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7 things negative people will do to you. They will... 1. Demean your value; 2. Destroy your image 3. Drive you crazily! 4. Dispose your dreams! 5. Discredit your imagination! 6. Deframe your abilities and 7. Disbelieve your opinions! Stay away from negative people!
Israelmore Ayivor
You can love them, forgive them, want good things for them…but still move on without them.
Mandy Hale (The Single Woman: Life, Love, and a Dash of Sass)
It makes no sense to try to extend a friendship that was only meant to be a season into a lifetime.
Mandy Hale (The Single Woman: Life, Love, and a Dash of Sass)
It is necessary, and even vital, to set standards for your life and the people you allow in it.
Mandy Hale (The Single Woman: Life, Love, and a Dash of Sass)
Toxic people will pollute everything around them. Don’t hesitate. Fumigate.
Mandy Hale (The Single Woman: Life, Love, and a Dash of Sass)
Always remember that you were once alone, and the crowd you see in your life today are just as unecessary as when you were alone.
Michael Bassey Johnson
If you walked away from a toxic, negative, abusive, one-sided, dead-end low vibrational relationship or friendship — you won.
Lalah Delia
Abandon the cultural myth that all female friendships must be bitchy, toxic, or competitive. This myth is like heels and purses--pretty but designed to SLOW women down.
Roxane Gay (Bad Feminist)
Stop inviting people who don't celebrate you to your party! It's YOUR life - you have the right to be exclusive.
Mandy Hale (The Single Woman: Life, Love, and a Dash of Sass)
If there is a particular person in your life that is repeatedly choosing not to honor you and is causing you more sadness or pain than they are joy - it might be time to release that friendship back to God and trust that it is not where you belong.
Mandy Hale (The Single Woman: Life, Love, and a Dash of Sass)
Look around you at the people you spend the most time with and realize that your life can’t rise any higher than your friendships.
Mandy Hale (The Single Woman: Life, Love, and a Dash of Sass)
The greatest win is walking away and choosing not to engage in drama and toxic energy at all.
Lalah Delia
Not all friends know they have lost you.
Joyce Rachelle
Fire False Friends as early as possible. Do it before they dig out the dream seeds you've planted! The earlier, the better; the quicker, the safer!
Israelmore Ayivor (Daily Drive 365)
Shout out to everyone transcending a mindset, mentality, desire, belief, emotion, habit, behavior or vibration, that no longer serves them.
Lalah Delia
May you reach that level within, where you no longer allow your past or people with toxic intentions to negatively affect or condition you.
Lalah Delia
The only relationships that exist are based on truth. Everything else is just a mutual and isolating delusion.
Stefan Molyneux
Don't ever stop believing in your own transformation. It is still happening even on days you may not realize it or feel like it.
Lalah Delia
Just because you feel lost doesn't mean that you are. Sometimes you just have to relax, breathe deep, and trust the path you're on.
Lalah Delia
You will meet a lot of people in your life; some laugh with you, others will laugh at you; some will love to clean your mess, others will love to mess you up! Love all, but choose carefully the one who stays close to you forever!
Israelmore Ayivor (Daily Drive 365)
A good friend will help you to discover the potentials you haven't uncovered. A bad friend will help you to cover up the potentials you have already recovered. Make your choice!
Israelmore Ayivor
These are the attributes of Bullshit people; they will...blur your imagination, take your endowments for a piece of debris, make you ridiculous, and most importantly, you got to send them to the recycle bin.
Michael Bassey Johnson
If a normally kind, agreeable person makes an enemy of you, you ought to ask yourself why.
Joyce Rachelle
Unhappy people can be very dangerous, don't forget that.
S.E. Lynes
When you're working, some people relax and wait for the invisible right time, but when they see your fortune, they wake up and strategize an envious attack.
Michael Bassey Johnson
The attitude you pose is greatly influenced by the links of friendships you bookmark. Good friends, good attitudes; best friends, best attitudes. Guess what for toxic friends...!
Israelmore Ayivor
Be worried if you always flock in the company of people who peel off other people's skins with their teeth in their absence. A time will come when they'll try to pick a bite on you too!
Israelmore Ayivor (Daily Drive 365)
Friendship is so important. The goal of a good friendship should be for life! To keep it for life! If you find a friendship, and it gives you a joy inside, a peace, and a freedom; keep that friendship for life. Through it all, you stay together. So many friendships are toxic, but the good ones are really good! I always tell my son this, I always say, a friend is for life!
C. JoyBell C.
You create more space in your life when you turn your excess baggage to garbage.
Chinonye J. Chidolue
Be careful of who becomes your friend and why. The person who will bite off your lips one day will have to first promise you a kiss today. Be careful of hypocrites.
Israelmore Ayivor (Daily Drive 365)
To leaders, one trusted friend is better than ten well known betrayers
Israelmore Ayivor (Leaders' Ladder)
Was looking for honey found poison instead - Toxic Friendships
There comes some special times that you got to keep "impossibility thinkers" behind you and walk with those are prepared to go forward with you because that is the only option to keep you going!
Israelmore Ayivor (Shaping the dream)
You don't have to live happily ever after with every single person in your life in order to live happily ever after. Some unfortunate endings are necessary.
Joyce Rachelle
Friendship is like an investment; the best type yields the best profit for you! It's not just about making friends; it's about making right friends for the right reasons!
Israelmore Ayivor (Daily Drive 365)
Before someone will get the guts to monitor your life, he must get the keyboard of humility. To be a humble person, is a priority in leadership!
Israelmore Ayivor (The Great Hand Book of Quotes)
Create new avenues in your life by removing toxic people who defeat your purpose.
Amaka Imani Nkosazana (Release The Ink)
When you fail to tap into your wellsprings of inner strength due to toxic habits, environments or people, you wind up feeling trapped, stranded and unhappy. You end up in soulless jobs, destructive relationships and empty friendships. Most of all, you find yourself unsatisfied with who you are, and you often become your own worst enemy,perpetuating the cycles of pain, anger and fear within you – like I did
Aletheia Luna (Quiet Strength: Embracing, Empowering and Honoring Yourself as an Introvert)
What is evil neither can nor should be loved; for it is not one’s duty to be a lover of evil or to become like what is bad; and we have said that like is dear to like. Must the friendship, then, be forthwith broken off? Or is this not so in all cases, but only when one’s friends are incurable in their wickedness? If they are capable of being reformed one should rather come to the assistance of their character or their property, inasmuch as this is better and more characteristic of friendship. But a man who breaks off such a friendship would seem to be doing nothing strange; for it was not to a man of this sort that he was a friend; when his friend changed, therefore, and he is unable to save him, he gives him up.
Aristotle (The Nicomachean Ethics)
Let go of the naysayers who only serve to bog you down with negative messages, and find positive people who are excited about your future prospects. Some people were only meant to be a part of one aspect of your journey. If you can’t take them with you into the next phase of your life, then that’s okay; they have served their purpose. Don’t look back, and don’t overthink it.
Keisha Blair (Holistic Wealth: 32 Life Lessons to Help You Find Purpose, Prosperity, and Happiness)
Hanging around the small minded eventually makes us small minded. The plant only grows as big as the environment it's in.
Torron-Lee Dewar (Creativity is Everything)
My arm is weighted by the huge pile of clothing she’s hung over it. A moment of clarity comes over me. This isn’t what friendship is about, I know that now.
Dawn O'Porter (Paper Aeroplanes (Paper Aeroplanes, #1))
She says screens are the cigarettes of our age. They're toxic, and we're only going to realize the damage they're doing when it's too late.
Sophie Kinsella (Finding Audrey)
It is always good to have friends. Friends may be considered as part of the family because you have created and unbreakable bond. But, sometimes we outgrow certain people. We no longer have the same interests or outlook on life. That is when you realize that the friendship has to be maintained from a distance. Therefore, you create a new avenue in your life by removing toxic people who defeat your purpose.
Amaka Imani Nkosazana
Never leave your life plan to be determined by people who are not going where you are going. For the sake of your dreams and also for the sake of the people God created to benefit from your God-give talents, stay away from toxic people. Mount the shoulder giants and see farther ahead!
Israelmore Ayivor (The Great Hand Book of Quotes)
Feminist psychologists have suggested that a toxic friendship is often one in which a women's own personal growth and individuation is sacrificed at the expense of the demands of the other person. Sometimes choosing oneself rather than the friendship is important for future personal growth and individuation. But women have a difficult time separating from each other because emotional connection is so highly valued and broken friendships are seen as failures.
Irene S. Levine (Best Friends Forever: Surviving a Breakup with Your Best Friend)
Notice how the ones that fuck up the love always cry the hardest.
Efrat Cybulkiewicz
Women with low self-esteem or those who are depressed, however, tend to focus exclusively on their shortcomings and are bitter about what they perceive as the advantages or good fortune of others. Taken to an extreme, such an individual tends to be self-involved, hostile, and cutting. It's natural to feel envy occasionally, but if this is a persistent pattern, it can signal a toxic friendship.
Irene S. Levine (Best Friends Forever: Surviving a Breakup with Your Best Friend)
My hidden unhappiness kept me in toxic relationships, malnourished friendships and poisonous mindsets just so I didn’t have to be alone.
Tanya Markul (The She Book)
A person who discards friends and lovers for new ones was never true to begin with.
Mitta Xinindlu
And then it hit me— I don’t have to participate in these toxic conversations. But if I choose to, I can set a different example. I can bring love to the moment, regardless of the response. I can choose to be kind, no matter what. My power lives in my love.
Scott Stabile
An overload on emotional capacity is the reason people get to the point where they feel they cannot continue to stay in a relationship, remain at the same place of employment, continue in a one-sided friendship, struggle with the pressures created by a harmful spouse, try to meet unrealistic toxic family obligations, or whatever else might be at the core of an "I can't do this anymore" statement.
Shannon Thomas (Healing from Hidden Abuse: A Journey Through the Stages of Recovery from Psychological Abuse)
Dear my strong girls, you will all go through that phase of life making a mistake of helping a toxic girl whose friendship with you turns into her self-interest. This kind of girls is a real burden towards the empowerment of other females as they can never get past their own insecurity and grow out of high-school-like drama. Despite how advanced we are in educating modern women, this type will still go through life living in identity crisis, endlessly looking for providers of any kind at the end of the day. They can never stand up for others or things that matter because they can't stand up for themselves. They care what everyone thinks only doing things to impress men, friends, strangers, everyone in society except themselves, while at the same time can't stand seeing other women with purpose get what those women want in life. But let me tell you, this is nothing new, let them compete and compare with you as much as they wish, be it your career, love or spirit. You know who you are and you will know who your true girls are by weeding out girls that break our girlie code of honor, but do me a favor by losing this type of people for good. Remind yourself to never waste time with a person who likes to betray others' trust, never. Disloyalty is a trait that can't be cured. Bless yourself that you see a person's true colors sooner than later. With love, your mama. XOXO
Shannon L. Alder
pleaded every day” with Jobs and found it “enormously frustrating that I just couldn’t connect with him.” The fights almost ruined their friendship. “That’s not how cancer works,” Levinson insisted when Jobs discussed his diet treatments. “You cannot solve this without surgery and blasting it with toxic chemicals.” Even Dr. Dean Ornish, a pioneer in alternative and nutritional methods of treating diseases, took a long walk with Jobs and insisted that sometimes traditional
Walter Isaacson (Steve Jobs)
Some people are like moths. They come to be around you when your life is bright and nice. They come to amuse themselves through your light. But, they also flee as soon as the lights go off.
Mitta Xinindlu
When you get to be my age, you gain a heightened awareness of time . . . how limited it is, and you tend to move toward social interactions that are meaningful and away from negative, trivial people who are downright toxic.
Sarah Jo Smith (The Other Side of Heartache)
Energetic cords are unconscious - often sentimental or compulsive - emotional ties to past and present relationships, pre-conditioned by our wounds. They are made of toxic emotions such fear, guilt, blame, hatred, obligation, grasping need or pain.
Avril Carruthers (Freedom from Toxic Relationships: Moving On from the Family, Work, and Relationship Issues That Bring You Down)
Maybe the concept of friendship is already too colonized by liberalism and capitalism. Under neoliberalism, friendship is a banal affair of private preferences: we hang out, we share hobbies, we make small talk. We become friends with those who are already like us, and we keep each other comfortable rather than becoming different and more capable together. The algorithms of Facebook and other social networks guide us towards the refinement of our profiles, reducing friendship to the click of a button. This neoliberal friend is the alternative to hetero- and homonormative coupling: "just friends" implies a much weaker and insignificant bond than a lover could ever be. Under neoliberal friendship, we don't have each other's backs, and our lives aren't tangled up together. But these insipid tendencies do not mean that friendships are pointless, only that friendship is a terrain of struggle. Empire works to usher its subjects into flimsy relationships where nothing is at stake and to infuse intimacy with violence and domination.
Carla Bergman (Joyful Militancy: Building Thriving Resistance in Toxic Times)
Toxic' was actually an accurate description of the feelings Clementine had so often felt in Erika's presence: the intense aggravation she had to work so hard to resist and conceal, the disappointment with herself, because Erika wasn't evil or cruel or stupid, she was simply annoying, and Clementine's response to her annoyingness was so completely disporportionate, it embarassed and confounded her. Erika loved Clementine. She'd do anything for her. So why did she inflame Clementine so? It was like she was allergic to her.
Liane Moriarty (Truly Madly Guilty)
Can two walk together, unless they are agreed?’ Amos 3:3 ‘Does This Person Belong in your Life?’ A toxic relationship is like a limb with gangrene: unless you amputate it the infection can spread and kill you. Without the courage to cut off what refuses to heal, you’ll end up losing a lot more. Your personal growth - and in some cases your healing - will only be expedited by establishing relationships with the right people. Maybe you’ve heard the story about the scorpion who asked the frog to carry him across the river because he couldn’t swim. ‘I’m afraid you’ll sting me,’ replied the frog. The scorpion smiled reassuringly and said, ‘Of course I won’t. If I did that we’d both drown!’ So the frog agreed, and the scorpion hopped on his back. Wouldn’t you know it: halfway across the river the scorpion stung him! As they began to sink the frog lamented, ‘You promised you wouldn’t sting me. Why’d you do it?’ The scorpion replied, ‘I can’t help it. It’s my nature!’ Until God changes the other person’s nature, they have the power to affect and infect you. For example, when you feel passionately about something but others don’t, it’s like trying to dance a foxtrot with someone who only knows how to waltz. You picked the wrong dance partner! Don’t get tied up with someone who doesn’t share your values and God-given goals. Some issues can be corrected through counselling, prayer, teaching, and leadership. But you can’t teach someone to care; if they don’t care they’ll pollute your environment, kill your productivity, and break your rhythm with constant complaints. That’s why it’s important to pray and ask God, ‘Does this person belong in my life?
Patience Johnson
It can’t be long before burnout is recognized by the NHS as a type of work-related stress. But we should be vary of using it as a non-specific term. Almost every single zeitgeisty buzz word or phrase has suffered the fate of overextension. Like “gaslighting” now applied to the mere act of criticizing a woman and “toxic” now applied to any kind of friendship or relationship that isn’t gold style perfect. I’ve heard people describing themselves as burned out when actually they are just really tired.
Pandora Sykes (How Do We Know We're Doing It Right: & Other Essays on Modern Life)
Oh, it definitely sucked,” replied Akshay. And of course it will suck. All things sucked when you were trying to get along with someone. Even if something didn’t actually suck, it sucked when you were talking about it, as if the only way to secure a bond was to clutch at something troublesome. Often this looks like faking tiredness to fit in. Finding negativity is like discovering the perfect mask for the masquerade ball you’re about to attend. One can always hate. It is accessible. What we love is embarrassing.
Karl Kristian Flores (The Goodbye Song)
Best friends are supposed to stand by you, no matter what. They disregard your occasionally disagreeable nature and off-putting eccentricities and accept the whole of you. That’s the beauty of real friendship. But close friends can also let you get away with too much. And what feels like total acceptance, what masquerades as unconditional love, can turn toxic. Especially if what your friend really wants is a partner in crime, someone to excuse their own bad behavior. Because letting you be your worst self just so you can be terrible together is cruelty, not kindness. And it’s got nothing to do with love. Not that I ever thought you were cruel. I thought you were funny and smart and so gorgeous that it made my chest ache. God, how I loved you. Not in a sexual way, I just worshipped
Kimberly McCreight (Friends Like These)
A good marketer can sell practically anything to anyone. Tobacco is literally dried, decaying vegetable matter that you light on fire and inhale, breathing horrid-tasting, toxic fumes into your lungs.121 At one point marketers promoted smoking as a status symbol and claimed it had health benefits. Once you give it a try, the addictive nature of the drug kicks in, and the agency’s job becomes much easier. If they can get you hooked, the product will sell itself. Since the product is actually poison, advertisers need to overcome your instinctual aversion. That’s a big hill for alcohol advertisements to climb, which is why the absolute best marketing firms on the globe, firms with psychologists and human behavior specialists on staff, are hired to create the ads. These marketers know that the most effective sale is an emotional sale, one that plays on your deepest fears, your ultimate concerns. Alcohol advertisements sell an end to loneliness, claiming that drinking provides friendship and romance. They appeal to your need for freedom by saying drinking will make you unique, brave, bold, or courageous. They promise fulfillment, satisfaction, and happiness. All these messages speak to your conscious and unconscious minds.
Annie Grace (This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol, Find Freedom, Discover Happiness & Change Your Life)
Don't be nice. Be loyal. Nice can be faked. Loyalty can not.
Geoffrey Ocaya
STEP ONE: DECIDE & GET THE INFORMATION YOU NEED 1. Decide what you truly want for your life physically. What is the result that you’re truly after? Do you want more energy? More vitality? More strength? More flexibility? Do you want to start to rejuvenate your body? Revitalize it? Bring more youth to it? 2. Get the information that you need. Get yourself tested, so you can maximize your energy by: Knowing whether there are toxic metals in your system that are getting in the way of your well-being. Knowing if your hormones are in balance, which can make a giant difference in how you feel day to day. And then ideally, do the things that will give you peace of mind for yourself and for your family. Get the GRAIL test plus a full-body MRI so that you can know that there’s nothing to be concerned about with cancer. GRAIL can even be done even in your home, with a simple blood test. If it’s appropriate, I would consider scheduling a CCTA Test so that you know exactly where your cardiovascular health is and what needs to be done to stay strong and healthy for years to come. Consider getting the Alzheimer’s Test so that you know if you’re genetically predisposed, and also come up with a lifestyle plan that will reduce your risk. If you do this far enough in advance, there are a variety of tools in this book that can make a difference. Who’s in your family or friendship base whom you would like to also make sure gets tested to look out for their well-being and help them to maximize the quality of their life. Last, if you want to have some fun, you can discover what your true age is. As I mentioned earlier, I was thrilled to discover that my chronological age of 62 is only 51 years biologically. I think you’ll be surprised. If it’s not where you want it to be, there are so many things within these pages that you can do to change it.
Tony Robbins (Life Force: How New Breakthroughs in Precision Medicine Can Transform the Quality of Your Life & Those You Love)
Some friends are here for a day, a weekend. And you learn something from those friends, for sure. Some friendships are toxic, and you have to walk away. But there’s some friendships even if you’ve been away from each other for days, a few months—even if it’s been years—when you two meet again, it’s like you two never missed a step. Those are the friendships worth fighting for. Because a friendship that doesn’t have some tough patches isn’t really that real, it’s just a suck-up contest.
Julie Abe (The Charmed List)
Relationships and friendships should be mutually beneficial; be it emotionally, mentally, physically or financially. When your relationship becomes one-sided, it becomes toxic. One party is constantly receiving, while the other is constantly giving.
Izey Victoria Odiase (99 Quotes and Affirmations For Self-Love & Personal Development)
No matter what they do, they always seem to have a fan club cheering for them. The psychopath uses these people for money, resources, and attention—but the fan club won’t notice, because this person strategically distracts them with shallow praise. Psychopaths are able to maintain superficial friendships far longer than relationships.
Jackson MacKenzie (Psychopath Free: Recovering from Emotionally Abusive Relationships With Narcissists, Sociopaths, and Other Toxic People)
A deeper, mature love with your spouse/partner is much more fulfilling and richer than the act of ‘falling in love’. A mature love requires trust, honesty and friendship. This cannot be experienced months into a romantic relationship. Mature love is a process which usually begins to develop after 18 months. It is a practice which can be applied one day at a time. When we are in a deeper, mature love, we can share our joys and sadness with our spouse/partner. We can share our desires and build on those dreams. We can support each other when we are grieving or coming to terms with a loss. We can share intellectual curiosity and laugher and have a strong, healthy attachment figure in our lives.
Christopher Dines (Super Self Care: How to Find Lasting Freedom from Addiction, Toxic Relationships and Dysfunctional Lifestyles)
People talked, before the body was found, about their friendship. Intense, was the consensus. Mercifully brief. If anyone knows the exact nature of what happened between the two of them, no one’s talking about that. We only know that it was unhealthy. A toxic combination that shouldn’t have been allowed. Where were the parents? people whispered. How did they miss the red flags? Obviously, they’ve forgotten how sneaky teenagers can be.
L. Alison Heller (The Neighbor's Secret)
It is possible to set boundaries provided that you prioritize your own self-care. To protect ourselves in their presence, we first have to understand the way they think and manipulate. This will give us insight into their agendas, their exploitative ways of approaching the world, and the essential tools needed to safely exit interactions, friendships, and relationships with them.
Shahida Arabi (The Highly Sensitive Person's Guide to Dealing with Toxic People: How to Reclaim Your Power from Narcissists and Other Manipulators [Standard Large Print 16 Pt Edition])
There's something magical and beautiful in letting go of toxic people and situations.
Mitta Xinindlu
I go through so much toxic friendships, toxic relationships, bullying&more so much in my life! I’m very emotional and 100% Savage Queen for life! I’m so grateful, so thankful and so lucky to have my fam, my close friends, my best friends, my mutual friends, my therapists&my loved ones who are so aware of my mental health issues that I go through so much! They’re always emotionally being there for me no matter what to sympathize and empathize my feelings, my thoughts, my situations &my opinions! Love them so much too as my fav loved ones!
100% Savage Queen Sarah
So, you needn’t feel obliged to return phone calls or respond to text messages or meet with a toxic person for dinner. You shouldn’t be impelled to explain yourself. You are not obligated to maintain a tie with anyone. Friendship, companionship, and love are a privilege, not a right, and if someone has squandered that privilege, you aren’t required to stick around. The toxic person is entitled to nothing.
Joshua Fields Millburn (Love People Use Things: Because the Opposite Never Works)
I fall in that category. For years, I would say yes to things I knew I really did not want to do, or avoid difficult conversations because I could not live with the discomfort of speaking up for myself. I’ve known other victims of trauma who sabotage situations until someone else says no for them—meaning their relationship ends, a friendship becomes toxic, or they lose a job. This is what I hear you saying when you talk about people who poison intimacy.
Bruce D. Perry (What Happened to You?: Conversations on Trauma, Resilience, and Healing)
I looked at her and said no, but she still really doubted my answer. The rest of our conversation was mostly about her trying to convince me that I was gay – and it pissed me off. I trusted her, and I opened up to her – but apparently, as a guy, I wasn’t supposed to have those needs. It took me years to realise that what I felt wasn’t unnatural, unmanly or weird. I was human, and I realise now that what I did was bold. I refused to conform to toxic, stereotypical gender norms. I wanted to keep my humanity.
Kim Evensen (Brothers: Every man needs strong, authentic friendships)
The same fears that plague anyone in a narcissistic or toxic relationship—fear of being alone, fear of being ostracized, fear of having to meet new friends—can stymie people in toxic friendships and leave them to keep enduring the abuse by the friend.
Ramani S. Durvasula ("Don't You Know Who I Am?": How to Stay Sane in an Era of Narcissism, Entitlement, and Incivility)
Toxic parents also sabotaged friendships that might have provided the child with confidence and other support. This also included relationships with close family members, coaches, or other mentors or teachers in the community.
Ramani S. Durvasula ("Don't You Know Who I Am?": How to Stay Sane in an Era of Narcissism, Entitlement, and Incivility)
Many people report that a toxic friend can be like a weight on a balloon—the friendship is fine if you are down at the same level as them but, if you succeed, then the friendship starts to fray.
Ramani S. Durvasula ("Don't You Know Who I Am?": How to Stay Sane in an Era of Narcissism, Entitlement, and Incivility)
Healthy friendships can withstand changes in direction; as a rule, toxic ones cannot.
Ramani S. Durvasula ("Don't You Know Who I Am?": How to Stay Sane in an Era of Narcissism, Entitlement, and Incivility)
A friendship should be a place of growth, not insecurity. Hanging out with a toxic friend can reinforce your narratives of being not enough or can simply normalize invalidating behavior—patterns that can presage unhealthy choices in other relationships. Be careful how you engage with a narcissistic friend.
Ramani S. Durvasula ("Don't You Know Who I Am?": How to Stay Sane in an Era of Narcissism, Entitlement, and Incivility)
Great wealth is usually toxic to the well-being of children and family harmony. There is no evidence that people who have great wealth are happier as a result. Indeed, most research points in the other direction, and this is confirmed by my own experience of working with ultra-wealthy families. Great wealth brings its own pressures: family anxieties about maintaining the wealth, worries about personal security, tensions with non-wealthy relatives, fears about children being spoilt by wealth, or even abducted. Great wealth can distort every friendship – are they only interested in me because of what I own? Expect to hear more about social enterprise and impact investing – where the purpose is not just to make money but to do something that has a positive impact on society or the environment, even if the returns are lower than with other forms of investment.
Patrick Dixon (The Future of Almost Everything: The global changes that will affect every business and all our lives)
I can recall a time in my life where I had no peace, I was miserable and was in a downward spiral with a never ending bottom. I had given up on living a joyful life and accepted my reality as a person of no value. I surrounded myself with people who were also on a downward spiral, some doing worse than me. I was stuck in a life that was never intended for me. When you lose everything, it's easy to feel that way, it's easy to continue in that downward spiral. I can tell you that if that is where you are now, you don't belong there. God has designed us all to succeed and have joyful life. I think the biggest reason to keep you from reaching your potential is surrounding yourself with people who really don't care if you succeed at all, people who are on the same downward spiral, or have simply settled for a life with no purpose. Take a moment to evaluate your friendships and your daily living. If you are not moving forward, with encouragement from others who want the best for you, make the changes in your life to become the best you! It's never too late! Let go of toxic friendships! Start taking care of yourself, you deserve a life of peace, joy, love and success! I am praying that you find your worth, that you seek after a relationship with God and find your purpose in life! Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Arik Hoover
There are people who are going to expect you to always give in the extra mile, be the better one, be nice always. Those are not your people. Your people are the ones who will tell you to remove toxic individuals from your life, remove toxic friendships and relationships from your life, and break someone's car door window (and they'll help you do it too). Those are your people.
C. JoyBell C.
Derek shot me a glance and lobbed another rock. “You know, a few years ago a kid at my church told me I was damned because I’m black. Something about Noah cursing the descendants of Ham. He showed me the Bible passage. I was sort of scared, so I asked my parents about it, and they just laughed at the idea. I remember my father rolling his eyes and saying, ‘Of course you’re not going to hell.’ But then I asked him whether gay people were going to burn, and my dad stopped laughing. He just goes, ‘Are you gay? No? Then don’t worry about it.’ Since then, the whole ‘God hates you and you’re going to hell’ idea has seemed sort of stupid. I don’t know. Seems like Jesus probably likes you and Topher more than He likes the Christians who kill people.
Kenneth Logan (True Letters from a Fictional Life)
If you terminate a person from your life who is very toxic towards your reputation, you can actually lead yourself pertaining a career that you desire without any interference.
Saaif Alam
The most prevailing concern of These Violent Delights, of course, is the kind of toxic and identity-consuming romantic friendship that many queer people experience in their teens. While obsessive love is clearly not bound by gender or orientation, there is, I think, a dialectic of both wanting and wanting to be that is specific to same-gender relationships of this kind. My own experiences of these relationships felt like another latent threat I carried inside me, one that fed off my alienation from the outside world by affirming it.
Micah Nemerever (These Violent Delights)
The part of your brain that activates when you feel rejected or uninvited by a friend is the same part of your brain that fires when you’re in physical pain.6 Maybe this is why breakups and severed friendships literally hurt.
Jennie Allen (Get Out of Your Head: Stopping the Spiral of Toxic Thoughts)
A child who is a victim of emotional incest may be isolated from others and struggle to make and maintain friendships. They can also develop depression, anxiety, and poor self-esteem
Ella Lansville (Covert Narcissist Mother: An Adult Daughter's Guide How To Recover After A Lifetime Of Covert Abuse And Keep Your Children Safe From Their Toxic Grandmother ... For Daughters Of Narcissistic Mothers))