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I'll love you until my very last breath. Every beat of my heart is yours. I don't want to die without you knowing that.
Kiera Cass (The One (The Selection, #3))
You think my first instinct is to protect you. Because you're small, or a girl, or a Stiff. But you're wrong." He leans his face close to mine and wraps his fingers around my chin. His hand smells like metal. When was the last time he held a gun, or a knife? My skin tingles at the point of contact, like he's transmitting electricity through his skin. "My first instinct is to push you until you break, just to see how hard I have to press." he says, his fingers squeezing at the word break. My body tenses at the edge in his voice, so I am coiled as tight as a spring, and I forget to breathe. His dark eyes lifting to mine, he adds, "But I resist it." "Why..." I swallow hard. "Why is that your first instinct?" "Fear doesn't shut you down; it wakes you up. I've seen it. It's fascinating." He releases me but doesn't pull away, his hand grazing my jaw, my neck. "Sometimes I just want to see it again. Want to see you awake.
Veronica Roth (Divergent (Divergent, #1))
Liam cleared his throat again and turned to fully face me. “So, it’s the summer and you’re in Salem, suffering through another boring, hot July, and working part-time at an ice cream parlor. Naturally, you’re completely oblivious to the fact that all of the boys from your high school who visit daily are more interested in you than the thirty-one flavors. You’re focused on school and all your dozens of clubs, because you want to go to a good college and save the world. And just when you think you’re going to die if you have to take another practice SAT, your dad asks if you want to go visit your grandmother in Virginia Beach.” “Yeah?” I leaned my forehead against his chest. “What about you?” “Me?” Liam said, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. “I’m in Wilmington, suffering through another boring, hot summer, working one last time in Harry’s repair shop before going off to some fancy university—where, I might add, my roommate will be a stuck-up-know-it-all-with-a-heart-of-gold named Charles Carrington Meriwether IV—but he’s not part of this story, not yet.” His fingers curled around my hip, and I could feel him trembling, even as his voice was steady. “To celebrate, Mom decides to take us up to Virginia Beach for a week. We’re only there for a day when I start catching glimpses of this girl with dark hair walking around town, her nose stuck in a book, earbuds in and blasting music. But no matter how hard I try, I never get to talk to her. “Then, as our friend Fate would have it, on our very last day at the beach I spot her. You. I’m in the middle of playing a volleyball game with Harry, but it feels like everyone else disappears. You’re walking toward me, big sunglasses on, wearing this light green dress, and I somehow know that it matches your eyes. And then, because, let’s face it, I’m basically an Olympic god when it comes to sports, I manage to volley the ball right into your face.” “Ouch,” I said with a light laugh. “Sounds painful.” “Well, you can probably guess how I’d react to that situation. I offer to carry you to the lifeguard station, but you look like you want to murder me at just the suggestion. Eventually, thanks to my sparkling charm and wit—and because I’m so pathetic you take pity on me—you let me buy you ice cream. And then you start telling me how you work in an ice cream shop in Salem, and how frustrated you feel that you still have two years before college. And somehow, somehow, I get your e-mail or screen name or maybe, if I’m really lucky, your phone number. Then we talk. I go to college and you go back to Salem, but we talk all the time, about everything, and sometimes we do that stupid thing where we run out of things to say and just stop talking and listen to one another breathing until one of us falls asleep—” “—and Chubs makes fun of you for it,” I added. “Oh, ruthlessly,” he agreed. “And your dad hates me because he thinks I’m corrupting his beautiful, sweet daughter, but still lets me visit from time to time. That’s when you tell me about tutoring a girl named Suzume, who lives a few cities away—” “—but who’s the coolest little girl on the planet,” I manage to squeeze out.
Alexandra Bracken (The Darkest Minds (The Darkest Minds, #1))
A good leader is always learning. The great leaders start learning young and continue until their last breath.
Bill Walsh (The Score Takes Care of Itself: My Philosophy of Leadership)
Last night he spent an hour and a half lying on the floor of his room, because he was too tired to complete the journey from his en suite back to his bed. There was the en suite, behind him, and there was the bed, in front of him, both well within view, but somehow it was impossible to move either forward or backward, only downward, onto the floor, until his body was arranged motionless on the carpet. Well, here I am on the floor, he thought. Is life so much worse here than it would be on the bed, or even in a totally different location? No, life is exactly the same. Life is the thing you bring with you inside your own head. I might as well be lying here, breathing the vile dust of the carpet into my lungs, gradually feeling my right arm go numb under the weight of my body, because it’s essentially the same as every other possible experience.
Sally Rooney (Normal People)
Whether I can, I won't know until I've tried. Even if the heavens say I must die, if that sword doesn't pierce my heart and nail me dead on the ground, then I am still alive, and 'til my last breath I will struggle to the end!
Mò Xiāng Tóng Xiù, 天官赐福 [Tiān Guān Cì Fú]
God help me now!’ I murmured, sinking on my knees among the damp weeds and brushwood that surrounded me, and looking up at the moonlit sky, through the scant foliage above. It seemed all dim and quivering now to my darkened sight. My burning, bursting heart strove to pour forth its agony to God, but could not frame its anguish into prayer; until a gust of wind swept over me, which, while it scattered the dead leaves, like blighted hopes, around, cooled my forehead, and seemed a little to revive my sinking frame. Then, while I lifted up my soul in speechless, earnest supplication, some heavenly influence seemed to strengthen me within: I breathed more freely; my vision cleared; I saw distinctly the pure moon shining on, and the light clouds skimming the clear, dark sky; and then I saw the eternal stars twinkling down upon me; I knew their God was mine, and He was strong to save and swift to hear. ‘I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee,’ seemed whispered from above their myriad orbs. No, no; I felt He would not leave me comfortless: in spite of earth and hell I should have strength for all my trials, and win a glorious rest at last!
Anne Brontë (The Tenant of Wildfell Hall)
You will be mine until you draw your last breath, Sawyer. And it will be my hand holding you beneath the surface, introducing you to death.
H.D. Carlton (Does It Hurt?)
With a roar he throws Antilochus from him, knocks down Menealus. He falls on the body. The knowledge rushes up in him, choking off breath. A scream comes, tearing its way out. And then another, and another. He seizes his hair in his hands and yanks it from his head. Golden strands dall onto the bloody corpse. Patroclus, he says, Patroclus. Patroclus. Over and over untill it is sound only. Somewhere Odysseus is kneeling, urging food and drink. A fierce red rage comes, and he almost kills him there. But he would have to let go of me. He cannot. He holds me so tightly i can feel the faint beat of his chest, like the wings of a moth. An echo, the last bit of spirit tethered to my body. A torment.
Madeline Miller (The Song of Achilles)
He simply spoke to her, and she listened. “I am in love with you, Amma, utterly and unconditionally, until my last breath and beyond.
A.K. Caggiano (Eclipse of the Crown (Villains and Virtues #3))
It wasn't tuna ventresca that drew diners to this community over others, nor was it heritage beef. It was the final bottle of a 1985 Cannonau, salt-crusted from its time on the Sardinian coast. Each diner had barely a swallow. My employer bid us not to swallow, not yet, but hold the wine at the back of the throat till it stung and warmed to the temperature of blood and spit, till we wrung from it the terroir of fields cracked by quake and shadowed by smog; only then, swallowing, choking, grateful, did we appreciate the fullness of its flavor. His face was ferocious and sublime in this moment, cracked open; I saw it briefly behind the mask. He was a man who knew the gradations of pleasure because he knew, like me, the calculus of its loss. To me that wine was fig and plum; volcanic soil; wheat fields shading to salt stone; sun; leather, well-baked; and finally, most lingering, strawberry. Psychosomatic, I'm sure, but what flavor isn't? I raised my glass to the memory of my drunk in the British market. I imagined him sat across the table, calmed at last, sane among the sane. He would have tasted in that wine the starch of a laundered sheet, perhaps, or the clean smooth shot of his dignity. My employer decanted these deepest longings, mysterious to each diner until it flooded the palate: a lost child's yeasty scalp, the morning breath of a lover, huckleberries, onion soup, the spice of a redwood forest gone up in smoke. It is easy, all these years later, to dismiss that country's purpose as decadent, gluttonous. Selfish. It was those things. But it was, also, this connoisseurship of loss.
C Pam Zhang (Land of Milk and Honey)
Your heart, Poppy? It is a gift I do not deserve.' He placed his hands on my knees as he lifted his gaze to mine. 'But it is one I will protect until my dying breath. I don't know what that means.' He stopped, curling his fingers into the leggings, into my skin. 'Okay. Fuck. I do know what that means. It's why I'm in awe of everything you say or do- everything you are. It's why you're the first thing I think about when I wake and the last thought I have when I fall asleep, replacing everything else. It's why when I'm with you, I can be quiet. I can just be. You know what that means.
Jennifer L. Armentrout (A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire (Blood and Ash, #2))
That’s where the trust comes in,” she said. “Close your eyes.” “Why?” She put her hands on her hips, tapping one foot until he obeyed. “Fine, my eyes are closed now, happy?” “Terrified” was a better description. But one final look at the crush cuffs had Sophie taking a slow step forward. Then another. She could do this. She just had to think of it as… an experiment. And maybe she was a little curious. “What are you doing?” Dex asked as she closed the last of the distance between them. “Just testing something.” She found herself marveling again at how much taller he was than the boy she’d first met, and took one deep breath for courage—then another to steady her nerves. When she couldn’t stall any longer, she tilted up on her toes and leaned in, lingering a hairsbreadth away, so he’d have the option of pushing her back if he wanted. He didn’t. So she closed her eyes and pressed her lips against his.
Shannon Messenger (Nightfall (Keeper of the Lost Cities, #6))
You’ll get that second chance, wildfire,” he murmurs into my hair. “I had a sister once. She was full of life and never gave me a moment’s rest. I couldn’t stop the cancer that ate away at her organs, but I can fight until my dying breath to kill every last son of a bitch that comes for you.
J. Rose (Desecrated Saints (Blackwood Institute, #3))
I’ll protect the heart he's been brave enough to gift me until my last fucking breath.
J. Rose (Sacrificial Sinners (Blackwood Institute, #2))
On my name, on my life, even if it takes until my last breath, I promise I will see Eyllwe freed.
Sarah J. Maas (Throne of Glass eBook Bundle: An 8 Book Bundle)
You’re a damn liar, Abigail Amelia Keller. You want big and you want sparkle and you want extravagance. Not in price, but in love and adoration. And right here, right now, I’m promising to spend the rest of my life giving you that. Say yes and I’ll make you feel loved and cherished and appreciated until my last breath. Say yes and I’ll help you paint the world pink. Say yes and we’ll forever be completely consumed by each other.
Morgan Elizabeth (Tis the Season for Revenge (Seasons of Revenge, #1))