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The trouble is that everybody, myself included, has a brain in which the centers concerned with reason and logic are sitting on top of the socalled limbic system which we inherited from our reptilian ancestors and which never evolved past crude instincts and emotions. And that is why we have not yet arrived at the sate of homo sapiens.
Paul Watzlawick (Ultra-Solutions: How to Fail Most Successfully (English and German Edition))
Animals have no control over their logic – they only rely on instinct.   When society is turned into an animal, they accept war as a necessity. They accept death as “as long as it's not me or mine.” We become a selfish society of paranoid fearmongers, who only live to make sure that they do not die.
David Vete (Mind Control: MK-Ultra, Project Artichoke, and The Jonestown Cult)
...The spiritual Oriental teachers say a person has three forms of mind,'' Beatrice was explaining to him once, while they were on break between one lesson and another at university, ''which are the dense mind, the subtle level and the ultra-subtle mind. Primary Consciousness, or the dense mind, is that existential, Sartrean mind which is related to our senses and so it is guided directly by human primitive instincts; in Sanskrit, this is referred to as ālaya-vijñāna which is directly tied to the brain. The subtle mind comes into effect when we begin to be aware of our true nature or that which in Sanskrit is called Ātman or self-existent essence that eventually leads us to the spiritual dimension. Ultimately there is the Consciousness-Only or the Vijñapti-Mātra, an ultra-subtle mind which goes beyond what the other two levels of mind can fabricate, precisely because this particular mind is not a by-product of the human brain but a part of the Cosmic Consciousness of the Absolute, known in Sanskrit as Tathāgatagarbha, and it is at this profound level of Consciousness that we are able to achieve access to the Divine Wisdom and become one with it in an Enlightened State.'' ''This spiritual subject really fascinates me,'' the Professor would declare, amazed at the extraordinary knowledge that Beatrice possessed.'' ''In other words, a human being recognises itself from its eternal essence and not from its existence,'' Beatrice replied, smiling, as she gently touched the tip of his nose with the tip of her finger, as if she was making a symbolic gesture like when children are corrected by their teachers. ''See, here,'' she had said once, pulling at the sleeve of his t-shirt to make him look at her book. ''For example, in the Preface to the 1960 Notes on Dhamma, the Buddhist philosopher from the University of Cambridge, Ñāṇavīra Thera, maintains those that have understood Buddhist teachings have gone way beyond Existential Thought. And on this same theme, the German scholar of Buddhist texts, Edward Conze, said that the possible similarity that exists between Buddhist and Existential Thought lies only on the preliminary level. He said that in terms of the Four Noble Truths, or in Sanskrit Catvāri Āryasatyāni, the Existentialists have only the first, which teaches everything is ill. Of the second - which assigns the origin of ill to craving - they have a very imperfect grasp. As for the third and fourth, which consist of letting go of craving, and the Noble Eightfold Path that leads to liberation from the cycle of rebirth in the form of Nirvāṇa - these are unheard of. Knowing no way out, the Existentialists are manufacturers of their own woes...
Anton Sammut (Paceville and Metanoia)
When you see the positive results from your time and effort, it produces motivation. Motivation oozes from you while it simultaneously infuses. Ultra instinct. It produces real fuel. Wait, you might interject, how come I don't feel this real fuel when I'm doing well without tracking my accomplishments?! That is a great question. The reason is that we do not see them. We have a bias towards what we are doing wrong. Unless we are deliberately looking for the good, we can easily overlook it, then over time we forget good things even happened.
Dexter A. Daniels (Consistent, Not Different: Why We Stray from the Path and Reasons to Return)
How U become an EFFECTIVE fighter.. The answer here is BY BEING IN THE NOW and tuning in completely to Ur subconscious. Our subconscious is HYPER-PRESENT, always in the moment, and sees what our eyes cannot, hears what our ears cannot, remembers even the faintest and minutest of details which our brains cannot...It is OMNIPRESENT in the sense that it can even overlap and sense the mind of Ur opponent.. Tap into it and U will become lethal... The block will be there IN PLACE even b4 Ur opponent lands his move... Nothing can break/penetrate Ur defenses then.. It is like having a surreal and scary sense of instinct and anticipation....like the legendary Lee did. His opponents often credited him with this fearsome superhuman sense of anticipation.. he read their minds and knew their moves even before they made them and no matter what they did and how ultra skilled they were, they could not breach his defenses, could not connect that knockout punch and were left frustrated.... it was as if Lee was reading their minds and that was that made Lee a DEADLY fighter.... As he used to say.."I did not hit U.. IT DID..
Syd K. (Semmanthaka: The Second Quest for an Immortal gem)