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If you are on social media, and you are not learning, not laughing, not being inspired or not networking, then you are using it wrong.
Germany Kent
Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.
Paul Cookson
A successful website does three things: It attracts the right kinds of visitors. Guides them to the main services or product you offer. Collect Contact details for future ongoing relation.
Mohamed Saad
The thing about developing an addiction is that it happens so quietly, you don’t know how much trouble you’re in until it’s to late. It tiptoes through the rooms of your mind and body, gently inserting hooks and strings into every cell, until you don’t know where you end and it beginigs. And untangling that web is nearly impossible.
Leisa Rayven (Broken Juliet (Starcrossed, #2))
Freedom of Speech doesn't justify online bullying. Words have power, be careful how you use them.
Germany Kent
If you're already a front-end developer, well, pretend you're also wearing a pirate hat.
Ethan Marcotte (Responsive Web Design)
We don't just build websites, we build websites that SELLS
Christopher Dayagdag
Software testing is a sport like hunting, it's bughunting.
Amit Kalantri
Cyber bullying occurs online daily. Most don't consider their actions or words to be bullying. Here's a few clues that you're a cyber bully. (1) You post information about someone in order to ruin their character. (2) You post threats to someone. (3) You tag someone in vulgar degrading posts. (4) You post any information intended to harm or shame another individual seeking to gain attention. Then, you are a cyber bully and need to get some help.
Amaka Imani Nkosazana (Sweet Destiny)
Let us take you into a deeper experience, make a moment a lasting conveyable memory. Let us help build your tribe.
Deep Immersion
The Web has a very different effect. It places more pressure on our working memory, not only diverting resources from our higher reasoning faculties but obstructing the consolidation of long-term memories and the development of schemas.
Nicholas Carr (The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains)
We don't just sell websites, we create websites that SELL.
Dr. Christopher Dayagdag
Each time I discovered a potential link between one character’s story and another’s, several more connections would reveal themselves, like a beautiful, complex web spinning itself.
Richard Scarsbrook (Rockets Versus Gravity)
Why do you call him a monster?” “Well, an eight-foot tall green gorilla with web feet and bug eyes—what would you call him? A well-developed frog? Not exactly an Ivy-league type, anyway.’” “I’ve met plenty of Ivy-leaguers I’d call monsters.
Rachel Ingalls (Mrs. Caliban)
The true ENTREPRENEUR is a risk taker, not an excuse maker.
Good developers know how things work. Great developers know why things work.
Ilya Grigorik (High Performance Browser Networking: What Every Web Developer Should Know about Networking and Web Performance)
We love what we do and we do what our clients love & work with great clients all over the world to create thoughtful and purposeful websites.
Your website is the center of your digital eco-system, like a brick and mortar location, the experience matters once a customer enters, just as much as the perception they have of you before they walk through the door.
Leland Dieno (Face The Book With Your Small Business: A step by step guide to establishing your small business on the biggest social media network in existance..)
Half, Not Half-Assed
37 Signals (Getting Real: The Smarter, Faster, Easier Way to Build a Web Application)
We arrive in the rooms tangled up in a web of complexity and confusion. Our lives are unmanageable because our minds are unmanageable.” – p. 134
Ray A. (Practice These Principles: Living the Spiritual Disciplines and Virtues in 12-Step Recovery to Achieve Spiritual Growth, Character Development, and Emotional Sobriety)
a two-column layout, we place it right after the second column. To be safe, just in case the same problem arises when the page is displayed as a four-column layout, we also put:
Riwanto Megosinarso (Step By Step Bootstrap 3: A Quick Guide To Responsive Web Development Using Bootstrap 3)
Website without visitors is like a ship lost in the horizon.
Dr. Christopher Dayagdag
Learning HTML and CSS is a lot more challenging than it used to be. Responsive web design adds more layers of complexity to design and develop websites.
Jacob Lett (Bootstrap 4 Quick Start: Responsive Web Design and Development Basics for Beginners (Bootstrap 4 Tutorial Book 1))
Today even the attitude of the Southern whites toward the blacks is not, as so many assume, in all cases the same; the ignorant Southerner hates the Negro, the workingmen fear his competition, the money-makers wish to use him as a laborer, some of the educated see a menace in his upward development, while others—usually the sons of the masters—wish to help him to rise.
W.E.B. Du Bois (The Souls of Black Folk)
Kat gushes about Google's projects, all revealed to her now. They are making a 3-D web browser. They are making a car that drives itself. They are making a sushi search engine -- here she pokes a chopstick down at our dinner -- to help people find fish that is sustainable and mercury-free. They are building a time machine. They are developing a form of renewable energy that runs on hubris.
Robin Sloan (Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore (Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore, #1))
We are all limited by the choices we make, and once we make even one of them, we become hard-wired to choose similar options. No wonder why these web search engines keep track of our search history. No wonder why every person gets a different search result for the same term. It’s because we all develop a taste, a proclivity. And these social media giants and search engines all know that, for we humans see only what we want to see. So why not give them what they are most likely to want?
Abhaidev (The World's Most Frustrated Man)
In the last few years, making things more usable has become almost everybody’s responsibility. Visual designers and developers now often find themselves doing things like interaction design (deciding what happens next when the user clicks, taps, or swipes) and information architecture (figuring out how everything should be organized). I
Steve Krug (Don't Make Me Think, Revisited: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability)
Death begins before birth. I have always found this an odd notion, but were it not for the death of certain cells during our initial development, humans would be born with webbed toes. Death moulds our physical being from the very start of our existence. It sculpts us, determines how we begin, and where we end. The events in life that define us, that break us and remake us, all stem from death—the death of a place, a time, a relationship, of those we hold most dear, and finally ourselves. Death is the one inescapable aspect of life, the only immutable force, the single thing in this world that cannot and should not be changed. But death is never the end. It is the beginning.
Hazel Butler (Chasing Azrael (Deathly Insanity #1))
Like so many others of my tenure and temperament—stubborn ancients, I suppose—web reporting is anathema to everything I love about newspapering: getting a tip, developing leads, fleshing-out the details, then telling the story. Now it stops with the tip. Just verify (hopefully!) and post it. I didn’t write stories anymore; I 'produced content.
Chris Rose
Software always remain softly for End users! But sometimes hardly to developers!
Bananeza Pacifique
Look- what I'm getting at is no matter who or what you're dealing with, people build up meaning between themselves and the things around them. The important thing is whether this comes about naturally or not. Being bright has nothing to do with it. What matters is that you see things with your own eyes... There's always going to be a connection between you, Mr. Nakata, and the things you deal with. Just like there's a connection between eel and rice bowls. And as the web of these connections spreads out, a relationship between you, Mr. Nakata, and capitalists and the proletariat naturally develops. ~page 189
Haruki Murakami (Kafka on the Shore)
the term “smart contract” has become more mainstream since the advent of first Bitcoin and then Ethereum, it was first coined by Nick Szabo in 1996, and thus precedes the development of blockchain networks.
Shermin Voshmgir (Token Economy: How the Web3 reinvents the Internet)
Lee Jung-hoon and Kim Dong-min, reporters at Yonhap News Agency (CN News) said yesterday that they have requested an arrest warrant for a 60-year-old man on suspicion of stabbing his wife and daughter to death. 떨, 대마초, 마리화나 판매 합니다. 공식 사이트 : mjkorea.wordpress.com 위커 메신져 닉네임 : mjkorea 답장이 없는경우는 오직 잠자는 시간이므로 확인 하는대로 답장 드리겠습니다 ^^. Lee is suspected of killing his wife, 56, and daughter, 29, with a knife at her home in Masanwon, Changwon, around 8 a.m. on July 7. The crime was reported two days later on Tuesday. A friend of his wife visited Lee's home Tuesday morning after receiving a call from a co-worker that his wife, a office worker, has not been in work for two days since Monday. After the crime, Lee stayed at home for three days without running away. When he heard a push from the outside to open the door, Lee opened the door himself. Police dispatched after receiving the report confirmed that Lee's wife and daughter were stabbed several times and bleeding in the living room. At the time of the crime, Lee was arrested by the police, wearing clothes with blood on them. "I saw a man having a relationship with his wife and daughter," Lee told police. "I think it was a hallucination and a hallucination." "Since my retirement in May, I was afraid that my wife might get married to a rich man (in the audience) who is well prepared for my retirement." "I stabbed my sleeping wife first in the inner room, and I stabbed her several times in the living room as I woke up and resisted," he said. "I killed her because I was afraid to report my daughter from another room." After the crime, Lee was hiding in the bathroom when he was told by someone to "stay in the bathroom," police found. Lee was found to have taken medication for about two months with symptoms of depression 10 years ago, and recently had been prescribed medicine at a mental hospital due to severe symptoms such as insomnia and poor appetite The profiler explained about Lee's motive, saying, "Some people may develop hallucinations such as hallucinations and hallucinations if they become depressed." Police determined that Lee may have killed his family while misimagining with hallucinations and delusions caused by depression. seaman@yna.co.kr image@yna.co.kr Visit the web of the changed Yonhap News Agency. What should I do to subscribe to Naver's [United News] channel? #Hung
The crime was reported two days later on Tuesday.
mysterious chemistry that sometimes developed between seemingly dissimilar men—each surprisingly recognizing in the other a deep-down, kindred soul, the two of them bobbing along alone and unappreciated in a sea of fools.
W.E.B. Griffin (Battleground (The Corps, #4))
When you decide to put your business online it is a little bet tricky step for novice computer users because they want to keep data safe & secure. This problem developed from companies which did not take security seriously
Mohamed Saad
My Lolita had a way of raising her bent left knee at the ample and springy start of the service cycle when there would develop and hang in the sun for a second a vital web of balance between toed foot, pristine armpit, burnished arm and far back-flung racket, as she smiled up with gleaming teeth at the small globe suspended so high in the zenith of the powerful and graceful cosmos she had created for the express purpose of falling upon it with a clean resounding crack of her golden whip.
Vladimir Nabokov (Lolita)
he question then comes: Is it possible, and probable, that nine millions of men can make effective progress in economic lines if they are deprived of political rights, made a servile caste, and allowed only the most meager chance for developing their exceptional men?
W.E.B. Du Bois (The Souls of Black Folk)
IP is responsible for taking pieces of information and moving them through the various switches, routers, gateways, repeaters, and other devices that move information from one network to the next and all around the world. IP tries hard to deliver the data at the destination,
K. Scott Allen (What Every Web Developer Should Know About HTTP (OdeToCode, #1))
Research by media scholars Daniel Kreiss and Philip Howard indicates that the 2008 Obama campaign compiled significant data on more than 250 million Americans, including “a vast array of online behavioral and relational data collected from use of the campaign’s web site and third-party social media sites such as Facebook.…”96 Journalist Sasha Issenberg, who documented these developments in his book The Victory Lab, quotes one of Obama’s 2008 political consultants who likened predictive modeling to the tools of a fortune-teller: “We knew who… people were going to vote for before they decided.
Shoshana Zuboff (The Age of Surveillance Capitalism)
7. Character is built in the course of your inner confrontation. Character is a set of dispositions, desires, and habits that are slowly engraved during the struggle against your own weakness. You become more disciplined, considerate, and loving through a thousand small acts of self-control, sharing, service, friendship, and refined enjoyment. If you make disciplined, caring choices, you are slowly engraving certain tendencies into your mind. You are making it more likely that you will desire the right things and execute the right actions. If you make selfish, cruel, or disorganized choices, then you are slowly turning this core thing inside yourself into something that is degraded, inconstant, or fragmented. You can do harm to this core thing with nothing more than ignoble thoughts, even if you are not harming anyone else. You can elevate this core thing with an act of restraint nobody sees. If you don’t develop a coherent character in this way, life will fall to pieces sooner or later. You will become a slave to your passions. But if you do behave with habitual self-discipline, you will become constant and dependable. 8. The things that lead us astray are short term—lust, fear, vanity, gluttony. The things we call character endure over the long term—courage, honesty, humility. People with character are capable of a long obedience in the same direction, of staying attached to people and causes and callings consistently through thick and thin. People with character also have scope. They are not infinitely flexible, free-floating, and solitary. They are anchored by permanent attachments to important things. In the realm of the intellect, they have a set of permanent convictions about fundamental truths. In the realm of emotion, they are enmeshed in a web of unconditional loves. In the realm of action, they have a permanent commitment to tasks that cannot be completed in a single lifetime.
David Brooks (The Road to Character)
For groups that made this political transition to egalitarianism, there was a quantum leap in the development of moral matrices. People now lived in much denser webs of norms, informal sanctions, and occasionally violent punishments. Those who could navigate this new world skillfully and maintain good reputations were rewarded by gaining the trust, cooperation, and political support of others. Those who could not respect group norms, or who acted like bullies, were removed from the gene pool by being shunned, expelled, or killed. Genes and cultural practices (such as the collective killing of deviants) coevolved. The end result, says Boehm, was a process sometimes called “self-domestication.” Just as animal breeders can create tamer, gentler creatures by selectively breeding for those traits, our ancestors began to selectively breed themselves (unintentionally) for the ability to construct shared moral matrices and then live cooperatively within them.
Jonathan Haidt (The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion)
More and more the picture of reality Bohm was developing was not one in which subatomic particles were separate from one another and moving through the void of space, but one in which all things were part of an unbroken web and embedded in a space that was as real and rich with process as the matter that moved through it.
Michael Talbot (The Holographic Universe)
One of the best ways to understand how filters shape our individual experience is to think in terms of our information diet. As sociologist danah boyd said in a speech at the 2009 Web 2.0 Expo: Our bodies are programmed to consume fat and sugars because they’re rare in nature.... In the same way, we’re biologically programmed to be attentive to things that stimulate: content that is gross, violent, or sexual and that gossip which is humiliating, embarrassing, or offensive. If we’re not careful, we’re going to develop the psychological equivalent of obesity. We’ll find ourselves consuming content that is least beneficial for ourselves or society as a whole.
Eli Pariser (The Filter Bubble)
We fail to take responsibility, to act productively in the interest of ourselves and others. And in our attempts at a better life, we are often severely limited or thwarted by the immature and socially inept behavior of ourselves and others. There is a great fabric of relations, behaviors and emotions, reverberating with human and animal bliss and suffering, a web of intimate and formal relations, both direct and indirect. Nasty whirlwinds of feedback cycles blow through this great multidimensional web, pulsating with hurt and degradation. My lacking human development blocks your possible human development. My lack of understanding of you, your needs perspectives, hurts you in a million subtle ways. I become a bad lover, a bad colleague, a bad fellow citizen and human being. We are interconnected: You cannot get away from my hurt and wounds. They will follow you all of your life—I will be your daughter’s abusive boyfriend, your belligerent neighbor from hell. And you will never grow wings because there will always be mean bosses, misunderstanding families and envious friends. And you will tell yourself that is how life must be. But it is not how life has to be. Once you begin to be able to see the social-psychological fabric of everyday life, it becomes increasingly apparent that the fabric is relatively easy to change, to develop. Metamodern politics aims to make everyone secure at the deepest psychological level, so that we can live authentically; a byproduct of which is a sense of meaning in life and lasting happiness; a byproduct of which is kindness and an increased ability to cooperate with others; a byproduct of which is deeper freedom and better concrete results in the lives of everyone; a byproduct of which is a society less likely to collapse into a heap of atrocities.
Hanzi Freinacht (The Listening Society: A Metamodern Guide to Politics, Book One (Metamodern Guides 1))
The label “jack-of-all-trades but master of none” is normally meant to be derogatory, implying that the labelee lacks the focus to really dive into a subject and master it. But, when your online shopping application is on the fritz and you’re losing orders by the hundreds as each hour passes, it’s the jack-of-all-trades who not only knows how the application’s code works but can also do low-level UNIX debugging of your web server processes, analyze your RDBMS’s configuration for potential performance bottlenecks, and check your network’s router configuration for hard-to-find problems. And, more important, after finding the problem, the jack-of-all-trades can quickly make architecture and design decisions, implement code fixes, and deploy a new fixed system to production. In this scenario, the manufacturing scenario seems quaint at best and critically flawed at worst.
Chad Fowler (The Passionate Programmer: Creating a Remarkable Career in Software Development (Pragmatic Life))
Expertise gives you enough insight to reinvent what everyone else assumes is the truth. Sure, it’s possible to randomly challenge the conventions of your field and luckily find a breakthrough. It’s far more likely, though, that you will design a great Web site or direct a powerful movie or lead a breakthrough product development if you understand the status quo better than anyone else. Beginner’s luck is dramatically overrated. Emotional
Seth Godin (Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?)
The ant… the foolish ant, sitting on the edge of an enormous disc spinning about its axis, reckons at every instant of time, that it’s progressing forward. Who would hold a mirror up to it? And convey it the truth, Clearing out its fallacy, Clean as a hound’s tooth. The fallacy that it can see the whole dimension in entirety. Shall it ever concede, If one tries to enlighten? Or, inured by canard shall it fight To win against what is right?
Anurag Shrivastava (The Web of Karma)
In this new narrative, learning ceases to focus on consuming information or knowledge that’s no longer scarce. Instead, it’s about asking questions, working with others to find the answers, doing real work for real audiences, and adding to, not simply taking from, the storehouse of knowledge that the Web is becoming. It’s about developing the kinds of habits and dispositions that deep, lifelong learners need to succeed in a world rife with information and connections.
Will Richardson (Why School?: How Education Must Change When Learning and Information Are Everywhere)
We live in an age in which the volume of available information stupefies us. On any relatively interesting subject we can find thousands of Web pages, tens—if not hundreds—of books, and article after article. How do we filter all this information? How do we process all this information? Core values and principles provide one mechanism for processing and filtering information. They steer us in the direction of what is more, or less, important. They help us make product decisions and evaluate development practices.
Jim Highsmith (Agile Project Management: Creating Innovative Products)
Whether she was engaged, married or single, nothing could or ever would come of the weakness he was forced to acknowledge that he had developed. He would re-establish the professional distance that had somehow ebbed away with her drunken confessions and the camaraderie of their trip up north, and temporarily shelve his half-acknowledged plan to end the relationship with Elin. It felt safer just now to have another woman within reach, and a beautiful one at that, whose enthusiasm and expertise in bed ought surely to compensate for an undeniable incompatibility outside it. He fell to wondering how long Robin would continue working for him after she became Mrs. Cunliffe. Matthew would surely use every ounce of his husbandly influence to pry her away from a profession as dangerous as it was poorly paid. Well, that was her lookout: her bed, and she could lie in it. Except that once you had broken up, it was much easier to do so again. He ought to know. How many times had he and Charlotte split? How many times had they tried to reassemble the wreckage? There had been more cracks than substance by the end: they had lived in a spider's web of fault lines, held together by hope, pain, and delusion. Robin and Matthew had just two months to go before the wedding. There was still time.
Robert Galbraith (Career of Evil (Cormoran Strike, #3))
of the most momentous innovations tiptoe quietly onto history’s stage. On August 6, 1991, Berners-Lee was glancing through the Internet’s alt.hypertext newsgroup and ran across this question: “Is anyone aware of research or development efforts in . . . hypertext links enabling retrieval from multiple heterogeneous sources?” His answer, “from: timbl@info.cern.ch at 2:56 pm,” became the first public announcement of the Web. “The WorldWideWeb project aims to allow links to be made to any information anywhere,” he began. “If you’re interested in using the code, mail me.”31 With his low-key personality and even lower-key posting, Berners-Lee did not fathom what a profound idea he had unleashed. Any information anywhere.
Walter Isaacson (The Innovators: How a Group of Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution)
Nevertheless, by dint of his personality and controlling instincts, Jobs was soon playing a stronger role. He spewed out a stream of ideas - some reasonable, others wacky - about what Pixar's hardware and software could become. And on his occasional visits to the PIxar offices, he was an inspiring presence. "I grew up a Southern Baptist, and we had revival meetings with mesmerizing but corrupt preachers," recounted Alvy Ray Smith. "Steve's got it: the power of the tongue and the web of words that catches people up. We were aware of this when we had board meetings, so we developed signals - nose scratching or ear tugs - for when someone had been caught up in Steve's distortion field and he needed to be tugged back to reality.
Walter Isaacson (Steve Jobs)
Total Marketing250 | Online Marketing Total Marketing250 We have spent years developing and perfecting this new marketing technology and are now proud to offer it to the public. We utilize the "best practice" techniques to gain authority for your online presence, and put you in the auto-complete for Google and Bing. Now you can be in front of every customer who is looking for you. We pride ourselves on providing the highest- level of service to our customers so we can build a long-lasting relationship with each customer. We desire to utilize our technology to help businesses small to large. We can help large companies push slow moving product with a national keyword phrase, or help the local business owner succeed by boosting their customer base. We are here to offer affordable marketing solutions that work. We Provide Following Services:- Online Marketing Total Marketing250 Marketing Strategies Total Marketing250 Digital Marketing Total Marketing250 Internet Marketing Total Marketing250 Marketing Strategy Total Marketing250 Web Marketing Total Marketing250 Website Marketing Total Marketing250 Hotel Internet Marketing Total Marketing250 Contact Info:- Corporate Offices 15333 N. Pima Road. Scottsdale, AZ 85260 Sales and Technical offices: 2910685 B Hazelhurst Dr., Suite 15883 Houston, TX 77043 1201-11871 Horseshoe Way, Richmond, BC V7A 5H5 Phone & Fax Phone : 888-228-9742 Fax : 480-452-0969 Email support@totalmarketing250.com
total marketing250
By tracing the early history of USCYBERCOM it is possible to understand some of the reasons why the military has focused almost completely on network defense and cyber attack while being unaware of the need to address the vulnerabilities in systems that could be exploited in future conflicts against technologically capable adversaries. It is a problem mirrored in most organizations. The network security staff are separate from the endpoint security staff who manage desktops through patch and vulnerability management tools and ensure that software and anti-virus signatures are up to date. Meanwhile, the development teams that create new applications, web services, and digital business ventures, work completely on their own with little concern for security. The analogous behavior observed in the military is the creation of new weapons systems, ISR platforms, precision targeting, and C2 capabilities without ensuring that they are resistant to the types of attacks that USCYBERCOM and the NSA have been researching and deploying. USCYBERCOM had its genesis in NCW thinking. First the military worked to participate in the information revolution by joining their networks together. Then it recognized the need for protecting those networks, now deemed cyberspace. The concept that a strong defense requires a strong offense, carried over from missile defense and Cold War strategies, led to a focus on network attack and less emphasis on improving resiliency of computing platforms and weapons systems.
Richard Stiennon (There Will Be Cyberwar: How The Move To Network-Centric Warfighting Has Set The Stage For Cyberwar)
The power of the ballot we need in sheer self-defence,—else what shall save us from a second slavery? Freedom, too, the long-sought, we still seek,—the freedom of life and limb, the freedom to work and think, the freedom to love and aspire. Work, culture, liberty,—all these we need, not singly but together, not successively but together, each growing and aiding each, and all striving toward that vaster ideal that swims before the Negro people, the ideal of human brotherhood, gained through the unifying ideal of Race; the ideal of fostering and developing the traits and talents of the Negro, not in opposition to or contempt for other races, but rather in large conformity to the greater ideals of the American Republic, in order that some day on American soil two world-races may give each to each those characteristics both so sadly lack.
W.E.B. Du Bois (The Souls of Black Folk)
Darwin’s Bestiary PROLOGUE Animals tame and animals feral prowled the Dark Ages in search of a moral: the canine was Loyal, the lion was Virile, rabbits were Potent and gryphons were Sterile. Sloth, Envy, Gluttony, Pride—every peril was fleshed into something phantasmic and rural, while Courage, Devotion, Thrift—every bright laurel crowned a creature in some mythological mural. Scientists think there is something immoral in singular brutes having meat that is plural: beasts are mere beasts, just as flowers are floral. Yet between the lines there’s an implicit demurral; the habit stays with us, albeit it’s puerile: when Darwin saw squirrels, he saw more than Squirrel. 1. THE ANT The ant, Darwin reminded us, defies all simple-mindedness: Take nothing (says the ant) on faith, and never trust a simple truth. The PR men of bestiaries eulogized for centuries this busy little paragon, nature’s proletarian— but look here, Darwin said: some ants make slaves of smaller ants, and end exploiting in their peonages the sweating brows of their tiny drudges. Thus the ant speaks out of both sides of its mealy little mouth: its example is extolled to the workers of the world, but its habits also preach the virtues of the idle rich. 2. THE WORM Eyeless in Gaza, earless in Britain, lower than a rattlesnake’s belly-button, deaf as a judge and dumb as an audit: nobody gave the worm much credit till Darwin looked a little closer at this spaghetti-torsoed loser. Look, he said, a worm can feel and taste and touch and learn and smell; and ounce for ounce, they’re tough as wrestlers, and love can turn them into hustlers, and as to work, their labors are mythic, small devotees of the Protestant Ethic: they’ll go anywhere, to mountains or grassland, south to the rain forests, north to Iceland, fifty thousand to every acre guzzling earth like a drunk on liquor, churning the soil and making it fertile, earning the thanks of every mortal: proud Homo sapiens, with legs and arms— his whole existence depends on worms. So, History, no longer let the worm’s be an ignoble lot unwept, unhonored, and unsung. Moral: even a worm can turn. 3. THE RABBIT a. Except in distress, the rabbit is silent, but social as teacups: no hare is an island. (Moral: silence is golden—or anyway harmless; rabbits may run, but never for Congress.) b. When a rabbit gets miffed, he bounds in an orbit, kicking and scratching like—well, like a rabbit. (Moral: to thine own self be true—or as true as you can; a wolf in sheep’s clothing fleeces his skin.) c. He populates prairies and mountains and moors, but in Sweden the rabbit can’t live out of doors. (Moral: to know your own strength, take a tug at your shackles; to understand purity, ponder your freckles.) d. Survival developed these small furry tutors; the morals of rabbits outnumber their litters. (Conclusion: you needn’t be brainy, benign, or bizarre to be thought a great prophet. Endure. Just endure.) 4. THE GOSSAMER Sixty miles from land the gentle trades that silk the Yankee clippers to Cathay sift a million gossamers, like tides of fluff above the menace of the sea. These tiny spiders spin their bits of webbing and ride the air as schooners ride the ocean; the Beagle trapped a thousand in its rigging, small aeronauts on some elusive mission. The Megatherium, done to extinction by its own bigness, makes a counterpoint to gossamers, who breathe us this small lesson: for survival, it’s the little things that count.
Philip Appleman
While the Texas prison officials remained in the dark about what was going on, they were fortunate that William and Danny had benign motives. Imagine what havoc the two might have caused; it would have been child's play for these guys to develop a scheme for obtaining money or property from unsuspecting victims. The Internet had become their university and playground. Learning how to run scams against individuals or break in to corporate sites would have been a cinch; teenagers and preteens learn these methods every day from the hacker sites and elsewhere on the Web. And as prisoners, Danny and William had all the time in the world. Maybe there's a lesson here: Two convicted murderers, but that didn't mean they were scum, rotten to the core. They were cheaters who hacked their way onto the Internet illegally, but that didn't mean they were willing to victimize innocent people or naively insecure companies.
Kevin D. Mitnick (The Art of Intrusion: The Real Stories Behind the Exploits of Hackers, Intruders and Deceivers)
The true significance of slavery in the United States to the whole social development of America lay in the ultimate relation of slaves to democracy. What were to be the limits of democratic control in the United States? If all labor, black as well as white, became free – were given schools and the right to vote – what control could or should be set to the power and action of these laborers? Was the rule of the mass of Americans to be unlimited, and the right to rule extended to all men regardless of race and color, or if not, what power of dictatorship and control; and how would property and privilege be protected? This was the great and primary question which was in the minds of the men who wrote the Constitution of the United States and continued in the minds of thinkers down through the slavery controversy. It still remains with the world as the problem of democracy expands and touches all races and nations.
W.E.B. Du Bois (Black Reconstruction in America 1860-1880)
Fair trade care webs draw on sick and disabled knowledge about care. Sick and disabled folks have many superpowers: one of them is that many of us have sophisticated, highly developed skills around negotiating and organizing care. Many sick and disabled people have experienced receiving shitty, condescending, “poor you!” charity-based care that’s worse than no care at all—whether it’s from medical staff or our friends and families. Many disabled people also face receiving abusive or coercive care, in medical facilities and nursing homes and from our families and personal care assistants. We’re also offered unsolicited medical advice, from doctors and strangers on the street (who are totally sure carrot juice will cure our MS) every day of our lives. All of those offers are “well meaning,” but they’re also intrusive, unasked for, and mostly coming from a place of discomfort with disability and wanting to “fix” us.
Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha (Care Work: Dreaming Disability Justice)
with friends at a local coffee shop Posting comments on discussion boards rather than communicating face to face in social settings Conversing via e-mails and text messages rather than phone conversations Being a part of anonymous online support groups rather than attending local support group meetings Cybersnooping friends' profiles rather than getting to know them personally Of course, some of these ways of "techno-relating" are fun and beneficial. The social components of the Web appeal to many people because they offer easier, safer, and quicker ways to connect to others. No one really knows to what extent isolation from overuse of technological ways of relating to other people contributes to the development of BPD or other emotional problems. However, technology can prevent the in-person contact you need to build relationships and trust. To get better, people with BPD need real relationships, real social support, and real feedback about their behavior.
Charles H. Elliott (Borderline Personality Disorder For Dummies)
In the twenty-first century it sounds childish to compare the human psyche to a steam engine. Today we know of a far more sophisticated technology – the computer – so we explain the human psyche as if it were a computer processing data rather than a steam engine regulating pressure. But this new analogy may turn out to be just as naïve. After all, computers have no minds. They don’t crave anything even when they have a bug, and the Internet doesn’t feel pain even when authoritarian regimes sever entire countries from the Web. So why use computers as a model for understanding the mind? Well, are we really sure that computers have no sensations or desires? And even if they haven’t got any at present, perhaps once they become complex enough they might develop consciousness? If that were to happen, how could we ascertain it? When computers replace our bus driver, our teacher and our shrink, how could we determine whether they have feelings or whether they are just a collection of mindless algorithms? When
Yuval Noah Harari (Homo Deus: A History of Tomorrow)
But I was wrong about that. From the moment of my reluctant entrance into the vaccine debate in 2005, I was astonished to realize that the pervasive web of deep financial entanglements between Pharma and the government health agencies had put regulatory capture on steroids. The CDC, for example, owns 57 vaccine patents1 and spends $4.9 of its $12.0 billion-dollar annual budget (as of 2019) buying and distributing vaccines.2,3 NIH owns hundreds of vaccine patents and often profits from the sale of products it supposedly regulates. High level officials, including Dr. Fauci, receive yearly emoluments of up to $150,000 in royalty payments on products that they help develop and then usher through the approval process.4 The FDA receives 45 percent of its budget from the pharmaceutical industry, through what are euphemistically called “user fees.”5 When I learned that extraordinary fact, the disastrous health of the American people was no longer a mystery; I wondered what the environment would look like if the EPA received 45 percent of its budget from the coal industry!
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health)
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The thing about Web companies is there's always something severely fucked-up. There is always an outage, always lost data, always compromised customer information, always a server going offline. You work with these clugey internal tools and patch together work-arounds to compensate for the half-assed, rushed development, and after a while the fucked-upness of the whole enterprise becomes the status quo. VPs insecure that they're not as in touch as they need to be with conditions on the ground insert themselves into projects midstream and you get serious scope creep. You present to the world this image that you're a buttoned-down tech company with everything in its right place but once you're on the other side of the firewall it looks like triage time in an emergency room, 24/7. Systems break down, laptops go into the blue screen of death, developers miskey a line of code, error messages appear that mean absolutely nothing. The instantaneousness with which you can fix stuff creates a culture that works by the seat of its pants. I swear the whole Web was built by virtue of developers fixing one mistake after another, constantly forced to compensate for the bugginess of their code.
Ryan Boudinot (Blueprints of the Afterlife)
For example, say you're an average web developer. You're familiar with a dozen programming languages, tons of helpful libraries, standards, protocols, what have you. You still have to learn more at the rate of about one a week, and remember to check the hundreds of things you know to see if they've been updated or broken and make sure they all still work together and that nobody fixed the bug in one of them that you exploited to do something you thought was really clever one weekend when you were drunk. You're all up to date, so that's cool, then everything breaks. "Double you tee eff?" you say, and start hunting for the problem. You discover that one day, some idiot decided that since another idiot decided that 1/0 should equal infinity, they could just use that as a shorthand for "Infinity" when simplifying their code. Then a non-idiot rightly decided that this was idiotic, which is what the original idiot should have decided, but since he didn't, the non-idiot decided to be a dick and make this a failing error in his new compiler. Then he decided he wasn't going to tell anyone that this was an error, because he's a dick, and now all your snowflakes are urine and you can't even find the cat.
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What place in the future development of the South ought the Negro college and college-bred man to occupy? That the present social separation and acute race-sensitiveness must eventually yield to the influences of culture, as the South grows civilized, is clear. But such transformation calls for singular wisdom and patience. If, while the healing of this vast sore is progressing, the races are to live for many years side by side, united in economic effort, obeying a common government, sensitive to mutual thought and feeling, yet subtly and silently separate in many matters of deeper human intimacy,—if this unusual and dangerous development is to progress amid peace and order, mutual respect and growing intelligence, it will call for social surgery at once the delicatest and nicest in modern history. It will demand broad-minded, upright men, both white and black, and in its final accomplishment American civilization will triumph. So far as white men are concerned, this fact is to-day being recognized in the South, and a happy renaissance of university education seems imminent. But the very voices that cry hail to this good work are, strange to relate, largely silent or antagonistic to the higher education of the Negro. Strange to relate! for this is certain, no secure civilization can be built in the South with the Negro as an ignorant, turbulent proletariat.
W.E.B. Du Bois (The Souls of Black Folk)
As we mature we progressively narrow the scope and variety of our lives. Of all the interests we might pursue, we settle on a few. Of all the people with whom we might associate, we select a small number. We become caught in a web of fixed relationships. We develop set ways of doing things. "As the years go by we view our familiar surroundings with less and less freshness of perception. We no longer look with a wakeful, perceiving eye at the faces of people we see every day, nor at any other features of our everyday world. "It is not unusual to find that the major changes in life-a marriage, a move to a new city, a change of jobs, or a national emergency-break the patterns of our lives and reveal to us quite suddenly how much we had been imprisoned by the comfortable web we had woven around ourselves. "One of the reasons why mature people are apt to learn less than young people is that they are willing to risk less. Learning is a risky business, and they do not like failure. In infancy, when the child is learning at a truly phenomenal rate-a rate he or she will never again achieve-he or she is also experiencing a shattering number of failures. Watch him or her. See the innumerable things he or she tries and fails. And see how little the failures discourage him or her. "With each year that passes he or she will be less blithe about failure. By adolescence the willingness of young people to risk failure has diminished greatly. And all too often parents push them further along that road by instilling fear, by punishing failure, or by making success seem too precious.
Karl Albrecht (Social Intelligence: The New Science of Success)
CELEBRATE YOUR SUCCESS The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate. —Oprah Winfrey How do you know if your scrappy effort was successful? There’s positive movement—cause to celebrate. It either moves your intention forward or you come closer to achieving your goal. You will know it worked because you feel the win, big or small. I’m a huge believer in champagne moments (or celebratory beer, ice cream, night on the town, whatever your preference). You have to celebrate! This journey is supposed to be fun. Stop and take the time to recognize and enjoy the big wins, little wins, and everything in between. Research shows there is bonus value to celebrating. In her article “Getting Results Through Others,” Loraine Kasprzak writes, quoting her coauthor Jean Oursler, “When others have worked hard to achieve the desired results, celebrate it! ‘It’s important to celebrate because our brains need a memorable reference point—also called a reward—to make the whole journey worthwhile.’” Celebrating creates a positive benchmark in your brain for future reference. According to an article in the Journal of Staff Development by Richard DuFour: Ritual and ceremony help us experience the unseen webs of significance that tie a community together. There may be grand ceremonies for special occasions, but organizations [and individuals] also need simple rituals that infuse meaning and purpose into daily routine. Without ritual and ceremony, transitions become incomplete, a clutter of comings and goings. Life becomes an endless set of Wednesdays. An endless set of Wednesdays? Yuck. Who needs that? Whether you are an individual, a small team, or a large organization, celebrate your scrappy wins as part of the experience and enjoy the ride.
Terri L. Sjodin (Scrappy: A Little Book About Choosing to Play Big)
John Doerr, the legendary venture capitalist who backed Netscape, Google, and Amazon, doesn’t remember the exact day anymore; all he remembers is that it was shortly before Steve Jobs took the stage at the Moscone Center in San Francisco on January 9, 2007, to announce that Apple had reinvented the mobile phone. Doerr will never forget, though, the moment he first laid eyes on that phone. He and Jobs, his friend and neighbor, were watching a soccer match that Jobs’s daughter was playing in at a school near their homes in Palo Alto. As play dragged on, Jobs told Doerr that he wanted to show him something. “Steve reached into the top pocket of his jeans and pulled out the first iPhone,” Doerr recalled for me, “and he said, ‘John, this device nearly broke the company. It is the hardest thing we’ve ever done.’ So I asked for the specs. Steve said that it had five radios in different bands, it had so much processing power, so much RAM [random access memory], and so many gigabits of flash memory. I had never heard of so much flash memory in such a small device. He also said it had no buttons—it would use software to do everything—and that in one device ‘we will have the world’s best media player, world’s best telephone, and world’s best way to get to the Web—all three in one.’” Doerr immediately volunteered to start a fund that would support creation of applications for this device by third-party developers, but Jobs wasn’t interested at the time. He didn’t want outsiders messing with his elegant phone. Apple would do the apps. A year later, though, he changed his mind; that fund was launched, and the mobile phone app industry exploded. The moment that Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone turns out to have been a pivotal junction in the history of technology—and the world.
Thomas L. Friedman (Thank You for Being Late: An Optimist's Guide to Thriving in the Age of Accelerations)
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Isabella Di Fabio
Get acquainted along with a fitness home business. If you attempt earnestly, you are able to get started a productive fitness business. Many variables need to be considered once you determine to begin a fitness enterprise. If you understand how to set up a fitness online business, it can be effortless. It is advisable to have expertise in the fitness market to become capable to begin a fitness organization. Folks from any walk of life can commence their very own fitness business. A fitness small business is some thing that people would encourage by becoming consumers on the company. If you strategy to begin a online business inside the fitness niches, you ought to read all about how you can commence a fitness small business. You could study from blogs and web-sites related to establishing such a company. You must in no way attempt to get started a organization with out 1st understanding all about it. It truly is not quick to start a organization in the fitness niches. We're normally extremely eager to obtain fit. It really is essential that we give enough time and believed to our fitness business. Individuals who fail to perform on their fitness by no means realize beneficial benefits. You in no way going to attain excellent levels of fitness without functioning on it. Diet program is a thing that people rarely consider fitness business about when having match. What you eat is also necessary relating to fitness. One factor you need to understand is that fitness under no circumstances comes rather simply. You don't constantly must go to the health club for becoming match. It's going to expense funds to setup your business within the fitness niche. You will need help in some aspects on the business enterprise. A fitness enterprise may be simple if you have the suitable assistance. If you do not have the education, consumers won't rely on you with their fitness needs. It really is very important which you have some training in fitness. Fitness is all about expertise and you require to possess the expertise for the online business. A fitness trainer would have no difficulty in starting his personal fitness business. You need to look and really feel fit in order to attract other many people as consumers. A fitness company will take up your time and your dollars to set it up appropriately. It's essential to take various aspects into account for instance the place for the home business. Women are extremely keen to lose weight, as they prefer to look appealing. It's the worry of obesity and the resulting ugliness that makes women and men go in to get a fitness system. Middle aged guys are frequently obese and must make an enormous work to regain fitness. You'll need to invest a whole lot of your time to have the ability to create a foothold in this niche. You could possibly not know it, nevertheless it is feasible to develop a lucrative enterprise in the fitness niche. The idea of fitness is spreading far and wide. People of every age group prefer fitness. Health is much more vital than wealth. It can be vital to acquire fit if you desire to get the perfect out of life. Establishing a online business that is certainly centered on fitness is usually a very good notion. The fitness market holds a great deal of promise for tough functioning business owners.
Glenn Eichler
The essence of Roosevelt’s leadership, I soon became convinced, lay in his enterprising use of the “bully pulpit,” a phrase he himself coined to describe the national platform the presidency provides to shape public sentiment and mobilize action. Early in Roosevelt’s tenure, Lyman Abbott, editor of The Outlook, joined a small group of friends in the president’s library to offer advice and criticism on a draft of his upcoming message to Congress. “He had just finished a paragraph of a distinctly ethical character,” Abbott recalled, “when he suddenly stopped, swung round in his swivel chair, and said, ‘I suppose my critics will call that preaching, but I have got such a bully pulpit.’ ” From this bully pulpit, Roosevelt would focus the charge of a national movement to apply an ethical framework, through government action, to the untrammeled growth of modern America. Roosevelt understood from the outset that this task hinged upon the need to develop powerfully reciprocal relationships with members of the national press. He called them by their first names, invited them to meals, took questions during his midday shave, welcomed their company at day’s end while he signed correspondence, and designated, for the first time, a special room for them in the West Wing. He brought them aboard his private railroad car during his regular swings around the country. At every village station, he reached the hearts of the gathered crowds with homespun language, aphorisms, and direct moral appeals. Accompanying reporters then extended the reach of Roosevelt’s words in national publications. Such extraordinary rapport with the press did not stem from calculation alone. Long before and after he was president, Roosevelt was an author and historian. From an early age, he read as he breathed. He knew and revered writers, and his relationship with journalists was authentically collegial. In a sense, he was one of them. While exploring Roosevelt’s relationship with the press, I was especially drawn to the remarkably rich connections he developed with a team of journalists—including Ida Tarbell, Ray Stannard Baker, Lincoln Steffens, and William Allen White—all working at McClure’s magazine, the most influential contemporary progressive publication. The restless enthusiasm and manic energy of their publisher and editor, S. S. McClure, infused the magazine with “a spark of genius,” even as he suffered from periodic nervous breakdowns. “The story is the thing,” Sam McClure responded when asked to account for the methodology behind his publication. He wanted his writers to begin their research without preconceived notions, to carry their readers through their own process of discovery. As they educated themselves about the social and economic inequities rampant in the wake of teeming industrialization, so they educated the entire country. Together, these investigative journalists, who would later appropriate Roosevelt’s derogatory term “muckraker” as “a badge of honor,” produced a series of exposés that uncovered the invisible web of corruption linking politics to business. McClure’s formula—giving his writers the time and resources they needed to produce extended, intensively researched articles—was soon adopted by rival magazines, creating what many considered a golden age of journalism. Collectively, this generation of gifted writers ushered in a new mode of investigative reporting that provided the necessary conditions to make a genuine bully pulpit of the American presidency. “It is hardly an exaggeration to say that the progressive mind was characteristically a journalistic mind,” the historian Richard Hofstadter observed, “and that its characteristic contribution was that of the socially responsible reporter-reformer.
Doris Kearns Goodwin (The Bully Pulpit: Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and the Golden Age of Journalism)
While you could solve this kind of problem by pulling out all the non-critical features of your application and just developing a bare-bones product, that wouldn’t be a great solution. Features sell products.
Bryan Sullivan (Web Application Security, A Beginner's Guide)
Minimize the Single Point of Failure Risk As a sole founder, you are the business. Your customers know you. Your partners know you. Without you, there’s probably no business. That’s a risk you have to deal with. Since I was the only founder of WebMerge (and the only employee for many years), there was a major risk that I could get hit by a bus someday and the business would be destroyed. This was a major concern, so I set up a backup plan just in case something ever happened to me. I put together a lot of documentation around how everything worked behind the scenes. I even had a secret USB drive hidden in my house that someone could use to get all the crucial info to run the company. I also had contact information for people who could help take over the business (developers, businesspeople, etc.). I was confident this backup plan would be good enough to keep the business running without interruption. I worked hard over the years to make the business self-sustaining, so with exception of answering support tickets, the app could pretty much run itself.
Jeremy Clarke (Bootstrapped to Millions: How I Built a Multi-Million-Dollar Business with No Investors or Employees)
So long as you input the appropriate parameters, the star could be a model for our sun. Think about it. It’s always useful to have the sun in your computer memory. It’s the biggest presence that’s close to us in the cosmos, but we could take more advantage of it. The model may have many more discoveries lying in wait.” Rey Diaz said, “One previous use of the sun is what brought humanity to the brink, and brought you and me to this place.” “But new discoveries might bring humanity back. So today, I’ve invited you here to watch the sunrise.” The rising sun was now just peeking its head over the horizon. The desert in front of them came into focus like a developing photograph, and Rey Diaz could see that this place, once blasted by the fires of hell, was now covered in sparse undergrowth. “I am become death, the destroyer of worlds,” Allen exclaimed. “What?” Rey Diaz whipped his head around, as if someone had shot him from behind. “Oppenheimer said that when he watched the first nuclear explosion. I think it’s a quote from the Bhagavad Gita.” The wheel in the east expanded rapidly, casting light across the Earth like a golden web. The same sun was there on that morning when Ye Wenjie had tuned the Red Shore antenna, and even before that, the same sun had shone upon the dust settling after the first bomb blast. Australopithecus a million years ago and the dinosaurs a hundred million years ago had turned their dull eyes upon this very sun, and even earlier than that, the hazy light that penetrated the surface of the primeval ocean and was felt by the first living cell was emitted by this same sun. Allen went on, “And then a man called Bainbridge followed up Oppenheimer’s statement with something completely nonpoetic: ‘Now we are all sons of bitches.’” “What are you talking about?” Rey Diaz said. Watching the rising sun, his breathing became ragged. “I’m thanking you, Mr. Rey Diaz, because from now on we’re not sons of bitches.
Liu Cixin (The Dark Forest (Remembrance of Earth’s Past, #2))
[T]o develop a deep ecological consciousness we can change the way we see the world. First, we need to see that humans are a part of nature, embedded within the interdependent web of existence. Second, we need to eliminate the anthropocentrism, or human-centered thinking, so prevalent in modernity. It is not all about us humans. And finally, the re-sacralization of Nature could be an important change in our modern worldview, reaffirming the importance of the natural world, increasing our ecological consciousness, and promoting an ethic of care in which we treat Nature with reverence and respect. Through appreciative attention to the concrete particularities of our local environments we can foster experiences of the sacred in nature. As we awaken to our connections to the world in which we live, and come to see that world as filled with spiritual significance, this can amount to a radical paradigm shift in which a deep ecological consciousness transforms our everyday actions and our relationship to the natural world
Wayne Mellinger, "How to Achieve the Good Life"How You See the World Can Help You Develop Ecological
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>>> fill = {"name": "Blitz", "age": "30"} >>> g = PersonDetailsForm(fill) >>> g.is_valid() True >>> g.cleaned_data {'age': 30, 'name': 'Blitz'}
Arun Ravindran (Django Design Patterns and Best Practices: Industry-standard web development techniques and solutions using Python, 2nd Edition)
Clustering analysis developed originally from anthropology in 1932, before it was introduced to psychology in 1938 and was later adopted by personality psychology in 1943 for trait theory classification. Today, clustering analysis is used in data mining, information retrieval, machine learning, text mining, web analysis, marketing, medical diagnosis, and numerous other fields.
Oliver Theobald (Statistics for Absolute Beginners: A Plain English Introduction)
Examples of projects could include: Projects at work: Complete web-page design; Create slide deck for conference; Develop project schedule; Plan recruitment drive. Personal projects: Finish Spanish language course; Plan vacation; Buy new living room furniture; Find local volunteer opportunity. Side projects: Publish blog post; Launch crowdfunding campaign; Research best podcast microphone; Complete online course. If you are not already framing your work in terms of specific, concrete projects, making this shift will give you a powerful jump start to your productivity.
Tiago Forte (Building a Second Brain: A Proven Method to Organize Your Digital Life and Unlock Your Creative Potential)
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Ten years ago, it was rare to find a restaurant that had a social media strategy; now, it’s hard to find one that doesn’t. Within a few years, it will be just as hard to find a company without an AI strategy. Companies that aren’t working toward developing an AI strategy today are likely to fare as well as companies that decided not to pursue a web strategy in 2002 or a mobile strategy in 2008. It’s absolutely required if you want to compete in the market.
Alyssa Simpson Rochwerger (Real World AI : A Practical Guide for Responsible Machine Learning)
If you have economies of scale, penetration pricing often works best Would your business benefit from economies of scale? (Most web businesses do.) If so, your ideal pricing strategy may be penetration pricing—charging a low price, basing your financial model on eventually reaching market-dominating economies of scale. Supply-side economies of scale mean that your profit margins increase the more you sell, because as you sell more, your cost of sales (unit costs) usually becomes lower, and your fixed costs become a smaller fraction of your overall costs. Demand-side economies of scale mean that the more customers you get, the more value each customer gets from your service, for the following reasons. You may benefit from having a network of customers. For example, if a phone system had only two users, only one type of call could be made (one between User A and User B). If it had three users, then three types of call could be made (A–B, B–C and A-C). If it had twelve users, sixty-six different types of calls could be made. The overall value of a phone system to its users is roughly proportional to the square of the number of users. You may benefit from there being a market of complementary products and services. The project-management web app Basecamp has many integrations, which it promotes on its website. At the bottom of the page, Basecamp shows off how quickly it’s acquiring new users, to persuade other companies to add integrations. You may benefit from having a bigger knowledge base, more forums, or more trained users. The ecosystem of knowledge around a product can be valuable in itself. WordPress grows because it’s easy to find a WordPress developer and it’s easy for those developers to find answers to their questions. You may benefit from the perception that yours is the standard. Users are aware of the value of choosing the ultimate winner—especially when they have to invest time and resources into using your company—so they will be attracted by the perception that you’ll win.
Karl Blanks (Making Websites Win: Apply the Customer-Centric Methodology That Has Doubled the Sales of Many Leading Websites)
Creating a single Progressive Web App will allow you to deliver web and native iOS | Android app like experiences from one single integrated platform. That could deliver a 66% cost saving or a 300% increase in development velocity.
Rorie Devine (The CTO ¦ CIO Bible: The Mission Objectives Strategies And Tactics Needed To Be A Super Successful CTO ¦ CIO)
The framework is also single-threaded, and its model relies on concurrency which is based on an event loop. It operates in a non-blocking mode, which means that the programs are not blocked but allowed  to continue with execution. What happens is that it registers the callback, and then allows the program to continue with the process of execution. Due to the ability of the framework to handle concurrent operations effectively without having multiple threads in the state of execution, the applications are always in a position to scale well.
Ralph Archer (Node.js: Learn one of the most powerful JavaScript frameworks. Web App Development)
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Given the choice between parity with Black people—by inviting them into unified unions—and poverty, white workers chose poverty, spoiling the development of a multiracial mass labor movement in America. That decision, wrote W.E.B. Du Bois, “drove such a wedge between white and black workers that there probably are not today in the world two groups of workers with practically identical interests who hate and fear each other so deeply and persistently and who are kept so far apart that neither sees anything of common interest.
Nikole Hannah-Jones (The 1619 Project: A New Origin Story)
poorerthanyou.com and “We're in Debt” wereindebt.com to “Make Love Not Debt” makelovenotdebt.com and Tricia's Web page: blogginga-waydebt.com). Leland noted, “Consumers are asking others to help themselves develop self-control because so many companies are not showing any restraint.”6
Dan Ariely (Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions)
The Library of Congress, with other partners, continues to work on a new bibliographic framework (BIBFRAME). This framework will be an open-storage format based on newer technology, such as XML. A framework is merely a holder of content, and a more open framework will allow for easier access to stored metadata. While resource description and access (RDA) is a movement to rewrite cataloging rules, BIBFRAME is a movement to develop a new storage medium. The new storage framework may still use RDA as a means of describing content metadata, but it will move storage away from MARC to a new format based on standardized non-library technology. This new framework will encompass several important characteristics. It will transition storage of library metadata to an open format that is accessible for use by external systems, using standard technology employed outside of libraries. This will allow for libraries to share metadata with each other and with the rest of the Semantic Web. The new framework will also allow for the storage of both old and new metadata formats so that libraries may move forward without reworking existing records. Finally, the new framework will make use of formal metadata structure, as the benefit of named metadata fields has more power for search and discovery than the simple keyword searching employed by much of the Internet. Library metadata will become more important once its organized fields of information can be accessed by any standard non-library system. Embracing a new storage format for bibliographic metadata is much like adoption of a new computer storage format, such as moving your data storage from CD-ROM to an external USB hard drive; the metadata that libraries have created for decades will not be lost but will be converted to a new, more accessible, storage format, sustaining access to the information. Although these benefits may be seen by some, it can be expected that there may be resistance to changes in format as well. It will be no small undertaking to define how libraries will move forward and to then provide means for libraries to transition to new formats. Whatever transitions may be adopted, it will be important that libraries not abandon a structured metadata entry form in lieu of complete keyword formatting.
Kenneth J. Varnum (The Top Technologies Every Librarian Needs to Know: A LITA Guide)
An insect may not be able to avoid being caught in the spider's web. And when once trapped, it is unable to free itself. There is one thing, however, over which each person has absolute, inherent control, and that is his mental attitude. We can avoid mental cobwebs. We can clear them. And we can sweep them away as they begin to develop. We can free ourselves when once enmeshed. And we can remain free.
W. Clement Stone (Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude)
How to Build a Mobile App with React Native With the continuous evolution of web applications, real-time apps, and hybrid apps, the companies want faster development and easy maintenance for their app. Due to high-end technologies, the React Native app development has earned its significance in bringing all of these together within the limited budget of the companies. Overview of React Native As the React Native is based on the React framework, it is good for React Native app development to follow the same. In addition to that, React Native has separate APIs for both the platforms, it allows development for both Android and iOS in the single app, and most importantly, it is free and open-source. Facebook’s React Native Developing apps that run on the different operating systems with one tool, especially mobile devices, would be a great advantage to the developers. Therefore, the React Native development by Facebook is one of the best ways to build apps that are scalable and flexible. The Android App Development with React Native With the number of active Android users, it has created more value to the companies in developing the apps for android mobile devices. Working with React Native In React Native, the developers have a lot of responsibilities. They do not need to write the code manually, as React Native automatically generates the code for the mobile app development. This is the reason why the developers need to focus more on the UX of the app. There are several UX aspects that are required for a development, such as the native code, the visual aesthetics, the technical and back-end aspects. All these aspects would be added together to design the user interface. This is why the React Native app development becomes quite important. The creation of the native code, design, and other technical aspects make React Native a valuable tool for developers and non-developers. Benefits of React Native React Native helps in building a complete native mobile app without any coding skills. The beautiful library creates responsive and interactive web apps from all the simple mobile web components and thus increases the creation of high-quality applications. React Native is a part of web development in its new form with its development of new concepts in application. It uses the native functionality of an operating system so that all of the advanced concepts of web development can be applied to mobile apps. This makes React Native a preferred platform for apps which are made specifically for Android and iOS. With React Native, the companies can develop a beautiful and efficient app in less time without having to spend too much time. Conclusion As stated in the above results of mobile app development, the UI remains the most important part of a mobile app. All developers are in love with different UI frameworks and libraries. As for this topic, given below are some of the great reasons to select React Native as a UI framework: It’s the only full-stack UI framework from Facebook. More than 20 frameworks have appeared, and React Native is the only one that was born out of Facebook. Features like rendering into the DOM, XHR, Native Embedding, data persistence, offline support and more. Although React Native is more than capable of tackling many challenges, it still falls short of some modern technologies like HOCs and Server-side Rendering (SSR).
Peter Lee (Nuneaton)
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Clear and concise language should be the aim of most fiction authors with few exceptions. The main way to achieve this is to use simple language, as it will be more effective and communicate your meaning more easily. Using long words is not going to make you seem smarter or a better writer. Know your readers. If the novel is aimed at a tech savvy audience, then some amount of technical jargon will have to be used, but even then, simple language should be the basis for the book with the computer terms sprinkled in only as required. Keep sentences short. Nothing makes a text more difficult to read than long run-on sentences with multiple independent clauses. Also, avoid the comma splice, which is when you put together two independent clauses with the use of a comma between them. This technique is one of which I am guilty of using all too frequently. There is the Flesch-Kincaid grading system that was developed in the 1970s to evaluate the readability of text. It is widely used and gives a score based on a US grade level of reading ability. Most successful novels will have a score of no more than grade 8, which is the average person’s reading level. There are free online web pages that can evaluate text using the Flesch-Kincaid system.
Jack Orman (30 Days To A Better Novel: Unlock Your Writing Potential)
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Search Engine Optimization is no longer about stuffing keywords and attempting to trick Google into ranking your website. It's about creating a user experience that is data driven. We know what customers are searching for and we know how to get them to a page. It's a combination of science and art to successfully rank a website.
Leland Dieno (Socialize Your Small Business: Internet Marketing For Small Business)
Code is read more than it is written.
Daniel Roy Greenfeld
The spider carried the larvae as they developed, and they in turn altered its behavior, causing it to change the webs that it spun, so that when the larvae finally erupted from its body they would have a cushioned web upon which to rest while they fed on the remains of the arachnid in which they had gestated. Epstein had told me that there were entities who did the same to men—dark passengers on the human soul, carried unawares for years, even decades, until it came time to reveal their true natures, and then they consumed the consciousness of their hosts.
John Connolly (The Wrath of Angels (Charlie Parker, #11))
Python is a mainstream programming language that is commonly used to solve cognitive and mathematical problems. Many Python modules and useful Python libraries, such as IPython, Pandas, SciPy, and others, are most commonly used for these tasks. Usage of Business Applications Python is used by many engineers to assemble and maintain their commercial programs or apps. Python is used by many designers to maintain their web-based company sites. An application that runs on the console Python can be used to create help-based software. IPython, for example, can be used to create a variety of support-based applications. Audio or Video-based Application Programming Python is an excellent programming language for a variety of video and audio projects. Python is used by many professionals to create a variety of media applications. You can do this with the help of cplay, another Python compiler. 3D based Computer-Aided Drafting Applications Python is used by many designers to create 3D-based Computer-Aided Drafting systems. Fandango is a very useful Python-based application that allows you to see all of the capabilities of CAD to expand these types of applications. Applications for Business Python is used by many Python experts to create a variety of apps that can be used in a business. Tryton and Picalo are the most famous applications in this regard.
Elliot Davis (Coding for Beginners: Python: A Step-by-Step Guide to Learning Python Programing with Game and App Development Projects (Learn to Code))
Thou shall not employ a web developer who has a bad website” From: Stefan G. Bucher. “Graphic Design Rules.
Stefan G. Bucher (Graphic Design Rules: 365 Essential Design Dos and Don'ts)
Thou shall not employ a web developer who has a bad website
Stefan G. Bucher (Graphic Design Rules: 365 Essential Design Dos and Don'ts)
var -  used to declare variables with the option of initializing the variable to a value let – used for declaring local values with a block scope and the option of initializing the variable to a value const – used to declare read-only named constants with block scope.
Michael B. White (Mastering JavaScript: A Complete Programming Guide Including jQuery, AJAX, Web Design, Scripting and Mobile Application Development)
function imgLoad(url) { return new Promise(function(resolve, reject) { var request = new XMLHttpRequest(); request.open('GET', url); request.responseType = 'blob'; request.onload = function() { if (request.status === 200) { resolve(request.response); } else { reject(Error('Image didn\'t load successfully; error code:' + request.statusText)); } }; request.onerror = function() { reject(Error('There was a network error.')); }; request.send(); }); }
Michael B. White (Mastering JavaScript: A Complete Programming Guide Including jQuery, AJAX, Web Design, Scripting and Mobile Application Development)
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If a networked product can begin to win over a series of networks faster than its competition, then it develops an accumulating advantage. These advantages, naturally, manifest as increasing network effects across customer acquisition, engagement, and monetization. Smaller networks might unravel and lose their users, who might switch over. Naturally, it becomes important for every player to figure out how to compete in this type of high-stakes environment. But how does the competitive playbook work in a world with network effects? First, I’ll tell you what it’s not: it’s certainly not a contest to see who can ship more features. In fact, sometimes the products seem roughly the same—just think about food-delivery or messaging apps—and if not, they often become undifferentiated since the features are relatively easy to copy. Instead, it’s often the dynamics of the underlying network that make all the difference. Although the apps for DoorDash and Uber Eats look similar, the former’s focus on high-value, low-competition areas like suburbs and college towns made all the difference—today, DoorDash’s market share is 2x that of Uber Eats. Facebook built highly dense and engaged networks starting with college campuses versus Google+’s scattered launch that built weak, disconnected networks. Rarely in network-effects-driven categories does a product win based on features—instead, it’s a combination of harnessing network effects and building a product experience that reinforces those advantages. It’s also not about whose network is bigger, a counterpoint to jargon like “first mover advantage.” In reality, you see examples of startups disrupting the big guys all the time. There’s been a slew of players who have “unbundled” parts of Craigslist, cherry-picking the best subcategories and making them apps unto themselves. Airbnb, Zillow, Thumbtack, Indeed, and many others fall into this category. Facebook won in a world where MySpace was already huge. And more recently, collaboration tools like Notion and Zoom are succeeding in a world where Google Suite, WebEx, and Skype already have significant traction. Instead, the quality of the networks matters a lot—which makes it important for new entrants to figure out which networks to cherry-pick to get started, which I’ll discuss in its own chapter.
Andrew Chen (The Cold Start Problem: How to Start and Scale Network Effects)
An individual block of code takes moments to write, minutes or hours to debug, and can last forever without being touched again. It’s when you or someone else visits code written yesterday or ten years ago that having code written in a clear, consistent style becomes extremely useful. Understandable code frees mental bandwidth from having to puzzle out inconsistencies, making it easier to maintain and enhance projects of all sizes.
Daniel Roy Greenfeld
Marc Tacchi Frontend, Backend or Full-stack, who is who? A Frontend developer handles the layout, design, and interactivity using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Marc Tacchi The Frontend developer takes an idea and turns it into reality. What you see and what you use, such as the visual appearance of the website, the dropdown menus and the text, are created by the Frontend developer, who writes a series of programs to give structure, form and interactivity to these elements. These programs are then run through a browser. Marc Tacchi Vancouver Canada -The Backend developer takes care of what is not seen, that is, where the data is stored. Without data there is no Frontend. The Backend consists of the server that hosts the web, an application to run it and a database. The Backend developer uses computer programs to ensure that the server, application, and database perform smoothly together. Marc Tacchi In addition, it analyzes what the company needs and provides efficient programming solutions. To do this amazing job, it uses a number of server-side languages, including PHP, Ruby, Python, and Java.
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Good security starts with good design that con‐ siders the distributed nature of the application. Hoffman also takes time to stress that security is not a singular event, but rather a process that must be folded into the entire software development life cycle.
Andrew Hoffman (Web Application Security: Exploitation and Countermeasures for Modern Web Applications)
Hans Rosling was a world health economist and an indefatigable campaigner for a deeper understanding of the world’s state of development. He is famous for his TED talks and the Gapminder web site. He classifies the wealthiness of the world’s population into four levels: Barefoot. Unable even to afford shoes, they must walk everywhere they go. Income $1 per day. One billion people are at Level 1. Bicycle (and shoes). The $4 per day they make doesn’t sound like much to you and me but it is a huge step up from Level 1. There are three billion people at level 2. The two billion people at Level 3 make $16 a day; a motorbike is within their reach. At $64 per day, the one billion people at Level 4 own a car. (Numbers are rounded for simplicity.) There are of course parallel improvements along other axes as well, including Rosling’s famous washing machine, standard of housing, diet, and infant mortality rates. But we can use transportation as an example, given our overall subject. The miracle of the Industrial Revolution is now easily stated: In 1800, 85% of the world’s population was at Level 1. Today, only 9% is. Over the past half century, the bulk of humanity moved up out of Level 1 to erase the rich-poor gap and make the world wealth distribution roughly bell-shaped. The average American moved from Level 2 in 1800, to level 3 in 1900, to Level 4 in 2000.
J. Storrs Hall (Where Is My Flying Car?: A Memoir of Future Past)
RequireJS is a JavaScript file and module loader. It is optimized for in-browser use, but it can be used in other JavaScript environments, like Rhino and Node. visit naxtre.com
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Being responsible front of the other. (part1) We live in a historical period which, without too many difficulties, can be defined as a transition period. In many respects, in fact, the world as it appeared a few decades ago has almost completely disappeared. In its place, however, no paradigm that can be said to be truly new has yet materialized. The era to come, which always seems to be on the verge of a future driven by perhaps too naively acclaimed technological development, is as if it were slowed down by ideas, visions and practices that still belong to the past. Take for example the urgent need to convert industrial production, but also individual consumption, through sustainable, ecological, greener and more aware practices. It is our own planet that requires us to make a change in this sense: climate change is there for all to see, but the political institutions that should deal with the issue are unable to be decided and united to stem the problem. We know that the resources we have are limited but we continue to exploit them even though there are already alternatives, so we squander what nature can offer us in a year well before this year is over because we still believe in the mad and blind race of progress. We also take the incredible technological development that information technology has made possible. We can store an incredible amount of information in devices that we can put in our pockets, we have at our fingertips practically much of all the knowledge that humanity has produced throughout its history, but ignorance continues to spread like a river in full. The areas in which it is possible to recognize that much the current historical period is a period of transition are still many others, from the political one, with the crisis of representative democracies but also with the absence of a real alternative, to the economic one, social, with the giants of the web that increasingly impoverish small businesses, thus contributing to widening the gap, now almost unbridgeable, between the few who have too much and the many who have less and less. Or with the appearance of a new precious commodity: our personal data that is exchanged too lightly, as if they were a traditional market product. In this framework, already quite unstable in itself, the Covid-19 pandemic, directly or indirectly, is also radically changing our sociality. In fact, the spread of the virus has highlighted not only the fragility of the world economic-social system, in which if you break a link in the chain it is the whole chain that breaks, but it has also made clear, by difference, how much the our way of relating to others, even the most banal, even the most everyday. Especially in a country like ours, which has made conviviality its distinctive feature. What seemed natural to us, like hugging and greeting each other with a kiss with an acquaintance or going to a concert piled on top of each other, now that we are discouraged - if not forbidden - takes on even more value. Probably a value that we didn't even know, so obvious and taken for granted, was there before. In other words: we only discover what our social freedom was worth now that it is being restricted to us. And we discover it, precisely, by difference, by comparing what we could have done before with what we must do now. In this regard, I would like to ask a question: why should all of us accept that our way of life, our daily habits and our social freedom are limited? The question is deliberately provocative. His answer, quite obvious. In some cases, however, even the question whose answer seems obvious and obvious must still be formulated. It must be formulated in order to attempt to review the question posed in a clearer and more profound way, that is, to better understand the underlying reasons. Therefore, although the answer is evident as well as common sense, I believe that asking this question can help to better understand some intrinsic reasons.
Corina Abdulahm Negura
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Ripple is a cryptocurrency created in 2004 by Ryan Fugger, a web developer from Vancouver, British Columbia. Work on the project actually began before Satoshi and Bitcoin,21 when Fugger was searching for a way to allow communities to create a system of money out of chains of trust.
Chris Burniske (Cryptoassets: The Innovative Investor's Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond)
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Any society is controlled by a web of feedback control mechanisms, from the private, then public opinion of colleagues to police rapid-response teams, all of which limits and guides the actions of the society's members. A few years of exotic living spent free of such controls are usually sufficient for personal character quirks and obsessions, of whatever kind, to develop to levels that would be deemed pathological on one's home ground.
Vojtech Novotny (Notebooks from New Guinea Field Notes of a Tropical Biologist: Field Notes of a Tropical Biologist)
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Take references, but always improve it.
Abhishek Raveendran
I am a web developer and my code is my Command
Naushad Anssari
If, at the end of the trickster myth, the saviour is hinted at, this comforting premonition or hope means that some calamity or other has happened and been consciously understood. Only out of disaster can the longing for the saviour arise—in other words, the recognition and unavoidable integration of the shadow create such a harrowing situation that nobody but a saviour can undo the tangled web of fate. In the case of the individual, the problem constellated by the shadow is answered on the plane of the anima, that is, through relatedness. In the history of the collective as in the history of the individual, everything depends on the development of consciousness. This gradually brings liberation from imprisonment in ἀγνοία, ‘unconsciousness,’20 and is therefore a bringer of light as well as of healing.
C.G. Jung (The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious (Collected Works, Vol 9i))
You can
Amazon Web Services (Amazon Redshift: Database Developer Guide)
Couple with site planning, web improvement additionally assumes a vital part fortify your corporate personality on the World Wide Web. Website composition covers the design and illustrations of your site through web improvement is the finished coding that fastens your web applications through and through.
ITinfo Club
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Kat gushes about Google’s projects, all revealed to her now. They are making a 3-D web browser. They are making a car that drives itself. They are making a sushi search engine—here she pokes a chopstick down at our dinner—to help people find fish that is sustainable and mercury-free. They are building a time machine. They are developing a form of renewable energy that runs on hubris.
Robin Sloan (Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore (Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore, #1))
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We have a microservice with a web API,
Harry Percival (Architecture Patterns with Python: Enabling Test-Driven Development, Domain-Driven Design, and Event-Driven Microservices)
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Product: •What is the product? •Who is it for? •What does it do? •How does it work? •How do people buy and use it? Benefits: •How does the product help people? •What are its most important benefits? Reader: •Who are you writing for? •How do they live? •What do they want? •What do they feel? •What do they know about the product, or this type of product? •Are they using a similar product already? Aim: •What do you want the reader to do, think or feel as a result of reading this copy? •What situation will they be in when they read it? Format: •Where will the copy be used? (Sales letter, web page, YouTube video, etc) •How long does it need to be? (500 words, 10 pages, 30 seconds, etc) •How should it be structured? (Main title, subtitles, sidebars, pullout quotes, calls to action, etc) •What other types of content might be involved? (Images, diagrams, video, music, etc) Tone: •Should the copy be serious, light-hearted, emotional, energetic, laid-back, etc? Constraints: •Maximum or minimum length •Anything that must be included or left out •Legal issues (regulations on scientific or health claims, prohibited words, trademarks, etc) •How this copy needs to fit in with other copy that’s already been written, or that will be written in the future •Whether the copy will form part of a campaign, so that different ideas along the same lines will be needed in future (see ‘Take it further’ in chapter 9) •Which countries the copy will appear in (whether in English, or translated) •SEO issues (for example, popular search terms that should feature in headings) •Brand or tone of voice guidelines (see ‘Tone of voice guidelines’ in chapter 15) Other background information about: •The product (development history, use cases, technical specifications, distribution, retail, buying processes, buying channels, marketing strategy) •The product’s market position (price point, offers and discounts, customer perceptions, competitors) •The target market (size, history, typical customer profile, marketing personas) •The client (history, current setup, culture, people, values) •The brand (history, positioning, values) Project management points: •Timescales (dates for copy plan, drafts, feedback, final copy, approval) •Who will provide feedback, and how •Who will approve the final copy, and how •How the copy will be delivered (usually a Word document, but not always) These are only suggestions.
Tom Albrighton (Copywriting Made Simple: How to write powerful and persuasive copy that sells)
For any business, the website is the face of the business where customers and potential customers get an idea of what the company stands for and how unique its products and services are. In this highly competitive business landscape, the first impressions can often also be the last. There are many website domains that you as a business can choose from, however, it can be difficult to choose which domain is the right choice for you. Your domain would depend highly on the kind of business you own and the reputation of the domain. The before-service and post-service when it comes to a website domain are essential. Allied Technologies has a comparison of the top 8 domain registrars including what the domains offer, the prices, and much more. Now, more people than often have the same question- aren’t all website domains the same? Why does it matter which domain I choose? The clear answer to that question is that more than often .com, .net and .org have different price points and some domain registrars even offer extras such as email hosting or website hosting.
Isabella Di Fabio Web development is a constantly growing field with ever-evolving coding languages ​​and libraries. The basics, however, have long remained the same and are essential for anyone wishing to embark on a career in this field. Isabella Secret Story of Web development is divided into front-end and back-end development, and it pays to understand the requirements for both, no matter what type of developer you want to become. Those who can code and work on both front-end and back-end projects are known as full-stack developers, and people in these roles require in-depth knowledge of both areas.
Isabella Di Fabio
Design is a solution to a problem; art is a question to a problem.
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Stop pushing people into web development as if it is the only true career path. Instead, push people into computer science, programming, coding, etc. There is so much competition because everyone is doing it, you just create a lot of demoralized and disgruntled people. There is more to programming than web development.
Olawale Daniel
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Isabella Di Fabio - Design and Function of a website Realization of a design based on the requirements of the site and users The design of the site is a fundamental tool to attract users and the success to be obtained in many other aspects such as: Promotion Loading speed User affinity Among others It will largely depend on the considerations that are made when designing. Isabella Secret Story of Web Design - It is important to note that the design of the pages should be done thinking about the client and not the administrator, carefully choosing all the elements that are used and using only the necessary resources to communicate the desired message, ensuring that the site has a simple look and nothing overdone. Consistency in look and feel is important to maintain ensuring the same look and feel on every page. The home page should give a general idea of the site, as this is your fundamental entry point. It is the first thing users see and creates that first impression that is so important. It is in it where you determine whether you will continue to explore the pages or if you will navigate to another more interesting place. Isabella Di Fabio Secret Story of Website Design Texts are significant elements within the website design. These contain most of the information provided, the explanations and details of the elements that make up the site, constitute the main means of communication with the client. This is the fundamental reason for the texts to be chosen, revised and corrected in such a way that the ideas to be transmitted are reflected. For the presentation of the text it is essential to know the type of font that is going to be used so that it can be read well regardless of the type of browser or operating system of the users.
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Over the last decade, we’ve experienced astonishing advances in communication and in access to information. Our lives have been hugely enriched by consumer electronics and web-based services that we would willingly pay far more for, and which surpass any expectations we had a decade ago. And the impact on the developing world has been dramatic: there are more mobile phones than toilets in India. Mobile
Martin J. Rees (From Here to Infinity: Scientific Horizons (Reith Lectures 2010))
We are free at any time to untangle this web of untrue beliefs that we have developed about ourselves. I have found it very helpful to drop away the beliefs and judgments of not being enough. When you simply let the thoughts of being inadequate fall away, you will find that you have a whole new abundance of energy to put into your life. This newfound energy can be used to reignite the greatness that is within you. This dropping away of beliefs and judgments of self and others makes room for acceptance and love for anyone that crosses your path. You simply relax into each moment of your life, knowing you have an inner space that is healthy and whole at all times.
Jan Christenson (Magnificent Mind: Uncover Your Psychological Well Being So You Can Live in Heaven While on Earth)
Jay Saywer Chicago Whether product packaging, sustainable packaging materials or innovative product boxes, they help to showcase the inventiveness and creativity of your brands. Using your packaging a second time is a great way to innovate and extend its life. If you are a procurement executive, she will keep you up to date with the latest marketing developments, as well as industry news and trends. We manufacture each of our gift boxes according to the needs of our customers. We know that you want to give someone who is important to you something that is important to him. Jay Sawyer Glenview has become one of the most visited websites for packaging design. FIT alumni work with many of the major consumer goods brands sold in the United States and abroad. Packaging World curates the work of leading designers for Behance and Adobe's online storefront platforms. Horses are no longer regarded as mere cattle, but are kept in the same way as other domesticated pets. Packaging of the World is not only a curation of remarkable designs in the industry, but also has plenty of them. Jay Sawyer Northbrook They will be inspired by custom product packaging from around the world
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She also knew nothing about 3Com. Even as McCartney, on the conference call, continued to explain the imminent merger, Dubinsky cradled the phone on her shoulder and logged onto the 3Com Web site, in hopes of finding familiar faces among 3Com's executives and board of directors. Sure enough, the flamboyant Frenchman Jean-Louis Gassee, who had run Apple's product development in the mid-1980s and knew her well, was on 3Com's board. This, she thought, could be useful.
Andrea Butter (Piloting Palm: The Inside Story of Palm, Handspring, and the Birth of the Billion-Dollar Handheld Industry: The Inside Story of Palm, Handspring and the Birth of the Billion-dollar Handheld Industry)
I think you get the point. If you can develop the high-level policy without committing to the details that surround it, you can delay and defer decisions about those details for a long time. And the longer you wait to make those decisions, the more information you have with which to make them properly. This also leaves you the option to try different experiments. If you have a portion of the high-level policy working, and it is agnostic about the database, you could try connecting it to several different databases to check applicability and performance. The same is true with web systems, web frameworks, or even the web itself. The longer you leave options open, the more experiments you can run, the more things you can try, and the more information you will have when you reach the point at which those decisions can no longer be deferred.
Robert C. Martin (Clean Architecture: A Craftsman's Guide to Software Structure and Design)
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Isabella Di Fabio Web developers who design, build and implement web sites are involved in creating Web pages and help design aesthetic features such as layouts and colors, as well as technical considerations like designing a web site that can handle a certain amount of Internet traffic. Web developers in this role focus on the back-end development of websites, which includes the creation of complex search functions. It is not mandatory that their task is to know how to program the design, but to make it real in the browser. The design for print and web has never been as diverse as it is today. A group of web designers who understand the entire WordPress hierarchy system and know how to put together the code to use actions, filters and hooks to customize WordPress in the right way. Isabella Di Fabio If you want to pick a skill, learn something that is universally appealing and can be applied to many different types of clients and projects. The more you can do for a client generally, the better and the more work you can accept.
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In business studies, value is understood as being created inside the company by bringing together managerial expertise, strategic thinking and a dynamic (changing with circumstances) division of labour between workers.3 All this ignores the massive role of government in creating value, and taking risk in the process. In The Entrepreneurial State I argued that Silicon Valley itself is an outcome of such high-risk investments by the state, willing to take risks in the early stages of development of high-risk technologies which the private sector usually shies away from.4 This is the case with the investments that led to the internet, where a critical role was played by DARPA, the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency inside the US Department of Defense – and also by CERN in Europe with its invention of the World Wide Web. Indeed, not only the internet but nearly every other technology that makes our smart products smart was funded by public actors, such as GPS (funded by the US Navy), Siri (also funded by DARPA) and touch-screen display (funded initially by the CIA). It is also true of the high-risk, early-stage investments made in the pharmaceutical industry by public actors like the National Institutes of Health (NIH) – without which most blockbuster drugs would not have been developed. And the renewable energy industry has been greatly aided by investments made by public banks like the European Investment Bank or the KfW in Germany, with private finance often too risk-averse and focused on short-term returns.
Mariana Mazzucato (Mission Economy: A Moonshot Guide to Changing Capitalism)
Morally and practically, the Freedmen’s Bank was part of the Freedmen’s Bureau, although it had no legal connection with it. With the prestige of the government back of it, and a directing board of unusual respectability and national reputation, this banking institution had made a remarkable start in the development of that thrift among black folk which slavery had kept them from knowing. Then in one sad day came the crash,—all the hard-earned dollars of the freedmen disappeared; but that was the least of the loss,—all the faith in saving went too, and much of the faith in men; and that was a loss that a Nation which to-day sneers at Negro shiftlessness has never yet made good. Not even ten additional years of slavery could have done so much to throttle the thrift of the freedmen as the mismanagement and bankruptcy of the series of savings banks chartered by the Nation for their especial aid.
W.E.B. Du Bois (The Souls of Black Folk)
First, it is the duty of black men to judge the South discriminatingly. The present generation of Southerners are not responsible for the past, and they should not be blindly hated or blamed for it. Furthermore, to no class is the indiscriminate endorsement of the recent course of the South toward Negroes more nauseating than to the best thought of the South. The South is not “solid’; it is a land in the ferment of social change, wherein forces of all kinds are fighting for supremacy; and to praise the ill the South is today perpetrating is just as wrong as to condemn the good. Discriminating and broad-minded criticism is what the South needs,—needs it for the sake of her own white sons and daughters, and for the insurance of robust, healthy mental and moral development. Today even the attitude of the Southern whites toward the blacks is not, as so many assume, in all cases the same; the ignorant Southerner hates the Negro, the workingmen fear his competition, the money-makers wish to use him as a laborer, some of the educated see a menace in his upward development, while others—usually the sons of the masters—wish to help him to rise. National opinion has enabled this last class to maintain the Negro common schools, and to protect the Negro partially in property, life, and limb. Through the pressure of the money-makers, the Negro is in danger of being reduced to semi-slavery, especially in the country districts; the workingmen, and those of the educated who fear the Negro, have united to disfranchise him, and some have urged his deportation; while the passions of the ignorant are easily aroused to lynch and abuse any black man. To praise this intricate whirl of thought and prejudice is nonsense; to inveigh indiscriminately against “the South” is unjust; but to use the same breath in praising Governor Aycock, exposing Senator Morgan, arguing with Mr. Thomas Nelson Page, and denouncing Senator Ben Tillman, is not only sane, but the imperative duty of thinking black men.
W.E.B. Du Bois (The Souls of Black Folk)
I will not stop here to inquire whose duty it was—whether that of the white ex-master who had profited by unpaid toil, or the Northern philanthropist whose persistence brought on the crisis, or the National Government whose edict freed the bondmen; I will not stop to ask whose duty it was, but I insist it was the duty of some one to see that these workingmen were not left alone and unguided, without capital, without land, without skill, without economic organization, without even the bald protection of law, order, and decency,—left in a great land, not to settle down to slow and careful internal development, but destined to be thrown almost immediately into relentless and sharp competition with the best of modern workingmen under an economic system where every participant is fighting for himself, and too often utterly regardless of the rights or welfare of his neighbor.
W.E.B. Du Bois (The Souls of Black Folk)
Now if one notices carefully one will see that between these two worlds, despite much physical contact and daily intermingling, there is almost no community of intellectual life or point of transference where the thoughts and feelings of one race can come into direct contact and sympathy with the thoughts and feelings of the other. Before and directly after the war, when all the best of the Negroes were domestic servants in the best of the white families, there were bonds of intimacy, affection, and sometimes blood relationship, between the races. They lived in the same home, shared in the family life, often attended the same church, and talked and conversed with each other. But the increasing civilization of the Negro since then has naturally meant the development of higher classes: there are increasing numbers of ministers, teachers, physicians, merchants, mechanics, and independent farmers, who by nature and training are the aristocracy and leaders of the blacks. Between them, however, and the best element of the whites, there is little or no intellectual commerce. They go to separate churches, they live in separate sections, they are strictly separated in all public gatherings, they travel separately, and they are beginning to read different papers and books. To most libraries, lectures, concerts, and museums, Negroes are either not admitted at all, or on terms peculiarly galling to the pride of the very classes who might otherwise be attracted. The daily paper chronicles the doings of the black world from afar with no great regard for accuracy; and so on, throughout the category of means for intellectual communication,—schools, conferences, efforts for social betterment, and the like,—it is usually true that the very representatives of the two races, who for mutual benefit and the welfare of the land ought to be in complete understanding and sympathy, are so far strangers that one side thinks all whites are narrow and prejudiced, and the other thinks educated Negroes dangerous and insolent. Moreover, in a land where the tyranny of public opinion and the intolerance of criticism is for obvious historical reasons so strong as in the South, such a situation is extremely difficult to correct. The white man, as well as the Negro, is bound and barred by the color-line, and many a scheme of friendliness and philanthropy, of broad-minded sympathy and generous fellowship between the two has dropped still-born because some busybody has forced the color-question to the front and brought the tremendous force of unwritten law against the innovators. It is hardly necessary for me to add very much in regard to the social contact between the races. Nothing has come to replace that finer sympathy and love between some masters and house servants which the radical and more uncompromising drawing of the color-line in recent years has caused almost completely to disappear. In a world where it means so much to take a man by the hand and sit beside him, to look frankly into his eyes and feel his heart beating with red blood; in a world where a social cigar or a cup of tea together means more than legislative halls and magazine articles and speeches,—one can imagine the consequences of the almost utter absence of such social amenities between estranged races, whose separation extends even to parks and streetcars.
W.E.B. Du Bois (The Souls of Black Folk)
Isabella Di Fabio - Completing this program can lead to a better understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other programming languages. With increasing experience as a web developer, he can acquire knowledge in web development, web design and web engineering as well as other aspects of programming. Strictly speaking, HTML and CSS are not programming languages, but a web designer who knows them can create a website with a large amount of content and a high level of user experience. Web Developer, on the other hand, takes web page design and actually makes it a functioning website. He writes the pages using HTML or CSS and uses a combination of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other programming languages to bring the design files to life. If he works for a small business, he has to write the content of the page himself. There are a lot of web developers looking for advanced and specialized knowledge, as well as those who are already familiar with the computer technology of the industry but want to shift their focus to web development. Isabella Secret Story - Depending on the subject, web developers can be web developers in a number of different fields such as web design, programming, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, etc.
Isabella Di Fabio
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Smart endpoints and dumb pipes: Each microservice is developed for a well-defined scope. Once again, the best example is Netflix.42 Netflix started with a single monolithic web application called netflix.war in 2008, and later in 2012, as a solution to address vertical scalability concerns, they moved into a microservices-based approach, where they have hundreds of fine-grained microservices today. The challenge here is how microservices talk to each other. Since the scope of each microservice is small (or micro), to accomplish a given business requirement, microservices have to talk to each other. Each microservice would be a smart endpoint, which exactly knows how to process an incoming request and generate the response.
Prabath Siriwardena (Advanced API Security: OAuth 2.0 and Beyond)
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Notwithstanding this, it is equally true to assert that on the whole the distinct impression left by Mr. Washington’s propaganda is, first, that the South is justified in its present attitude toward the Negro because of the Negro’s degradation; secondly, that the prime cause of the Negro’s failure to rise more quickly is his wrong education in the past; and, thirdly, that his future rise depends primarily on his own efforts. Each of these propositions is a dangerous half-truth. The supplementary truths must never be lost sight of: first, slavery and race-prejudice are potent if not sufficient causes of the Negro’s position; second, industrial and common-school training were necessarily slow in planting because they had to await the black teachers trained by higher institutions,—it being extremely doubtful if any essentially different development was possible, and certainly a Tuskegee was unthinkable before 1880; and, third, while it is a great truth to say that the Negro must strive and strive mightily to help himself, it is equally true that unless his striving be not simply seconded, but rather aroused and encouraged, by the initiative of the richer and wiser environing group, he cannot hope for great success. In his failure to realize and impress this last point, Mr. Washington is especially to be criticised. His doctrine has tended to make the whites, North and South, shift the burden of the Negro problem to the Negro’s shoulders and stand aside as critical and rather pessimistic spectators; when in fact the burden belongs to the nation, and the hands of none of us are clean if we bend not our energies to righting these great wrongs.
W.E.B. Du Bois (The Souls of Black Folk)
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Web development is difficult, only then it is fun to do. You just have to set your standards. If it were to be easy, would anyone do it?
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Atlas is an easy-to-use application that makes it simple to incorporate a company, “removing lengthy paperwork, bank visits, legal complexity, and numerous fees.” In twenty minutes, an entrepreneur can form a Delaware C-Corp, open a bank account, get set up to receive credit card payments online, and even get startup credits for popular startup services like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud.
Jeff Lawson (Ask Your Developer: How to Harness the Power of Software Developers and Win in the 21st Century)
What would the world be like today if Tim Berners-Lee had never developed the World Wide Web? Or Alexander Fleming had never discovered penicillin and Frank Colton had not developed the oral contraceptive pill?
Ian Mortimer (Why Running Matters: Lessons in Life, Pain and Exhilaration – From 5K to the Marathon)
Isabella di Fabio What is CSS and HTML? Isabella Secret Story About The html language (hypertext markup language) is used for the development and creation of web pages. ... Among the tags included within the HTML language are: hyperlinks, image tags, page breaks, among others.
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Instead of specializing in speedometers or steering wheels, software supply chain companies deliver reusable chunks of code that developers bring together to make finished applications. These are Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Each API supplier provides only a piece of the solution. Amazon Web Services delivers the data center. Twilio provides communications. Stripe and PayPal enable payments. Modern apps integrate dozens of these small components into a unique value proposition for the customer. This shift to component software is the next big leap in the evolution of the software industry.
Jeff Lawson (Ask Your Developer: How to Harness the Power of Software Developers and Win in the 21st Century)
I joined Amazon in 2004 in the early days of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Once I joined, my boss explained the mission. Amazon was going to build enormous data centers and rent compute-power and storage capacity not as applications, but as building blocks that developers and other companies can use to build their apps. This would enable any developer and every company to leverage Amazon’s mastery of web-scale infrastructure. The service would be flexible, able to scale up and down on the fly. If your traffic surged for a few days, the “Elastic Compute Cloud” would simply throw extra computer horsepower at your website. When the surge ended, your virtual data center would shrink back down. You paid only for what you used. You paid a monthly bill, just like you do for your mobile phone and your electricity. The pay-for-what-you-use model was a huge breakthrough—maybe as significant as the technology itself.
Jeff Lawson (Ask Your Developer: How to Harness the Power of Software Developers and Win in the 21st Century)
These microservices were delivered not as a pile of code, nor as a website, but as a web-based API. APIs are well-defined interfaces that enable code to talk to other bits of code. Once a team builds and exposes an API to others, it’s important that they teach other teams how to use it via documentation that’s accurate and up to date.
Jeff Lawson (Ask Your Developer: How to Harness the Power of Software Developers and Win in the 21st Century)
An API lets web developers do things over the telecom system without having to learn how to speak telecom. They just write some code in common languages they already know, like Ruby, Python, JavaScript, or Java, and use it to build apps that can make and receive phone calls.
Jeff Lawson (Ask Your Developer: How to Harness the Power of Software Developers and Win in the 21st Century)
Description As one of the high level programming languages, Python is considered a vital feature for data structuring and code readability. Developers need to learn python 1 ,2 & 3 to qualify as experts. It is object-oriented and taps the potential of dynamic semantics. As a scripting format it reduces the costs of maintenance and lesser coding lines due to syntax assembly. Job responsibilities Writing server side applications is one of the dedicated duties of expected from a skilled worker in this field. If you enjoy working backend, then this is an ideal job for you. It involves: · Connecting 3rd party apps · Integrating them with python · Implement low latency apps · Interchange of data between users and servers · Knowledge of front side technologies · Security and data protection and storage Requisites to learn There are several training courses for beginners and advanced sessions for experienced workers. But you need to choose a really good coaching center to get the skills. DVS Technologies is an enabled Python Training in Bangalore is considered as one of the best in India. You will need to be acquainted with: · Integrated management/ development environment to study · A website or coaching institute to gather the knowledge · Install a python on your computer · Code every day to master the process · Become interactive Course details/benefits First select a good Python Training institute in Bangalore which has reputed tutors to help you to grasp the language and scripting process. There are several courses and if you are beginner then you will need to opt for the basic course. Then move on to the next advanced level to gain expertise in the full python stack. As you follow best practices, it will help you to get challenging projects. Key features of certification course and modules · Introduction to (Python) programming · Industry relevant content · Analyze data · Experiment with different techniques · Data Structures Web data access with python · Using database with this program DVS Technology USP: · Hands-on expert instructors: 24-hour training · Self-study videos · Real time project execution · Certification and placements · Flexible schedules · Support and access · Corporate training
RAMESH (Studying Public Policy: Principles and Processes)
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HIC | JACET | FISCI LIBERATOR’, ‘here lies the Treasury’s Liberator’. However, in Senator Thomas Hart Benton’s fully documented account of the Bank war, in his Thirty Years’ View, or A History of the Working of the American Government (1854), the hero is unquestionably President Jackson, and Van Buren is not seen to play a leading role, in part because while Vice-President he chaired the Senate Debates and could have no voice in them. (That difference raises the question of historical accuracy to which I will return.) The first third of canto 37 weaves together thirty or more items, most of them things said by Van Buren or taken up by him over the many years from 1813 when he was a New York state senator to 1840 when he was President. The passage is a prime instance of Pound’s method of adding one detail to another without providing the conventional syntactical and logical connections, in order to allow a more complex web of relations to develop. Banks fraudulently failing, wealthy landowners and factory owners, high judges and the Chief Justice himself, senators, financial speculators, all are implicated in defrauding immigrants of the value of their banknotes, in driving settlers off the land they would cultivate, in denying workers the vote, in preventing local government of local affairs, and in ‘“decrying government credit. |…in order to feed on the spoils”’.
A. David Moody (Ezra Pound: Poet: Volume II: The Epic Years: 2)
AWS and the Seven-Year Lead When creating Amazon Web Services (cloud computing), Amazon was essentially creating their own internal Internet Operating System (IOS) and then leveraging their technology infrastructure into a profit center. He said, “IT departments are recognizing that when they adopt AWS, they get more done. They spend less time on low value-add activities like managing datacenters, networking, operating system patches, capacity planning, database scaling, and so on and so on. Just as important, they get access to powerful APIs [Application Programing Interfaces] and tools that dramatically simplify building scalable, secure, robust, high-performance systems. And those APIs and tools are continuously and seamlessly upgraded behind the scenes, without customer effort.” —Bezos (2014 Letter) In other words, Amazon took the proprietary infrastructure they built for themselves and turned it into a service that any developer could use for their own purposes.
Steve Anderson (The Bezos Letters: 14 Principles to Grow Your Business Like Amazon)
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People suitable for designing the IA for a site could include: business analysts usability specialists writers graphic designers web developers project managers Their skills should include: empathy with people language ability to synthesise different types of information attention to detail great communication skills
Donna Spencer (A Practical Guide to Information Architecture)
The things you’re accustomed to are dangerous. In applications intended for use within an organization, a design based on API calls works well and is easy to develop. The API call metaphor assumes away the network boundary and lets a client invoke a method on a remote computer just like it would call the API of a local code library.
Leonard Richardson (RESTful Web APIs)
The ones that win are the ones that ship.
Mark Pilgrim (Html5: Up and Running: Dive Into the Future of Web Development)
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