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But they didn’t give you everything,” she said as VMs interacted with holograms and light-forms depicting every possible outcome with CAAP in place. Most of the millions of outcomes led to disaster for Deuce Lipton, many even had Miner’s greatest rival winding up in an AOI prison.
Brandt Legg (The Last Librarian (The Justar Journal #1))
Take a full clean snapshot of your working VMs and let’s start discovering and attacking networks. Before you run any plays, you have to know and analyze your opponent. Studying the target for weaknesses and understanding the environment will provide huge payoffs. This chapter will take a look at scanning from a slightly different aspect than the normal penetration testing books and should be seen as an additive to your current scanning processes, not as a replacement.
Peter Kim (The Hacker Playbook: Practical Guide To Penetration Testing)
The problem with VDI is that it’s expensive, since you have to buy a bunch of servers and storage to run your users’ desktop VMs, and it’s really complicated to get built and tuned properly.
Brian Madden (Desktops as a Service: Everything You Need to Know About DaaS & Hosted VDI)
Doesn't make sense. VMS was Looper. That's what you assumed. Me, and thousands of others. How nice that you all got to be wrong together.
Doug Dorst (S.)
Documentation: • Azure Websites Portal page for azure.microsoft.com documentation about Azure Websites. • Azure Websites, Cloud Services, and Virtual Machines Comparison Azure Websites as shown in this introduction is just one of three ways you can run web apps in Azure. Read this article for guidance on how to choose which one is right for your scenario. Like Websites, Cloud Services is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) feature of Azure. VMs are an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) feature. For an explanation of PaaS versus IaaS, see Chapter 6, “Data storage options.” Videos: • Scott Guthrie starts at Step 0 - What is the Azure Cloud OS? • Websites Architecture - with Stefan Schackow. • Windows Azure Websites Internals with Nir Mashkowski.
- Maybe VMS is saying that nothing in the world is entirely one way or another. - Or maybe it's about Sala. She's there, so he's supposed to be-- for good or bad. - I just don't buy that SOT is fundamentally a love story. - I think you're wrong.
Doug Dorst (S.)
This condensing of servers is called consolidation, as illustrated in Figure 1.3. A measure of consolidation is called the consolidation ratio and is calculated by counting the number of VMs on a server—for example, a server that has eight VMs running on it has a consolidation ratio of 8:1. Consolidation was a boon to beleaguered data centers and operations managers because it solved
Matthew Portnoy (Virtualization Essentials)
. In short, you configure Heat and Ceilometer to monitor the Ceilometer metrics for a group of resources (say, VMs and you are monitoring CPU utilization). When a threshold is reached, an alarm fires, which in turn calls out to Heat to scale up (or down) the number of instances
John Belamaric (Openstack Cloud Application Development)
In theory, containers on bare metal provide the best of all worlds. You get the efficiency /density of containers, the native management of VMs, and (according to some early benchmarks) nearly bare metal performance.
John Belamaric (Openstack Cloud Application Development)