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Financial incentives are undoubtedly a powerful influence on behavior. However, as suggested in chapter 1, behavioral insights can also be used to design them in more effective ways. For example, in one study giving financial rewards for group outcomes resulted in greater healthy weight loss compared with rewarding individual performance: the added motivation to not let down a teammate supercharged the promise of financial gain.
Michael Hallsworth (Behavioral Insights)
Incentive list By moderating my drinking I will have: • Clearer, firmer, glowing skin • Increased energy • Sharpened concentration • Fewer regrets • Improved memory • Extra disposable income • Better sex • Less anxiety • Improved moods • Deeper, more restorative sleep • Greater motivation and productivity at work • Weight loss • More authentic, fulfilling relationships • Improved digestion • Stronger immune system • Smaller risk of developing cancer.
Rosamund Dean (Mindful Drinking: How To Break Up With Alcohol)