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Every infantryman in the Soviet Army carries with him a small spade. When he is given the order to halt he immediately lies flat and starts to dig a hole in the ground beside him.
Viktor Suvorov (Spetsnaz)
What is difficult in training will become easy in a battle
Suvorov Alexander
RED HEAD Tight, inhibited, results-oriented, anxious, aggressive, over-compensating, desperate. BLUE HEAD Loose, expressive, in the moment, calm, clear, accurate, on task. It’s what tennis coach Nick Bollettieri calls the ‘centipede effect’. If a centipede had to think about moving all its legs in the right order, it would freeze, the task too complex and daunting. The same is true of humans. Red is what Suvorov called ‘the Dark’. It is that fixated negative content loop of self-judgement, rigidity, aggression, shut down and panic. Blue is what he called ‘the Light’ – a deep calmness in which you are on task, in the zone, on your game, in control and in flow. It applies to the military; it applies to sport; it applies to business. In the heat of battle, the difference between the inhibitions of the Red and the freedom of Blue is the manner in which we control our attention. It works like this: where we direct our mind is where our thoughts will take us; our thoughts create an emotion; the emotion defines our behaviour; our behaviour defines our performance. So, simply, if we can control our attention, and therefore our thoughts, we can manage our emotions and enhance our performance.
James Kerr (Legacy: What the All Blacks Can Teach Us About the Business of Life)
Žvelgiu į jį, į savo pirmąjį agentą, užverbuotą užsienyje. Savo puikios šalies saugumą jis parduoda už trisdešimt sidabrinių. Man tai visai nepatinka. Aš tai darau todėl, kad neturiu kitos išeities. Toks likimas. jei ne čia, tai kitoje vietoje sistema man rastų žiaurų darbą. jei atsisakysiu, sistema mane praris. Nesu lasivas žmogus. Bet tu, šunsnuki, laisva valia veržiesi mums padėti. Jei būtum pasipainiojęs man tuomet, kai buvau Specnaze, aš tau, šliuže, dantis dilde būčiau nudildęs. Staiga prisimenu, kad agentams reikia šypsotis. Ir aš jam šypsausi.
Viktor Suvorov (Aquarium: The Career and Defection of a Soviet Military Spy)
Here is why:  The Brest “Peace” meant millions of Russian soldiers were needed no longer.
Viktor Suvorov (Icebreaker. WHO STARTED THE SECOND WORLD WAR?)
He says it while Churchill is rejoicing war will not come,
Viktor Suvorov (Icebreaker. WHO STARTED THE SECOND WORLD WAR?)
When Hitler launched Operation “Barbarossa,” virtually all BT’s were abandoned.
Viktor Suvorov (Icebreaker. WHO STARTED THE SECOND WORLD WAR?)
Accustom yourself to tireless activity...
Alexandr Suvorov
Don't teach me how to live. I'm wicked now. I have money. But I'm magnanimous. I'll give you twenty rubles and three days to sack the city! I'm like Suvorov! Plunder the city, Kisa! Have fun!
Ilya Ilf
Полковникът е шегаджия. За него всеки десантник гърлото ще ти прегризе. Не е проста работа да получиш такова уважение от тях. Подчиняват се на всеки по-горен началник, но не всеки уважават и хитрият като звяр диверсант знае хиляди начини за демонстриране на своето уважение или неуважение към командира си. А за какво уважават те Кравцов? Затова, че той не крие и не се опитва да скрие зверската си природа. Диверсантите са сигурни, че човешката природа е порочна и непоправима. Най-добре го знаят. Те рискуват всеки ден живота си и всеки ден имат възможност да наблюдават човека на границата на смъртта. И затова делят хората на добри и лоши. Добър, според техните разбирания, е онзи човек, който не крие звяра вътре в себе си. А онзи, който се старае да изглежда добър, той е опасен. Най-опасните хора са демонстриращите не само положителните си качества, но и вътрешно вярващите, че са добри. Отвратителният долен престъпник може да убие човек или десет души, или сто. Но престъпникът никога не убива милиони. Милиони убиват само онези, които се смятат за добри. Робеспиеровци стават не престъпниците, а най-добрите, най-хуманните хора. И гилотината е измислена не от престъпниците, а от хуманистите. Най-чудовищните престъпления в историята са извършили хора, които не са пили водка, не са пушили, не са изневерявали на жените си и са хранили катеричките с ръка. Момчетата, с които сега преживяме царевицата, са сигурни, че човек може да бъде добър само до определена граница. Ако животът ги притисне, добрите хора ще станат лоши и това може да се случи в най-неподходящия момент. За да не бъдат изненадани от такава промяна, по-добре да си нямат работа с добрите. По-добре е да имат работа с онези, които сега са лоши. Поне ще знаеш какво да очакваш от него, когато съдбата ти се озъби. В това отношение полковник Кравцов е свой човек за тях.
Viktor Suvorov (Aquarium: The Career and Defection of a Soviet Military Spy)
... only a country to which people flock by the thousands from all corners of the world, has the right to advise others how to live. And the country from which so many others break out, across its frontiers, in tanks, or fly away in the homemade balloons or in the latest supersonic fighter, or escape across mine-fields and through machine-gun ambushes, or give the slip to packs of guard-dogs, that country certainly has no right to teach anyone anything - at least not for the time being. First of all, put your own house in order. Try to create there such a society that people will not dig underground passages in order to escape. Only then shall we earn the right to teach others. And not with our tanks, but with good advice and our own personal example. Observe, admire, then go and imitate our example, if it pleases you.
Suvorov Viktor
Few Polish citizens left on the Praga side of the River Vistula were allowed to live. The burning of the bridge was fortuitous, however, for the Russians were held at bay, allowing the night to cool their red rage. In the morning, the English ambassador to Poland and the Papal Nuncio crossed the river and secured from Suvorov assurance that the capital would be taken peacefully.
James Conroyd Martin (Push Not the River (The Poland Trilogy, #1))
Yuri walked down the gangway and onto the carpet, looking every inch the hero in his brand-new Major’s uniform and greatcoat, but Zoya immediately noticed something terrible. ‘I saw something dragging on the ground behind him. It was one of his shoelaces.’ Gagarin noticed it too, and spent the interminable ceremonial walk along the carpet silently praying that he would not trip over and make a fool of himself on this of all occasions. He told Valentin later that he had felt more nervous on the carpet than during the space flight. But he did not trip. Incidentally, the shoelace can be seen in the many commemorative films of the day’s events. The cosmonauts’ official cameraman, Vladimir Suvorov, noted in his diary the endless discussions later about whether or not to edit the film and remove the scenes showing the untied shoelace. Eventually, at Gagarin’s insistence, the shots were preserved as a sign of his ordinary, lovable humanity. The ‘mistake’ turned out to have its own special propaganda value.
Jamie Doran (Starman: The Truth Behind the Legend of Yuri Gagarin)
He looked at me with a fleeting smile on his face. He knew I was right. And I looked at my first agent recruited abroad. He was ready to sell his beautiful country's security for thirty pieces of silver. I didn't like that at all. I was working in this field because I had no choice. It was fate. If not here, then in some other place where the Soviet system would have found me some equally disagreeable work. And if I had refused, the system would simply have devoured me. I was not a free man. But this fellow was rushing, of his own free will, to help us. If he had come up against me when I was in Spetsnaz I would have made such a Judas suffer. Then I remembered that I was supposed to smile at agents. So I smiled.
Suvorov Viktor
where everyone was severely controlled by the government structures. From early childhood I was given firm instructions about what I was supposed to do, say, and even think. I was afraid to try anything new. However, I was very lucky to meet many incredible people in my life from whom I learned to dare to try everything I wanted. I absolutely have to tell you about Alexander Suvorov, whom I met several times and who became my hero and inspiration for many years. Suvorov became totally blind and deaf when he was three years old. Nevertheless, he was so eager to live his life to the fullest that he learned to
Victoria Boutenko (Green for Life)