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When at a crossroads, my father was fond of saying “go with your gut.” “Intuition,” he said, “always has our best interests at heart.” It is a voice that can tell us who is friend and who is foe…Which ones to hold at arm’s length…And which ones to keep close. But too often, we become distracted by fear, doubt, our own stubborn hopes, and refuse to listen.
Emily Thorne
In 1952, he was to begin a TV series when he suffered his first heart attack. He returned on CBS TV as a panelist for the game show What’s My Line? He died on the night of March 17, 1956, collapsing just outside the West 75th Street home of a friend.
John Dunning (On the Air: The Encyclopedia of Old-Time Radio)
My friend Chuck was supposed to help me coach the team. But he told Miss Curdy he had an after-school job. Do you know what his after-school job is? Going home and watching TV. - Steve Boswell
R.L. Stine (The Haunted Mask II (Goosebumps, #36))
The name itself is trouble. “Slough” means, literally, muddy field. A snake sloughs, or sheds, its dead skin. John Bunyan wrote of the “slough of despond” in Pilgrim’s Progress. In the 1930s, John Betjeman wrote this poem about Slough: Come friendly bombs and fall on Slough! It isn’t fit for humans now, There isn’t grass to graze a cow, Swarm over, Death! Then he got nasty. To this day, the residents of Slough rankle when anyone mentions the poem. The town’s reputation as a showpiece of quiet desperation was cemented when the producers of the TV series The Office decided to set the show in Slough.
Eric Weiner (The Geography of Bliss: One Grump's Search for the Happiest Places in the World)
Images of people in the Middle East dressing like Westerners, spending like Westerners, that is what the voters watching TV here at home want to see. That is a visible sign that we really are winning the war of ideas—the struggle between consumption and economic growth, and religious tradition and economic stagnation. I thought, why are those children coming onto the streets more and more often? It’s not anything we have done, is it? It’s not any speeches we have made, or countries we have invaded, or new constitutions we have written, or sweets we have handed out to children, or football matches between soldiers and the locals. It’s because they, too, watch TV. They watch TV and see how we live here in the West. They see children their own age driving sports cars. They see teenagers like them, instead of living in monastic frustration until someone arranges their marriages, going out with lots of different girls, or boys. They see them in bed with lots of different girls and boys. They watch them in noisy bars, bottles of lager upended over their mouths, getting happy, enjoying the privilege of getting drunk. They watch them roaring out support or abuse at football matches. They see them getting on and off planes, flying from here to there without restriction and without fear, going on endless holidays, shopping, lying in the sun. Especially, they see them shopping: buying clothes and PlayStations, buying iPods, video phones, laptops, watches, digital cameras, shoes, trainers, baseball caps. Spending money, of which there is always an unlimited supply, in bars and restaurants, hotels and cinemas. These children of the West are always spending. They are always restless, happy and with unlimited access to cash. I realised, with a flash of insight, that this was what was bringing these Middle Eastern children out on the streets. I realised that they just wanted to be like us. Those children don’t want to have to go to the mosque five times a day when they could be hanging out with their friends by a bus shelter, by a phone booth or in a bar. They don’t want their families to tell them who they can and can’t marry. They might very well not want to marry at all and just have a series of partners. I mean, that’s what a lot of people do. It is no secret, after that serial in the Daily Mail, that that is what I do. I don’t necessarily need the commitment. Why should they not have the same choices as me? They want the freedom to fly off for their holidays on easy Jet. I know some will say that what a lot of them want is just one square meal a day or the chance of a drink of clean water, but on the whole the poor aren’t the ones on the street and would not be my target audience. They aren’t going to change anything, otherwise why are they so poor? The ones who come out on the streets are the ones who have TVs. They’ve seen how we live, and they want to spend.
Paul Torday (Salmon Fishing in the Yemen)
Though best remembered as an early TV sitcom, My Little Margie had an almost identical run on radio. Margie was a schemer in the best radio tradition: abetted in her plots to teach the boys a lesson by her friend Mrs. Odetts. Margie and her father lived “high atop New York’s Fifth Avenue.” This was one of the very few radio shows that originated on TV, the video series premiering almost six months earlier.
John Dunning (On the Air: The Encyclopedia of Old-Time Radio)
Did these two actors, both quite conservative, see the parallels between Norton and studio moguls like Sam Goldwyn? Did Norton’s private police force suggest to these men who began as extras the incipient fascism of the system they had endured? In Brennan’s case, the answer is probably yes. Years later, reminiscing about the Hollywood studio system, he told a television director that the studio guard was among “the feared men in Hollywood.” Walter remembered the day he arrived in his car for work on The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, a David O. Selznick production. “What’s your name?” the studio guard asked. “Do you have a pass to drive on?” Walter said, “My name is Walter Brennan. If Mr. Selznick asks where I am, tell him I’m at the beach.” The guard asked, “Which beach?” Walter replied, “Just the beach,” and drove away. Sounding like the Colonel, Brennan told a reporter, “My weakness is talking about how I’m always going to punch somebody in the nose.” Sometimes he did take a swing and even cussed out “some overbearing studio hireling who picks on extras or on one of Brennan’s friends of the hard luck days.
Carl Rollyson (A Real American Character: The Life of Walter Brennan (Hollywood Legends Series))
Forgive folks, friends. That’s when we are most like Jesus, and it’s so much easier than trying to drag hate around with you all the time. Man will wipe out fifty years of good over one mistake, but the Lord keeps an account for those who repent. We are like the moon, and He is the sun. We have no light, but we can reflect His. Kindle a fire; love your neighbor. And if you have to ask, ‘Who is my neighbor?’…well, you aren’t there yet.” Then
Merle Temple (Deputy: Once Upon A Time In Mississippi (Prequel, The Michael Parker Series Book 1): Under contract with X-G Productions for TV Series)
However, avoid these questions and you might find that your life becomes a surface level experience. You wake up in the morning, travel to work, do your job, return home, watch TV, go to the gym or meet friends and then to bed. This pattern could repeat itself for over 250 days of the year. You might have the weekends and holidays to add variety but as long as you remain on autopilot, you’ll be prevented from reaching a deeper level of consciousness.
Joe Barnes (Escape the System Now: Discover your Hidden Power and Live a Greater Life (Escape the System Series))
All we believe is the roads, the bridges, the railways, the electricity they build only on televisions. I always ask my self these questions: 1. Where are the roads? ✏The Abuja - Lokoja road was awarded by Obasanjo's administration. He spent 8 years in the office. Then Yaradua and Goodluck spent another 4 years. Now if Goodluck is elected, he will be spending another 8 years. This will amount to 20 years and 180 km road is yet to be completed. ✏Enugu - Onitsha road was also awarded by the Obasanjo administration and till date, a journey that is supposed to take 45 minutes can take you 8 hours if it rains. ✏Enugu- PH road is on the same series. ✏What about Uyo - Calabar route? Just to mention a few. 2. Where is the power? They sold all the NEPA to their friends. We pay for the light that was not supplied. 3. Our education and health system go bad everyday. Lecturers and Health workers spent more time at home than in the schools and hospitals as a result of incessant strikes. 4. The government failed to provide us with security. People are being killed everyday and yet government comes out to tell us they are in control. 5. Why are we pretending that all is well? It is only in Nigeria where monies develop wings and fly. $20 billion oil money disappeared and they said it was $10 billion. Forensic investigators were hired and that was the end of the story. N20 billion pension fund stolen and nothing came out of it. $9.3 million seized in South Africa and government claimed it was meant for ammunition purchase. The immigration scandal has also been swept under the carpet because the senate could not proceed with their investigation. The man behind the contract is sitting among the high seats in the senate. Innocent people were defrauded and they at the same time lost their lives yet, we have a transparent governance. 6. Why are we praising government as if they are doing whatever with their personal money. How many people in their various communities have they provided scholarship with their personal money before they got elected? The reason they got elected is to manage our resources and not to loot us dry. One thing I know is that we will not have any meaningful development except if we make a CHANGE.
claris yetunde ramsin
Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant aren’t friends,” Henry said seriously, and placed a pretzel carefully on his tongue. He looked at his now empty glass despondently. “No? Why not?” I asked, refilling his Sprite. “Giants don’t make good friends.” “Are you talking about Shaq or Kobe? They’re both pretty big.” I tried not to laugh because Henry wasn’t laughing. “Giants don’t like when someone is bigger than they are.” “I don’t know about that. Look at me and Axel. We’re both pretty big.” “Who’s the biggest?” Henry asked. “I am,” I said firmly, and at the same time Axel thumped his chest. Henry looked at me owlishly, as if I had just proven his point. Axel started to laugh, and I laughed with him, but Henry didn’t laugh at all. He just wrapped his swollen lips around his straw and drank his Sprite like he was dying of thirst. I waited until Axel turned his attention to Stormy, who had stopped to flirt as she waited tables. “Henry? Are you having problems with a giant?” I touched my lip and looked pointedly at his mouth. “The Giants won the World Series in 2012,” he said softly. “In 2010 too. They’re very popular right now.” I wasn’t sure if there was a hidden message in the popularity of the Giants or if Henry just wanted to change the subject. I tried again, using a different approach. “You know the story of David and Goliath, right? David’s just a little guy, Goliath’s a huge warrior. David ends up killing him with just a sling-shot and Goliath’s own sword.” “Your name is David,” Henry said, his eyes on the game. “It is. Do you need me to slay a giant for you?” “The Giants’ bench is deep.” I narrowed my eyes at Henry. He didn’t look away from the television. It was like conversing with Yoda. Or R2D2.
Amy Harmon (The Song of David (The Law of Moses, #2))
Part of the deal between Fox and New Regency was the establishment of a new TV division. Milchan brought in a good friend, ambitious Israeli TV personality Yair Lapid, to head up the new department. The first project to emerge was Malcolm in the Middle, a wildly successful children’s comedy series. One of the last and
Meir Doron (Confidential: The Life of Secret Agent Turned Hollywood Tycoon- Arnon Milchan)
Where do you make your homes?” he asked. “Rumson,” Matt called back. “Rumson, Nebraska.” “Nebraska? Where is this place, Nebraska?” The general and his men looked perplexed, but the state of their confusion was nowhere near that of Matt and his friends. “I never met anyone who didn’t know where Nebraska was,” Hooter mumbled through chattering teeth. “Where…where do you think they’re from?” Tony stammered. “I don’t know,” matt whispered, staring at the soldiers and their muskets. “But I have this strange feeling, like…like…” “Like we’ve seen them someplace before,” Q concluded. “Where?” Hooter wanted to know. “Where have we seen them?” “In our history book,” Q whispered. “We’ve gone back in time!” “You mean before TV and stuff?” Hooter asked, looking at the old-fashioned muskets that were pointed at them. “Before TV?” Q squeaked. His voice always turned into a series of squeaks when he was excited. “Try before electricity and flashlights. Try 1776--the Revolutionary War!
Elvira Woodruff (George Washington's Socks)
I’ve recently suggested that Betty and I should do a TV series about two seniors living together in an unlikely pairing of a widow and a naughty gay best buddy. We could call it Friends with Government Benefits.
George Takei (Oh Myyy! (There Goes the Internet): Life, the Internet and Everything)
But even with its shortcomings, the reboot manages to capture the heart of the TV series everyone fell in love with. That if you believe in yourself and have a few good friends, then you can do anything; you can be anything. So, as the saying goes: look to the stars, aim, ignite.
Ashley Poston (Geekerella (Once Upon a Con, #1))
49.​TRUE OR FALSE: 2006’S CASINO ROYALE WAS THE FIRST BOND MOVIE THAT COULD BE WATCHED IN CHINA. True. It was the first film in the James Bond series that the Chinese censor board approved. 50.​TRUE OR FALSE: THE FIRST INTERRACIAL KISS IN TELEVISION HISTORY HAPPENED ON STAR TREK. True. Although the network originally didn’t want to air it, William Shatner reportedly sabotaged all of the other shoots, forcing the network to run the kiss. 51.​TRUE OR FALSE: THE FIRST TELEVISION COMMERCIAL EVER WAS A CAR COMMERCIAL. False. It was actually a commercial for watches, and it aired in 1941. 52.​TRUE OR FALSE: ACTOR JIM CAVIEZEL WAS STRUCK BY LIGHTNING WHILE PORTRAYING JESUS IN THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST. True. Caviezel suffered a large number of calamities during the filming, but this one seemed like a bit of an omen. 53.​TRUE OR FALSE: BRYAN ADAMS’ FAMOUS SONG “SUMMER OF ‘69” IS NAMED AFTER THE SEX POSITION, NOT THE YEAR. True. In fact, Adams was just 9 years old during the summer of 1969. 54.​TRUE OR FALSE: THE ROLLING STONES PERFORMED IN BACK TO THE FUTURE 3. False. But ZZ Top did! 55.​TRUE OR FALSE: THE WORD “FUCK” WAS ONCE SAID OVER 1,000 TIMES IN ONE MOVIE. False. But Swearnet: The Movie came close with the word appearing 935 times—a record amount! 56.​TRUE OR FALSE: BATTLEFIELD EARTH WAS WRITTEN BY THE FOUNDER OF SCIENTOLOGY. True. L. Ron Hubbard was a well-known science fiction writer in addition to being the founder of Scientology.
Shane Carley (True Facts that Sound Like Bulls#*t: 500 Insane-But-True Facts That Will Shock And Impress Your Friends)
She was happy, in a bubble, and the only reason to pop it was on the grounds that bubbles were not real life. But bubbles made life tolerable, and the trick was to blow as many as possible. There were new-baby bubbles, and honeymoon bubbles, and success-at-work bubbles, and new-friends bubbles, and great-holiday bubbles, and even tiny TV-series bubbles, dinner bubbles, party bubbles. They all burst without intervention, and then it was a matter of getting through to the next one. Life hadn’t been fizzy for a while. It had been hard.
Nick Hornby (Just Like You)