know we're crazy,' Scully finally said. 'Of course we are,' Mulder gasped out.
Les Martin (X Marks the Spot (The X-Files: Middle Grade, #1))
It smells like... I think it's bile. Tooms must have taken it from his victims' livers.' 'Oh,' Mulder said. He sounded a little sick. 'Do you think there's any way I can quickly get it off my finger without betraying my cool exterior?'... Mulder hastily wiped his hand on the floor.
Ellen Steiber (Squeeze (The X-Files: Middle Grade, #4))
Mulder' she said gently. 'They don't want you involved. They don't want to hear your theories. That's why Section Chief Blevins has you hidden away down here in the basement.' Mulder didn't seem at all hurt by this. 'You're down here too,' he pointed out cheerfully. Scully slumped in her chair... Couldn't he ever take no for an answer?
Ellen Steiber (Squeeze (The X-Files: Middle Grade, #4))
Besides, you have to remember that the thinner air out here slows down the intellectual process, the result of less oxygen flowing to the brain.' He grinned and looked at her sideways. 'Is that a doctor thing?' 'No that's a Scully thing... The doctor thing is, get some sleep... or you'll be useless in the morning.' He nodded as he waved a weary good night over his shoulder, sidestepping a garden wall just before he tripped over it. Another wave- I'm okay, I know what I'm doing- before he disappeared into the passageway.
Charles Grant (The X-Files: Whirlwind)
The Truth is Out there
X Files (The X Files: X Marks the Spot, Darkness Falls, Tiger, Tiger, Squeeze (X-Files Series , So4))
The Sartors knew something of the Indrid Cold saga. They knew Indrid’s “contactee,” Woody Derenberger, and their daughter-in-law, Darla, is mentioned often in John Keel’s The
Gray Barker (Saucers of Fire: Nazi UFOs, The Hollow Earth, The Axis Shift, and Other Apocalyptic Assertions From the X-Files of Saucerian Press)
spew venom, and
Gray Barker (Saucers of Fire: Nazi UFOs, The Hollow Earth, The Axis Shift, and Other Apocalyptic Assertions From the X-Files of Saucerian Press)
Gray Barker (Saucers of Fire: Nazi UFOs, The Hollow Earth, The Axis Shift, and Other Apocalyptic Assertions From the X-Files of Saucerian Press)
broad-brimmed black hats.
Gray Barker (Saucers of Fire: Nazi UFOs, The Hollow Earth, The Axis Shift, and Other Apocalyptic Assertions From the X-Files of Saucerian Press)
You may believe yourselves rid of your headache now, and maybe you are... but you've only done it by cutting off your own heads.
Fox Mulder
Please explain to me the scientific nature of the whammy.
Dana Scully
The truth might hurt, but it's the only thing that matters.
Dana Scully
Nazis put this amazing metal, impervium, to use for the first time in airplanes of the German Air Force. I
Gray Barker (Saucers of Fire: Nazi UFOs, The Hollow Earth, The Axis Shift, and Other Apocalyptic Assertions From the X-Files of Saucerian Press)
agent to believe in UFOs. The files in question are FBI file numbers 62-83894-383, 62-838994-384 and 62-83894-385. Their date is 11/7/57 to 11/8/57. They
Gray Barker (Saucers of Fire: Nazi UFOs, The Hollow Earth, The Axis Shift, and Other Apocalyptic Assertions From the X-Files of Saucerian Press)
German saucers and field propulsion, Pentagon Aliens and
Gray Barker (Saucers of Fire: Nazi UFOs, The Hollow Earth, The Axis Shift, and Other Apocalyptic Assertions From the X-Files of Saucerian Press)
metals such as tin, zinc, etc.
Gray Barker (Saucers of Fire: Nazi UFOs, The Hollow Earth, The Axis Shift, and Other Apocalyptic Assertions From the X-Files of Saucerian Press)
from cradle to grave? Our
Gray Barker (Saucers of Fire: Nazi UFOs, The Hollow Earth, The Axis Shift, and Other Apocalyptic Assertions From the X-Files of Saucerian Press)
Keep your eyes open, Fox Mulder,” the Major called after him. Before Gimble shut the door, Mulder heard the Major say one last thing. “The truth is out there.
Kami Garcia (Agent of Chaos (The X-Files: Origins #1))
They vanished in the same forest without a trace. Not one of them was ever found or heard from again.' 'And you suspect what?' Scully asked. 'Bigfoot maybe?' 'Not likely,' Mulder answered deadpan. 'That's a lot of flannel to choke down. Even for Bigfoot.' Scully sighed. She should have known better than to joke about Bigfoot to Mulder. Bigfoot wasn't a joke to him.
Les Martin (Darkness Falls (The X-Files: Middle Grade, #2))
All of the stray asbestos fibers would certainly have been removed with meticulous care. The contractors were, after all, government employees. That thought sparked uneasiness in him all over again.
Kevin J. Anderson (The X-Files: Ground Zero)
I'm sure they just felt more comfortable talking to me.' 'Why would I make them so uncomfortable?' Mulder asked. Scully faced him, hesitating... 'It's probably because of your... reputation.' 'Reputation?' he echoed, sounding puzzled. 'I have a reputation?' Mulder was deliberately giving her a hard time... 'They feel your methods, your theories are...' 'Spooky?' Mulder guessed. 'What about you? You think I'm... spooky?
Ellen Steiber (Squeeze (The X-Files: Middle Grade, #4))
Mortimer Lindquist seemed to have finally given in to the inevitable. I'd seen him with a bad toupee, and with an even worse comb-over, but this was the first time I'd seen him sporting a full-on Charles Xavier.
Jim Butcher (Ghost Story (The Dresden Files, #13))
With his bare hands Mulder dug at the loose earth. After a minute, he said, 'I've go it. I just have to pull it out and-' He got no further. He and Scully were blinded by a high power flashlight. When their vision cleared, they saw the sheriff looming over them, brandishing an ugly-looking .45. 'May I ask what you're doing?' he growled. Mulder held up what he had found in the earth: a piece of raw potato. 'Exhuming your potato,' was all he could say.
Les Martin (Humbug (The X-Files: Middle Grade, #5))
powered by a series of Coler “free energy” devices, the “Magnetapparat” and the “Stromerzeuger.” The output of this second device was used to turn a Van de Graaff generator. This energy was directed into something called a Marconi ball
Gray Barker (Saucers of Fire: Nazi UFOs, The Hollow Earth, The Axis Shift, and Other Apocalyptic Assertions From the X-Files of Saucerian Press)
fields is Dr. Raymond Bernard. He is controversial not only for his research on the inner earth, but for his mysterious disappearance as well. Bernard spent many years searching South America for entrances to underground civilizations he believed existed beneath the surface.
Gray Barker (Saucers of Fire: Nazi UFOs, The Hollow Earth, The Axis Shift, and Other Apocalyptic Assertions From the X-Files of Saucerian Press)
Dan Gutman (License to Thrill (The Genius Files, #5))
But it appears that I am willing to put up with many things for the sake of Jamie Watson. He is fond of watching old episodes of The X-Files, which is, to the best of my understanding, a show about a rather appallingly dumb man who is nevertheless very attractive, and aliens.
Brittany Cavallaro (A Study in Charlotte (Charlotte Holmes, #1))
Scully, you're a doctor, for God's sake. You gonna tell me you actually go along with this s---?' [said the Sheriff]. Mulder held his breath. 'Sheriff,' [Scully] answered in her most official, neutral voice. 'I have never known Mulder to be so far off-base that I would dismiss everything he says out of hand.'... Thank you Scully, Mulder thought with a brief smile. I'd rather have a resounding 'Absolutely and how dare you,' but that'll do in a pinch. On the other hand, the day that 'Absolutely and how dare you' actually came, it would probably kill him with amazement.
Charles Grant (The X-Files: Whirlwind)
You know,' he said as they made their way down the hall, 'I appreciate the support, Scully, but I don't need defending. Not really.' She looked up at him and sighed. 'Oh yes you do, Mulder.' He looked back blankly. 'Trust me,' she said, patting his arm. 'On this one you'll have to trust me.
Charles Grant (The X-Files: Whirlwind)
I’m supposed to hire two more team members out of whatever law enforcement branch I can entice them from, but I haven’t really bothered. Seeing as how every case I have is like a bad episode of The X-Files, but without the actual monsters, aliens and government conspiracies, I just don’t see the need to deal with more personalities.
Jeremy Robinson (Project Nemesis (Nemesis Saga #1))
The Tender Place Your temples , where the hair crowded in , Were the tender place. Once to check I dropped a file across the electrodes of a twelve-volt battery -- it exploded Like a grenade. Somebody wired you up. Somebody pushed the lever. They crashed The thunderbolt into your skull. In their bleached coats, with blenched faces, They hovered again To see how you were, in your straps. Whether your teeth were still whole . The hand on the calibrated lever Again feeling nothing Except feeling nothing pushed to feel Some squirm of sensation . Terror Was the cloud of you Waiting for these lightnings. I saw An oak limb sheared at a bang. You your Daddy's leg . How many seizures Did you suffer this god to grab you By the roots of the hair? The reports Escaped back into clouds. What went up Vaporized? Where lightning rods wept copper And the nerve· threw off its skin Like a burning child Scampering out of the bomb-flash. They dropped you A rigid bent bit of wire Across the Boston City grid. The lights In the Senate House dipped As your voice dived inwards Right through the bolt-hole basement. Came up, years later, Over-exposed, like an X-ray -- Brain-map still dark-patched With the scorched-earth scars Of your retreat . And your words , Faces reversed from the light , Holding in their entrails.
Ted Hughes (Birthday Letters)
now know about the involvement of Union Carbide in the Manhattan Project, the TNT Area, Area 51, and the Roswell Crash (where Carbide glue was found), we can assume that “nukes” and “saucers” were the exact same project. After Carbide’s Tech Center in South Charleston, West Virginia built the first atomic reactor in the late 1920s, and had
Gray Barker (Saucers of Fire: Nazi UFOs, The Hollow Earth, The Axis Shift, and Other Apocalyptic Assertions From the X-Files of Saucerian Press)
I love you, Kayla Martin. I want to spend the rest of my life wondering what will happen when I turn on the microwave. I want to explain the X-files to you in bed every night and replace cabinet doors that are dented from your feet.....I want to go to sleep at night knowing that you're puttering around in the other room inventing something that will baffle and confuse me.
Lena Matthews (Call Me (Joker's Wild, #1))
A smile spread over Dr. Blockhead's face. 'But where are my manners?' he said. 'What a bad host I am. Let me offer you a little refreshment.' He picked up a jar, opened it, and held it out to Scully. 'Is that what I think it is?' she asked. 'The finest assortment of living crickets money can buy,' said Dr. Blockhead. 'And all quite recently captured. If you don't believe me, read the expiration date on the label.' 'I believe you,' said Scully, still peering at the contents. She reached in and picked out her cricket. Then she put it in her mouth and crunched down. She smiled at Dr. Blockhead. 'Thank you so much for the treat,' she said. Then she gave him a dazzling smile and walked away. 'That Scully,' said Mulder, shaking his head. 'She's just full of surprises.
Les Martin (Humbug (The X-Files: Middle Grade, #5))
show from the last 20 years, look out for a detective by the name of John Munch. Always played by the same man, Richard Belzer, he was originally a character on Homicide: Life on the Street, before joining the cast of Law & Order Special Victims Unit. But there’s more; he has also been seen on episodes of The X-Files, Arrested Development, The Wire, 30 Rock and many more - always the same actor as the same character. Weird, but amazing nonetheless.
Jack Goldstein (101 Amazing Facts)
Ray, we don’t have much time,” I said. “We need to access the EDA intranet node hidden here in the store. It’s an emergency.” Ray only hesitated for a split second. “Behind the UFO poster on the back wall.” I turned and located the one he was talking about—a framed reprint of Mulder’s “I Want to Believe” poster from The X-Files. I took it down, revealing what appeared to be a small titanium safe embedded in the brick wall behind it, with a keypad at its center.
Ernest Cline (Armada)
Tell me, have you done much circus work in your life?' [asked Mulder]. Nutt drew himself up to his full height. 'And what makes you think I've ever even gone to a circus, let alone been a slave in one?' he demanded... Finally Mulder managed to say, 'I didn't mean any offense.' 'Offended? Why should I be offended?' Nutt demanded. 'It's human nature to make quick judgements of people based only on their looks. Why, I have done the same thing to you.' 'Have you?' said Mulder. 'And what have you concluded?' 'I have taken in your all-American face, your unsmiling expression, your boring necktie. I have decided you work for the government,' Nutt said. 'You are- an FBI agent.' 'Am I really?' Mulder said. 'I hope you get my point,' Nutt said. 'I want to show how stupid it would be to look at you as a type, rather than as an individual.' 'But I am an FBI agent,' Mulder said, showing Nutt his badge. There was a loud silence. Then Nutt said, 'Sign the book please.
Les Martin (Humbug (The X-Files: Middle Grade, #5))
Mulder strolled into his office whistling. It was the kind of day that began with a gorgeous, unreal sunrise... he was half-afraid he was dreaming... It took a second for him to notice Scully in his chair. 'Morning,' he said brightly. All he needed now was a generous supply of sunflower seeds, and things would be perfect. Scully reached down beside her, and tossed him a plastic bag. He caught it against his chest one-handed and held it up. It was a half pound of sunflower seeds. He smiled. A sign; it had to be a sign.
Charles Grant (The X-Files: Whirlwind)
Subject: Some boat Alex, I know Fox Mulder. My mom watched The X-Files. She says it was because she liked the creepy store lines. I think she liked David Duchovny. She tried Californication, but I don't think her heart was in it. I think she was just sticking it to my grandmother, who has decided it's the work of the devil. She says that about most current music,too, but God help anyone who gets between her and American Idol. The fuzzy whale was very nice, it a little hard to identify. The profile of the guy between you and the whale in the third pic was very familiar, if a little fuzzy. I won't ask. No,no. I have to ask. I won't ask. My mother loves his wife's suits. I Googled. There are sharks off the coast of the Vineyard. Great big white ones. I believe you about the turtle. Did I mention that there are sharks there? I go to Surf City for a week every summer with my cousins. I eat too much ice cream. I play miniature golf-badly. I don't complain about sand in my hot dog buns or sheets. I even spend enough time on the beach to get sand in more uncomfortable places. I do not swim. I mean, I could if I wanted to but I figure that if we were meant to share the water with sharks, we would have a few extra rows of teeth, too. I'll save you some cannoli. -Ella Subject: Shh Fiorella, Yes,Fiorella. I looked it up. It means Flower. Which, when paired with MArino, means Flower of the Sea. What shark would dare to touch you? I won't touch the uncomfortable sand mention, hard as it is to resist. I also will not think of you in a bikini (Note to self: Do not think of Ella in a bikini under any circumstanes. Note from self: Are you f-ing kidding me?). Okay. Two pieces of info for you. One: Our host has an excellent wine cellar and my mother is European. Meaning she doesn't begrudge me the occasional glass. Or four. Two: Our hostess says to thank yur mother very much. Most people say nasty things about her suits. Three: We have a house kinda near Surf City. Maybe I'll be there when your there. You'd better burn this after reading. -Alexai Subect: Happy Thanksgiving Alexei, Consider it burned. Don't worry. I'm not showing your e-mails to anybody. Matter of national security, of course. Well,I got to sit at the adult table. In between my great-great-aunt Jo, who is ninety-three and deaf, and her daughter, JoJo, who had to repeat everyone's conversations across me. Loudly. The food was great,even my uncle Ricky's cranberry lasagna. In fact, it would have been a perfectly good TG if the Eagles han't been playing the Jets.My cousin Joey (other side of the family) lives in Hoboken. His sister married a Philly guy. It started out as a lively across-the-table debate: Jets v. Iggles. It ended up with Joey flinging himself across the table at his brother-in-law and my grandmother saying loud prayers to Saint Bridget. At least I think it was Saint Bridget. Hard to tell. She was speaking Italian. She caught me trying to freeze a half-dozen cannoli. She yelled at me. Apparently, the shells get really soggy when they defrost. I guess you'll have to come have a fresh one when you get back. -F/E
Melissa Jensen (The Fine Art of Truth or Dare)
Dana?' [asked Garson]. She nodded to show him she was listening. 'Why does he call you Scully all the time? I mean, you do have a first name.' 'Because he can,' she answered simply, without sarcasm, and didn't bother to explain. Just as it would be hard to explain why Mulder was, without question, the best friend she had. It was more than just being partners, being able to rely on each other when one of them was in danger, or when one of them needed a boost when a case seemed to be going bad; and it was more than simply their contrasting styles, which, perversely to some, complemented each other perfectly. What it was, she sometimes thought, was an indefinable instinct, a silent signal that let her know that whatever else changed, whatever else happened, Mulder would always be there when he had to be. One way or another.
Charles Grant (The X-Files: Whirlwind)
Security is a big and serious deal, but it’s also largely a solved problem. That’s why the average person is quite willing to do their banking online and why nobody is afraid of entering their credit card number on Amazon. At 37signals, we’ve devised a simple security checklist all employees must follow: 1. All computers must use hard drive encryption, like the built-in FileVault feature in Apple’s OS X operating system. This ensures that a lost laptop is merely an inconvenience and an insurance claim, not a company-wide emergency and a scramble to change passwords and worry about what documents might be leaked. 2. Disable automatic login, require a password when waking from sleep, and set the computer to automatically lock after ten inactive minutes. 3. Turn on encryption for all sites you visit, especially critical services like Gmail. These days all sites use something called HTTPS or SSL. Look for the little lock icon in front of the Internet address. (We forced all 37signals products onto SSL a few years back to help with this.) 4. Make sure all smartphones and tablets use lock codes and can be wiped remotely. On the iPhone, you can do this through the “Find iPhone” application. This rule is easily forgotten as we tend to think of these tools as something for the home, but inevitably you’ll check your work email or log into Basecamp using your tablet. A smartphone or tablet needs to be treated with as much respect as your laptop. 5. Use a unique, generated, long-form password for each site you visit, kept by password-managing software, such as 1Password.§ We’re sorry to say, “secretmonkey” is not going to fool anyone. And even if you manage to remember UM6vDjwidQE9C28Z, it’s no good if it’s used on every site and one of them is hacked. (It happens all the time!) 6. Turn on two-factor authentication when using Gmail, so you can’t log in without having access to your cell phone for a login code (this means that someone who gets hold of your login and password also needs to get hold of your phone to login). And keep in mind: if your email security fails, all other online services will fail too, since an intruder can use the “password reset” from any other site to have a new password sent to the email account they now have access to. Creating security protocols and algorithms is the computer equivalent of rocket science, but taking advantage of them isn’t. Take the time to learn the basics and they’ll cease being scary voodoo that you can’t trust. These days, security for your devices is just simple good sense, like putting on your seat belt.
Jason Fried (Remote: Office Not Required)
By the time I got down there, Bird was standing to the left of the backstop, near the warm-up area, smiling at Brandon. It was obvious he was trying not to get caught smiling at her, that he was supposed to focus on the game. I scooted over until I was standing behind the dugout. Jason was still messing with his gloves. I was surprised the Velcro still worked, that it hadn’t worn down until all the tiny sticky teeth were gone. “Hey, Jason,” I said. “Awesome no-hitter.” I was vaguely aware of someone gasping and someone else moaning, as Jason came up off the bench fast, spun around, and stared at me like I’d morphed into something from The X-Files. The guy who’d gasped, Chase, put one knee on the bench, so he could talk to me in a low voice and still be heard. “You’d better go.” “Why? What did I do?” “You never talk to the pitcher when…” He shook his head. “You just never talk to the pitcher when--” “I just wanted to congratulate him on a good game--” “It’s not over ’til it’s over,” Chase said. “You jinxed me,” Jason said, crouching down in the corner, pressing his palms against his forehead, like he’d been struck with a migraine headache.
Rachel Hawthorne (The Boyfriend League)
In the nineteen sixties and seventies, there were people in all the democratic countries who didn’t have any real power, and they started going to the people who did have all the power and saying, “All these principles of equality you’ve been talking about since the French Revolution are very nice, but you don’t seem to be taking them very seriously. You’re all hypocrites, actually. So we’re going to make you take those principles seriously.” And they held demonstrations and bus rides, and occupied buildings, and it was very embarrassing for the people in power, because the other people had such a good argument, and anyone who listened seriously had to agree with them. ‘Feminism was working, and the civil rights movement was working, and all the other social justice movements were getting more and more support. So, in the nineteen eighties, the CIA—’ she turned to Keith and explained cheerfully, ‘this is where X-Files Theory comes into it – hired some really clever linguists to invent a secret weapon: an incredibly complicated way of talking about politics that didn’t actually make any sense, but which spread through all the universities in the world, because it sounded so impressive. And at first, the people who talked like this just hitched their wagon to the social justice movements, and everyone else let them come along for the ride, because they seemed harmless. But then they climbed on board the peace train and threw out the driver. ‘So instead of going to the people in power and saying, “How about upholding the universal principles you claim to believe in?” the people in the social justice movements ended up saying things like “My truth narrative is in competition with your truth narrative!” And the people in power replied, “Woe is me! You’ve thrown me in the briar patch!” And everyone else said, “Who are these idiots? Why should we trust them, when they can’t even speak properly?” And the CIA were happy. And the people in power were happy. And the secret weapon lived on in the universities for years and years, because everyone who’d played a part in the conspiracy was too embarrassed to admit what they’d done.
Greg Egan (Teranesia)
The X-Files, debuting after the fall of the Soviet Union but before the rise of Al Qaeda, tapped into paranoia at a time when it seemed safe to ask questions. “We actually test marketed the show and what I was really surprised to learn was that everyone in the test audience believed that the government was not working in their best interests,” executive creator Chris Carter told Rolling Stone magazine in 1995.
Sarah Kendzior (They Knew: How a Culture of Conspiracy Keeps America Complacent)
He smiled at Scully hurrying toward him. She seemed more annoyed at the wind slapping hair into her eyes than at him. “You gonna examine me or what?” “Please,” she said. “I’ve had a bad enough day.
Charles L. Grant (The X-Files: Goblins)
Chigger finally nodded and backed down, but he didn’t look convinced. “Okay, if you say so. But I know that the truth is out there.” Boone wadded up a piece of paper that had been left on the counter and threw it at him. “You should join The X-Files cast then, conspiracy theorist.
Christy Barritt (Margin of Error (Fog Lake Suspense, #2))
that one guy from The X-Files.
Ashley Poston (The Dead Romantics)
Thiel’s doomsday predictions also prompted an unusual request. In preparation for a summer 2000 board meeting, Thiel had asked Musk if he could present a proposal. Musk agreed. “Uh, Peter’s got an agenda item he’d like to talk about,” Musk said, handing the reins to Thiel. Thiel began. The markets, he said, weren’t done driving into the red. He prophesied just how dire things would get—for both the company and for the world. Many had seen the bust as a mere short-term correction, but Thiel was convinced the optimists were wrong. In his view, the bubble was bigger than anyone had thought and hadn’t even begun to really burst yet. From X.com’s perspective, the implications of Thiel’s prediction were dire. Its high burn rate meant that it would need to continue fundraising. But if—no, when—the bubble truly burst, the markets would tighten further, and funding would dry up—even for X.com. The company balance sheet could drop to zero with no options left to raise money. Thiel presented a solution: the company should take the $100 million closed in March and transfer it to his hedge fund, Thiel Capital. He would then use that money to short the public markets. “It was beautiful logic,” board member Tim Hurd of MDP remembered. “One of the elements of PayPal was that they were untethered from how people did stuff in the real world.” The board was uniformly aghast. Members Moritz, Malloy, and Hurd all pushed back. “Peter, I totally get it,” Hurd replied. “But we raised money from investors on a business plan. And they have that in their files. And it said, ‘use of proceeds would be for general corporate purposes.’ And to grow the business and so forth. It wasn’t to go speculate on indices. History may prove that you’re right, and it will have been brilliant, but if you’re wrong, we’ll all be sued.” Mike Moritz’s reaction proved particularly memorable. With his theatricality on full display, Moritz “just lost his mind,” a board member remembered, berating Thiel: “Peter, this is really simple: If this board approves that idea, I’m resigning!
Jimmy Soni (The Founders: The Story of Paypal and the Entrepreneurs Who Shaped Silicon Valley)
Companies that succeed have a founder or a leadership team that fundamentally understands their customers, sometimes even better than customers know themselves. They imagine what the customer wants before they know they want it, and they package it in a way that is irresistible. And, they manage well. xTV had the vision, but not the discipline.
A.G. Riddle (Pandemic (The Extinction Files, #1))
We have these badges. FBI X-Files badges.” “Oh! Let’s be Mulder and Scully instead!
Leesa Cross-Smith (This Close To Okay)
Powoli, ostrożnie podniósł wieko trumny. Scully patrzyła mu przez ramię. - Yyyych... - Nie potrafiła zdławić dźwięku, który wyrwał jej się z gardła. Nie mogła nic poradzić na to, że jej skórę pokrył zimny pot. Zobaczyła minę Muldera i poczuła się jeszcze gorzej. Wyglądał, jakby miał się rozpłakać ze szczęścia. Jakby otworzyły się przed nim bramy raju.
Les Martin (X Marks the Spot (The X-Files: Middle Grade, #1))
Scully zerknęła kątem oka na Muldera. Kiedy spał, wyglądał niewinnie i bezbronnie jak dziecko. Geniusz w opałach czy kłopotliwy szaleniec? Pozostało jej tylko czekać i obserwować.
Les Martin (X Marks the Spot (The X-Files: Middle Grade, #1))
- Powiedz mi, ale szczerze - odezwała się Scully, zmierzając w stronę budynku. - Dlaczego rozstałeś się z Jerrym? - Bo jestem trudny. - Pytam poważnie. - Nie jestem trudny? - Mulder, nie wygłupiaj się.
Les Martin (Ghost in the Machine (The X-Files: Middle Grade, #11))
Who still watches The X-Files? I thought that went out with the nineties.” “Blasphemy!” I say. “The X-Files will never go out of style. It’s like The Twilight Zone or Kolchak: The Night Stalker. They’re immortal.
Spencer Kope (Shadows of the Dead (Special Tracking Unit #3))
In 1933, in Science and Sanity, Alfred Korzybski proposed that we should abolish the "is of identity" from the English language. (The "is of identity" takes the form X is a Y. E.g., "Joe is a Communist," "Mary is a dumb file-clerk," "The universe is a giant machine," etc.) In 1949, D. David Bourland Jr. proposed the abolition of all forms of the words "is" or " to be" and the Bourland proposal (English without "isness") he called E-Prime, or English-Prime.
Robert Anton Wilson (Quantum Psychology: How Brain Software Programs You and Your World)
GRANT, K: AIDAN, what are you doing? AIDAN: [Ref=trans.009()()18.Ecorecomm001881-109020] AIDAN: Triage.P-9108D2k.x2[secfile:8971-9340D]console112] AIDAN: <ᴇRRᴏR>
Amie Kaufman (Obsidio (The Illuminae Files, #3))
Amazon made its first 10x improvement in a particularly visible way: they offered at least 10 times as many books as any other bookstore. When it launched in 1995, Amazon could claim to be “Earth’s largest bookstore” because, unlike a retail bookstore that might stock 100,000 books, Amazon didn’t need to physically store any inventory—it simply requested the title from its supplier whenever a customer made an order. This quantum improvement was so effective that a very unhappy Barnes & Noble filed a lawsuit three days before Amazon’s IPO, claiming that Amazon was unfairly calling itself a “bookstore” when really it was a “book broker.
Peter Thiel (Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future)
According to news reports, members of the sect believed in an assortment of pseudoreligious and paranormal ideas, including resurrection (obviously), astrology, and psychic powers. They were also avid watchers of paranormal shows on TV. This of course does not imply that watching The X-Files leads to suicide, just like millions of people playing Grand Theft Auto video games are not automatically turned into criminals on a rampage.
Massimo Pigliucci (Nonsense on Stilts: How to Tell Science from Bunk)
I wish that, the way secret manuscripts ought to, the thing arrived on our laps bound in Moroccan leather, dusty and smelling of Muscilin and old fly-tying capes. That it was penned in permanent ink, calligraphied almost, in a neat and precise hand, filled with hand-drawn maps dotted with X spots and question marks, and with watercolour sketches instead of snapshots. Alas, no, it came in a much more contemporary and prosaic fashion, by email and as a spreadsheet file. Nevertheless, it had Gazza and me drooling with anticipation, because what it contained was priceless, so never mind the banal form and packaging.
Derek Grzelewski (the Trout Diaries: A Year of Fly Fishing in New Zealand)
to transfer. In addition to the two forms of distribution, each release has a PGP signature file associated withit.* Prior to V8.11, this was a single signature file used to verify the uncompressed file, meaning that you needed to uncompress the tar(1) file before verifying it. Beginning with V8.11, there is a signature file for each of the compressed files, so there is no need to uncompress either first. The signature file has the same name as the distribution file but with a literal . sig suffix added.sendmail.8.14.1. tar.gz ← the distribution file sendmail.8.14.1. tar.gz.sig ← the signature file for this distribution file sendmail.8.14.1. tar.Z ← the distribution file sendmail.8.14.1. tar.Z.sig ← the signature file for this distribution file If you have not already done so for an earlier sendmail distribution, you must now download and install the PGPKEYS file from sendmail.org: ftp://ftp.sendmail.org/pub/sendmail/P... After downloading this file, add the keys in it to your PGP key ring with a command like this: pgp -ka PGPKEYS ← for pgp version 2. x pgpk -a PGPKEYS ← for pgp version 5. x gpg --import PGPKEYS ← for gpg If you use gpg(1), your output may look something like this: % gpg --import PGPKEYS
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meaning that you needed to uncompress the tar(1) file before verifying it. Beginning with V8.11, there is a signature file for each of the compressed files, so there is no need to uncompress either first. The signature file has the same name as the distribution file but with a literal . sig suffix added.sendmail.8.14.1. tar.gz ← the distribution file sendmail.8.14.1. tar.gz.sig ← the signature file for this distribution file sendmail.8.14.1. tar.Z ← the distribution file sendmail.8.14.1. tar.Z.sig ← the signature file for this distribution file If you have not already done so for an earlier sendmail distribution, you must now download and install the PGPKEYS file from sendmail.org: ftp://ftp.sendmail.org/pub/sendmail/P... After downloading this file, add the keys in it to your PGP key ring with a command like this: pgp -ka PGPKEYS ← for pgp version 2. x pgpk -a PGPKEYS ← for pgp version 5. x gpg --import PGPKEYS ← for gpg If you use gpg(1), your output may look something like this: % gpg --import PGPKEYS gpg: key 16F4CCE9: "Sendmail Security " 22 new signatures gpg: key 7093B841: public key "Sendmail Signing Key/2007
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You wanna know why Joey Ramone's my hero? Cuz people like you never managed to grind him down. They never stole his spirit. He never gave in, never gave up, and never sold out, right til his last breath. And he's not dead. Guys like that, they live forever.
Vince Gilligan John Shiban Frank Spotnitz
reading toolbar and tap the plus sign next to the location or page information. A black bookmark will appear in the top right corner of the page. The Bookmark button on the toolbar changes from white to black on bookmarked pages. Bookmark tips: You can view a list of all of your bookmarks within a book by tapping the Bookmark button on the reading toolbar or by tapping the top right corner of the page. To preview a bookmarked page or location, tap any bookmark in the list. To go to the selected location, tap inside the preview pane. To remain on the current page and exit the bookmark feature, tap outside of the preview pane. To delete a bookmark, tap the Bookmark button on the reading toolbar, find the bookmark you want to delete in the list, tap the bookmark to select it, then tap the X next to it. Bookmarks are added to a file on the Home screen called My Clippings. When Whispersync for Books is set to Enabled, these items are stored in the Cloud for you so they won't be lost. Footnotes To quickly preview a footnote without losing your place in the book, tap the footnote. To go to the selected footnote location, scroll to the bottom of the footnote preview pane and tap Go to Footnotes. To return to your original location, tap the X on the preview pane. Note that not all books support
Amazon (Kindle User's Guide)
What are you? Agents of the FBI’s X-Files Bureau?” “I didn’t know they let the furry into the Bureau these days,” snorts Owen.
S.J. Harper (Cursed (Fallen Siren, #1))
But the world is not kind to idealists... and those who fight the Good Fight don't always win.
Frank Spotnitz John Shiban
Unlike Linux or Mac OS X, the Windows Command Prompt is not case sensitive, and does not distinguish between commands or filenames based up the case of the letters in the file name. To return to the previous example, the Command Prompt will interpret COPY, Copy, and copy as the same thing - every one of these will launch the copy command. In the same vein, Command Prompt will view Report.doc, REPORT.doc, and report.doc as the same file
Jonathan Moeller (The Windows Command Line Beginner's Guide (Computer Beginner's Guides))
The taps mimicked the theme song to The X-Files.
A.G. Riddle (Pandemic (The Extinction Files, #1))
Developer: “Oh, we changed the way deployment works. You need to copy this new set of files over and set permission x.” Or worse, “That’s strange, let me take a look... ” followed by hours of working out what has changed and how to get it deployed. Automation
David Farley (Continuous Delivery: Reliable Software Releases through Build, Test, and Deployment Automation)
Marc walked down the jet way, blinking into the rising sun. He dug in the bag for the USAF-issue sunglasses that he habitually carried and wiped them clean. Lucy was waiting at the foot of the ramp, dressed in the same kind of almost-neutral clothing as he was. She was peering at a sheaf of paper maps, and among the sheets Marc saw a blow-up of the satellite image he had provided to Rubicon, the errant picture salvaged from the comm files. ‘We can make this by late afternoon if we hustle,’ she told him. ‘A helo would draw too much attention. We’ll take the highway.’ She jerked her thumb at a battered Land Rover parked in the shadow of the jet. Malte, the taciturn driver, was in the process of loading the 4x4 with two equipment cases, one labelled with a red stripe, another with blue. ‘Is he coming with us?’ Lucy shook her head. ‘Just you and me, pal.
James Swallow (Nomad (Marc Dane, #1))
INTRODUCTION This is one untold story of an extremely rare adventure that happened in the world of Minecraft. It is well documented in the “Top secret archived records of Minecraft”, also known as “X-Files”. They are not accessible to anyone. This adventure is known as “The Battle of Legends”. It’s one of the greatest adventures in the world of Minecraft.
Alex Anderson (Minecraft: Battle of Legends Book 1 (An Unofficial Minecraft Book))
a collection that included, among other items, an Allen wrench set, some pliers, a power drill, several clamps, some hacksaws, an impact-wrench set, a brace of cold-tolerant bungie cords, assorted files and rasps and planes, a crescent-wrench set, a crimper, five hammers, some hemostats, three hydraulic jacks, a bellows, several sets of screwdrivers, drills and bits, a portable compressed gas cylinder, a box of plastic explosives and shape charges, a tape measure, a giant Swiss Army knife, tin snips, tongs, tweezers, three vises, a wire stripper, X-acto knives, a pick, a bunch of mallets, a nut driver set, hose clamps, a set of end mills, a set of jeweler’s screwdrivers, a magnifying glass, all kinds of tape, a plumber’s bob and ream, a sewing kit, scissors, sieves, a lathe, levels of all sizes, long-nosed pliers, vise-grip pliers, a tap-and-die set, three shovels, a compressor, a generator, a welding-and-cutting set, a wheelbarrow— and so on. And
Kim Stanley Robinson (Red Mars (Mars Trilogy, #1))
we can watch x-files together while we browse the internet for info on area 51?
Shareca Coleman (Carpel Tunnel.)
Welcome to the X-Files meets The Twilight Zone meets the Information Superhighway.
James Patterson (Jack & Jill (Alex Cross Book 3))
Tax-Deferred does not mean Tax-Free It never ceases to amaze me when I meet with people who do not know that tax-deferred does not mean tax-free. You mean I have to pay taxes when I take this money!? This is not all mine!? These are common remarks I hear as we are looking at their most recent retirement account statement. Somehow this consideration was missed when they enrolled in the savings plan and each year when they postponed the tax when filing their tax return. I am not a tax professional but I can understand how an accountant or tax preparer wouldn’t think to make sure the client understands that they are postponing taxes and the tax calculation during their working years. I met an accountant that expressed how difficult it is when he gets the client that believed they were ready to leave work only to find out that because of taxes they are coming up a little or a lot short. This happened to one of my relatives that worked at least 30 years as an x-ray technician and then supervisor at a very large hospital. While working, they always had the nice houses, the nice cars, and a nice upper-middle class lifestyle, nothing fancy. After he retired and even though his wife still worked as a school principal, he had to take a sales clerk job at a nearby liquor store so that his family could maintain their lifestyle. I will never forget other relatives joking and laughing about him miscalculating his retirement. I’m certain that his unsuccessful retirement and that of other relatives influenced my interest in retirement planning if for no one else but me. With a limited amount of retirement income, most retirees would prefer to keep their dollars rather than give them to Uncle Sam. Even those with an unlimited source of funds don’t want to pay more taxes than necessary. Fortunately, there are some ways to decrease your tax burden once you’ve done the obvious work of ensuring you’ve taken all the deductions and credits to which you’re entitled when you file your taxes.
Annette Wise
Some nights we watch movies and TV, usually old ones. Sometimes The X-Files. And Star Trek.
A.G. Riddle (Winter World (The Long Winter, #1))
you know
Jonathan Maberry (The X-Files: Trust No One)
I uncovered some interesting stuff. My old Super Nintendo system that mum bought me when I was a kid. A bunch of old cartridge games. Mum’s X Files DVDs. I even found dad’s ancient Steve Austin Six Million Dollar Man doll with the bionic arm and telescopic eye that he’d bought in the 70s. But
A.L. Brooks (Strangeworld: The Mortifera)
I think he hoped I’d do something really impressive with my life. He wanted me to be like Scully from The X-Files—you know, an FBI agent who goes around kicking paranormal ass for a living. It’s kind of hard to be a kick-ass graphic designer.
Torre DeRoche (Love with a Chance of Drowning)
1.1M    ./scripts 58M     ./cloud9 74M     . You can also use tee to write the output to several files at the same time, as shown in this example: root@beaglebone:/opt# du ‐d1 ‐h | tee /tmp/1.txt /tmp/2.txt /tmp/3.txt Filter Commands (from sort to xargs) There are filtering commands, each of which provides a useful function: sort: This command has several options, including (‐r) sorts in reverse; (‐f) ignores case; (‐d) uses dictionary sorting, ignoring punctuation; (‐n) numeric sort; (‐b) ignores blank space; (‐i) ignores control characters; (‐u) displays duplicate lines only once; and (‐m) merges multiple inputs into a single output. wc (word count): This can be used to calculate the number of words, lines, or characters in a stream. For example: root@beaglebone:/tmp# wc < animals.txt  4  4 18 This has returned that there are 4 lines, 4 words, and 18 characters. You can select the values independently by using (‐l) for line count; (‐w) for word count; (‐m) for character count; and (‐c) for the byte count (which would also be 18 in this case). head: Displays the first lines of the input. This is useful if you have a very long file or stream of information and you want to examine only the first few lines. By default it will display the first 10 lines. You can specify the number of lines using the ‐n option. For example, to get the first five lines of output of the dmesg command (display message or driver message), which displays the message buffer of the kernel, you can use the following: root@beaglebone:/tmp# dmesg | head ‐n5   [    0.000000] Booting Linux on physical CPU 0x0   [    0.000000] Initializing cgroup subsys cpuset   [    0.000000] Initializing cgroup subsys cpu   [    0.000000] Initializing cgroup subsys cpuacct   [    0.000000] Linux version 3.13.4-bone5(root@imx6q-sabrelite-1gb-0) tail: This is just like head except that it displays the last lines of a file or stream. Using it in combination with dmesg provides useful output, as shown here: root@beaglebone:/tmp# dmesg | tail ‐n2   [   36.123251] libphy: 4a101000.mdio:00 - Link is Up - 100/Full   [   36.123421] IPv6:ADDRCONF(NETDEV_CHANGE): eth0:link becomes ready grep: A very powerful filter command that can parse lines using text and regular expressions. You can use this command to filter output with options, including (‐i) ignore case; (‐m 5) stop after five matches; (‐q) silent, will exit with return status 0 if any matches are found; (‐e) specify a pattern; (‐c) print a count of matches; (‐o) print only the matching text; and (‐l) list the filename of the file containing the match. For example, the following examines the dmesg output for the first three occurrences of the string “usb,” using ‐i to ignore case: root@beaglebone:/tmp# dmesg |grep ‐i ‐m3 usb   [    1.948582] usbcore: registered new interface driver usbfs   [    1.948637] usbcore: registered new interface driver hub   [    1.948795] usbcore: registered new device driver usb You can combine pipes together. For example, you get the exact same output by using head and displaying only the first three lines of the grep output: root@beaglebone:/tmp# dmesg |grep ‐i usb |head ‐n3   [    1.948582] usbcore: registered new interface driver usbfs   [    1.948637] usbcore: registered new interface driver hub   [    1.948795] usbcore: registered new device driver usb xargs: This is a very powerful filter command that enables you to construct an argument list that you use to call another command or tool. In the following example, a text file args.txt that contains three strings is used to create three new files. The output of cat is piped to xargs, where it passes the three strings as arguments to the touch command, creating three new files a.txt, b.txt,
Derek Molloy (Exploring BeagleBone: Tools and Techniques for Building with Embedded Linux)
Harlan Ellison: My feeling about contemporary horror writing is that it suffers from the same malaise that is suffocating most art forms in our time: widespread and deep-seated illiteracy on the part of the body politic and a lack of historical memory. People apply for editorial positions at fantasy magazines and book publishers, and when asked for their credentials as evaluators of the genre, they declare themselves well-versed, call themselves “big fans” of the field, and then they list having watched The X-Files as a qualification.
Mort Castle (Writing Horror)
Usa BitLocker con Windows o FileVault con OS X.
Timothy Ferriss (Armas de titanes: Los secretos, trucos y costumbres de aquellos que han alcanzado el éxito)
Vott restarted the engine. "We'll be in touch." Vott rolled the window up and drove away. Ted felt his stomach churn and wondered if he should have let them drive away so easily. "You should've said no," Dhiraj said. "Haven't you seen the X-Files? Trust no one." He pushed a camera into Ted's chest. "Now help me with this." Ted floated all the camera
Bryan Cohen (The Telepath (Viral Superhero, #2))
Wybuch śmiechu zgiął ją w pół. Mulder spojrzał na nią i także zaczął chichotać. Stali w ciemnościach na cmentarzu, deszcz siąpił, a oni rechotali jak wariaci. - Wiesz co, całkiem nam odbiło - wykrztusiła wreszcie Scully. - I to jak - wydyszał Mulder. Wreszcie udało mu się złapać oddech. - No to chodź - powiedział. - Zbierajmy się. - Dokąd idziemy? - spytała Scully, nadal osłabiona po ataku śmiechu. - Tam gdzie nasze miejsce. Do czubków.
X Marks The Spot
- To jego syn, Billy Miles - oznajmił Mulder. Scully musiała przyznać, że jest miłym facetem. Pełnym dobrej woli. Utalentowanym. Mającym serce na właściwym miejscu. Ale w głowie miał zdecydowanie nie po kolei.
X Marks The Spot
A quest is only over if you give up.
Kami Garcia (Agent of Chaos (The X-Files: Origins #1))
Mulder: When convention and science offer us no answers, might we not finally turn to the fantastic as a plausibility? Scully: What I find fantastic is any notion that there are answers beyond the realm of science. The answers are there. You just have to know where to look. Mulder: That's why they put the I in FBI.
X-files (TV)
I find I can’t really describe what Mia has. People want symptoms. They want physical evidence. This thing my mum has is like the X-Files. It can’t be explained to the non-believers.
Melina Marchetta (Saving Francesca)
This is one untold story of an extremely rare adventure that happened in the world of Minecraft. It is well documented in the “Top secret archived records of Minecraft”, also known as “X-Files”. They are not accessible to anyone. This adventure is known as “The Battle of Legends”. It’s one of the greatest adventures in the world of Minecraft. The world of Minecraft exists in a multi-verse. That means that many universes co-exist at the same point of time and at same place without disturbing each other. In other words, there are alternative timelines or parallel worlds existing simultaneously. A person can exist in many different universes at the same point of time. In some universes he may be a king or hero, whereas in some he may be a villain. This story relates to two alternative timelines existing simultaneously in the World of Minecraft. One timeline was of “Gang of Ninjas” and other was of “Minecraft Agent”. Many centuries ago, Dark Lord who is the supreme Master of dark energy, lost its most powerful warrior “Vertigo”. That creature was so powerful that it had power to destroy 10 galaxies. He was blowing up galaxy after galaxy, clearing the way for dark lord to take over the universe and become its unrivalled Master. “The secret society of brotherhood”, who were the guardians of the universe were afraid as to what might this monster do if he is not tamed or captured. They used to remain tensed and think about how to get rid of this monster. No plan seemed to work on that monster.
Alex Anderson (Minecraft: Battle of Legends Book 1 (An Unofficial Minecraft Book))
The X files are here to explain to you the weird and odd and strange stuff of the world.
Deyth Banger
The truth is out there...
X-files (TV)
If you’re watching a popular American show from the last 20 years, look out for a detective by the name of John Munch. Always played by the same man, Richard Belzer, he was originally a character on Homicide: Life on the Street, before joining the cast of Law & Order Special Victims Unit. But there’s more; he has also been seen on episodes of The X-Files, Arrested Development, The Wire, 30 Rock and many more - always the same actor as the same character.
Jack Goldstein (101 Amazing Facts)
Wholly reminiscent of Rod Serling’s 1959—1964 series the Twilight Zone or The Mercury Theatre’s October 30, 1938 broadcast of The War of the Worlds. And let us not forget the X-Files.
A.K. Kuykendall (Imperium Heirs (The Conspirator's Odyssey series, #1))
The X1 Search program: instant, precision searching by independent criteria (not just Google-style search string goulash) to pinpoint my files and emails going back to the 1980s. As info explodes, and my memory doesn’t get better, it’s a godsend.
Timothy Ferriss (Tribe of Mentors: Short Life Advice from the Best in the World)
joke around—nothing serious—as I work to get my leg back to where it was. Two weeks later, I’m in an ankle-to-hip leg brace and hobbling around on crutches. The brace can’t come off for another six weeks, so my parents lend me their townhouse in New York City and Lucien hires me an assistant to help me out around the house. Some guy named Trevor. He’s okay, but I don’t give him much to do. I want to regain my independence as fast as I can and get back out there for Planet X. Yuri, my editor, is griping that he needs me back and I’m more than happy to oblige. But I still need to recuperate, and I’m bored as hell cooped up in the townhouse. Some buddies of mine from PX stop by and we head out to a brunch place on Amsterdam Street my assistant sometimes orders from. Deacon, Logan, Polly, Jonesy and I take a table in Annabelle’s Bistro, and settle in for a good two hours, running our waitress ragged. She’s a cute little brunette doing her best to stay cheerful for us while we give her a hard time with endless coffee refills, loud laughter, swearing, and general obnoxiousness. Her nametag says Charlotte, and Deacon calls her “Sweet Charlotte” and ogles and teases her, sometimes inappropriately. She has pretty eyes, I muse, but otherwise pay her no mind. I have my leg up on a chair in the corner, leaning back, as if I haven’t a care in the world. And I don’t. I’m going to make a full recovery and pick up my life right where I left off. Finally, a manager with a severe hairdo and too much makeup, politely, yet pointedly, inquires if there’s anything else we need, and we take the hint. We gather our shit and Deacon picks up the tab. We file out, through the maze of tables, and I’m last, hobbling slowly on crutches. I’m halfway out when I realize I left my Yankees baseball cap on the table. I return to get it and find the waitress staring at the check with tears in her eyes. She snaps the black leather book shut when she sees me and hurriedly turns away. “Forget something?” she asks with false cheer and a shaky smile. “My hat,” I say. She’s short and I’m tall. I tower over her. “Did Deacon leave a shitty tip? He does that.” “Oh no, no, I mean…it’s fine,” she says, turning away to wipe her eyes. “I’m so sorry. I just…um, kind of a rough month. You know how it is.” She glances me up and down in my expensive jeans and designer shirt. “Or maybe you don’t.” The waitress realizes what she said, and another round of apologies bursts out of her as she begins stacking our dirty dishes. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry. Really. I have this bad habit…blurting. I don’t know why I said that. Anyway, um…” I laugh, and fish into my back pocket for my wallet. “Don’t worry about it. And take this. For your trouble.” I offer her forty dollars and her eyes widen. Up close, her eyes are even prettier—large and luminous, but sad too. A blush turns her skin scarlet “Oh, no, I couldn’t. No, please. It’s fine, really.” She bustles even faster now, not looking at me. I shrug and drop the twenties on the table. “I hope your month improves.” She stops and stares at the money, at war with herself. “Okay. Thank you,” she says finally, her voice cracking. She takes the money and stuffs it into her apron. I feel sorta bad, poor girl. “Have a nice day, Charlotte,” I say, and start to hobble away. She calls after me, “I hope your leg gets better soon.” That was big of her, considering what ginormous bastards we’d been to her all morning. Or maybe she’s just doing her job. I wave a hand to her without looking back, and leave Annabelle’s. Time heals me. I go back to work. To Planet X. To the world and all its thrills and beauty. I don’t go back to my parents’ townhouse; hell I’m hardly in NYC anymore. I don’t go back to Annabelle’s and I never see—or think about—that cute waitress with the sad eyes ever again. “Fucking hell,” I whisper as the machine reads the last line of
Emma Scott (Endless Possibility (Rush, #1.5))
My parents didn’t let me do social things on weeknights because weeknights were for homework, and maybe an episode of The X-Files if I was being a good kid (X-Files was on Friday night),
Mindy Kaling (Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns))
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Maddy Roby
Eventually, I talked to Dad and Willie about my plan to go work on the oil rigs. Both told me to stay with the family at Duck Commander. “That would be a mistake,” Dad said. “Stay with us. You won’t believe what’s going to happen in two or three years. Be patient.” He had faith in the business, and he felt it was just a matter of time until we hit it big. “We’re all going to do well,” he’d say. Did I mention he’s one of the most optimistic people you’ll ever meet? Every day we go hunting (and he hunts every single day of duck season), he’ll sit back, laugh, and say, “Boys, this is going to be the best day of your life. You’ll be telling your grandchildren about this day!” Willie felt the same. “You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do,” he said. “But let me tell you this, I’m fixin’ to turn this thing around, and I want you to be here for it.” I decided to stay because Jess and I knew it was more important to be with family than to make more money. I continued working just about every job at Duck Commander. I still loved shipping and packaging, and I watched the entire run of X-files episodes when I worked in that department. Then I started making the reeds, the job Uncle Si does on the show.
Jep Robertson (The Good, the Bad, and the Grace of God: What Honesty and Pain Taught Us About Faith, Family, and Forgiveness)
So,” Emily continued, “if there were aliens, you’d know about them, right?” Darger bit her lip to keep from grinning. She was curious how Loshak would handle it. It was a surprisingly common question, even when she’d been in Victim Assistance. As soon as she said FBI, apparently some people immediately thought X-Files.
L.T. Vargus (Dead End Girl (Violet Darger, #1))
It’s not as though the show couldn’t end story lines when it needed to. The biggest emotional payoff of “Aprocrypha” comes in the resolution of the murder of Scully’s sister. The episode does a fine job of both “solving” the mystery and yet showing the complete lack of satisfaction that the solution provides our heroine. Melissa is still dead. A scene at the cemetery drives the point home, and it’s during that scene that we learn that Melissa’s killer died in his jail cell. There’s no vengeance or catharsis or relief, and the forces that ordered the hit remain unpunished and unidentified.
Zack Handlen (Monsters of the Week: The Complete Critical Companion to The X-Files)
Mulder and Scully have risked their lives to get closer to the truth, and they know more than they ever did before, but each new piece of information sends them down another rabbit hole, falling through space as they search for the ground. The X-Files creates grand import out of eerie moments and a lack of closure. Eventually that lack of closure would become a detriment, but in the third season, images like Krycek pounding on a door where no one can hear him still have the power to haunt you.
Zack Handlen (Monsters of the Week: The Complete Critical Companion to The X-Files)
When you were a kid, did you ever watch the X-Files? Mulder is this smart, cute, funny guy who's obsessed with catching the aliens who stole his sister. He's totally oblivious to the red-haired Scully standing right in front of him—' 'I don't think John is totally oblivious to you. I don't think that's possible. You talk really loudly.
Jennifer Echols (Going Too Far)
The makers of The X-Files weren’t asked to justify themselves—it was straight-ahead entertainment, scripted fiction, with actors playing FBI agents and conspirators and aliens. But it and Coast to Coast AM were just different forms of infotainment distributed by adjacent branches of the fantasy-industrial complex, one on radio and the other on TV, tag-team propaganda vehicles for spreading and hardening belief in evil all-powerful secret government conspiracies and magical thinking. In the 1910s and ’20s The Birth of a Nation had glamorized white supremacy and helped induce the rebirth of the real-life Ku Klux Klan; in the 1990s, The X-Files glamorously codified an important swath of the new conspiracist paradigm.
Kurt Andersen (Fantasyland: How America Went Haywire: A 500-Year History)