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Besides the Self [Soul], what is everything else? It is all worldly interactions (vyavahar). And worldly interaction is dependent on the non-Self (parashrit). Because people believe the non-Self dependent state (parashrit) to be Self-dependent (swashrit); you too believe it to be so. How can a disease leave once it has set in? This worldly disease has increased into a chronic disease! How can one become free from it? If one attains the ‘science’, he can be free!
Dada Bhagwan
Interfering in the worldly life is impure action (ashuddha vyavahar).
Dada Bhagwan
There is no mention of the Soul (Atma) at all in all that which is present in the world. To See-Know (jovu-jaanvu) the worldly interaction (vyavahar; the relative), that is indeed known as the Soul!
Dada Bhagwan (Worries)
When can a path be considered 'Akram'? It is one in which there is both, vyavahar (the relative viewpoint) and nischay (the real viewpoint).!
Dada Bhagwan (Noble Use of Money)
By the relative viewpoint (vyavahar), you (relative self) are the doer and by the real viewpoint (Nischay), You (as the Self) are the non-doer. This is what Lord Mahavir says.
Dada Bhagwan (Right Understanding To Help Others)
By the relative viewpoint (vyavahar), the relative self (atma) is the doer, by the real viewpoint (Nischay) it is the non-doer! Therefore, the pudgal is a non-doer by the relative viewpoint and a doer by the real viewpoint!!
Dada Bhagwan (Money: The World of Money According to Gnani Purush Dadashri)
What is satya (truth)? When no living being is hurt through speech, is not hurt through conduct or one does not think any thing bad for the other person; it is the greatest truth. It is the greatest principle! It is not the ‘real’ truth. It is the ultimate ‘worldly truth’ (vyavahar satya).
Dada Bhagwan (Simple & Effective Science for Self Realization)
Decide in your mind that you want to completely live by the absolute worldly truth (vyavahar satya). The one, who follows the worldly truth, can follow the real truth (nischaya satya).
Dada Bhagwan (Simple & Effective Science for Self Realization)
Is it wrong worldly interaction (avyavahar) when someone insults you? It is (correct) worldly interaction (vyavahar). Gnani (Self-realized person) will be pleased that he has become free from karma bondage, when someone insults Him; while a non Self-realized person will fight back.
Dada Bhagwan
Those who are in vyavahar (worldly interactions), and who are indeed conducting themselves in the vyavahar; are known as worldly people [sansaari]. And ‘Siddha’ (absolutely enlightened Ones without a body) are not in the worldly conduct whatsoever. Therefore, they are known as the ‘non-worldly’ people [asansaari]! Then there are those who are in the worldly life and yet whose conduct is not in the worldly life at all; such ‘Gnani Purush (the enlightened ones)’ are called, ‘non-worldly’ (asansaari).
Dada Bhagwan