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Never give up on your dreams, and never let anyone tell you that what you love is inconsequential or useless or a waste of time. Because if you love it? If that OTP or children's card game or abridged series or YA book or animated series makes you happy? That is never a waste of time. Because in the end we're all just a bunch of weirdos standing in front of other weirdos, asking for their username.
Ashley Poston (Geekerella (Once Upon a Con, #1))
It won’t let me just use my own name as my username.” “Yeah, probably because about nine hundred Brendan Taggarts joined before you.” “So what should I use?” “CaptainCutie69,” Fox spat out. “IGotCrabs4U,” Deke supplied. “SlipperyWhenWet.” Brendan stared. “You’re all fired. Go home.
Tessa Bailey (It Happened One Summer (Bellinger Sisters, #1))
Grab the work when it comes, my man. Your competition is now a fourteen-year-old in pajamas with the username Truth-ninja-12 who believes fact-checking a story is reading his subject’s Twitter feed. Be afraid.
Marisha Pessl (Night Film)
Username or password is incorrect" least tell me which....
Skylar Blue
It's a world where people think it's OK to hide behind their screens and their usernames and say poisonous things about a person they don't even know. [...] So, next time you go to post a comment or an update or share a link, ask yourself: is this going to add to the happiness in the world? And if the answer's no, then please delete. There's enough sadness in the world already. You don't need to add to it.
Zoe Sugg (Girl Online (Girl Online, #1))
And, by the by, Joanna solved the mystery of my private messages. She went into my account and searched all of them for me. She told me that if I didn't want to be sent an endless tide of photographs of men's genitals, I should really change my username. Needless to say, I haven't changed it.
Richard Osman (The Man Who Died Twice (Thursday Murder Club, #2))
What’s amazing is that things like hashtag design—these essentially ad hoc experiments in digital architecture—have shaped so much of our political discourse. Our world would be different if Anonymous hadn’t been the default username on 4chan, or if every social media platform didn’t center on the personal profile, or if YouTube algorithms didn’t show viewers increasingly extreme content to retain their attention, or if hashtags and retweets simply didn’t exist. It’s because of the hashtag, the retweet, and the profile that solidarity on the internet gets inextricably tangled up with visibility, identity, and self-promotion. It’s telling that the most mainstream gestures of solidarity are pure representation, like viral reposts or avatar photos with cause-related filters, and meanwhile the actual mechanisms through which political solidarity is enacted, like strikes and boycotts, still exist on the fringe.
Jia Tolentino (Trick Mirror)
The longer a person's twitter @username is, the harder it is to argue with them … on twitter.
Mokokoma Mokhonoana
If you want to make more money by closing online leads, you have to pick up the damn phone. If you have more usernames and passwords than customers you are doing it wrong.
Chris Smith (The Conversion Code: Capture Internet Leads, Create Quality Appointments, Close More Sales)
Yes, Gus, because a Ford Taurus screams class,” Casey said, sounding amused. “It does,” Gus insisted. “Did you know there are message boards on the Internet devoted to Ford Tauruses? I should know. I’m on one of them now. I have conversations with other Ford Taurus enthusiasts.” Which, in hindsight, was something he wished he’d never admitted out loud. Casey grinned. “Oh really. What’s your username on this message board?” Gus narrowed his eyes. “Something perfectly normal and not weird at all.” “Cool, man. What is it?” “TauruSaurus Rex,” Gus said. “And I really wish I’d thought of a different name now.” “Dude,” Casey said in awe. “How the hell do you come up with these things?
T.J. Klune (How to Be a Normal Person (How to Be, #1))
Okay. For the username go with TRUESELF. For the password, use HOMEBASE.” She waited while he typed. There was a long, uncomfortable silence, her heart slamming in her chest, praying she
Blake Pierce (A Trace of Death (Keri Locke #1))
Once we reached the edge of the Be-Free Forest, we entered Holden’s Field—a large, flat, open field of rye, perched precariously on the edge of the Cliffs of Salinger, a place where I had completed several different book-report quests at several different grade levels. I had also played countless games of tag in this field, with other kids from around the world. Kids I had never met and would never meet in the real world, with usernames that they had probably changed long ago.
Ernest Cline (Ready Player Two (Ready Player One #2))
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The city overwhelmed me. Every day I’d walk by hundreds of strangers, compete for space in crowded coffee shops, and stand shoulder to shoulder on packed subway cars. I’d scan profiles, learning that the woman waiting for the N enjoyed thrash-hop, and the barista at my local coffee shop loved salted caramel. I’d had a couple fleeting relationships, but mostly I’d spend weekends going to bars and sleeping with people who knew little more than my username. It all made me want to turn off my layers, go back to the old days, and stay disconnected. But you do that and you become another old guy buried in an e-reader, complaining about how no one sends emails anymore.
Alexander Weinstein (Children of the New World)
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Pen, you really shouldn’t use the same password for all your accounts. I’ve headed off three hackers in the last week who would’ve gotten into your PayPal, bank, and electric company accounts.” “What?” Penelope was obviously confused at the change in subject, but Cade merely relaxed back in his seat and kept his eyes on Beth as she fidgeted uncomfortably. “Using PenisGod isn’t a good username for things like Amazon and eBay. And you really need to delete your craigslist account because calling yourself a penis god is only attracting weirdos. You probably don’t even remember you had that old ad up when you were trying to sell your bicycle. Well, it’s one of the most clicked-on ads on the site for San Antonio. I’m not exaggerating either. You had four hundred and sixty-nine messages—and I’m not even going to comment on the sixty-nine thing. But three hundred and fourteen of those contained pictures of men’s dicks. Fifty-seven contained marriage proposals, most from overseas; twenty-seven were from women who were interested in a threesome with you, fifty-five were spam, people trying to get you to click on links or buy some crap product, and the remaining sixteen emails were religious in nature, telling you to repent for your soul.” “I should probably be pissed you got into my account, but I trust you, so I’m not. But it’s not penis god!” Penelope exclaimed huffily. “It’s Pen IS God.” Cade burst out laughing. “Seriously, sis? Penis god? Just wait until the guys hear this!
Susan Stoker (Shelter for Elizabeth (Badge of Honor: Texas Heroes, #5))
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The DJ congratulated them on the acquisition and lamented that he didn’t have the username he wanted. Jessica Zollman set him up with @Deadmau5 right there at the table.
Sarah Frier (No Filter: The inside story of how Instagram)
It won’t let me just use my own name as my username.” “Yeah, probably because about nine hundred Brendan Taggarts joined before you.” “So what should I use?” “CaptainCutie69,” Fox spat out. “IGotCrabs4U,” Deke supplied. “SlipperyWhenWet.” Brendan stared. “You’re all fired. Go home.
Tessa Bailey (It Happened One Summer (Bellinger Sisters, #1))
The Kyte network was a thicket of proxy-server IP addresses and usernames that led nowhere. In order to truly make the case against CaptainMal, she needed to locate Kyte’s server, which could be anywhere among the hundreds of millions of computers in the world.
Reece Hirsch (Black Nowhere (Lisa Tanchik #1))
Aol Customer Service Phone Number (807) 500 3455 Is AOL Mail Down? The most effective method to Find Out the Server Status As to server blackouts, you can wipe out or affirm this as the wellspring of the issue as a rule by actually looking at AOL Mail's server status here: This page gives an account of the server's status, as well as any announced issues that have happened inside the most recent 24 hours. General Issues with AOL and How to Solve Them Coming up next are the normal issues a client could insight with AOL Mail, with investigating tips for potential fixes. Except if in any case indicated, these settings are found under Options > Mail Settings, which is straightforwardly under your username in the upper right corner. If still you have any problem related to the Aol Email call now at AOL Support Number Phone Number(807) 500 3455 .
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The app asked for a username, and I had no idea what to put. I’d always been so bad at things like that. I settled on my initials and the year I was born, CBT1991.
Kate Hawthorne (Reel Love (Destination Daddies))
COPY c:\username\pictures\August*.JPEG J:\
Jonathan Moeller (The Windows Command Line Beginner's Guide (Computer Beginner's Guides))
Because of this, Command Prompt usually opens with the permissions of a standard user, even when you launch it from an administrator's account. This means you won't be able to use Command Prompt to launch any commands that alter the system or install programs. To do so, you will need to run Command Prompt as an administrator.  Fortunately, running any program as an administrator within Windows is easy. Simply right-click on the icon for Command Prompt and select "Run as administrator" from the context menu that appears (it will have the multicolored shield icon of the UAC prompt next to it). If you're running within an administrator account, you need only click Yes to continue; if you're using a standard user account, you'll need to enter an administrator's username and password. Once Command Prompt opens as an administrator, the program's title bar will change from "Command Prompt" to "Administrator", and you can now launch commands that will affect system settings.
Jonathan Moeller (The Windows Command Line Beginner's Guide (Computer Beginner's Guides))
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Two friends, Matt Gray and Tom Scott, set up a website in 2014 where people could communicate only via emojis—even usernames were strings of emojis. It was a joke, but nonetheless, sixty thousand people signed up; Gray and Scott began taking confused calls from investors who thought their site was an ambitious new tech startup. Meanwhile, a data engineer called Fred Benenson pushed things to nosebleed heights by attempting to translate Moby-Dick into emojis. True to the platform age, Benenson did not do the translation work himself, but crowd-sourced it on Amazon Mechanical Turk, where he had thousands of volunteers each translate a little bit of the text. The finished work—Emoji Dick—can be purchased for $200 in hardcover or $5 as a PDF. Meanwhile, Benenson hopes to build an emoji translation engine that will allow all literature to be turned into digi-glyphs.
Michael Harris (Solitude: In Pursuit of a Singular Life in a Crowded World)
A Guide To Easy Secrets In FortiAuthenticator FortiAuthenticator User Management Appliances provide two factor authentication, RADIUS, LDAP and 802.1 X Wireless Authentication, Certificate Management and Fortinet Single Sign On. FortiAuthenticator is compatible with and complements the FortiToken variety of two factor authentication tokens for Secure Remote Access empowering authentication with multiple FortiGate network security appliances and third party apparatus. When an user login is found, the username, IP and group details are entered into the FortiAuthenticator User Identity Management Database and according to the local policy, can be shared with multiple FortiGate devices. For complicated distributed domain name architectures where polling desirable or of domain controllers is just not possible, an option is the FortiAuthenticator SSO Client. FortiAuthenticator is compatible with physical OTP tokens Certification Tokens FortiToken Mobile for IOS and Android and SMS/ e-mail tokens FortiAuthenticator supports the broadest range of tokens potential to suit your user demands with the physical FortiToken 200 e-mail and SMS tokens and the new FortiToken cellular for IOS and Android device FortiAuthenticator has a token for all users. In a large business, for example, FortiAuthenticator SSO Mobility Agent or AD polling may be picked as the principal method for transparent authentication will fallback to the portal for client users or non domain name systems. Consistently polling domain controllers detect user authentication into active directory. FortiAuthenticator removes this overhead by streamlining the bulk deployment of certificates for VPN use in a FortiGate surroundings by automating the risk-free certificate delivery via the SCEP protocol and collaborating with FortiManager for the configuration required. On the FortiToken 300 USB Certification store, certificates can be created and stored for client established certificate VPNs. This secure, pin safe certification store can be use to enhance the security of client VPN connections in conjunction and is not incompatible with FortiClient.
One of the masters of trendspotting is Rohit Bhargava, author of Non-Obvious. He curates the biggest trends each year and packages them up into a book. Then he explains how people and businesses can take advantage of these trends to improve their position in the marketplace. Thinking deliberately about trends is a secret sauce for most successful hustlers, because it creates an unfair advantage. When Evan Spiegel built Snapchat, he was capitalizing on a trend. He saw people using Facebook and their phones to share photos, but noticed they felt inhibited by the fact that the images were either permanent, or public. By reversing those two elements―making image-sharing ephemeral and private, he solved a big problem. Snapchat exploded across the younger demographics and quickly became a multibillion-dollar business. Another example is Kik, a popular messaging app. When Kik launched, plenty of messaging services already existed. In fact, the ultimate messaging services seemed to be the ones already  built into everyone's phones. Apple had a messaging app, and so did Android. So, why reinvent the wheel? Ted Livingston, the founder of Kik, had other ideas. Why? Because he had identified a trend. Consumers were clearly upset with the built-in messaging services. First, the telecom companies were charging per message sent and received, which was a horrible experience. It felt like classic, capitalistic highway robbery. Second―and this was a big problem for teens: You could only exchange messages by giving out your phone number. Livingston noticed that teens wanted to chat with other people they met online, but had no safe way of doing that without giving out their number. So he created Kik, which allows people to create a username instead. Kiksters can then share their username to start chatting, while keeping their digits private. But even better, messaging is unlimited, and completely free. By examining the trends happening in the messaging market, Livingston was able to build a product that rivaled the multi-billion dollar incumbents. Now his company is valued at over a billion.   
Jesse Tevelow (Hustle: The Life Changing Effects of Constant Motion)
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Employees can now easily leak company data through the use of insecure public Wi-Fi . If employees do not use VPNs to encrypt their data, they run the risk of exposing their traffic to cybercriminals. This means that passwords and usernames can be seen and intercepted by others on the network….. Although public WiFi hotspots are an invaluable services, there is a strong need for businesses to stay on top of the potential threats and security risks.
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A credential is a collection of information that provides an identity (such as a username) and proves that identity (such as with a password).
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To her own frustration, the exhausted Robin could not remember the name of the young girl who had written to Strike, asking for advice on cutting off her leg, but she thought it had been Kylie or something similar. Scrolling slowly down the most densely populated support site she had found, she kept an eye out for usernames that might in
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CUSTOM_HASH Function create or replace function custom_hash (p_username in varchar2, p_password in varchar2) return varchar2 is l_password varchar2(4000); l_salt varchar2(4000) := 'XV1MH24EC1IHDCQHSS6XQ6QTJSANT3'; begin -- This function should be wrapped, as the hash algorithm is exposed here.  You can change the value of l_salt or the --method of which to call the DBMS_OBFUSCATOIN toolkit, but you must reset all of your passwords if you choose to do --this. l_password := utl_raw.cast_to_raw(dbms_obfuscation_toolkit.md5 (input_string => p_password || substr(l_salt,10,13) || p_username || substr(l_salt, 4,10))); return l_password; end;   CUSTOM_AUTH Function create or replace function custom_auth (p_username in VARCHAR2, p_password in VARCHAR2) return BOOLEAN is l_password varchar2(4000); l_stored_password varchar2(4000); l_expires_on date; l_count number; begin -- First, check to see if the user is in the user table select count(*) into l_count from demo_users where user_name = p_username; if l_count > 0 then -- Fetch the stored hashed password & expire date select password, expires_on into l_stored_password, l_expires_on from demo_users where user_name = p_username; -- Next, check whether the user's account is expired. If it isn’t, execute the next statement, else return FALSE if l_expires_on > sysdate or l_expires_on is null then -- If the account is not expired, apply the custom hash function to the password l_password := custom_hash(p_username, p_password); -- Finally, compare them to see if they are the same and return either TRUE or FALSE if l_password = l_stored_password then return true; else return false; end if; else return false; end if; else -- The username provided is not in the DEMO_USERS table return false; end if; end;
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Normally having several games will slow your game system down dramatically but I wasn’t having that. I had spent all my hard earned money modifying my system so I could continue to rein power over all the n00bs and wanna-bes. I was king. I was to have the best system. Slow wasn’t an option. I named my system “Iquarus” because it was my favorite name. It was an older name, and it was ironic to have a modern system with an old name. It was always in my username too for my games. Granted I almost never got just “Iquarus” for my username so it was usually like “Iquarus32049812” or “IquarusKingOfLands” or something like that.
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and sure enough, there was the administrator username and password, written right next to the line that said "In the interests of security, the administrator user name and password are not recorded in this document.
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Durga: If you had to change your username, what would you change it to? Benkinersophobia: Sisyphus.
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The realm identifies which username and password are expected if there are multiple protected areas on a single host. When we request a document using that LWP::UserAgent object, the authentication information is used if necessary.
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My name is Layla Bailey, and this is my biome.” I cut to the footage of my house, turning up the audio so that I can be heard explaining my habitat. I added today’s men in plastic suits to the very end, and I narrate over it. “These people and CPS are the apex predators of my ecosystem, and I am an endangered species. The last of my kind. But the Sierra Club doesn’t make posters out of kids like me.” I add three screenshots near the end. The first is the only picture of my mom I could find, in profile and wreathed in smoke. “This is my mother, Darlene Thompson. She was born in captivity and released into the wild without any skills to care for herself. She is missing. If you see her, do not attempt to approach her, but please contact animal control.” The second is of Andy. “This is Andrew Fisher Bailey, my little brother. He was taken into captivity two days ago by people he had never seen before. I don’t know his whereabouts, but I hope he’s safe. If you see him, remember he is friendly but skittish. He is better off in captivity than in the wild.” The last one is my most recent report card, accessed on the school website by inputting the username and password I created for my mom last year. “This is me, Layla Louise Bailey. I was born in the wild and cannot be domesticated. However, I’m not yet fully capable of caring for myself, either. I have no money and not enough skills. What I have is a 4.0 and really low standards. I’ll do chores. I’ll be quiet. If you’ve got a garage or a laundry room I could sleep in, I am mostly housebroken. I just want to finish school, adopt my little brother, and go to college.
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It’s a very personal but that songs was for someone……? Or in general? Username? Please don't change it, I am just asking. There is no compulsion to answer it.
CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS 'users' (   'id' int(10) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,   'username' varchar(255) COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci NOT NULL,   'password' varchar(255) COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci NOT NULL,   'email' varchar(255) COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci NOT NULL,   'phone' varchar(255) COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci NOT NULL,   'name' varchar(255) COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci NOT NULL,   'created_at' timestamp NOT NULL DEFAULT '0000-00-00 00:00:00',   'updated_at' timestamp NOT NULL DEFAULT '0000-00-00 00:00:00',   PRIMARY KEY ('id') ) ENGINE=InnoDB  DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8 COLLATE=utf8_unicode_ci AUTO_INCREMENT=3 ;
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#FollowFriday / #FF is a fun Twitter tradition that expresses gratitude to your retweeters and gives them exposure to a wider audience. On Friday mornings, compose a tweet comprised of the usernames of your most loyal retweeters. You can also #FF writers you admire or members of your critique group or book club.
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Remember, that username is a real person. Choose to spread the love online.
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Early June 2012 Arius responded to my reply almost immediately. He wrote: Hi Young, I’m delighted to know that you’ll soon be a published author. As you know, I have been following your blogs after you forwarded me the password and username. I find your memoirs fascinating and compelling. I am interested to conduct a case study of your life. During our earlier correspondence I mentioned that I am a retired psychiatrist and I continue to be intrigued by people who had riveting experiences. Throughout my years as an active psychiatrist, I had conducted many researches on the power of the human spirit. Reasons some people have nervous breakdowns while others in similar situations had managed to turn unscathed; going on to live active healthy lives.
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By all indications, Mike has made his parents proud. His e-mail username is “A-student,” and he’s just won a coveted spot in Stanford University’s freshman class. He’s the kind of thoughtful, dedicated student that any community would be proud to call its own. And yet, according to an article called “The New White Flight” that ran in the Wall Street Journal just six months previously, white families are leaving Cupertino in droves, precisely because of kids like Mike. They are fleeing the sky-high test scores and awe-inspiring study habits of many Asian-American students. The article said that white parents feared that their kids couldn’t keep up academically. It quoted a student from a local high school: “If you were Asian, you had to confirm you were smart. If you were white, you had to prove it.
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Our kids biggest challenge will be to find a username that's not already taken.
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intrusion: someone had accessed and exfiltrated 19.7 million security clearance applications. Not only was the applicant information stolen, but the applications themselves revealed information about 1.8 million nonapplicants referenced in the applications, mostly family members. Even worse, they got transcripts of interviews conducted by background investigators, along with the usernames and passwords that applicants had used to fill out forms online, and 5.6 million fingerprint files. We all but knew from the start that Chinese intelligence was responsible for the theft, and the counterintelligence implications were staggering, not just from what they had, but from what they didn’t have. OPM didn’t conduct security clearance investigations for all of the IC elements, and whoever had the wherewithal to penetrate its systems would certainly know which agencies and departments OPM conducted investigations for and which they didn’t. They could therefore also start making assumptions about cover for cleared people whose files they didn’t have.
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