Undercover Gay Quotes

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If you’re gay how come you don’t dress better?” . . . “I’m undercover,” he answered. "Obviously. I’m reporting back tonight on how best to attack the heterosexual hockey male demographic.
Isa K. (How To Quit Playing Hockey (Hockey #1))
The outcome of this revelation was that the APA scrubbed homosexuality from the new edition of the DSM—though traces remained in the diagnosis “Sexual Orientation Disturbance,” which described people distressed by their sexuality (which, frankly, was probably anyone who was gay during a time when it was considered criminal and ill).
Susannah Cahalan (The Great Pretender: The Undercover Mission That Changed Our Understanding of Madness)
You want me to pretend to have known Lex through some mythical gay grapevine that you think all of us gays have access to, and you want to go undercover and be my date at Claudine’s freshly murdered son’s wake?
Brandon Baker (Whatever Remains Of Us In The End)